: I mean go look at hafu's speech where she almost starts crying, seems like a big deal to her and she took it serious
She's happy she got 1st, not being a dick about it. Who cares bro, it's just PBE. If you're going to be salty about not being able to play, blame it on the multiple times you didn't log immediately after a maintenance, not on Riot. PBE was never meant to be a large server, they're not going to spend stupid money on a test server so that the huge influx of players can play once in a decade, they don't need that. Just wait for tomorrow or when ranked comes out, god damn. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Welcome to the Mid-Season Trials
Literally nothing was said about a quiz, I picked my house without the knowledge until my friend told me about it. Thanks Riot, really great job on your marketing.
Aeon123 (NA)
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Modes
One for All: Mirror Mode when? First gamemode I played and still my most favourite
Rioter Comments
: Getting Upset With The New Runes!
It's the preseason, give it time. I know the struggle finding the perfect keystone, but keep testing them out and don't get frustrated over losses. At first I completely sucked at press the attack Jhin and electrocute, but I've been steamrolling after using Aery.
: Summoners RIft Update
The rift was recently updated in Season 5, and it's still going strong. I doubt they'll update the rift again for a long while considering how well it's been designed. I do get what you mean though, that'd be pretty cool, but at the same time heavy rain will be too distracting for fights which is probably why they stayed away from that and made it light rain. The whole idea is convenience for the players in the design.
Kazu (NA)
: LF Club with tag "Yuki"
Three poro icons were released for a limited time 2 years ago, one of which was the Paintbrush Poro. I don't know if it'll return in the future.
Rioter Comments
: Rare icons available for a limited time
Any dates for when they come back or will I have to rely on RNGesus to give it to me? I was really busy for the past 2 months and I just got back on but it's right after the the sakura icons get taken off ;u;
: Queue health comes to patch notes
: You're newer to League I see. That is the old map. good job. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
If you didn't catch my Kappa, it was meant sarcastically. I've been playing since Season 2 :P
: The stories behind the Worlds x Zedd Music Video
Only problem I had with the music video was that the music didn't necessarily represent the hype behind worlds very well. Warriors took the cake for that but the idea behind bringing big plays from previous world championships was great. 7/10.
: Worlds GIF stickers now live on Giphy!
Is that a new map I see? Kappa
: Thank You
Any info on the next Riot skin? (Don't mind me, just a person that wants Riot K-9 Nasus because he didn't spend money on games when Riot Kayle came out)
Kazu (NA)
: tfw you already have aether wing kayle....
Still a good skin though
: Thank You
tfw you already have aether wing kayle....
: Yorick Mori Remembered AF Dev Team Q&A [NOW COMPLETE]
What kind of impact do you think Yorick will provide when it comes to late game/team fights?
: ***
If you want to win, don't intentionally feed. How about getting good cs, taking turrets, **and** actually contributing to the team in fights? That's a bronze level strategy and I don't know what made you think it was a good idea but it's not a good idea at all. If you want to complain about this, go to Riot Support. These are character designers, not community directors.
: Ok rito, I need you to do something. You know Forecast {{champion:40}} , right? Where is my Anchorman {{champion:111}} ? Please rito, I need this. --edit-- Ok, I realize this is a month after the original post, but we need a weather {{champion:67}} as well.
I didn't know I wanted this until now.
: It’s time for August bundles!
>"Night Hunters" >Headhunter Rengar >Not Night Hunter >kek Rito logic
: AW! I wish I could get in on this Alpha. I love TT so much and it's been great. The only thing that has been driving me away is the massive amounts of bots at my elo, filling up the game and making things unfair. This may be the wrong thread for this but, is there a sign up sheet somewhere?
