: Opinion on Aatrox as a champion
He's extremely fun when he works. His lore and appearance are on point IMO. However, he has too many weaknesses to be considered "good" and unfortunately those weaknesses far outweigh his strengths. What does he offer? Early game: High sustain, great crowd control. All game: Free guardian angel passive. When fed: Burst damage. What are his glaring weaknesses? Has to use his body to CC the enemy. Low HP at all points in the game. High cooldown timers even with cooldown reduction. Attack speed debuffs wreck him so bad (frozen heart, randuins omen, Malphite) that as soon as anyone reduces your attack speed you immediately become useless. Aatrox can only all-in. He does not, cannot retreat from battle. His engage is short ranged. His kit does not function properly without a filled blood well. His blood well drains extremely fast.
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: Who is your favorite television character
i thought the thread was called who is your favorite lesbian character
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Pupel (NA)
: Zoe is a okay design except for one thing
the only people that think zoe is okay are the ones abusing her
: Why are Silvers/Platinum Players like they are?
Engelin (NA)
: Why are so many champions completely countered by a single 450g item
you're going to miss so much cs if you stay far back enough to regen after a panth poke that you're going to get shit on the rest of the game regardless.
: People with curly hair
if you don't know how to straighten it properly you'll light yourself on fire. even when properly straightened, it'll frizz back up within a shower or two
: So we can all agree that Riot should try again with gay characterization
: When you give blood do they test your blood right then and there for diseases?
: 14 days of suspession for feeding
4 assists when your team has 43 kills across the board is pretty sus
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: stop posting
> [{quoted}](name=CLG ear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=QnEEUFGw,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-12-03T07:32:54.057+0000) > > stop posting +1
: Impossible to counterplay? Pls explain
zoe deals more damage with only morello
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: What’s the best way a player can help the team?
: Attack/Move commands not working
It's likely your mouse is worn out
: Sion Champion Update Q&A [COMPLETED]
If Sion gets stunned while channeling his Q, does the spell still go off?


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