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: Hijacking top comment to tell you DONT UNINSTALL its worse then just waiting Edit:servers are up its working in NA
I'm in NA and its still doing the looping glitch rotating between omega squad and urgot backgrounds
: What champion is he cosplaying? I'm speculating Ekko but Ekko wears a tank top with minimal armor a red scarf gloves white war paint etc. This looks like a failed mix of project Ekko and academy Ekko. Why not give attention to cosplayers who do better work? I'm not into cosplay at all I just don't think he deserves this recognition. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
It's Project Ekko. Here is him in original Ekko. I think you should really look at his facebook page before judging him from the pictures that were picked out for this article. Thanks and Thanks. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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yaoz98 (NA)
: But, Ekko and Vi were lovers... Its right their in his sound files.
Actually in his sound files if you go to the League Ekko Wiki it says if you interact with Jinx his sound file goes... I had a crush until you started talking to the gun. And if you think wiki isnt enough, people already did youtube videos about the secret taunts and such and the same taunt is done with Jinx so... :D


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