: Please dont remove current champions when Set 2 comes around
It'll make it impossible to get destroyed champs with mor than 60+ champs.
Silver Rulz (EUNE)
: Question about legends
Yes. As such, it increases the chances to find the legends you want, or it denies the chances of others getting that legend.
: I'm not working in the PB space anymore. I moved on to being a more general architect for League. But, happy to answer questions I know answers to:). That's one of the reasons you haven't seen me around here as much. I've been busy!
Does the ZT score get added to the ML score? If ZT score was found to be at 80 and 50 ML score at the end of the review, would the said person get punished? Assuming 100 was the score needed to punish someone?
: Champion droprate shuold be dynamic
Champ Drop rates already change based on player levels and number of same units in the game.
: I missed you all
26 minutes and i already missed my chance. Missed you too Tantram. How about a PB AMA?
: I do, which is why I skipped it, which pretty much everyone else did as well. But I find it sad that they would put in a bonus that no one would want to get because it's just overkill on the requirements. There's no reason to put in a 10 game bonus, and if you do why only make it worth 100 points?
for people who play TFT alot, that's a nice extra points without going out of the way to build obscure stuff.
: I am, because one of the bonuses is a little legends egg.
You know that you mathematically don't need that last bonus to get your little legends.
: Our discussions being hidden if legitimate
> [{quoted}](name=DonkeyDonk,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=LZIW6jiE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-15T06:14:18.722+0000) > > I can access it through my browser history, but it's not being displayed for people to view it. I WONDER WHY. Cos you are sorting your boards as either "hot" or "recent". That and you are probably on the boards home and not on the tft gameplay sub boards. Sort by "new" in the TFT subboards and you'll see your post.
: Ban reset?
It takes around 3 months of active playing to drop a punishment tier. Your accoutbgot 14-day ban, so you'll need 9 months of actively playing on the account to drop to a clean account.
InÐeed (NA)
: Jinx level 2 at round 3-3???
I've seen people get a 2☆ jinx at 3-1 on Scarra's stream. That dude got 4th place while scarra got 2nd.
: Round Ending As Soon as it Hits Overtime
It is indeed a bug they are aware of and are working on a fix.
: One thing you need to understand is that the IFS (the bot that banned you originally) doesn't work without a report from other players. It is not automatic like LeaveBuster. If you got banned, it is 100% because SOMEONE (or multiple someones) reported you. No report = no IFS = no review. I can pretty much say for certain that someone did reported you that game. Otherwise, the IFS would not be triggered. Perhaps there was some miscommunications with support because they should tell you more or less what I told you here. It's not exactly a secret that they need to hide..... Even if you were in a pre-made 5 and you are sure no one on your team reported you, remember that the enemies can also reported you. Perhaps not for the "kys", but maybe they salt reported you or for whatever reason and that report would triggered the IFS which would see that "kys" of yours. You may be able to control your team if you are pre-made 5 and be sure no one reported you, but always remember that there are also the other 5 enemy players that you have no control over that can still reported you for any reason or no reason at all.
Hes referring to how he believes that people didn't report in his previous games which contributed to the 10 game chat restriction.
A Goguma (NA)
: I am very stupid...someone please slap me.
Are you aware of champion drop chances at different levels? https://www.naguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/tft-champions-cheat-sheet-1.jpg Main thing to focus on that image is the number of possible specifc champs available for the game. The rates of the champ drops have changed throughout the patches and is now this; https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EGYWOObU0AAO57L?format=png&name=small
: No TFT in PBE?
They are about to switch in the new set of champs. Out with the current champs, classes and origins and in with the new ones.
Heroboy10 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=Hj6Fn9hy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-11T23:04:13.462+0000) > > You see he's got 40+ gold before krugs? > > Incoming hyper rolling for knights and you'll probably see a 3☆ Morde and Garen. Seriously, nobody wants 2-5 golds instead of one item. RIOT said they balanced this and every player get almost the same number of items from dropping.
Your items aren't going to mean much against that 3☆ Garen and Morde throughout stages 2,3,4 and 5. Riot said you'd get the same number of boxes, not items. If you don't understand the value of gold then you aren't playing good enough.
: I got banned for using a third party software, yet I never had one.
Riot recently updated their 3rd party policies for TFT. The blitz app had a bunch of stuff that is against the TFT 3rd party application authorization for fair gameplay.
: Can we at least get an update that the ban system has changed?
The reform card only shows you 1-5 recent games as examples of unacceptable behavior. If your behavior extends past the "recent" time frame, then you'll only be shown 1 game. If other games were of similar toxicity levels, then you would be shown only that one game as example of what is unacceptable. Just because the reform card only shows 1 game, doesn't mean you were punished for 1 game alone. The system punishes based on consistency x severity, it has been like that even before the tribunal and it still operates this way.
: LeBlanc Ultimate Idea
Why not create her clone at the current spot while distorting to the backline? If after 3 seconds, the clone dies and the things that were targetting her clone will now target the Real LB (counter play = focus and kill her clone fast) If the clone lives, the clone disappears and LB will become invisible (dropping aggro) for 0.25 seconds distort back to her original location. It's also possible she shows up in the next set of champs, it probably will be withing the coming month.
