: this thread only further proves my point on how soft everyone is lmaooooooo
Sure. Call it whatever you want. We're just here to let you know of the rules and how the system works. Just don't be surprised about the consequences when you don't follow Riot's rules in Riot's game.
: I think he’s asking if “stick to TFT” has started being used as an insult yet.
Back then we would see club penguin and minecraft used for insulting others. I say TFT is a considerable upgrade in that regards.
: We all fight hard stuff in TFT
3☆ pyke with sojin, yummi, and arch Angel's. My enemy's hated playing against it as I was dashing every 1.5 seconds.
Scazie (EUW)
: Gold from boxes feels like a slap in the face
Getting 1 gold feels crappy. Getting 2 gold feels ok. Getting 3 gold feels pretty good. Getting 4 gold feels super. Getting 5 gold feels like a moment high. With how RNG treated me in the last patch, I'm actually more confused on what to do with all the items left lying around when RNG does favor me. I'm not used to having them at all.
Obsidion (NA)
: Is there any info about these TFT things?
You can use the "shop" on an external website or just hover your items over each other and see what they combine into and what they do. Knowing what champions do and which class/origins they belong to will come with time.
: so the automatized (BOT system) system didnt work for int feeders then?
Only the very simple cases of griefing and inting are punished by the automated system. Even then, the bot still got it wrong. > ###*Looking at you, "Strategic death Sion", whose purpose is to ult into the tower, attack it a few times, die and then attacking it a bunch more times while proccing demolish.*
: You guys are soft. This isn't toxic
The system doesn't punish based on severity alone. It punishes based on consistency x severity, meaning you can be punished for 1 game of extreme toxicity or many many games of mild toxicity. Negative attitude in the form of giving up. Accusing others of trolling/inting. General harassment towards others. Combined together while not extreme, will still be considered as mildly toxic. When you do this over many games, you will get punished.
E420 (EUW)
: Why not? I'll feel a lot better if I see a negative player getting banned.
Privacy policy that Riot has to adhere by.
: equip custom skins in teamfight tactics for the skins you own already for those champs
They have currently set ot so you can't use skins on purpose. It gives them a method to introduce different origins/classes for the same champion. E.g. Cutpurse TF is currently set as a Pirate/Sorcerer using Pick a Card . If they used Musketeer TF instead, then you probably would get a Noble/Ranger using his E and will be manaless.
: Cant play teamfight tactics
Click on the play tab at the top left of the client and you'll be able to make tft games. They are also doing maintenance on the social features, so no invite there.
Everyone gets placed in iron2 first. You'll get a large amount of LP in your placements after.
: Can we use the skins we purchased for TFT
They have currently set ot so you can't use skins on purpose. It gives them a method to introduce different origins/classes for the same champion. E.g. Cutpurse TF is currently set as a Pirate/Sorcerer using Pick a Card . If they used Musketeer TF instead, then you probably would get a Noble/Ranger using his E and will be manaless.
IWrath (NA)
: Ranked.. 1 game, 1 Win, I'm Iron?
You have 4 more games to climbs placement ranks. Relax.
: Yeah, okay... Seems legit... This is why chat restrictions need to be checked manually
Let's have you understand the behavioral system a bit more. Think of it like a health bar (or tension meter) in music games. When you hit the note at an off beat, your tension meter increases. When you completely miss a note, the meter increases by alot. When you hit the note at good timings, it reduces the meter. Riot's behavior system works the same way, as in we all have a toxicity meter attached to our accounts. When players are mildly toxic, it goes up a tad. When people use hate speech, it pretty much fills up the meter. of course, clean games reduce the meter. While I have no idea what you were punished for, unless people have the same behavioral history as yourself, it is unlikely they'll get punished in the same game as you.
: Is kda 0-21-4 flagged or considered as international feeding?
International feeding is a good thing. We need more of that. For intentional feeding, intent is the only thing that matters. Someone can be 0/1/0 and will be punished for intentional feeding if their intent can be proven without a doubt.
: Read again. >I am unable to report ... and see any form of response from the tribunal.
I blame his sentence structure. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: I am truly disturbed by the reporting system.
How are you unable to report others for hate speech in the post game screen? Were you punished with a ban (client forced to close) before you got to report them? Or some technical error came up and you couldn't reach the post game screen? If those are the cases, you can still report them through a support ticket. Just make sure you link the match history and the player names so they can properly review the game. But remember, due to their privacy policy, they won't let you know about what happens to other people's accounts.
Vecturn (NA)
: Any ideas on how and/or if they decide to add all 145+ champions into this thing?
