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: > It is very easy to get triggered in a team based video game so toxicity in inevitable. So just chat ban us instead of banning the player. There are four other teammates not just yourself, you need to start taking that into account on fairness. You make it seem like it's not fair to remove you from the game when the majority (80%) has to listen/deal with it. Even if your upset, just calm down and take a deep breath - rather then making everyone elses experience toxic to feel better about yourself. There have been past tests on toxic players and only 5% of players were truly reformed and didn't repeat offenses. To your question, it benefits the community more by removing the cancer cells then freezing it/eventually letting it respread throughout the body.
to be fair it was only 2 other players cause the other two were trolling and didn't care
: completely off-topic but how do you math to get 9x report if they are duo. Are you expecting them to report each other so you'll get 9 each?
dw bout that lol i just said that out of fustration
: > [{quoted}](name=KaoJ,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ZsB7GV6J,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-12-17T16:35:03.706+0000) > > Game 1 > KaoJ: plz 9x report these %%%gots > > KaoJ: go kys This is why you got the 14 day ban. Zero tolerance policy words. Remember that YOU are judged on YOUR behavior, not the behavior of others. This means you take responsibility for your own actions and this also means Riot believes that you should take the high road and that fighting fire with fire only makes things worse.
it just sucks that the reports from that game weren't for me, but instead for the bot lane
nerak23 (NA)
: Can you simply put your chat logs up. Its just guessing w/o them, not helping you this way.
Game 1 KaoJ: can y guys follo09w them next tiume KaoJ: ............... KaoJ: jesus KaoJ: fuycking duo KaoJ: dumb ass duo KaoJ: plz 9x report KaoJ: lol what a bunch of kids KaoJ: what a fucking joke KaoJ: i hope u feel like a betgter human being ezreal and morgana KaoJ: cause u certainly deserve to be on the most useless to live list KaoJ: plz 9x report these %%%gots KaoJ: lol KaoJ: go kys KaoJ: both of u KaoJ: riot ought to have a system for this Let me say this, after looking at this again, I'm not proud of the words that were said throughout the game. So, let me put this out, I apologize for having to say such vulgar words in game, but unfortunately, a combination of trolls, tilt, and life was getting the better of me and at this point, it just blew away and got the better hand of me. So again, I understand if i got some form of punishment, I would be fine, but a suspension or a ban right off the bat is uncalled for, as i have seen and experienced people that have said worse things only get warnings and chat restrictions. And yes, although i do not have the full chat log from the game, showing everyone's story, my friend and the other player said similar things about this situation.
: If you said the following: - n'gger - f'ggot - c'nt - ky.s - anything that has %%%% You're always guaranteed either a 14 days suspension or permanent suspension. Honor has absolutely 0 involvements in whether it gives you a "mercy coating" from punishments or not. You should be glad this was just a temporary suspension. Watch what you say next time, cz the next punishment will be your last.
Yes, although I did say ky.s once, i wasn't the only one that said it, and the other players that said it didn't even get suspended. Also, even the enemy team said they felt sorry for us and said they would report the bot lane duo.
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: Ask Riot How You Get That S+ on Urgot
miss the old {{champion:16}}


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