: Firmly believe that the Q atkspd steroid brings a lot more satisfaction towards the Kindred player than Wolf attacks scaling with atkspd. Would rather nerf the abilities that have less gameplay involved.
you're not wrong. The extra attackspeed makes them feel much better when stuck with no marks. I'd argue the heal should have been what should go though, kindred was fine before they gave it back. Kindred ult though is the defining aspect of the kit and probably has the most gameplay involved, "separating good kindreds from the great" and all that. Longer CD on ult in early/mid can also exacerbate her failure states. Especially in the current solo queue meta with damage everywhere and divers/skirmishers. Meanwhile the heal as a mechanic almost plays out in a win-more fashion, which lets you proc it several times in a winning fight to heal back up, but does basically nothing if you just get booty blasted. I certainly wouldn't miss it.
: Negativity towards the State of the Game goes far beyond the boards.
Yeah normally I'm the guy here defending riot and shrugging off the boards as eternal complainers. not so much these days though! I haven't quite quit yet but basically every game I play and try to enjoy I feel is ruined by the damage creep that's just dripping over every game.
RH Venom (NA)
: Uninstalling this game for the first time in 5 years (no joke) Peak rank: (Diamond 2 100 LP)
I can feel you. I peaked at the exact same rank and lp as you and I just can't enjoy the game anymore. I feel like I have zero agency as an individual player unless I'm playing a burst champion and teamwork is all that matters, and once one team has the lead you just get steamrolled from the damage creep. It's hard for me to even really assess it piece by piece because it's so severe of a trainwreck it's hard to make heads or tails of it. End result is just when I queue up to play this game I don't have fun unless I'm in a premade actively communicating and trying to take the game at least semi seriously.
: Riot needs to look at Fizz and Zed mostly I think. Those two champions are out of control at the moment.
But There's little need to play most assassins right now when you can burst people 100-0 just as easily with a lot of bruisers
Slogg (NA)
: This Game is in Such a Sorry State Right Now
Yeah I've been around for quite awhile and I'm not exaggerating when I say this game state is the worst it's ever been. They need to address bruisers and fast, they're currently so oppressive playing anything else is punishment, and even playing them just feels dry
: I agree with everything except buffing Tanks. Tanks are still one of the most op classes atm and buffing them would make it even more so that only ADCs are allowed to deal damage to them. The current problem for Crit ADCs is that they're only good lategame when there usually is no lategame anymore. The best way to address that is buffing tower health.
Bruh have you looked at tank winrates? Bruisers completely invalidate them and control the meta. Conquerer basically makes them not able to do their job when dealing with a bruiser.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 23
Can you make kindred marks spawn at 2 mins along with scuttle? It's really dumb that scuttles don't get marked until 20 seconds after they've spawned. because of this really determined enemy jgs can completely shut our marks down early if they want.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fantomumenasu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=krtfzvU5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-17T10:34:25.550+0000) > > nice buff for {{champion:104}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:19}}
warwick isn't so strong level 2, and losing AS on machete sucks for him. he got nerfed overall by the patch.
: New jungle screws over any jungler that can't duel at level 2
But Warwick level 2 is mediocre. Xin, Graves, and Trundle are the real monsters
: [Kindred] Make epic monsters ALWAYS give a passive stack
It was always a major gripe of mine, Because at a certain point in the game, it's actually way less risky to go for drag than it is to have to try for enemy wolves. Needing a bunch of marks and good rng to get a stack for drag is lame. Good suggestion, hope rito implements it.
: RIP Garens critical strike itemization.
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
Is there gonna be an iteration on {{champion:203}} ? Between the jg changes and all this I'm sure they'll be affected pretty greatly in ways that appear to be nerfs.
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Kindred is gonna be a really toxic gameplay experience for everyone involved with that mark spawning at 140
: rip kindred yet again
It's not that bad since level 2 kindred is one of the stronger duelists. I'm just not looking forward to evemy lanes rotating at 140 to cuck me.
: I know where the squishy marksman will show up while they are still in their drastically weaker early state. Yea a buff to the lamb.....
