: See. Here's a thing. I went from League, to Heroes of the Storm, and back. Yuumi is a champ you play WITH, not that you play ALONGSIDE. As ADC you should consider your position relative to Yuumi. You should consider your survival like Yuumi isn't there - aka like when your Bard is roaming (or Annie, or any Mobo boots Support). And I think the idea that the Yuumi isn't actually actively supporting other than the Q poke and otherwise 'invisible' benefits pre-6 have created a stigma that she "does nothing". Her E is stronger than Sona's. Her heal, while weaker, can be used in bursts. (25-65 + 10% AP) to (75-195 + 30% AP) x2. Sona's is 30 to 110 + 25% AP and 25-125(+30% AP) shields for 55 (55% AP) to 235 (55% AP). When you get down to it, Yumi heals MORE (150 - 390 + 60% AP). This is just an example of how people underrate her
Yea but over time in lane Sona will heal more. She's healing 2 people at once, and W gives a shield for the aura. Adcs look like they are 1v2ing the lane (even when she's not attached). Now, if her adc got stat boosts for survivability because she was attached to them, that would be useful (similar to ori ball).
: I don't think that yummi should be buffed just because the other enchanters are overpowered. She is a jack of all trades and this should be what she remains because if they buff 1 aspect of hers she will instantly go to, poking category, healer category etc.
Other heal and shield supports can also poke well in lane (Sona, luku, soraka, even Janna), because if you have no lane presence you will get run over. I think adcs need to know how to play with her as well, which is a huge issue for laning.
: Hard disagree, i love her and her kit is perfect people just need time to learn her, and if shes not your thing that's fine there are other champions. She brought back a feeling i have not had since they murdered my evelynn and replaced her with a body snatcher, i will be switching to be a support yuumi main because she is just that magical.
I'm glad you found something that you like. Personally Bard will always be my favorite, and I really think Yuumi's design is interesting, but she just feels weak
: Y'know, I stopped rather soon when you said she doesn't Poke well. She can literally ignore the entire minion wave, and force your opponents to move into uncomfortable positions where your ADC can rip 'em a new one else take a Q from Yuumi (which will slowly drive your enemy insane). I don't get where you think her poke's bad. If anything it's the single most broken thing in her kit.
To be fair, I did have a somewhat hard time of hitting it. Without being attached it's almost never going to hit, and when she is attached the range is based on where your adc is. Well my adcs kept running away for the most part and it would disappeared before I could connect with it. The thing about yuumi, is so much of your positioning in lane to do stuff with Q is based off your adc. If you adc isn't on the same page as you, it's gonna be a bad time. Going to take time for adcs to learn how she works along with support players to be able to use her to Max potentional.
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