Sagarashin (EUNE)
: [Regarding skin transfer] Aka can you guys help?
It's really awesome to see the community rally behind this cause and it makes me feel terrible because I'm going to be bad guy Rito here, swooping and swatting down... The forum post linked is from 2012 and not something we offer at this time. The answer provided in the ticket was inaccurate as we do not transfer skins between accounts. We'll be looking into fixing that messaging on our end in Player Support. Sorry about this again. ;-;
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Râmmus (NA)
: I thought one of my accounts got hacked, riot support's response is to ban my main and my backup.
> [{quoted}](name=Râmmus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AsdqrxU2,comment-id=003a00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-14T07:07:03.894+0000) > > well i am the original account owner, riot just doesnt tell you what you got riot or wrong, i know for a FACT i did not get everything or even close to everything wrong, i know i got about 95% of it correctly. If you bothered looking at the other pages, there are multiple people who are in the same position as me. Theres no point in talking to riot over the course of a few days back and fourth, pretend to be angry then write a rant on boards for the sake of lying. that sounds like an incredible waste of time I’ll be a bit more blunt here. The claims you are making in this Board’s thread do not match to either of the two accounts you are trying to recover. One of them being that both accounts did have their old emails verified. There’s more that don’t matchup. We don’t tell you specifically what you got right or wrong because that helps you to get access to an account that you did not create. However, if this does help, you answered 95% of the questions incorrectly.
Râmmus (NA)
: I thought one of my accounts got hacked, riot support's response is to ban my main and my backup.
Account recoveries are always a difficult inquiry we get in Player Support. In general, we want to make sure we are giving the account back to original creator of the account and have a strict process set up for that. This is in relation to the questions and steps given by our agents. We know there is a ton of questions and that some of them might be super hard to remember but you **do not** have to answer all of them. We ask these questions so that we can gather as much context as possible to make sure we are recovering to the right person. As most have mentioned here already, if the correct answers are given and there is no suspicious activity to the account, the process is fairly smooth and seamless with the account back to the right hands quickly. In this case and for others that have had difficulties, the not so smooth process relates to answering a majority of the questions incorrectly and/or providing information that matches a period of the account access where suspicious activity was detected. We cannot go into details or specifics of the suspicious activity due to the sensitive nature of investigations, requests, and account/player privacy. We understand there’s pain involved with losing access to an account. In most cases, we are able to recover accounts back to their original creator quickly and efficiently. In the rare cases where we see that something isn’t adding up on our side, however, we need to investigate further before we can make a recovery decision we are confident will result in the right person getting the account back.
: what role is the best solo carry atm?
I think any role can impact others. It's more about what you do when you have a lead that generally wins game. Get control over objectives, really starve out the opponent, help your other lanes that aren't doing so hot or need that push to go into winning so it's not just you doing the hefty work. Top can utilize bringing attention to them by splitpushing or using TP to turn an unfavorable fight to beneficial. Mid can roam to any lane or invade in the jungle with your own jungler to gain control. Get good vision, keep pushing out the opposing laner and focus on getting good vision/control of objectives. ADCs can kind of do the same as the top laner to bring pressure to them but after tower or pushing out the opponent, you should go grab dragon. After both dragon and the tower is gone, rotate to push in mid or swap with top laner to get another tower. In the end it's all about pushing the team in and gaining more for yourself and getting a big lead to end the game without letting them catch up.
: no one from riot helping in the help/support section?
Hey HHeyBlinkin, We've recently stepped away from officially supporting here and have moved this sub-board back to focusing on player-to-player supporting. While our Poros won't be answering every thread here, they may come around from time to time to help answer questions or creating focused Help Desk/megathreads. If you'd like more immediate or official support, please reach out in either a [support ticket]( or [Riot Support Twitter](
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: I just realized we could make a comment chain rainbow
: First Ear, Now DragonTroopBeta?
Want to clear things up here before too much theorizing happens without full context of the story or issue. The story and situation that lead up to this, you can ask DragonTroopBeta as it's more their story to tell than mine. The action was directly tied with the now deleted comments made in the Ear discussion which are still quoted so feel free to read them if you'd like. This wasn't an action that was taken on a whim and we've been discussing these aggressive comments for awhile now. We've mostly been lenient and letting the targeted comments slide but it's slowly been crossing a line and I will not tolerate personal attacks to the volunteers rather than the moderation itself. If that's something you would like to speak directly with me about, feel free to hit me up in the [NA LoL Boards Discord]( DragonTroopBeta and I discussed one on one privately through Discord earlier today after the suspension was placed and resolved the issue at hand. I agree with the suspension and they also agreed. Screenshot for proof below. Won't share the rest of the conversation and that's up to DragonTroopBeta if they would like.