: You're delusional. This is like revisionist history at it's finest with a massive dose of willful ignorance.
: How about bringing back junglers to...well, Jungle?
: Let me fix that for you "I'm surprised by the amount of negative discussion around mana changes but altogether unmoved, if we cared about your play experience we would have asked for it before making them". - Some overpaid rioter.
Hibeki (NA)
: Its official boys, the Reddit has admitted to fascism and censorship
reddit just doesn't want to be inundated with mindless QQ posts like the boards are. There's plenty of criticism of riot and there's multiple threads tearing them apart for basically not nerfing janna.
: Can I Get Some Context for the Poppy Nerfs on the PBE?
making them targetable on snapcast ult is a huge buff. you can now easily combo ult into E and your allies can actually chain CC with it so poppy is now way easier to gank for.
: You ignored bot lane feeding and making us stay behind from winning. >It's easy to bitch about losing with good KDA when all you play is fucking jayce. Just because I one trick means I cant complain about losing? You brought nothing to this conversation, why bother commenting?
It's because of the champion you one trick. when he's not broken jayce causes potential problems for his team comp no matter what role he goes. He's not really an ideal everygame pick because half the time you'll end up with a screwy team comp. Your bot lane did die a lot, maybe the enemy KZ was just really good? maybe your bot lane was kept down by the fact that they had to deal with trynd jungle and Jayce mid and renekton top so had no CC/utility on the team to speak of and no magic damage to keep every single member of the enemy team from just building armor and laughing at them? I don't really know what you're complaining about in this post, If the roles were reversed and you'd won you'd probably just pat yourself on the back for carrying while maybe KZ comes to the boards to make a salty post.
: Welcome To League of Legends Season 8!
lol in the first game you had an all AD team vs malphite galio. And you're surprised you lost late game? It's easy to bitch about losing with good KDA when all you play is fucking jayce.
GigglesO (NA)
: Lets not forget that we can't do anything to survive lane phase either. No flat armor.
Eh, mages got their scaling hp yellows in their base stats
: Indeed, I got full combo'd and didn't have any MR. We were both level 12 and I was extremely squishy. I knew if I got caught (which I was in a really stupid way x3) that I'd die, it's just mind boggling how she was able to kill me in the time span of .17 seconds while she was 1/6. She did have boots and the {{item:3916}} at the time, but she didn't have void staff (not that it was needed). I'm not complaining about it, it's just really surprising that a 1/6 elise can kill something that fast : ).
there's no scaling MR anymore, so if you didn't build any and elise has some pen then you're taking true damage.
kargish (EUW)
: Kha'zix is currently everything assassins have been reworked away from
I really don't think this champion is problematic for me. For almost a full season now I click on his face during ban phase and ever since then he's had no impact in any of my games.
: And you are isolated from your team, walking around in the jungle as the level 9 0/4 adc.
Or just the opposing jungler where facechcecking is part of life
: Good. Assassins should actually be good at ASSASSINATING. Nerfing champs like Kha will make an already overbearing bot lane even more so, but go ahead upvote this....
Or maybe it will allow junglers to be safer to pick scaling champs without having to worry about khazix showing up to take a dump on their chest.
