: Morde counters are very limited.
Have you tried dodging his extremely long cooldowns or playing a champ with any sort of mobility or CC to take advantage of his no mobility and reliance to have you in auto attack range for a prolonged period of time?
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: Based on your contentless comment it is really not believable. "Gonna continue stomping ranged toplaners and being the biggest determining factor in all my games with my immobile juggernaut mordekaiser because I actually know this game" Too bad you just got shit on in your last game with Morde against a Ryze. But hey, come to a topic that says Ryze will be problematic with new conq and say that "i'm gonna stomping ranged champions as always because I am Faker".... Jesus, what a clown.
Unlike you apparently do, I don't expect 100% certainty in a competitive environment. My last game might've gone south but with a 61% winrate of over 120 games, I'm pretty satisfied with that and I remember plenty of games against ranged champs that I have won
8Belthazor8 (EUNE)
: I see a dark future for melee toplaners
I'm looking forward to the new conquerer. Gonna continue stomping ranged toplaners and being the biggest determining factor in all my games with my immobile juggernaut mordekaiser because I actually know this game
datfatguy (OCE)
: How do you actually lane against Illaoi
Dodge her DELAYED q and e which is the main source of her damage
Trohe (NA)
: Rename the game to FFat15
Comebacks happen pretty frequently. You sound biased and wrong and someone else already proved that you never actually ff@15 so what are you talking out of?
: Solo queue is not a team game.
I have fun the game and find it very competitive and knowing that it might be making people like you salty whenever I play just makes it better.
Beolius (EUW)
: Imagine if u skipped all premade games perhaps lol experience would improve.
That's a really bold opinion to have about a completely hypothetical and improvable scenario you have
: Is Pyke too strong a champion?
Anyone can make any champion look good if they play well enough and get fed enough
: Yes. She's sleeper OP because if an item comes out that gives her a decent boost to dueling... say... SANGUINE BLADE possibly, then her overly strong dueling might be even more easily converted into the ability to split push, but not in a healthy way that actually involves skill. I've stated multiple times now that I firmly believe she needed the buff to her split pushing identity, or basically that I firmly agreed with the buff to her turret damage. She absolutely needed that. But extra damage in her dueling was not the way to go to keep the champion healthy.
Spirit of shojin was that perfect item you were talking about for her and it didn't increase her winrate to broken levels. after the buffs to her damage she's still hovering close to 50% so regardless of how you feel, they were pretty healthy choices
: This doesn't paint the whole picture. She has a very low play-rate because the wrong things were initially buffed. She desperately needed more ability to split-push and extra damage against turrets: Fiora needed her identity to actually work in practice. But the buff to her damage was badly implemented and merely makes her complete cancer to play against in lane as nearly any other top laner. Also because she has been in a bad spot for such a long time there was little interest to play her except right after the buffs. She's currently sleeper-OP and you shouldn't have to wait for the symptom of that to come out in the win-rate metrics before addressing the cancer. In my opinion she was already in a good spot when dueling, but needed lower mana costs rather than more damage; this would have made her fightable, but also allowed her to continue split-pushing without being out of mana at crucial split-pushing phases.
So a champion who struggled to maintain a winrate of 50% across all elos and dipped as far as 47% in the last year, who only recently got a moderate spike in both popularity and winrate because of her recent buffs and now has a modest 50.8-51.2% winrate with a respectable 10% playrate is sleeper op to you?
: > [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9g99t9On,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-15T13:12:59.804+0000) > > Xayah is ranked at 11th and kaisa is 17 in your elo. Out of 18 champs. Popular =/= good She got nerfed. She is also hard to play which makes even more chaos in low elos cuz players copy pros and yeah I said "buff weak champs instead of nerfing strong" which a lot of other players advocate but who listens, how about another non-adc meta huh.
Maybe there's a language barrier but I can't even tell what you want. You seem misinformed
: Matchmaking and ranked
Bad ideas and bad opinions
: Riot pls make more adcs viable
Xayah is ranked at 11th and kaisa is 17 in your elo. Out of 18 champs. Popular =/= good
: Fiora is overtuned on Healing, and Damage to Champions
Judging by her win and playrates across all elos she's pretty balanced
: Nerf Master Yi
just cc him tho
Beolius (EUW)
: And whats ur point? Would it be better to just not have premades in single games? Just to avoid this lottery? Why are we gambling on premades so much and cater to them? I can see that you missed everything i just said. All in all is the singles that are suffering and we can easily turn this situation around. Instead we have ignorants like you that just talk about nothing.
if you don't want to deal with the possibility of unreliable teammates, try flex queue. Otherwise, realize that everyone has an equal chance to get good teammates or bad teammates whether they're duo or not.