They won't have all 140+ champs in TFT. They will have "sets" (which consists of 50 champs) of champions per rank split, after each split, they will switch out to different sets of champs. They can also have different skins of the same champ to represent different origins and classes. That's how they can have a Pirate/Sorcerer for Cutpurse TF. If they used Musketeer or Highnoon TF instead, then you probably would get a Noble/Ranger.
: What It´s Like to Support in LoL
If you are trying to make a point, just cut to the chase and give us a tldr on how this relates to player behavior. Not wasting time watching a video I don't know the contents, so do a better job at promoting it. If not, probably memes and games or gameplay would be a better boards for it.
C2K123 (NA)
: LeaverBuster a bit too aggressive?
: Why is it that 95% of Players Allow Themselves to be Trolled?
Just because you think it's trolling doesn't mean it's really trolling. If they prove to troll, then I'd rather report them after the game so they can be banned.
: being banned for something but the other 3 people weren't
Depends on everyone's behavioral history.
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: Is bait banning real?
People do bait for verbal punishments, but Riot does ban the baiters as well.
Maslicka (EUW)
: That's what I thought too. Apparently it does.
It doesn't stop you from muting people. If you don't have enough lines to type /mute , then use the speaker button for that said player in your scoreboard (default on TAB).
Maslicka (EUW)
: Getting punished for the first time ever
Good thing for you, in patch 9.14 there will be an option you can turn team chat off in your settings. That way you will never forget about instant muting people.
: Are there any plans to reform Riot's reporting/banning system?
> [{quoted}](name=in da clink,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tU48Ufug,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-13T13:38:02.128+0000) > > Riot obviously just bans people based on how many people report them. Woah buddy. Let's stop you right there. Reports only flag the system to review the game, the review will return a toxicity score (0 for no toxicity, 100 for extreme behavior). No matter how many reports a person recieves in that game, the returned toxicity score is the same. That score is then stored in you account, and when you pass a certain accumulated threshold, you get punished. More reports within the same game doesn't ensure punishment nor does it accelerate punishment. It's like asking people whether the lights are on in a room, no matter how many people you ask, the answer will be the same. So after this comes the real question, should I actually spend the time to read through the rest of your post? Or has your concerns already been answered?
pwnsrus (NA)
Did you know, all a report does is flag the system to review the game. If no toxicity was found, the report gets thrown out. If the system finds toxicity, then the system calculates how severe the toxicity is and adds it to your account. When you pass a certain threshold, you'll get punished. So while the clarity of the system sucks, the result of dishing out a punishment doesn't suck.
TimTim222 (EUNE)
: I Got banned for a stupid reason - Unban me
Stupid reason is still a valid reason. Valid punishments are not overturned.
dAsKiLzZ (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=FOR JUSTICE,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sgEAvZTG,comment-id=000200010002,timestamp=2019-07-12T18:15:06.277+0000) > > Absolutely nothing, > > i would piss people off thats for sure, but in itself is 100% not bannable. there is no actual rule in any way shape or form saying i cant take {{champion:25}} support cs and build full ap. Nothing huh? I wonder why they give the cs to the adc in LCS games. I wonder what team would lose if one team had the support taking all the CS? Its almost like gold allocation really matters in MOBAs
That's just part of the META; Most Effective Tactic Available How the game is thought to be played in the most effective manner has nothing to do with the punishment system. In fact, there are times where the supports taking all the gold is the most effective tactic available, especially when the bot laner sucks.
dAsKiLzZ (NA)
: How can we improve the system to stop inters/griefers?
First step to remove inters and griefers; properly identify them. I would say 80% of the people you identify as griefers / inters and trolls are not actually what you think they are. Which is why they go unpunished.
: Pretty much proof Pyke needs major nerfs.
Spread out your positioning next time. But Pyke's dash range and hit box is huge. So a nerf is good. Plus noble buff don't mean much when you are stunned and can't AA.
: Who do you think will be TFT's 52nd champ
dAsKiLzZ (NA)
: Is it bannable to play off meta strats or champs?
You are getting downvoted cos your arguement is long over due. You also don't have your facts rights. Go through all the Nubrac vs NB3 threads and see why Riot punished Nubrac.
: Unable to pick a champion at the beginning of the game
I get your same problem cos my internet sucks. Though nowadays, I just accept a game, and then alt tab and let the game autopilot for the first round. I can always work around my first buy later.
Kuponya (NA)
: What champions are good without comping into them?
