: > [{quoted}](name=Dreamspitter,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KA1xQiBh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-08T09:09:33.387+0000) > > What was one of his ideas? just the usual dipshit stuff like "if this game had a monthly subscription you'd lose all the trolls" yeah and the entire player base
> [{quoted}](name=S Tier Waifu,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KA1xQiBh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-08T20:31:13.994+0000) > > just the usual dipshit stuff like "if this game had a monthly subscription you'd lose all the trolls" > > yeah and the entire player base Tbh I agree with this in a way. If it was paid then maybe people would take it more serious. Although plenty of people pay for games and troll so who knows if it would work. They already spend so much on skins I doubt it would stop them from paying a subscription. Maybe it being free gives Riot more control over us? Idk.
: Anyone ever had like horribly socially awkward duos off here?
Plenty of times during my years playing. I always die laughing. They add me cuz I carry them hard and we could play like 5 games and win and I feed one game and they just delete after lmao. Add me if you want I'm pretty normal i suppose lol
: Silver to Platinum Tips (Sensie what are you secrets?)
As the famous LS would say, play Annie and you will climb to Diamond easy. Didn't work for me but maybe for you. I honestly just practiced and I also main/"one trick" Katarina and have mastered her to the point i can carry games. But it requires game knowledge. Knowing matchups, when to roam and where to roam, when to rotate, what objectives to take, when to go in to fights. There's so many factors that a champ change won't help you with. Although playing a meta champ will help more so than not playing one. I was silver 5 hardstuck my first season. And now 2 seasons later I'm high plat. Should be hitting Diamond soon. My Kat is also top 1000 NA according to leagueofgraphs. One tricking is another viable option as I one tricked for like 2 years. But I don't think I really got better until I started paying other champs and roles. I can play all roles and different champs now which helped me understand the game more cuz u learn cooldowns as well as hidden things that champ abilities do that you probably didn't know. Passives on abilities and such. Learning your damage and when you have power spikes is another important thing to know. That's all i can think of for now. Sorry for the long paragraph lol
: Personal research about inting people
This has been proven already by Creamp Eye in the past. I'm sure they deleted the thread by now. But they used to "bait ban" people and would troll and get away with it by abusing the system. I think their operations still go on to this day as well. The system is trash and anyone oblivious to that fact is just a sheep. Is it better than Tribunal? Sure. Are things ever without flaws? Of course not. But disregarding the flaws of the system and choosing to not improve it is choice and mistake Riot is making. Not to mention that they themselves promote toxicity in many ways. They know that people will flame and then get banned and thus make new accounts, and probably spend more money. Its a business plan for sure.
: Riot - "youll be demoted if you dont play a ranked game in 1 day." Also riot "Here, have this guy."
Honestly I'd just submit a ticket with his twitch video clipped in lobby. I watched every lobby yesterday and anytime his Pyke or Senna is banned he just troll picks in hopes that his team will dodge. He also just spams in pregame chat. And if they don't he just trolls in game. And his twitch has all the proof since he didn't delete the VOD. And people are sitting here arguing over if he was actually trolling or not lmao.
Protiden (NA)
: Diamond mid and jungler!
Imagine naming your child after a League of Legends character. Jk I'm naming my future daughter Katarina
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: 1920 x 1080 option not working properly
Still having this issue to this day. Are they going to acknowledge or fix this?
: Client Resolution
same here man. terrible client.
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YuNvMe (NA)
: 14-day suspension
Just submit a ticket if that's the case and they may repeal it.
: Forced Dodging Solution
If they say something blatantly obviously toxic or reportable in lobby just screenshot and dodge and report on website. They will be punished.
: > Except they said I've only been reported **7 times in 20 games.** So if 7 people reported me that game then what? Notice the bolded section. "7 times _**in 20 games**_". That means that across 20 games, you've been reported 7 times, not that you've been reported by 7 individual players in one of your most recent 20 matches. While I disagree with Jennifer17's idea, they are right that it's not something that's already in place.