: Old Dev team - created varus draven : lack of mobility, clear weaknesses, constant skillful usage of abilities. Old phantom dancer was strong but didnt have absurd passives like current zeal items. New Dev team - created xayah kai sa cancer : hyper mobile, braindead right click, press 1 button (that you dont even have to aim or target) to 50-0 someone. Add rageblade to varus. Add shiv to draven. Shields invulns stealths low cd ROOTs. Old Dev team nerfs: "holy shit draven is insanely overperforming, scrap his bleed completely and replace it with something not damage oriented" New Dev team - Kaisa Q .05 ad ratio less will fix it LOOOOOOOL , Xayah - 25% less dmg to minions on one ability will fix it. Old dev team - caitlyn has an oppressive lane phase and also scales incredibly well into late with high range and mobility, so her weakness should be mid game and overall low dps. New Dev team - lets make every caitlyn ability do extremely high amounts of damage , higher ad ratios than assassins on her passive , Q, W, E, AND R!!! (objective fact, she has higher ad ratios on all her abilities than assassins) Old dev team - Support's lack of gold is what balance's bot lane power levels compared to other lanes. Support role focused on playmaking , engaging , setting up fights (madlife aphromoo season 3/4) New dev team - insanely overpowered items like ardent censor , redemption, locket, etc etc to transform support into a stat check shielding enchanter role will make it more popular!!!!! oh they will also get close to as much gold as solo laners cause more popular!!!! Freelo is popular. old dev team- balanced AD assassins by limiting the level of total flat armor pen available. It was only available on one item which was brutalizer which built into ghostblade. That was it. Attack speed on ghostblade was alot healthier and smoother form of damage than duskblade. brutalizer + old LW were WAY healthier for AD assassins because they did less damage to squishies in the mid game but did more damage to raw tanks and didnt fall off as hard as lethality does. new dev team- lets add the most failed and cancerous stat called lethality which required multiple reworks and has the most unhealthy powercurve in the entire game. Early mid game it completely destroys everybody!! late game it sucks!!! Buy armor and its useless!! Totally better than Old ghostblade + old lw + brutalizer right?. Then lets balance the lethality champs (that we ourselves broke) BY ADDING NEATO DELAYS in the assassin rework. Lets make zed RNG , some games he will reap 90 AD and become a god , some games he wont have any reap target and will only get 20-30 ad #GOOD mechanic. And most importantly of all: old dev team - something is blatantly overperforming ? Address it ASAP. Remember "scarizarding" champions? Morello was not afraid to slam the nerf hammer. new dev team - oh lets just let it be overpowered for ABOUT 5-6 months before we decide to nerf it. 5 damage off of Janna. .05 ratio off of kaisa. couple attack speed off of ardent censor.
You're actually out of your mind if you think the ghostblade for everyone days were good. There was straight up no ad caster itemization other than that one item. AD assassins were garbage and most ad bruisers stopped existing at 20 minutes if they didn't synergize with going full tank. I get the Impression most people in this thread didn't play enough 6 years ago to understand the immense problems the game had that were just masked because everyone was bad at the game.
: Karma is currently so excruciatingly far from her old self, that Old Karma might as well be a new champion. As someone who enjoyed the first karma and enjoys the current one, the major issue I have with this rework gameplay wise is that it didn't fix Karma's main issue: She's too dependent on Mantra to be useful. Her passive hammers this in, especially in the support role, because it gives her SO MUCH cooldown refund on her ult that its up too often and her base kit has to be weak. I have problems with her current look and theme but they aren't bad they're just really different. The whole Karma rework just felt like Riot was seeing how far they could get away with when reworking a champion instead of actually caring about who she was and what she did. It may not be intended that way, but that's just the way it feels.
the whole point was for her to be a new champion. nobody played her because virtually no one wanted to, least popular hero by a large amount in those days.
: Imagine if we gave Jax what Hashinshin wanted.... *Shudders*
I don't think he wants things for jax so much as he wants every other champion to be a punching bag.
Vanjie (NA)
: Riot Developers "In Hindsight We Should've Listened to Karma Mains"
Her mains? old karma was so unpopular that virtually everyone forgot she existed. she was the original yorick back when yorick was everywhere.
: Did he say the game or do you lack the competence to read? The player base does not hate the game and they are not toxic because of the game. They hate the company that promotes trolling and toxicity due to their refusal to do something about in game trolls but will create a bot system to ban all people who swear or use any bad swear word languages. Go look at youtubers like dunkey who got permabanned, tyler1 who got chat restricted after his ban was lifted, and every other high elo player who's been chat restricted. Sure you can avoid communication and just stay low elo but to climb you will be banned on communication with others.
"I honestly, truly, hate this game, now. It's not fun anymore." -last bullet point from post I quoted. His post also has nothing to do with player toxicity.