Beolius (EUW)
: League of broken matchups.
for every story about premades boosting each other, there's another story about how someone's duo botlane fed and lost the game by themselves so...
86400 (NA)
: Blitz hook should be his ult and have a 3 min cd.
Sounds like someone just lost to blitz.
: you mean anything can happen in PBE where there IS NO ELO?
Ah right, PBE. Either way, no elo is probably more random than low elo
: Yuumi Top Round 2.
anything can happen in elo that low.
Kendren1 (NA)
: Now that gold is a participation award
Gold 4 is the top 50% I'm pretty sure it's always been about there.
: In a well made, ideal match they would all be contributing about equally. Totally unlike what we have today.
: Better stacking for stacking champions and runes
: Statistically speaking, Your impact in a game with 9 other people is just 10%
Do you actually believe that everyone in every game performs and contributes the exact same amount of value as every other player in every single game?
: > [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AU1UrUg0,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-31T00:59:18.481+0000) > > Kled, Zac, maokai, mordekaiser and volibear all have better than average winrates just to name a few Juggernaut, tank, tank, juggernaut, juggernaut congrats 2/5!
Pretty late to the discussion. Juggernauts are tanks but I respect your blind commitment to an inconsistent naming convention
Neriticc (EUW)
: To all junglers: Abuse Kayn and Vi for freelo.
Wouldn't it be better to to abuse junglers that actually have the highest or close to the highest winrates instead of kayn who is currently ranked 19 and struggles to maintain 50% winrate in each elo?
Tusutaki (NA)
: NuMord
I think numorde is a much better iteration in almost every shape and form. The only thing that's a bummer is him losing his phantoms which was such a unique gimmick
: I agree with you about not giving her more nerfs, but I am a Yuumi main and I think she is the best thing that ever happened to support. Btw if Yuumi is the second worst who is the first?
Sylas is worse in only iron elo but every other elo yuumi is dead last.
: Seriously?
Im pleased with the ranked system because it's noticeably more consistent than normals but I'm reasonable enough to understand that it isn't guaranteed to always get good teammates when I'm playing with 4 randoms
: About Yuumi
Yuumi is the second worst champion in the entire game and you want to give her some major nerfs?
: The analogy to a card game where good, doesnt work here because in a card game the variables are different. Im not talking about "bad" teammates, im talking about people trying to horrendously break the meta or troll. Much like folding in poker, since you brought up card games. Once you choose to fold you're out for the hand, and you dont win or lose any more money (aside from what you already put in). Now card games are a game of chance and using skillful tactics to bluff/outplay your opponent. Theres no bluffing in league, if i have a soraka top i cant bluff that shes a support when shes standing in top. There are no advantages that come with having trolls, or off meta picks (logically speaking). The player playing the off meta champion can still do well through his skill, but theres a meta for a reason.
A bad teammate is a bad teammate whether they're intentionally trollling or genuinely feeding. The equivalent of bluffing in league is being good or smart enough to carry regardless of underperforming teammates.
Yenn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cfW5AJPe,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-05T08:02:04.826+0000) > > Is he a juggernaut? I never saw him as tanky. I never saw him as a big duelist either. I feel like most of his power comes from splitpushing and roaming since bear stance is a nearly permanent Ms boost, tiger is perfect for melting objectives and Phoenix is good for pushing waves. Witha kit like that you don't really need to depend on early game advantages like other assassins Split pushing requires you to be able to duel well. Udyr can't duel real split pushers and he doesn't take turrets particularly fast. If Udyr isn't ahead, basically anything other than the support can match his split pushing. The strength of split pushers is that you need more than one person to stop them, letting your team win a 4v3. This is more of a high elo problem. Udyr is strong against unskilled/unknowledgeable players who don't have good macro. In a high elo game, if you split push, the enemy team will either hard engage, win the 4v5, and end the game, or if they have a split pusher, they'll just match you and push you back. For example, if both Fiora and Udyr are split pushing, Udyr has to retreat from Fiora. Fiora can push to Udyr's turret and Udyr can't stop her, because he loses the duel. If Fiora manages to get on top of Udyr, she has enough mobility to stop him from disengaging and will likely kill him.
Udyr's dueling potential isn't that bad either, and I think you're underselling him when it comes to his split pushing speed. He builds almost all AD with Triforce with a kit that allows him to proc sheen constantly and unlike most other split pushers he can maintain a 110% AS boost for as long as he wants. He splitpushes as fast as trundle or an ulting nasus, his escape is tricky and hard to catch considering his near permanent MS boost is also a stun if they get too close.
: True let me rephrase that, what you said sounded like it all averages out in the end over 10 or so games. Now aside from that its not forfeiting for dodging in champ select. Nobody chooses their teammates so why do we get punished for them. If someone wants to play jinx support and the adc then decides hes gonna play mundo adc top decides hes gonna play janna and jungle decides soraka. I cant change their picks, so both ways im most likely going to take an LP loss, but why is that when i didnt pick my teammates. Why punish me for the system?