: TFT Champion Idea - Teemo - Yordle
Maybe in the upcoming 2nd set.
A Goguma (NA)
: What do you mean it's not as random as I may think? If it's random, it means I cannot predict what will happen...the game is literally random. It's not based on the level of randomness...if that's even a thing. To me, it's either the game is random...or it's not. If it's not random, and you can predict who you're going against...then please share in what order around the map do we plan our engagements? The "look at the board" is good only for checking what people are buying unit wise, but to stop at each players board and read his position, his item build, his synergy, and unit star counts...well that's about a big waste of time. Theres only so much time allowed for you to set your own pieces, build your own synergy, read the available units, think of what items go to which units, which items you need next, how much gold you need to level, how much gold you need for the next unit you need...etc etc....
Sure. It's random then. But to a certain extent, you can control and manipulate the randomness in your favor. The ability to control that randomness to have the outcome you desire is what makes a good TFF player. So if you want to claim full randomness in TFT and no control, then git gud.
: Riots Rock solid auto report system at work
How does yuumi steal camps ... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: tfw no honor level
You can submit a ticket to Riot and request them lock the account.
Heroboy10 (EUNE)
: Indeed 0 dropped items
You see he's got 40+ gold before krugs? Incoming hyper rolling for knights and you'll probably see a 3☆ Morde and Garen.
: They are higher, or at least his armor is. His armor is slightly higher than that of most marksmen, but his E can grant him up to 160 bonus armor.
Tft boards man. Not SR. But even in TFT, Graves armor is higher than other rangers and gunners.
: Honor Up, Behavior Down. (Updated again! 10/10/19)
You do know that it's possible to gain honors at the same time as gaining toxicity score? Also, key frags have nothing to do with your behavior. You get key frags regardless of your behavior if you are h1+, it all depends on the key frag cycle.
A Goguma (NA)
: You just named one situation, and that situation has many variables. You stated if he has a braum, which by per chance, the one champ out of how many...assuming he has other tanks...then you mention he scouts 2 other people whom he may or may not go against....who may or may not have a vi ww or pyke...3 champs out of a pool of how many? It's not as random as we think? It's pretty random.
OP is complaining about his braum shielding towards WW after a jump. Of course I answer about that situation. You should be checking other people's boards every other game and adjustong your positioning accordingly. Sometimes the positioning won't matter, sometimes it will be the deciding factor on whether you win that fight. Once you get the hang of it, youll realize it's not as random as you think.
PavLoo (NA)
: Riot are assholes: Facts and Evidence.
... aren't PBE skins 1 RP and you are given 65553 RP when the nee patch hits? The system for restricting PBE accounts based on the live account's standing was always manual. They don't have a person periodically going through live account's status to close down PBE account.
: Roaming is the key word you used. He didn't roam. He SAT mid taking vs as a support while his not laner suffered. AND he blaitanly stated he was trolling so idk how you can think he's not?
Who knows, trolling's definition is to intentionally lose games. Not playing a meta strategy is not trolling. Regardless of whether it is trolling or not, you won't be getting punished at getting angry for that 1 game (unless you used hate speech or encouraged self harm, in that case, shame on you). When you get punished for getting angry at "trolls", it oftenly shows that you have a bad definition of what trolling is and are accusing others of trolling when they don't play towards what you think is right. You can keep picking on that 1 game, I'll pick on your consistent behaviour.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Silent Gravity,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=fNshiTNi,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-10T04:46:01.624+0000) > > The guy who got banned for going to the wrong lane on purpose? He was unbanned... 😅
I don't think he got unbanned. His 14-day ban expired, that's not being unbanned.
: Ok, but if its obvious its obvious. Its not hard to tell if multiple people can tell and report on it. I can see one person reporting is most likely not a troll, but if most everyone reports for the same thing then its obvious. I didn't falsely accuse, 7/9 remaining people reported him so it was obvious. Especially when he went in chat to directly state he was going to troll. Tahm mid when rolled support to leave his bot to suffer and take mid experience and cs is pretty obvious troll.
Support roaming mid is not necessarily trolling, but it does raise a flag. Even if he was trolling, That's 1 game out of 100 or so. If you see trolls more than that, either you are low level and are in the pocket of toxicity or you are falsely identifying people as trolls. Meaning you are slowly digging your own grave towards being punished when you accuse those people of trolling.
A Goguma (NA)
: If you understand the logic behind the program, you know you can't play around with it. Because every instance is a random drawing of who you're fighting, what units, what position, what items, what level those units are, in relation to what units you have, what level they are, what items you have...and what position you put your people...you don't even know who you're going to fight next up until it happens...so please explain...how do you play around with it?
It's not as random as you think. You have like .. 80% chance to play with people + or - 2 spots within you. If you've previously played with someone, the chances of you playing with them is alot less. So just need to plan for 3 people. Using the instance of braum, OP can position braum at the 1st row and every other tank at 2nd row or position his range attacker to not be close to ww. He can scout the two other people and make sure they don't have a vi, ww, or pyke.
