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No way forest does better than trick2g
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: As you may have seen in pro plays, Zac get punished for every little mistake, missed, dodged or blocked E mid-air!! Aftershock feels so weak for him, once E lands, the enemy is pretty much CC'd for the whole Aftershock duration. His farming speed is very bad and is in disadvantage when maxing W second, I suggest adding 150% damage to minions/monsters to his W. {{champion:154}}
Hit his E, its a skillshot. He needs to have weaknesses or else he will be broken. Hes already picked in pro play.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 13
Thoughts on Ekko? He could use a little love considering all these meta midlaners have great matchups into him such as galio liss and leblanc.
So you want ekko to have no weaknesses? You literally are complaining about what he doesn't do better than other assassins, when he is the most unique assassin in the game. Passive: His passive is not hard to land, im beginning to doubt you play this champ(well). Your Q slow helps with that, and your animation cancel helps with that. If you E->Q during your E you cancel the Q animation and you dash to them with E, only having to auto attack once to proc. Opponents will obviously wanna trade back and if they don't give you the hit, you just run them down because of the slow and proc it and run back. Ekko is not good at sustained duels and he is not to be played as such. His identity is a "smart" assassin and you can't mindlessly use him to oneshot somebody. Q:You are looking at his Q the wrong way. His Q is for three things: waveclear, passive stacking, and peel. If you can't manage mana, ekko is not for you. You aren't forced to spam Qs to keep up with wave clear, ekko is bound to lose some cs in ranged matchups moreso than some ranged matchups. And while you are wrong about his full combo doing 60-75% damage, you know what else benefits from that combo? His W. If your combo doesn't kill them, your W passive damage will, and if that doesn't kill, proto belt will. W:You are describing everything that can go wrong with his W. If you let your team set up your W for you (provided you are their only initiation), you are not good at Ekko. And if you can't land your W's thats a you problem and not an Ekko problem. E:I don't understand whats wrong with his E range. Its not hard to stick to someone and you can always use W for the shield. His cooldowns get low enough normally that you don't need any kill reset(protobelt, zhonya, you can also take transendence because celerity is bad), and your passive movement speed helps you get around. R- Take ZHONYA! CLEANSE! Dodge the CC! You have to understand that its not hard to shut him down and teams won't let you get away for free.
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