Pyke, sej, cho, gnar, kennen, yasuo can generally fit into any comp
LeoiJw (NA)
: So literally fold (Quit) every single time you get a bad hand? Such a grand idea.
But are you really quitting? Or are you setting yourself up for a big bluff when people think you have something (only time you are PERCEIVED to bet) but actually have nothing? Sure you can win a few small hands and move onto the next table, but don't win poker tornaments by just winning small amounts in each individual round.
: 3rd-Party Program is basically account hack leads to permanent ban.
Yes, if they found unauthorized entry, they will unban you. Just wait for the ticket response.
: What If The Randomness Of The Item System Got Removed?
The META would be stale soooooo quickly.
LeoiJw (NA)
: Not sure how anyone can find this mode fun, it's RNG to an extreme
Lots of trump card games (poker, black jack, bridge and even uno for arguement's sake) are based on RNG. It's how you decide to work with the RNG that makes the game fun.
: I guess I'm cautiously optimistic. On one hand, this kinda backpedals on what they've previously (and also from a long time ago) shown from research: permanently removing players from chat just means they'll do other things. So what's made them change their minds on this? But, maybe that's a small minority of players, or if not, the smaller percentage that aren't going to take advantage of this regardless. Hopefully it provides benefit to players who can't hold back from typing, but still want to improve. And also, there's not going to be much of an excuse for continued punishments if players opt to not use this feature after prior punishments. That's kinda what we see from punishments posted here anyhow: that players are going above and beyond to make a negative game experience for other players. My guess is, it'll help first time punishments out, with decreasing utility the more frequent/severe the penalties are.
> [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=eea1MzOO,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-07-12T06:00:21.157+0000) > > I guess I'm cautiously optimistic. On one hand, this kinda backpedals on what they've previously (and also from a long time ago) shown from research: permanently removing players from chat just means they'll do other things. So what's made them change their minds on this? > I think there's a major difference in mindset between those that want to control themselves but can't (has enough control to use a self mute feature) and those that are forcefully muted (chat restrictions).
: So...it's a team mute? What's the difference between this and muting your team? or muteall
It's a persistent option, so people don't have to type /mute all every game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EjRIbd2A,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-11T18:57:49.989+0000) > > Before i forget, change all passwords associated with your LoL account password and change your email password, given its likely unknown hpw they got access to your account. Better safe than sorry. Yea, i already did all that in order to make sure they didn't do anything else. but if they knew anything else they would have been able to change my password or use my PayPal since it is slightly linked. I also did have the fact that they put me in a club known as "kys*/" Or something like that. Hopefully, that can link him to potential other hackers that take accounts.
Run a virus and malware scan as well to make sure there is nothing fishy on your computer.
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: When your jungler refuses to listen to reason
You can git gud and shut him down by a good freeze and then zone him off.
: Possible to be Banned for no Reason?
To answer your title only, its possible to be punished incorrectly, but your's isn't the case. Just because you perceive someone as inting (which they weren't), doesn't give you the right to harass them by accusing of them inting.
C9 Scott (NA)
: Gold Players > Platinum Players
Egos my friend, egos.
: Sick of bans due to retaliation and the extreme punishment provided
If you are sick of it, why not stop being toxic?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=h3KmPmQe,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2016-02-15T20:23:36.925+0000) > > i have a dubbed children's song for you, see if you can identify which song this is; > > you punch me∼ > i punch you∼ > lets all play league toxic-ly∼ > b-ut all I was doing was defending myself∼ > this reporting system will punish you both∼∼ I got it! Its the barney song! But you fucked it up man. It should be "i punch you, you punch me..." because then the lee sound rhymes with "me". Come on man, its like you only listen to mumble rap.
yo man, how the heck did you manage to find and necro this... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: This was probably discussed a million time but... this are my 2 cents
There is a difference between true new players and people playing on alts like yourself. Match making can detect that you are an experienced player and match you with players with the same experience. Alot of times, those players creating alt accounts are not creating because they want do a 1 trick account like yourself, but rather they got banned for toxicity and hasn't learnt a thing, thus they continue with their toxic ways after creating another account. Good thing is that the noobs won't be seeing much of that.
Camp2 (EUW)
: Good behavior rewarding
Fun fact, getting honors doesn't actually progress your honors much. Getting team honor bonus contributes more to it. Also, getting validly reported puts your honor progress to a screeching halt.
zafey (NA)
: i submit tickets but it doesn't even get reviewd
Submitting a ticket to report a player just puts the reported player into the queue to review. A ticket that has been reviewed doesn't mean that the game and player has been reviewed yet.
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