: Can we do something about bullying duo, trio, and quad queues
So what does the 3x or 4x queue have to do with anything in the body of your post?
Gøtcha (NA)
: Why am I receiving a 14 day suspension?
The enter key is your friend in this post. Use it.
Tele II (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8eYEyqez,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-10-10T01:00:54.899+0000) > > WE REQUIRE MORE MINERALS!!!! > > > https://pics.me.me/north-korea-south-korea-we-require-more-minerals-we-require-30066932.png Yeeee starcraft is my shit. Do you play sc2 co op at all? If so, whats your name on there? Weve probably played together lol. Im level 700 on co op, ive played it maybe a bit too much lol.
: doesn't pay attention to summoner names apparently
Only Rioters from the player behavior team are allowed to change the name / punish a player.
: I dont have a history of bad behavior this was a one time/ first time occurrence..
You submit a ticket and ask them how often you were validly reported in your recent games. You can even ask them for chatlogs of the other games not in the reform card.
Tele II (NA)
: Anytime I see/hear the word mana, that old diablo "Not enough mana" voice goes through my head.
WE REQUIRE MORE MINERALS!!!! https://pics.me.me/north-korea-south-korea-we-require-more-minerals-we-require-30066932.png
: Serious question. Can you get banned for inting a bot game?
It's probably faster for you to win the game than to int and try to lose.
: why do i lose lp if i get fourth place? wtf
Stop playing with your friends and screwing up your MMR.
: This happens when the relative MMR of the other players in the match is low (when compared with yours) and is more likely to happen at higher tiers when the pools available to make a good match is limited. I have seen this happen for even higher placings to master/challenger level players when streaming. The same applies, but in terms of getting more LP, when you are leveling up initially, which is how you can get huge LP for a win early (say you are in Bronze 2 and playing Gold/Plat but still come first). (Note: I have no inside knowledge here, just observations and historic knowledge of how MMR and matchmaking works)
Wait, a new ritoer. What do you do at rito corp?
: Why the AI in this mode is so stupid baffles me. "Durr me Braum, me shield at WW not hitting me!"
If you understand the logic behind the program, you can play around it. Position better.
Aden9 (NA)
: Reporting Abuse and Run
Only way to report it is screen shot and submit a ticket. I have seen people get punished for it, but as AeroWaffle said, it is unlikely someone will get punished for it unless it was pretty bad.
: I am a Taiwanese. Age thirty.
There is no upper age restriction in LoL esports. TFT certainly won't have that either.
ez adc (NA)
: ***
You realize that what needs to be fixed is your mindset of what is a troll? Just because someone dies repeatatively to the same mistake doesn't make them a troll. It makes them bad at the game and unable to identify why it was a mistake in the first place, thus they are unable to correct the mistake.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VFqfwj3b,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-08T16:18:40.953+0000) > > They've stated their case already, you didn't like their answer, but there's no other answer for you. > > Basic logic that you aren't understanding. from the looks of it the support didnt list the reported phrases and just said they were toxic. its not a valid answer to his question
I tend not to trust toxic people making claims. It's typically highly exaggerated in attempts to make them look better.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=VFqfwj3b,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-08T16:18:40.953+0000) > > They've stated their case already, you didn't like their answer, but there's no other answer for you. > > Basic logic that you aren't understanding. Okey, so what was their case? <- Ofc I didnt like their answer because they didnt answer the question I posted, they answered something totally different. Why is there no other answer for me? What basic logic? Lets see if you are better at answering then riot games.
Then post your questions and the logs.
: Riot vs understanding
They've stated their case already, you didn't like their answer, but there's no other answer for you. Basic logic that you aren't understanding. Of course, if you want the community to review your logs, then post it.
: Then how come I got banned after one ding?
Keep in mind this reply is based on the fact that we can't see that image you posted. Assuming you didn't use any Zero Tolerance phrases, the reform card only shows you 1-5 recent games as examples of unacceptable behavior, doesn't mean you were punished for 1 game alone. You can submit a ticket to Riot Support and ask how many games were considered in your punishment, and they'll be able to tell you how many times you were recently reported.
: It wasn't reviewed by anyone it was just a bot that auto banned me. No one looked at it you have to open your own ticket in order to get it reviewed. Which means I have to log into the browser open a ticket and send screen shots. Which should be done by the people who get paid to do this. no?
AI nowadays are pretty smart. They are able to understand the full context of conversations and whether the text was used in a insulting / harassment manner within microseconds. Don't believe me? Go check out those ads for Grammarly.
: Yes "pure text in less than a second" that means that it has a set amount of words in its programming to ban if seen...
Reviewing a chat is not the same as scanning a chat. While there is a part of the system that does scan for specific prohibited words, another part of the system is able to read the tone of your chat. If you used chat in an insulting / harassment manner, the system will ding you. Get dinged often enough, you'll get punished.
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