: Wrongfully suspended and punished for Elo Boosting
Hey all, Chiming in to say that our support team handling these types tickets are not robots and each player that is writing in regarding their MMR bans does have a human eye looking at them. I know it kind of sucks that we aren't sharing more information but this is done so that for those who are in the 100% (which we are confident in) can't retrace their steps and "fix" what they did that got them caught in the first place. MMR Boosting doesn't have to be a paid service. It can be a simple act of sharing an account with someone and them playing ranked on it. They don't have to reach a particular tier (Gold+) and it doesn't look into how you played the majority of the season. Once someone that is not you, logs into your account and plays a ranked game, this is considered MMR Boosting. This is why we strongly tell players they should not share their account information and credentials, even to those they trust. As to OP, I've read your case. Multiple agents and myself included, have looked into your account and we're all confident this was an accurate punishment which won't be reversed. We can continue the discussion in the support ticket that you submitted.
: 14 day ban for asking the flaming support who he said Kys to...
Just wanted to step in here real quick as Player Support and say that the player did indeed reach out to us and after chatting with them, the ban was removed. As a reminder, you _**NEVER**_ have to or should repeat what other players say in-game that is considered offensive and punishable. The best action is to report them at the end of the game so the systems can review their account and behavior.
: It's a you problem, definitely.
Can you show me a full screenshot of what you are seeing? Including the top bar.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dark Morgana,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=AULEwiRA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-08T00:28:02.454+0000) > > The first issue I want to address here is the disconnecting. Have you been dealing with disconnections frequently and where exactly is it happening? > > The second part to this is even though it wasn't your fault, disconnecting leaves your team at a disadvantage. So, even though you came back you won't reap the rewards for returning as your team had no idea if you were returning. The same thing happened to me except I didn't even DC from the game. Regular first game of promo, no problems and result was a victory. Promo counter counted it as a loss for some reason.
> [{quoted}](name=TailSurprise,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=AULEwiRA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-17T21:01:11.000+0000) > > The same thing happened to me except I didn't even DC from the game. Regular first game of promo, no problems and result was a victory. Promo counter counted it as a loss for some reason. Heyo! It looks like you dodged a game yesterday which counted as the first lost in your series. After losing a game and then winning a game, your series is at 1 win and 2 losses. Good luck in your series to Gold!
Ah! Thanks for the screen. Ascension doesn't count for getting Mastery tokens 6 or 7. These can only be received through Summoner's Rift Normal or Ranked mode.
: Getting S- or higher with no tokens
I looked into your match history and don't see any above A+. If this isn't right, feel free to link your match history so we can double check in our Player Support tools.
Have you checked out your missions tab for one called "Rune Collector"? This should give you Blue Essence for those spent on runes once you play a matchmade game.
: Issue with blue essence when I logged in (Really could use a rioters help)
Check your mission tab and you should have one called Rune Collector. From there, you have to play one matchmade game and orbs will show up in your loot to redeem the rest of your Blue Essence from runes.
passıon (NA)
: I kinda fucked myself with the BE
Hey Màx, Sorry to hear that you had this FeelsBad moment. Player Support can help you out if you write in a [support ticket]( We'll revert the purchases so you can buy that awesome Urfwick skin like you deserve. Thanks for being such a longstanding player!
: Gems? Where Are the Gemstones in BE Shop?
You can get them by going to Store > Accessories > Summoner Icons !
: Will I be eligible to collect the upcoming challenger rewards if i'm challenger on flex 5v5 ? (besides the rewards gold+ gets) or are they just for Soloq challenger?
Challenger rewards will be given in all ranked queues.
Gilor (EUNE)
: so if i got a 14 ban before do i get the rewards? on september
You won't be eligible if you received a ban in September.
: So, in total. We will have 4 Victorious Graves skins? * Original Victorious Graves * Solo Chroma * Flex Chroma * 3v3 Chroma
You got it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Jaurim (NA)
: If you get Gold or higher in Ranked 3v3, do you still get Victorious Graves?
Yep, you'll get Victorious Graves granted.
Mrs Pii (OCE)
: if you were ban for chargeback last month and you did pay it back can you still be eligible for this season’s rewards?{{sticker:sg-janna}}
You will still be eligible. Charge back won't be counted as an ineligibility ban.
: So, if we talk only about Victorious Graves and his chromas, there is no difference if you end gold or diamond in all 3 queues? Best reward is already obtained on triple gold?
Correct. Victorious Ward skin as well.
: Right now, I'm currently (Gold I for solo/duo and Gold V for Flex). That mean I can get the chromas along with the skin right? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Chromas will be given plus the original skin based on the queues you get Gold in. You got it right.
: ***
Yep, if you get Gold in Flex you'll get Victorious Graves.
Duffer (NA)
: Oke time to grind 3v3 then :^)
shockup (EUW)
: So what do I have to do to remove the border from the charging screen? What kind of support ticket do I have to send?
Once rewards are distributed, you can send a ticket in to us to help you out. We'll handle everything on our end. Anything under Game should work.
