: Patch 6.14 notes
Why is Leona getting buffs..
Serevas (NA)
: Demotions are based on MMR. The titled ranks are irrelevant, which is why we should just get an Elo number and your rank is handed to you based on that if they really want to title it something, no promotional matches aside from into Master Tier. It'll be a similar system to how people go from master tier to challenger without any sort of game winning requirement.
Makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.
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Fovere (NA)
: DQ is just an unpleasant game environment. The solo players aren't allowed to even know when they are with premades. But if something goes wrong, its the ones not in the group who will get targeted for harassment, and they won't understand why.
The worst is when you're solo and your whole team is solo too. Then after the game you realize over half their team is pre-made...
: Patch 6.2 notes
RIP Thunderlords. We will miss you being picked 90% of the time......NOT!
: Patch 6.1 notes
Buffs to {{champion:429}} {{champion:92}} and {{champion:7}} .... Rito plz
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: I'm really sorry to hear that man. People in this game are pretty awful.
I took a break from league for a while. I played a game and I instantly was reminded of the toxicity. I don't really care if someone feeds or jokes around or troll builds, whatever. For me it's the **attitude** . It's always someone else's fault, "stfu noob" seems as common as "glhf", and there's no civility in any stages (pregame, in-game, postgame). This might not necessarily be only a reflection of "the community" but perhaps human nature or our generation's attitude.
: Riot plz mercy. 2-1 in promos to gold and the very last game of the season i get an afk kalista at level 3 and a 3-12 AD vladmir..
: Patch 5.22 notes
{{item:3075}} TOTAL COST 2300 gold ⇒ 2350 gold ^Lmao. Nerfed an already weak item
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Mhija (NA)
: Support teams with pumpkins!
TSM- https://stephsscribe.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/smashedpumpkins.jpg
: Creating Ranked 5's team. Plat+ Mon-Thurs 5PM- 9PM (PST)
Hey man i'd love to join your team: Basic Details IGN: jpadonis Age: 25 Location: NorthAmerica Availability: Very Rank This Season: Plat 5 Time Zone: I switch between Tokyo and PST Hobbies outside of LoL: Fishing, swimming and longboarding Game Details Main Roll: support, jungle Back up rolls: fill (Because I am looking to have 6 or 7 people on the team it would be good if you can play more than just 1 roll to make the team work every night. What other rolls do you play at a high level?) Strengths: farming Weaknesses: My connection is weird, so every 12 minutes I will dc for about 4 seconds Other Information Why are you looking for a team?: I want to improve as a player, and connect with other plat players Interested in online tournament: yes Any Questions that you have: What is your favorite animal?
Fritterz (NA)
: How about you just stop smoking weed. Let the downvotes begin.
Implying that getting drunk is any better? Statistically, alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana
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Archon X (NA)
: lmao
: Patch 5.18 notes
Meanwhile in the {{champion:83}} rework department...{{item:3070}}
: Patch 5.14 notes
"Dragon and Baron timers are updated instantly for both teams, regardless if you have vision of the objective at the time of its death" RIP - Strategy 2015 {{item:3070}}
Theny (NA)
: League at Work?
The dev team for my old company used to have weekly League tourneys every friday..
: Quick question. How will his "Disc of the sun" work in Dominion?
Maybe have Disc of the Sun act like a 'garrison' effect?
: After this happened everyone in the call went crazy!
Happy Feet, Wombo Combo, that ain't falco...OH OH OH OHHH! WOMBO COMBOOO!
: The Doom Bots of Doom ending soon!
How about a game mode where summoner's can choose these doom bots on Summoner's Rift?


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