Well still doesn't explain why i only have one game on there. But apparently I was told it may be a bug that's been around for a long time. That or I'm just a strange case based on my chat logs. Oh well. System is still garbage regardless lol
: if mass reporting would get you punished, i'd be permabanned by now. and so would you.
Except they said I've only been reported 7 times in 20 games. So if 7 people reported me that game then what?
: it doesnt. this isnt the right post, i recommend to create one yourself and post your chatlogs.
Oh yes cuz im sure you know the system just as much as any other person on this board lmao. Except that one guy that knew how to bait ban people. He knew it. Posting my chat logs is pointless since Riot doesn't care and doesn't read anything here anyways. I sent in my ticket and that's that.
: 7+ reports in one game should trigger a manual review
It already does. And if they say it doesn't they're lying. I just got a 10 game restriction over one game where the only offensive word was noob. "report" was said and im sure thats a trigger word as well. But i farmed raptors once and the jungler proceeded to take all my cs and ruin the game for me and my team was shouting to report me and im sure they all did. They say 1 report = 9 reports but im sure that more definitely get punished as well.
: Are you dissatisfied with the state of the game in some way? What way? (Poll)
When asked the poll question, the only answer is yes. Jokes aside, I agree with points 1-8 as all problems with the game in one way or another
: Why do I get 2 Silver 1's in my G3->G2 promo?
Looks like the Malphite was probably a smurf with high MMR and i think the panth was to balance the unranked Ezreal. Can't say much besides that.
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UniSect (NA)
: Are you going to die today?
Screw the memes. These two comments made me appreciate the song much more and understand the meaning more. "Highkey cool that on Faker’s like “demon” version of him, has 미드 차이 written on it, which means mid difference in korean" "faker's part is about worlds 2017 when he got stunned by Varus R, because of his miss positioning as Karma. He got caught and he cried, because he knew it was his fault. It is also about Rookie's possible “new empire” the lyrics are alluded to, who has struggled domestically in the LPL. And caps... i think he was 0/6 with his best pick - Irelia"
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yeah, no. Smurfs that play solo and have 98% winrate up until Diamond 4 disagree with you. Edit: [look at the accounts yourself](https://www.bangingheads.net/race2chall/)
Yeah spamming broken meta champs is the way to go
hugemike (NA)
: Rework the "Chance to Activate/Crit"
That is why i did not bother with this game mode. I played one game and was in first place with full HP until the last person but because RNG screwed me and I could not get any 3 star champs I just got melted by the other person. Anything RNG based is a terrible concept.
: Whats up ya'll, I'm on my lunch break again
What do you think of the reporting system? Many including myself believe it needs a complete overhaul. Will that ever happen?
Nadiri (NA)
: Why someone lost -3 LP because this.
Submit the screenshot and submit a ticket to support. Someone did the same to me and they said it warranted and investigation and they would look into it. However, they cannot disclose if a punishment was issued or not. But better than nothing.
youthere (NA)
: I had someone do the exact same thing last night, he was a smurf trying to derank. Fun stuff.
Jesus that's even worse. I looked at his match history and he only had 4 games played in who knows how long and he was fed and won them all before that game. No idea why he trolled. It made no sense. Wintrade?
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Yets4240 (NA)
: > Yasuo is my most played champion right now, mostly because he's more consistently safe pick than playing my 2 season main, Aurelion Sol, or at least that's how I've felt for a while. Hold the fuck up, Aurelion Sol was released at in the middle of Season 6, roughly 4 years after Season 2 was over. I now do not trust a single word written below this.
2 season main, not season 2 main.
: Inters and Feeders
Welcome to League of Legends
: They seriously need to revamp the ranking system
Update: i managed to normallize my MMR after like 30+ games but I had to spam abuse Kayn in jungle lol. Being a meta slave is dumb and boring. I shouldn't have to do that to climb. But I digress.
