: Any specifications on the rewards for players who purchased Runes and Rune Pages with IP/RP?
We're not ready to go into details on this yet, but we'll share more details on this as soon as we feel confident in the plan. There's a lot of variables at play and just refunding the IP and RP isn't going to cut it.
: Riot Games Software Engineer Interview
1. Angus McQuarrie 2. Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering with a minor in Cognitive Science 3. Game Systems team at Riot Games 4. Friend me in Game 5. My degree is an intersection of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering - both writing software as well as building analog and digital circuits. I've only ever professionally done software, although I've done it at many levels (web services, game logic, graphics drivers, line of business applications, etc.) 6. Software Engineer 7. I'm the tech lead for a new feature we're working on that involves touching a large number of different tech stacks. This means I write a lot of different kinds of code and am ultimately responsible for the technical quality of the work others are doing on these features. The latter primarily involves talking to people and doing architectural and code review. I also fix bugs in random systems like champion select, runes and masteries, in game items, vision stuff, etc. 8. I usually work from about 8am to 6pm, although it varies and I have a lot of freedom to shift this around according to my needs. 9. In high school I took every math, computer science (which my school offered) and science class (other than biology, which i now wish I had taken) class they offered. I TA'd Chemistry twice and took AP Physics and Chemistry. I was admitted to Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, which is a 5 year bachelor's program where you alternate 4 months school, 4 months internship. I ended up doing 6 internships at 5 places (two at a small .NET shop, one at Epson, one at Apple, one at Deloitte, and one at Microsoft). I took mostly digital logic (FPGA stuff, processor pipelining) and software courses, and dabbled in analog circuits. I failed 3 courses one term because I was doing too many extracurricular things and overloaded my term taking 7 classes at once, but talked my self out of being held back with the help of the Engineering society. When I graduated I got a job working on Xbox Live, and then on Halo at 343 Industries before coming to Riot. 10. I would have taken more Biology stuff. In my opinion Genetic Engineering is going to be the next big paradigm shift on the scale of what software was and I would be better positioned to follow that with a bit more academic rigor. I don't really regret failing those courses, it's important to hit walls in your life so you can overcome them and it was character building. 11. Network. Figure out what you want to do and attack that thing, do stuff in your spare time, go to conferences and meet people. Have opinions on things that are well developed and that you can articulate. Be interesting. I got my first internship because I had joined the ASIC club and helped design a phase-locked loop in Cadence. This had absolutely nothing to do with anything the company wanted me to do, but it made me stand out from the other 100 people that were applying for jobs in my class. I suspect I have gotten interviews because my resume talks about being interested in Bees (and I can describe in 30 seconds some interesting things about a bee's visual system when they ask me about it). Cheers!
: It was mentioned that health potions were going to become more expensive, will that not simply change the meta over to supports who are strong healers and basically turn the jungle into a place where sustain champs thrive, this also could be a strong influence on top laner choices
Health Pots are 50g now, but remember the entire flow of gold has been changed. The price increase isn't as disruptive as you'd think.
: You mention that item off-hand, but this is the first i've heard of it; is there a link to where i can see these new items (beyond off-hand mentions in Red Posts)?
We will be positing a site shortly with a comprehensive list of all the changes - including this one.
: Hi hope all is well and that this pre-season will be a good one. What are you most looking forward to?
I may be biased (having worked on them) but for me the new Masteries. Having exclusive choices allows us to make them a lot more interesting than we were able to do in the previous system (in terms of power level, but also VFX, uniqueness, etc.)
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Cupkek (NA)
: I'm curious to know, what do you define as cheating? How does one cheat at League of Legends? Like do you mean smurf accounts?
Generally when we think about cheaters we think about people who are willfully doing things that give themselves an unfair advantage in the game. In this case that manifested as using 3rd party cheat tools that give you advantages you normally wouldn't have.

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