: Aatrox dropped to 42.75% Winrate this patch
He was way to easy to be good with and get free wins with (really suffocated out all other champs that filled a similar role). They have been tweaking his skills so they are balanceable. People who were playing Aatrox weren't used to having areas in his kit that allowed counterplay. It will take a bit of relearning but I'm sure that percentage will go up over time. Maybe small buff to some number(s) in a patch or two but wouldn't think he's in the same boat with Kalista and the like.
: I want an answer for this patch.
As we are in Worlds the patches are way more focused on E sports right now. that will change when worlds is over. It's like this every year for a month or so the patches seem a little wonky and hurt regular play cause they want the best Worlds experience possible.
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: Banned for 3rd party use by a hacker
yea go to Riot Support had a hacker get my account banned also. Riot support was super helpful and got my account back quickly. Don't worry about the whole "no 2nd chance" thing it said that to me also. Honestly, Riot support was really easy and helpful to work with don't stress too much. It will take a like a day or two to get your account back. They will ask for some information to prove you are who you say you are.
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: Is it me lagging, or is Yuumi Q bugged?
yea its definitely bugged but with the new mechanic it will probably take them a while to get it ironed out perfectly
: Other sports do not withhold the outcome of the game why would you expect Esports to do it differently. It's a sport not a movie
The difference is Esports are all over the place with time zones and people in NA shouldn't be expected to wake up at 3 am to watch. I don't think Riot is required to not reveal the winner before people have a chance to watch it. It's more just a polite thing, I agree with the op but don't think it's worth getting mad about. They also could have put like a spoiler over the image that people could have clicked on to see the article behind it.
: Battle Academia skin animations are too harsh on the eyes?
I really like the particle animations. I think they are the best part of the skins.
: Yuumi's winrate makes sense and does not mean she is bad.
Win rate is a decent watermark for how well a champion is doing (does it need buffs, nerfs, adjustments, etc.). And her win rate climbed because of the hotfixes, which were massive increase to her stats, and it only climbed from 27-29%. Winrates should be taken with a grain of salt especially when the champion first releases but the fact it's sitting at 35% even when all the non-supports have stopped queuing support to play the new champion is disconcerting. I don't think everyone who says she's bad would disagree that she brings things to the game. The problem is any other support in the game would always do what she does better. You also take a much greater risk playing yuumi (could u imagine playing soraka and if the person you were healing died you were teleported to their location). Also remember those bonus stats you give are to make up for the fact that you don't have ur own auto attacks in a team fight like all other supports so the bonus damage from her w is a little deceptive it's big but not the same as the damage given by janna's shield. Yuumi is at best a "win more" champion. If a character is popping off she can help that person carry harder but will never carry a bad carry to victory. This is different from the other supports who can make a mediocre carry look great if ur good enough support.
: Yuumi's like if Abathur died
I completely agree. I played HoTS only to play abathur and was excited when they were going to release that style of character in this game (especially as a support main). I am really sad to see how bad they did at the champion design. They can hotfix yuumi as much as they want she's going to be bad, to fix her they have to redesign her kit.
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