Dhuck (EUW)
: Ranked trolls need greater punishment.
Quite an easy fix to your problem. Just dont play ranked.
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: Premade forced a surrender, Flamed the solo quer for losing
Had a game where we had 4 towers to the enemies 0. They aced us and then the 4 man premade surrendered. I was furious.
: Auto-filled players should lose less LP in losses and gain more in wins
I feel there should be a recommendation for an easy champ for the role you are unfamiliar with.
: Elementalist Lux Hype is Dying
MEANWHILE at the bottom of the patch notes is a massive change to the jungle.
Thus far I've never lost or won a game when Kat was on either team. Just because you can shunpo ult the adc doesn't mean you have to.
: This should not be allowed from Caitlyn.
I'd rather Cait not be able to block off entire lanes with her traps or zoning you from your tower because it's covered in traps as well. It gets pretty ridiculous
: Dear Riot, if you are going to nerf colossus
But please, get rid of bond of stone and bring back Strength of the Ages. There's literally an item that does Bond of Stone's job better
: why do you main your mains
{{champion:10}} Because everyone cries over you pressing R.
: Top Lane right now
Not a single mention of Kayle was seen that day.
kolpy99 (NA)
: Intentional feeding should be a permaban from ranked, no questions asked.
Do what DotA does and make a literal ELO hell where they put toxic players with other people who are constantly reported for being toxic, feeding, etc etc. It mostly works.
Kuzja1 (NA)
: Reminds me. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yd1YpPZ0XM
This game's hitboxes infuriate me so much.
Lucifer (NA)
: Concerned about Support Items
RIP Heart of Gold and Philosopher's Stone, I knew thee well.
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woobee (NA)
: What's the most broken thing in League?
: one mode is competitive and the other isn't? one mode is for you actually trying to win while the other is more laid back? this isn't rocket science you know?
I was getting at the players' and their behavior, Captain Obvious.
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: Get inspired by Poppy motivational posters
I like that the Kid from Bastion made a cameo as a skin in League.
Krizalid (EUW)
: I'm a little bit late, but
A better question is how does Poppy's vanilla skin rip off the Kid from "Bastion", but we can't have Sanic Rammus, Big Daddy Nautilus, Little Sister Annie etc etc
CDMarco (NA)
: Knowing full well you've been keeping them alive and in good health.
Or your Morde ADC goes afk because his sup Lux took one CS by accident. Bronze Adventures are priceless.
: Taric is a fantastic champion for beginners who want to learn the ropes of playing support.
If you want to learn how to play support just grab sightstone. GG.


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