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: Top is not in a great place right now, at least in my opinion. Most top lane games are 1) A melee top laner (picked first likely) vs. a ranged top laners. RESULT: Ranged top laner makes life miserable, probably gets a couple kills, at worst ends up with 30+ cs lead. 2) Two ranged top laners, RESULT: Plays mostly like mid lane, dependent on junglers and individual skill. 3) Two melee top laners, RESULT: I'll tell you when this happens again, been going on a couple weeks now. Worlds has just compounded the issue, if it isn't aftershock lissandra it's kleptomaniac viktor. The thing is, a lot of top laners don't WANT to play those champs, if we did, we would play mid, but as it stands, playing our usual stables of champs (bruisers, tanks, etc.) pretty much ensure a one way ticket to get-your-head-kicked-in-ville. So yeah, don't depend on top lane right now, it's a crapshoot.
Thank you for a real answer. Interesting. Honestly I never see any of my junglers gank top. It's usually me. I feel like Jungle is a problem too. it's a big meta of ganking early junglers and people that don't pick them get outroamed and can't do anything.
Kimuto (NA)
: ...So....what about your Jayce..? I'm sorry if this offends you but you also get bad games. Don't just blame it all on your teammates.
> [{quoted}](name=Kimuto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1Os0jW89,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-15T02:25:26.022+0000) > > ...So....what about your Jayce..? I'm sorry if this offends you but you also get bad games. Don't just blame it all on your teammates. My Jayce is fine. Most of my games i get fed and do fine. Not all. And i dont play top its an awful lane. I played one game Jayce and went 1/13. I play Jayce mid. I main mid. I've always despised top. My least favorite role
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: Ranked Rewards
oof im also checkpoint 0 so yeah...screw it lol. oh well. i wont be coming back anyways unless these changes for preseason appeal to me. but idk it doesnt even seem like theyre changing much so far besides turrets
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Leylania (EUW)
: > But I'm over it. You aren't or else you wouldn't be whining here. And you actually seem to do pretty bad in most of your games so you should really not complain about your team mates.
> [{quoted}](name=Leylania,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I7olqdo4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-21T06:37:07.954+0000) > > You aren't or else you wouldn't be whining here. And you actually seem to do pretty bad in most of your games so you should really not complain about your team mates. End score means nothing when you start as 5/0.
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: If you value your account I highly recommend you don't actually do this.
> [{quoted}](name=redniwediS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=w7ebjX01,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-19T20:33:28.268+0000) > > If you value your account I highly recommend you don't actually do this. Hes being sarcastic because that's what people do in games and never get punished because the failure of a punish system we have doesnt detect those things. Just words typed in chat.
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Happened to me too bro. Easy fix. Sell it and then undo the sell. It should fix the problem. Stay untilted buddy
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: PSA: being overly 'positive' in chat towards players in a way that you know is tilting...
Except thats not how any of this works lol. They will get away with it and you will lose when you finally snap. Riot Tantrum has already said that one report is the same as 9 reports. Number of reports has no effect. And their system is a dumb robot that will never learn right from wrong.
: Way to contact RIOT admin? Read and comment opinions on this...
OCE is being tested with a new system to ban people on pre and post game chat. So if they were reported enough it shouldve banned them.
: one turret shot + 3 Vayne autos = me dead???
That is called true damage for you. OPOP
: Remember when these champions were good?
Skarner and Fiddle are still very good in the right hands. As for the others not as much as they used to be Irelia is a late game monster though.
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Zed genius (EUNE)
: the highest you can get from placements is platinum 1
I wasn't sure of the rank but I was just wondering if playing ranked even counts for preseason. Ending plat 4 can put me in gold if ranking up from this point on means nothing.
: get to "challenger", they have tried that in the past but they decided against it because it was not worth it as the pre season is going to be tough to learn ESPECIALLY this year
Makes sense. Sucks though. Guess I just won't play until then. Maybe just practice tool to learn all the new stuff and some norms here and there.
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