: Talking Targon with the Foundations team
So um...all this talk on lore is pretty cool...but um...im kinda sad you didnt mention shurima AT ALL. Shurima wasnt even apart of Runterra until Azir. Sooooo....when are you gonna give my Nasus back his story that i loved? Or mumu? or Xerath? oooooor anyone even loosely related? i see they arent even mentioned on your response for the future. All that talk about deepening lore but instead it seems youd rather make a one time event then gut anything personal about the character, then everything around them as well. but maybe im just salty...
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: New Champion Q&A: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Hey! I have a couple questions. Are the kindred and Bard connected? Both seem kinda spiritual in nature. Bard whose, goal is to keep existence, well, EXISTING, and the kindred are death. The change of existence in a way (alive to dead). both seem to be "storytale" figures that are constantly keeping the universe going. Also from a gameplay standpoint, what caused you to want to create a jungle marksman? What clues in the meta made you feel this was a needed role? THIS IS THE PART I DOUBT YOU'LL ANSWER: Why is so much lore missing? Everything to do with shurima and the shadow isle is mostly gone. Are they connected? Or are you just setting up for a few smaller events? OR is there something bigger going on in the universe? I miss my favorite champions lore! {{champion:75}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:432}} ,and more feel like the lore was gutted. And i feel like papa Riot is doing something sneaky. Am i being paranoid? i just want some conformation that im not crazy XD Anyway, you guys are awesome and i look forward to playing this champ.
: A Good Death
I'm in love with your creative writers. Every time a new champ or event happens, I read it and think, "This is amazing! This is my favorite thing." But then a new one comes out and i think the same thing! You guys are amazing. I love the lore but why have some champions had their lore gutted? Mainly everything to do with Shurima. My best guess is that their will be either another event or a new champion who's lore will tie together what happened there. But also the shadow isle is missing too. So maybe something similar? Or was that place of death somehow related to what went down in Shurima? I doubt it but still, why is the lore missing? And it all pretty much went missing at the same time which is sad. Anyway, just some thoughts.
some questions on the mechanics of his ult. is it considered a projectile, that can be blocked by things like yasuos wind wall or braums shield? also what about zhonyas? if i trigger zonyas, then bard hits me with his ult, does zonyas counter that? or do i get a longer version of zonyas in the sense of being untargetable? what about other things like, fizz'z dodge? can taht avoid the ult? thanks! if these have been answered in the q and a already and i just missed it i apologize. you guys are awesome. have a wonderful day.
: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
I see that, bard's ult throws a little blob at people. is that projectile needed for the ult to trigger? if so is it something that, for example yasuo's windwall could prevent from happening? also, what would happen if i zhonya when he ults? would that simply prolong the effect or not effect me at at all?


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