: Constant 50 Ping
your kidding right? I get about 1000 every 10 minutes, you lucky friend.
: Yeah why does a rock move and glow blue?
Sry just thought that this comment was hysterical GG I'll let you decide who won this.
: Yeah why does a fucking rock do physical damage?
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: Well, your screwed, gl with the KaiSa.
Feel bad for u I mid, and jg, all assassins so I don't rly have a problem with her.
: Building tank on adc might help ? Im studing industrial manegement. I have a very stable and healthy internet, i take her to the vet every month. I am an hardcore ping pong player, i have cat like reflexes. Ty for trying to help me but i have almost everything u said covered. Ps: i go to the gym 5 times in the week and i eat a lot broccoli
Well, your screwed, gl with the KaiSa.
: When you will nerf the new adc (Kasai) ?
Me thinks you just need to know how to build Do a little studying, knowledge makes a MAJOR difference in League. Good internet helps to. And maybe play halo 5, your reaction time will shoot through the roof.


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