: Type kys in chat, even if you're dutch and you're saying "kiss" you'll be permabanned. Also talk in chat and say ANY swear words you'll be banned. Just because you "refuse to communicate" with your team doesn't mean other players do the same.
I curse all the time in chat. I've also flamed plenty in the past and spelled out kys before. I've never even been warned :s
: he needs a map pressure nerf for sure, its WAAAY too overbearing first 20 min or so
I think they should nerf q or e at early ranks. Warwick has crazy pressure because he can get away with W max cuz rank one q and e are surprisingly good.
Rioter Comments
: Junglers, if you're invading, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure your lane can support
My favorite is when my lanes have priority and I eat a 3 man rotation anyways.
: Literally this. Riot used to have a much less strict ban system but now at this point you will see your honor go bye bye and you will even see your $1,000 account with all your skins go bye bye if you even utilize the chat to talk and people decide to report you. Players can't be human. If your teamate is running it down mid and you call it out you will be banned for a couple weeks like I did. Look at the bullcrap they did with Tyler1. Riot Games has branded itself on the basis of toxicity and them being "This heroic company battling such a horrid player basis of trolls" when in reality they treat us like snowflake millenials and they don't allow for any realistic interaction between players. Instead of focusing on the actual problem of trolls, negative in-game playstyles such as what I have been forced to do (Mute all teamates, take their farm, refuse to use chat and solo carry), and banning players based on their gameplay they ban players based on what is said in chat.
Ive been playing for years and I feel like it's impossible to get banned if you act like an adult.
: I can't say I know exactly what's wrong with the game, but I do know what I hate about the game now. And in no particular order and what I can think of what I hate just on the top of my head: - - - - - - - - - - - * I hate how Marksmen who get ahead can just burst and two/three shot people instead of just killing through sustained damage, leaving no room for counter play most of the time. * I hate how Assassins who get ahead can just burst people down and then get away scott free, again, leaving no room for counter play most of the time. They're doing their jobs, but I still hate it. * I hate these new minion gold changes. * I hate this incredible focus on Baron which usually has both teams stalemating at his pit for 10+ minutes until one team makes a mistake and they usually lose the game off of it. * I hate how dying once in bot lane will usually cost you the turret and thus the laning phase (and usually the game). * I hate this emphasis that all Marksmen all practically build the exact same item kit with little variation with only a few exceptions. * I hate how practically every critical hit item gives movement speed. * I hate how every critical hit item is cheap as hell. * I hate how tanks can do so much sustained damage with so little. * I hate how black cleaver literally does everything for any AD melee (armor reduction, 20% CDR, health, damage, a good on hit effect). * I hate how armor protects about as much from attacks as wet paper does by the 10 minute mark. * I hate how Static Shiv and energy attacks in general are still doing magic damage instead of physical. * I hate how cheap and easy it is to sustain with life steal/health gaining effects like fleet footwork. Damage doesn't stick -- except when it's bursting someone down. * I hate how everyone ult cooldowns are all under a minute -- sometimes under 30 seconds. * I hate how accessible CDR is. * I hate how snowbally the meta is. * As a support, I hate having to rely on people, even though I really do enjoy helping people. Now if I get caught out alone, I'm going to be jumped on and dead in two attacks, guaranteed. * I hate the mobility creep that has been building up for years now. * I hate how most champions now are jack of all trade characters, rather than having a defined weakness like the older champions. * I hate that whenever a champion gets nerfed or an item a champion uses gets nerfed, they get one, two or sometimes three "compensation buffs" most of the time in return. Just nerf them. If they're too strong, just nerf them -- this isn't a hard concept to grasp. * I hate how Riot keeps buffing champions that are "too weak" when really it's just they're being outclassed by other champions that are simply "too strong". Again, if something is too strong, nerf it. * I legitimately hate the balance team. I don't wish them ill will, but I don't know who else to blame at this point. * I hate the blatant favoritism Riot has on some champions. * I honestly, truly, hate this game, now. It's not fun anymore. - - - - - - - - - - - These are just my own opinions and my own dislikes about the game, but I think people can at least agree with some of them. I've been playing this game since day 1. Still suck at it, obviously, but back then, not a single one of these things on this list would even be on there. And that was a time when Heimerdinger could have 6 turrets (and upgrade all of them -- twice), had auto aimbotting missiles that reached over 1300 units of range and could hit up to 3 targets, had a grenade that could automatically damage enemy structures, and a passive that gave everyone and himself 25/HP5 in a rather generous aura INCLUDING friendly structures, minions and his own turrets -- and was still considered under powered.
