Yenn (NA)
: My lane is 3-0-0 at level 6. I'm being 100 to 0'd in a single combo. I can't play the game.
Pretty sure you're talking about the norm I'm looking at, and this is alot of a norms problem. I can't remember the last time I played a norm that wasnt just over by 9 minutes one way or the other. But you could have done something if you really wanted to come back. You continued your lethality rush instead of building a hex after she got fed. If you wanna give yourself a chance to farm until the opponent slips up and gives you a chance back in the game, you buy resistances.
: people call katarina a "low elo stomper"
Ya... good katarinas can tear a team apart. But what do you care about the winrates of kat mains in masters+? Has shit to do with you. She is balanced for low elos.
Syvwulf (NA)
: Very new player, I really like playing Malzahar, and I would love some tips
I would go to youtube and watch people who are very good play malzahar for ideas on what to be doing. As a rule of thumb asking for advice from these forums on how to improve is at best useless, at worse you'll get wrong advice. Plus there's way to much to learn for someone to write a guide in the comments.
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