Duffer (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Keyru,realm=NA,application-id=cBWEdEZ4,discussion-id=W0aEONuP,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2017-10-07T18:58:44.036+0000) > > Yep! Good luck out there. o/ Was this in reference to Artemia? Just want to make sure so I dont have to grind 3v3 since I am at least gold in both flex and solo/duo
If you don't get Gold in 3v3 you won't get the chroma for that specific queue. You'll get the one for Solo and Flex.
Cresselya (EUW)
: If i'm gold SoloQ and Plat 5v5, will i get the Plat border in Normal / ARAM / 5v5 Flex and the Gold one in SoloQ, right?
Yep! You got it on the dot.
: How different are the borders from flex to solo q? I’m assuming that they will be the same color based on rank but is the flex one gonna look worse then the solo q one?
All borders, no matter the queue should look the same. Icons usually are the ones that have a slightly different look.
Artemia (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Porocles,realm=NA,application-id=cBWEdEZ4,discussion-id=W0aEONuP,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-10-07T18:35:51.275+0000) > > The chromas will be for any tier Gold or higher. There is no specific chroma for each tier after gold. Will players be able to earn a maximum of three chromas then? I didn't bother to play Twisted Treeline at all this year, since I assumed I would get a skin by getting gold and a special reward by getting gold in 2+ queues (solo/duo and flex on SR for me).
Yep, there will be 3 different chromas.
: I would also love to obtain all 3 ward skins since I love blue and green :/ I think we deserve to get all 3 skins since we passed through all 5 levels and so we should be able to pick our favourite one out of these 3. And could you also explain the chroma thing more? So is there a chroma for 3v3 ranked, flex & soloQ and dependend where we get gold we get the correlated chroma?
The chromas are for queue specific and not the ending rank you end at. As long as you get Gold, you'll receive the chroma for that ranked queues.
deus ex (EUW)
: you better start flaming real fast
: So... do I have to drop in honor level to get a (imo) better color? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Please don't! We'll be asking around to see if we can do something that feels better.
Lunabel (NA)
: So wait are there 2 separate chroma's for TT and Flex queue?
Yep! Good luck out there. o/
Artemia (NA)
: So is there a unique chroma for getting gold in Twisted Treeling, meaning one can earn up to three chromas?
You got it exactly! As long as you get Gold or higher in the other ranked queues.
: But like, what is the downside to allowing discussion view in GD? I can't think of any legitimate reason for it to NOT be in that subboard.
There's a really bad crossover between discussion view and chronological view. For example, I'm using discussion view right now to reply to your comment and anyone using discussion can see this. If you swap over to chronological, you have no idea who I am replying to because the quotes don't show up that I am directly responding to your specific comment. For me, I personally enjoy using chronological view a lot as I like to read all conversation points and comments. Going to other sub-boards, I have to force use discussion view so that I can get the context I need (especially in moderation).
: Can I ask why those two subs don't have the feature? It's really jarring going back and forth between the two, it'd be nice if it were consistent.
By default of how Player Recruitment runs, it is not an area that would utilize discussion view or voting well. Rarely do discussions happen in that space. General Discussion has it for the community there that came over from the old forums. We do know that they aren't the only players in that area now since the combining of Misc. and GD and it's something we're keeping our eye on.
Zone0ut (NA)
: Red Tracker issue; can no longer tab through Rioter comments in a threat
Hey Zone0ut! This depends on which sub-board you are using and which view you are in. If you want to see the box on the side, you'll need to be in **Discussion View** which you can find in the screenshot I provided! General Discussion and Player Recruitment are the 2 sub-boards that do not have this feature.
Screamlty (EUW)
Hey Screamity, Check out the Player Recruitment Megathread below for the Star Guardian event! There's many players just like you looking for others to play with.
Vexxxy (NA)
: Went 70-3-82 ON ONSLAUGHT got B+ ( IS RIOT TROLLING ?)
Hey Vexxxy, I can see how this is frustrating as it sounds like you carried and did an awesome job at it! The point system is tallied by the overall teams performance and not just you as an individual. You can read up more about the breakdown of the scoring system and grading in this player guide.
Zeymul (NA)
: boards level not updating
Kumiankka (EUW)
: Unable to purchase Tier 3 runes.
Hey Kumiankka! As Paerio has stated, there is a rune cap in how many you can own on your account. Send in a [support ticket]( and our team there will help you out in getting this sorted.
Duyl1611 (NA)
: I have been banned permanetly and i have no idea why
Hey Duyli611, We can't assist with suspensions on the Boards but if you send a [support ticket](, our agents there will get to you as quickly as possible to resolve your issue.
weedy low (EUW)
: plz help me
Hey weedy low, We can't help with suspensions on the Boards but our support team through a [support ticket]( can.
Le Him (NA)
: Invasion Run Score? How do I increase it?
Hey Le Him, There was a guide recently created by Steelflame in full details about how to play the mode including how scoring worked (with a Rioter posting to fully flesh it out). Check it out below!
: Chests
It's totally possible to get the new Star Guardian skins from Hextech Chests! Now it all boils down to luck~ {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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