Gee if you hate everything about the game why don't you spare yourself the misery and stop?
: ADCs are being used to dominate Jungle by smurfers
Just get deep vision and just show up in their jg early. Neither of these champions have any sort of resiliency to their jg being pressured.
: Her entire niche is her extreme 100% uptime slow and her ult initiation. The problem is that this niche is essentially filled by so many other champions and the slow portion isn't very effective vs many champions as well (can't kite someone who is already on top of you). So that combined with not having any sort of synergy (like Kalista Ult, Lucian/Braum, etc.) and having no mobility just puts her at the bottom of the tier list.
Bottom of the tier list? Ashe is really strong right now.
: Sharply buffing literally everything in Kai'Sa's kit after one patch probably wasn't a good idea.
: >Warwick Boards/Reddit circlejerk OP.
Hopefully just something sensible like early E CD nerf or something.
ohn0se (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HalcyonDweller,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AyQobVLN,comment-id=0005000000010000,timestamp=2018-03-28T17:44:03.886+0000) > > I'm sure it is hard to do all that and then have to deal with posts like the one this thread is under. > > We appreciate the hard work you folks do, even if it doesn't turn out perfect every time. Heck, most of the time things turn out okay, it's just that the problems tend to be really obvious _afterwards_ because of the nature of things, much like a sore thumb. At least some of us understand that it's complicated, and that mistakes are human. "Hard work" they do? The balance team? Any other industry and I guarantee they get fired within weeks/days. The fact that this incompetent group has remained employed is beyond reproach. Disgusting and sad.
I'd wager to say that riot is one of the more high pressure jobs compared to nearly any other cube farm.
ohn0se (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=penguin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AyQobVLN,comment-id=000500000001,timestamp=2018-03-28T17:32:04.750+0000) > > The hard thing about knowing how careful we're being is that when we're being careful, you guys don't see that unless they happen to be changes that are on PBE and are repeatedly pulled or changed. I'm not saying we don't make mistakes -- that is obviously incorrect, but many things that ship on a given patch cycle have actually been iterated on for a long time internally to attempt to avoid mishaps. > > there are many, many changes that we test internally that don't go very far. Then maybe your problem starts at a team who can't come up with changes that "don't go very far."
Are you trolling? Or just a child?
: As a jungler and support, its an ADC "meta"
the only reason ADCs are problematic is that overtuned support items and abilities make them impossible to kill and let them safely itemize full damage at no risk. Before the support powercreep ADC were super easy to pop if they went full damage, and going a defensive item to stop that really hurt their DPS due to the nature of their kits. Now that's not really an issue for them because supports can just dump 3-4k gold worth of stats into their adc with 0 counterplay.
datfatguy (OCE)
: Towers are hilariously weak
why can't players be punished for having no pressure? Towers can feel weak at times but it's certainly better than the other way around. sometimes I swear there's an inverse relationship between player elo and how strong they think towers should be.
: Why not buff towers power based on the number of near by allies. 20% damage increase for each nearby ally against enemy champions. (this doesn't affect damage to minions) This would give tower dives more risk esp on the squishier bot lane without increasing the damage to minions or affecting safe tower siege or splitpushing at all.
but bot lane is already dominated by excessively safe late game scaling hypercarries
: > So if you want to encourage more interaction in mid, then reduce the leverage that botlane has on the game. Fix the state of affairs in bot before you keep making midlaners worse than they are right now. We need to do both. Midseason work points to some pretty large changes coming to bot lane especially, but those aren't ready to be discussed publicly yet, and since it's not my work directly, it's not my work to reveal.
Then maybe wait til midseason and ship these changes then?
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