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: >Banning permanently an account is both ineffective and robbing people. How many hours did we invest in those account and how much money did we put. I know i have over 100$ spread out on 2 accounts and I also know someone thats has over 1000$ spent on his. Robbing people? Nope. Its written right in the TOU that you agreed to when signing up for the game that nothing is yours, it all still belongs to Riot and you are just borrowing it as you play the game. So, if you get banned they took nothing from you. And I for one have spent somewhere around $10,000 in the 7 years I've been playing and haven't had any issues. So.
holy moly that a lot of money... I know Right attitude players arent the issues. They are behaving right. Im talking about those who dont. What to do with them. Are they all trash people that with Absolutly nothing to do with them ? is there something more we can do to prevent that ? Maybe you are just satisfied with things the way they are. Im not. If tomorrow Riot says okay we are doing that but just not for you because you sound like u r just trying to get ur stuff back. Well GO FOR IT. Because Im convinced its gonna work better than how it is right now
: Stay B& > robbing people You lost something for willfully violating an agreement that clearly said you A: dont own anything on your account, and B: will lose access to it if you break the agreement? Welcome to life, riot is providing a service, not a fundamental right. Also, if you want an example of how chat filters dont work at all, look at R6 seige.
yeah you are right, Im putting things in perspective and how it is received on this end. Is this discussion about putting blame or trying to improve. If you wanna make it about blame. Its on us. Nothing to say. Is it getting better ? Hell no it isnt Now can we do something about ? This was my suggestion. Do you have something constructive to say now ?
Jo0o (NA)
: I don't see how you constantly breaking the rules means Riot is tricking you or is somehow unfair. If you've done the same thing over and over in the face of multiple warnings and sanctions, that's entirely your fault. I mean, ultimately the only reason you see this as unfair is because you're on the wrong side of the rule book.
I disagree, I find it unfair because its money. I glad there are sanctions and Im humbly accept them when they come. What im saying with this post is that sanctions ARE Unbalanced therefore not working. When i get a 14days ban, I feel bad for doing it and bad to have to pay the consequences. The probleme is the next step. 14days ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> PErma ban Theres room in between. It doesnt make sense. I know for a fact now its not working for me. Trust me, at the end of today, that riot change it or not, that people agree with me or not, Im convinced that I AM NOT getting my stuff back. THIS IS NOT AN ATTEMPT to get it back. It sucks that you think that but I understand it. Im giving a feedback on how it is perceived on "my side of the book" while willing to do the efforts. An honest attempt to make things better. But with no carrots... stick isnt working for me
: I choose option 3. "Learn to control yourself". Riot isn't the first nor last game, especially free to play, that will punish you by taking the stuff away. Regardless of whether you put money into the account along with time. As for "why not remove?" well, there is a problem with that. Many ways to try to bypass with special characters, foreign language, or combination of letters/symbols. On top of potentially blocking wrong phrases. Examples: assassin getting blocked because ass ass. Another is Tor%%%% because of the last 4 letters. Someone had to change their name because they were "Negro Knight" does that mean we can't use spanish for black for anything? This is a problem for filter systems. Getting accounts back? I would be willing to agree to maybe changing the ban to a 10-15 year ban. At that point you'll probably forget about it and move on though.
I agree with you on the filter but a basic one wouldnt be too much trouble. I personally do not take offense in words but other might. I choose option 3. "Learn to control yourself". Like I said, im down to my 7th account. You dont think I tried that ? I wish I could just be nice all the time, I realize im part of the problem. but there are just so many irritants specially if you have to start over and have to play with debutant. I would really like if they had 2 options for Draft Norms - Fun time and Tryhards- I dont wanna to go rank to try hard and practice a new champ or a tactic. its gonna screw my rank. but i might get stuck with fun time people if I do norms. ALSO there are days I just want to play norms -Fun time style- and im the one getting crap from others. Im convinced its a HUGE mistake to force those 2 types of people into one game game. Right now, the way it works, its not having any effect on me. I play nice for a bit but by the time im lvl 30 im sour as hell.
: >Just effin block the words and any derivation. Cant be that hard. Let's assume "Cat" is a banned word. It's a nice short one. Easy to filter, right? * C A T * C4T * C 4 T * C.A.T * C.4.T * C@T * ©AT * CÀT * CÁT ...I could go on. With just that three letter word there are likely *thousands* of keyboard combinations that resembling it, and another thousand ways of saying the same thing without using that word *specifically*. It's not really possible. Riot also ***did*** experiment with unbanning accounts -- the experiment years ago had a super high rate of bad behavior reemerge, but Riot *still* did another experiment recently. We don't know the results yet, but if the pattern shows that banned players *are* capable of reforming in sufficient numbers, there might be a change in policy. As long as the data shows that permanently banned players don't reliably reform, however, I wouldn't expect a change.
yes im away about the the filter being too hard apply but could at least do the basic one, thats start. thats interesting I didnt they did and dont know how they did. I just know I have zero incentive to behave as it is. Trust me I tried it. Having to go through the first 30 level playing with debutant playing champs i dont want to play because i dont have IP just makes me rage even more. Im glad they are not giving up tho. that great. I might be wrong tho for other people, but for myself i know this would work.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: so... in other words... you live in a world where you don't think that taking responsability for one's actions is a thing that needs reflecting on because you'd much rather blame riot for having rules you can't bother obeying than actually obeying them cool >My first point is that Im down to my 7th or 8th account. That should tell you something. yeah. it tells me that arguing with you on how the world works is basically pointless
see I must have mentioned 3 times Im not posting this to excuse my behavior. It was to offer an other solution. I, personaly, would behave more if it worked like that. You need need me to say it again ?? I shouldnt have done that and this is not what its about. You seems like you just want it to be your way or otherwise its pointless to talk about anything. You re greta buddy
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: This new BE leveling up system REALLY SUCKS!!! Change it or you will lose many new players ... believe me
> [{quoted}](name=mallu123,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ekAVElHt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-10T14:50:40.514+0000) > > This new BE leveling up system REALLY SUCKS!!! Change it or you will lose many new players ... believe me I agree, Before you would get what ? 50-75 IP per game. Now u get that at leveling.... Price of champ didnt go lower.
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: How do I level this Forum accounts to level 7 so that I can discuss with people ?
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