Can you imagine if people were allowed to just leave the table after drawing a bad opening hand in literally any type of card game? That chance is part of the game itself. If you can't stand the possibility of getting bad teammates, which is an innate and unavoidable risk of playing with randoms, then find 4 buddies to play flex with.
: Why Is There No Pause Option?
: Giant Mega Super Rant About League And Why It Is Anti-Skill
It's not often that a subjective opinion is objectively wrong
Yenn (NA)
: Can we get some improvements to make Udyr competitive with other juggernauts?
Is he a juggernaut? I never saw him as tanky. I never saw him as a big duelist either. I feel like most of his power comes from splitpushing and roaming since bear stance is a nearly permanent Ms boost, tiger is perfect for melting objectives and Phoenix is good for pushing waves. Witha kit like that you don't really need to depend on early game advantages like other assassins
: .................................................................Suggested top laner anyone?
{{champion:82}} Has decent early game, great late game, is unexpectedly versatile with his ult, is easy to pick up and very effective. {{champion:114}} Requires a little bit of commitment to fully learn, but will always be able to reliably carry any game with her mobility and %true damage. {{champion:17}} 45% CDR teemo with proper shroom placement around objectives is fun and effective if that's your playstyle.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: For a start, how about making a title without the .... spam? {{champion:266}} {{item:3812}} can heal 10 to 100 super quick. Not sure if he needs ulti for that though but that's a start.
Aatrox is consistently one of the weakest top laners in every elo.
: Because you make it sound like every game is equal at the start and is played on a fair field, when in reality majority of the game is decided in that first phase. You find out if you have a tilted teammate, if you have a troll, if you have teammates who counter pick themselves, if you have a bad comp, if theres bad team matchups. These require knowledge of the game to know and having that knowledge should be a reward not a loss of LP.
What I said sounded like I was implying that every game is equal and played on a fair field? > [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3Fx8R1Pf,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-03T21:56:05.786+0000) > > sometimes you just get a bad deal. > [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3Fx8R1Pf,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-03T21:56:05.786+0000) > > Either do everything you can to try and **_salvage _**a win by playing through the game, or take the loss and be greatful that it's reduced LP by forfeiting before the game starts.
: Ashe idea
I don't think ashe needs any sort of buffs right now, but now that you mention it, I find it surprising that the only "marksman" that can actually keep rapid firing without stopping is Urgot.
King6958 (EUW)
: Finding One Trick
{{champion:114}} is exactly what you're looking for. Very mobile. %true damage so you can take her even in an AD heavy team. Burst potential. Unfortunately she jumped in popularity due to her recent buffs, but it might go back down.
: Urgot
I actually never got why he isn't more popular. Seems like fun to play but he's not all that strong and has some weaknesses that are very easy to take advantage of
: looking for a top lane secondary
Out of those I'd go with Darius for how easy he is to pick up and how effective he is. I'd also suggest Mordekaiser for being as easy to pick up and as effective as Darius. Fiora if you want a little bit more investment for fun and quick outplays. Riven if you're looking for Aatrox-lite
: Overloading in kits has gotten excessive.
Fun fact - "the community" is wrong and most champs that have overloaded kits are some of the absolute worst in the game right now, up to diamond elo. Akali being one of them, but also champs like sylas, azir, leblanc, qiyana, yasuo, irelia etc. They're all in the bottom 45 of the 150~ character roster with less than 47 or 48% winrate. Meanwhile the top 20 right now are dominated by very simple or straight forward champs like jinx, ashe talon and malzahar.
: Do you think this game has been dumbed down?
The game has been homogenized but not simplified
Kai Guy (NA)
: Tanks are out of meta you say? Damage only way to win?
Yea tanks are good if you know how to play them
: So what you're saying is champions who are strong against certain champions dont exist? Counter picks dont exist?
Lmao how did you even get that from my post
: question about yuumi:
She's definitely "win more". She'll help your carry who's already ahead snowball harder than anything but she doesn't have too much potential to turn games around compared to other supports. That said, I think building yuumi full AP with just your support item is the best way to build her
Arnakk (NA)
: What W Warwick does
It's passive will mark people under 50% HP and give you more movespeed and attack speed toward them. Also works on jungle monsters and minions. If you activate it, it gives you this passive to the closest enemy champ even if they're at full health And if you're low on health you gain lifesteal
: Should the FF vote be lowered to 10 minutes?
In norms sure why not. In ranked, where you should be trying to win though, games can't actually be 100% predicted in the first 10-15 minutes and I've seen plenty of comebacks, no matter how badly and how quickly you personally want to quit
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