Go on the official Alpha Client testing page and there should be a "Join Alpha" button on the top. I'll send you a link [here](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/client-update/signup)
: There NEEDS to be a section on the champ select screen which shows **map specific champion changes**. This is _kinda_ a big deal. Currently on live there is ZERO way of telling which champs have nerfs/buffs on certain maps or seeing what those changes are. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Twisted Treeline (and ARAM for a few champs) has balance changes to certain champions. For example, Tryndamere's Spinning Slash CD is increased by 2s at all levels and Undying Rage is increased by 10s, Teemo traps last only 3 minutes instead of 5, Wukong's passive armor/MR is reduced by 2 per champ and his ult CD is increased, etc. There is currently NO official way of seeing these changes either in-game nor even on League's website. The only way I know of seeing these changes is on LoL wiki's champion articles, many of which don't even have the map-specific changes on the page! (Kha'zix page doesn't show isolation nerf) This has to be implemented into the new client **during champion select** in some fashion. One way this could be done is by having an asterisk type of icon for champions on their portraits who have map-specific changes to them and a notification popup or separate area describing the exact changes. When in a match there needs to be a notification somewhere showing these map-specific changes as well (perhaps through a buff/debuff icon?). I'm sure the designers can come up with a better system but be sure to show the exact numerical changes or else this idea is moot.
I completely agree. That would help a lot, especially with the recent ARAM changes.
Jhecht (NA)
: Most people are accustomed to clicking on X's to close things out, personally it doesn't bother me but it would also be like 5 lines of code (assuming the launcher is still using AIR, I haven't looked) to also add a cancel button.
They're not using AIR, they're building this whole client from the ground up.
: I have. Rolling Sona support and IF I get jungle I use Sejuani. Saving for scaling cdrs.
I mean you should mainly have like at least 2 pages considering you're able to get your primary and secondary. Of course it's good to have a backup page for a pocket pick but you shouldn't have to spend too much on runes except for Quints (Because they're expensive of course). Just play a lot and you'll be fine.
: Cactopus is the one who confirmed that Graves vaping is canon, iirc.
Still waiting on that Vape Nation {{champion:104}}
: I'm not sure about that. Its pretty clear Fiora, Yi and Lucian are all on a team, so they're not "solo agents". They're fighting Zed, so its clear hes the only solo agent show for sure. In every art they're all fighting robots, so whoever it is, they're fighting the same enemy. All of their memories(even the new ones) are in the possession of somebody else, although its implied that atleast Fiora, Yi and Lucian have recovered theirs.
You see Zed in Katarina's splash art and Katarina is clearly on Ashe's recon team. I'm pretty sure they somehow managed to persuade Zed into joining their forces. I really hope they do a PROJECT: Lore event (Even though they said they wouldn't be doing big ones) but maybe like one of those lore pages like Shurima or Targon. It'd be cool to be honest seeing a different universe/timeline's lore instead of current Runeterra. It'd be even cooler if they made an all out Lore event (Maybe Battlecast vs PROJECT) but I doubt they'll do that.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: no way you gotta play em all! oh they banned {{champion:53}} better throw in {{champion:89}}. oh wait they banned her too? eh screw it, guess ill go {{champion:115}}
Nah m8 you gotta go {{champion:83}}
: i have been focusing runes. 6150 for the quints, 7380 for seals and marks, 7380 for glyphs. 20910 IP for one T3 set up. Plus add in for other lanes. Armor for some, AP for others... It's an unholy IP sink just trying to geared for Ranked. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Find a main/some mains and make runes that are for them.
: i think most of the complaining being done has to do with getting hextech annie, gemstones, and having to buy things with rp instead of ip... but either way... THANKS RIOT FOR GIVING EVREYONE MORE FREE SKINS!!!
It was a good way of making people use the hextech crafting more. For those who don't know, the caches give skin/champion shards along with them.
: Nothing says "I love you" Like killing everyone in the solari but her.
Kill all of the competition. Diana is truly yandere. Maybe tsundere? I don't even know at this point.
: New Hextech Crafting components
So we need certain icons to activate the First Strike borders? I also wonder, is it possible for you guys to add the PROJECT: Skin splash as the wallpaper for your profile? This was being discussed on the alpha client forums and I think things like these would encourage more users to buy things like these and would please a lot of people. As an owner of an ultimate skin, I wouldn't mind having other forms of the wallpaper deal as long as the ultimate skins are the only ones that get animated ones.
: Kled
Confirmed Kled first skin PROJECT: Kled
Solerian (NA)
: Yeah, I'm also a member of the few that's still trying to catch up buying runes and champions.
Focus more on runes instead of champions, just find a small amount of champions you enjoy playing and are good at and play those.
: we need less draven skins if we cant have the bueatful rusty blitzcrank then draven should gave no skins at least remove the draven with just a bigger head
garren9 (NA)
: A better question is why is {{champion:89}} swooning?
Did you just assume her sexuality? Have you ever heard of {{champion:89}} x {{champion:131}} ?
