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: [LF Members & Coaches] FBRD: Serious Team | Discord Required, Dedication Required
Role: Player IGN: Karuka Age: 18 Rank (S6): Plat 5 Main Role: Jungle Secondary Role: Mid or ADC Strengths as a player: communication, Good mentality, Can shotcall. Does the schedule work for you (for the most part)?: Yes. Will you adhere, as best as possible, to the schedule?: Yes. Are you able to be a part of a Group SMS Message?: Yes.
: LF Members (Mid Top and Support, Mainly) | Serious Team | Tryouts NOW
IGN- Karuka Rank- P5 Role: Mid Secondary role- Support
Machinë (NA)
: AG No FF LF Top & Support for serious/tournament team!
IGN- Karuka Role0 Support Rank-P5 Discord- Yes Avaibility- Every night, friday-sunday i work from 5-10
s2Artsy (NA)
Rank: p5 Role: JG Champs: lee,j4,kha,sej, Amu Comp: Irelia, Lee/sej/amu, Xerath, Cait, Karma Docs: yes Mic: yes Tournament: no Shotcalling: Sure if people listen
s2Artsy (NA)
: 18+ Tournament Team, Serious players only. LF GOLD 3+ TOP AND JUNGLE!
Rank: Plat 5 Role: JG Champs you play with total confidence- Lee sin, J4, Sejuani, Amu, Kha, Graves. Comp: Irelia, Lee, Xerath, Cait, Karma. 1/4 Mic: Yep Tournament Xp: None really did a couple 3s tourneys. Do you pref shot calling? If people listen ill do it if not ill leave it to someone else.
Ñasa (NA)
: looking to make a rank team 5v5 for next season
Ign: Karuka Rank: plat 5 Timezone/availability: Eastern/ I work from 4:30pm-10pm on friday-sunday i can play before or after on those days, friday i have classes though. Comms: either Pref:Adc Champs: Cait, Vayne, Lucian, Sivir, Twitch. Really any adc Strengths: Late game positioning Weaknesses: Laning could be better
Age: 18 Comms: Any Main Champs:Caitlyn, lucian i play almost every adc in most games, i dont have one that im constantly playing. Time Zone: est Strengths: Team fighting/ Positioning Weaknesses: probably laning could go better Any other info: I work 3-4 days a week from 4:30pm est to 10pm est
: NA/ PLAT+ Looking for members for a legit team
Rank- P5 Ign: Karuka Role: jungle rank in other seasons: bronze/silver/gold/plat Champ pool: Lee sin, Nid, Sej, Mumu, J4, can pl;ay a lot of champions. Mic. yes, any app Any special skills- Shotcallin
Róunder (NA)
: Team looking to compete in future
Kaizerr (NA)
: LF Support for Ranked 5s Ward Skin
IGN: Karuka Rank: P5 Voice coms: any Time: Est On everyday- sure
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Karuka (NA)
: Something Sinister looking for more tryouts
I will be adding you guys as i need you
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: Looking for active players ranked 5s
IGN: Karuka Rank: P5 Role: Mid or Jungle Mains: Mid: Orianna, Viktor, Azir, Kennen, Lissandra Jungle: Lee sin, Olaf, can literally play any jungler well besides rengar Voice chat: literally doesnt matter Ranked Team Exp: yes been on a couple ShotCaller: If people listen ill call otherwise i wont.
: wanna join team?
> [{quoted}](name=anonymous big,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=zKA6tNPw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-11T00:54:22.093+0000) > > wanna join team? yes thats why i posted
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: Venomous Carnage looking for a top or jungle
rank: Plat 5 Age: 18 Role: Top Champs: Rumble, Kennen, Lissandra, Ryze, Yasuo, Gnar, Maokai can play anything top
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: AG Vengeance Recruiting Top Laner Gold 5 to Plat 4 Only
Ign: karuka Rank: plat 4 AGe: 18 Top 5: Gnar, Jax, Irelia, Fiora, Maokai. Cam you make practice hours? Depends on the day, i work on Friday saturday sunday nights, soon to be only saturday and sunday, 4;30pm eastern-10;30pm Discord: yes
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: Silver Team LF players
IGN Karuka Rank Plat 5 Role Adc
: lol
> [{quoted}](name=Jaypogbaspearing,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=qlJrFA57,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-07T02:15:40.083+0000) > > lol Same
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: torneys
Google league of legends tournaments they normally have a option to be a free agent which will put you with a random team.
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: looking for a coach for adc
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Genø (NA)
: Precision Academy LF more members
Role: Support Champion Pool: Blitz, Thresh, Alistar, Leona, Braum. Why: cause i want to What can i bring to the team: hooks Voice comms: nothing Times available during the week: I work from 4;30-9:30pm eastern i can play before and after
Agor (NA)
: DLT Precision Red LF players (All Plat team)
IGN: Karuka Role: ADC Rank: Plat 5 Main Champs: vayne, Cait, Jinx, Trist. Can play everything my favorite adc is twitch. Availability: I work normally 5 days a weekm from 4:30 pm east, to 9:30 pm east. I can be on before or after every day i have work. Strengths: Team Fighting/Positioning shotcalling Weaknesses: Sometimes laning Past experience: Ive been playing off and on comp teams for awhile Discord: yes
Kenachii (NA)
: ViperGaming Recruitment
Rank: plat 5 Role: Jungle Champs: Lee sin, gragas, sejuani, i can play every jungler. Strengths: Shot calling, and playing throughout the map. Weaknesses: Early game ganking
Summoner name: Karuka Role Im trying out for: Jungler Voice Chat System: any one i have every one Rank: Plat 5
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recog (NA)
: Starting A TEAM!!
age: 18 IGN: karuka rank: Plat 5 Role: Mid
: competetive team recruiting SUPPORT, ADC, JG
Role: adc IGN: Karuka Rank: P5 Top 3: vayne, twitch, caitlyn Working mic yes
UNC Otto (NA)
: Team Synthesis looking for new starting Mid-Laner for TMG Amateur LCS
IGN: Karuka Age: 18 Five Primary Champions: Azir, Viktor, Ahri, Ezreal, Fizz. Time-zone: eastern Availability: when do you guys want me! Rank: P5 just got demoted from p4 Peak Rank: P2 Notes: it doesnt seem like i play mid but thats just cause normally i dont, because of dynamic que
: Still trying to make a serious team
Karuka Adc Plat 5 using my smurf. add me so i know
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