: people don't want their friends to feel like they've been shunned.
They shouldn't feel shunned, just be cool.
: I cant be offline while i'm playing a game. People want to be able to play a game without their friends sometimes.
How about telling them that you're going to play alone for like a game or two?
: As a counterpoint, Ultimate skins would be the only ones with animation (unless they finally decide to make champ mastery give you icons, imo) and style. So while anyone can have an icon with a splash art, only ultimates would allow for animated backgrounds.
Just having animated backgrounds instead of still images won't be satisfying enough for a lot of people.
: Request: Masteries per Champion
I would definitely like this. Being able to work with runes in champ select would be fun but maybe Riot wants to keep it like being prepared beforehand.
: Rune pages style consideration
Although I agree that it does look a little futuristic and advanced, League of Legends does not represent ancient and fantastic. We have cities like Zaun and Piltover that have advanced so much in technology that maybe the runes and masteries were developed with their kind of science. Sure Summoner's Rift, Crystal Scar, and Howling Abyss look ancient but that's because they're battlefields. I like the most simple feel of the new runes but one to their own opinion,
FlayR (NA)
: I actually really like the new standardized rune images. My account is ancient and I have a number of "limited" runes but to be honest I think I like the clarity of being able to easily recognize what each rune is much more than having the Present or the Snowman. I'd understand if it were like skins or something, but who even looks at other players runes now a days? I play with the same people all the time and I honestly have no idea what their rune pages look like, how many of them there are, or what they use. I also think even if I were to look at someone else's runes it would likely only be to copy their set up, and the new clarity of these rune pages makes it real real easy to quickly get what everything is right off the bat visually. You just know right away "oh those are AD reds" and you don't have to go through things with a comb to discover they actually have 6 AD reds and 3 armor pen reds and one of their quints is AD. It was a real pain in the ass before that AD / pen / AP reds, all other reds, HP/MR/mana regen yellows, scaling yellows, etc were all similar. Makes copying a pro players runes if you trying to pick up a champ or something annoying when it really doesn't need to be. As someone with limited runes, I vastly prefer having them be standardized with what they actually do. Maybe put a little "limited" icon in the top corner or something, but I think it is way way better this way.
I mean sure it would be easy to see which rune does what but it's the self satisfaction like "Oh I was here for this." I mean I would definitely want to see my Razer runes on my page for sure.
: [Recommendation] Summoner Icon Profile Changes
This would definitely make profiles more unique. I completely support this. Although there's also one thing that's at a disadvantage. People who own Ultimate skins. As an owner myself, I mainly bought it for the beautiful animated background and new effects and having half of it not being as unique and spending $25 dollars on it, I would not be happy. Maybe just have those icons be still and only few ones. The Gold+ icons would definitely work but not the pentakill (considering how easy it can be obtained). The only icon that I think for the Ascension background would be the Perfect Ascension considering how much work was put into getting it. We have to keep some special things for certain things in mind before doing anything or else we're going to have another King Rammus problem. Good idea though.
: Offline status for new client.
I mean isn't it basically being away? I mean sure if you put yourself in offline you won't be on the online friend's list but away is basically the same and puts you at the bottom.
: More signal!
Are you a wizard? They recently did the exact same thing and put it up to the PBE.
: yes but first time players then get a disadvantage. without first win of the day bonus thats 2 games basically
Then they should work for it. Even if they're at a disadvantage it's not like they're going against players on their first time. They go through bots first. It's like saying you should be able to get all 30 points for masteries at lvl 1 man. Not everything should be free, having it 1 ip is good enough.
: Alpha Client actually slower than legacy client when multitasking
I mean this **is** early alpha. I believe they said that at first it will be quite a load but they're looking to make it a lot faster for people with lower tier laptops or computers.
BeeCuz (NA)
: [suggestion] make Collections/Champions settings persistant
Oh I would love this. It's persistent on the Adobe Client but not this one. It's kinda annoying me a little but it's not too big.
Repress (NA)
: Ability to do league survey's in client.
That would be great. Just being able to do it all in the client instead of being redirected is a small thing but would really help in the smoothness of the client.
: Show the rank?
That would be neat
Risèeee (NA)
: Replace Stealth Wards Purchased
Maybe they're hinting at the return of Stealth Wards :O {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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