: Reddit endlessly praises this worlds tournament and the game's balance.
This meta is 1000x better than last year's Worlds. While last year's Worlds does not set a high bar at all, I'd say they made some progress in the right direction since then.
: An AP Ezreal one trick's feedback on the rework, massive post
I want to know what's even the point of having an AP build and an AD build? The gameplay is basically the same. Hit your skillshots for damage. Both builds can use spellblade items to make Q hit harder. The big difference for me is that AD or hybrid builds have access to more utility because Trinity Force scaling is independent of items. Way way way back in the day there were huge differences in playstyle between the two builds. AD Ezreal had much more single target DPS (his base attack speed and passive were stronger) while AP Ezreal had significantly better AoE potential in teamfights (his ult had a higher AP ratio and less falloff) and he even had a heal scaling off AP. AP build was also way more about burst comparatively due to mechanical differences of spellblade then vs now, Lichbane being stronger, and Trinity Force being weaker. I believe the introduction of Muramana shrunk the gap in burst damage further between the two builds. Also, with this most recent remake to his W, any remaining difference in AoE damage between the builds has been reduced _again_. I'm not saying those differences are totally gone, but they have been muted extremely hard since every single nerf over the years actually brought the two builds closer in terms of playstyle and most changes to his items also did that. The two builds are so homogenized now that I seriously don't understand why somebody would care if AP or AD is the better build. If Riot isn't willing to _significantly_ split the builds in terms of playstyle I just don't see the point.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 17
RE Ezreal: I don't understand what skill order has to do with AP or AD. The ratios do not scale by skill rank. I always maxed W second regardless of AD or AP because it's safer damage than E. I always maxed Q first because it's more consistent damage. All we're talking about here are the base damages and cooldowns. And yes I know you could buy penetration, but Ezreal doesn't do that. Personally I see no compelling reason to go AP on him. Either way he has a strong Q because he's gonna get some kind of Spellblade item. AD just gets a lot more utility to go with it and also Muramana for higher damage late game. Speaking of which, why does Muramana still exist?
: Can the "Inting Sion" strat get you banned?
It's not really an inting strat. You just split push like Tryndamere except you're playing Sion.
: The Reason You're Not Able to Dodge Skillshots Could be this Surprizingly Common Problem.
How about add an optional post-processing mode that outlines everything in black "ink" This would give a general solution to people who need it without requiring a redo of tons of ability particles.
cigixD (EUNE)
It has nothing to do with how far from the center you are. If the ability only hits one target it will do double damage.
Lapis (OCE)
: Why do pro players put wards in the middle of the lane?
There are certain spots where you cover several lane entrances and the minions aren't always there 100% of the time. So if you have a ward covering a few lane entrances you can track opponents really well.
Rylalei (EUNE)
: What champions not designed by CT would make people cry if they were CT designs
: Can I climb Gold playing champions I enjoy?
It's just a question of how long it will take to climb on each champion. Ashe will probably take longer than most because she's heavily team dependent and you're talking about solo queue. It would help if you had somebody playing a mid lane assassin to duo with you. Somebody who can reliably pick up kills off good Ashe ults.
: Can you make Aatrox Q apply on hit effects
If they did this, it would only do it on the first target hit and it would be lame. Riot doesn't like the idea of AoE abilities proccing onhits in an AoE because they are afraid to do cool stuff. But to be fair it would be really stupid with Tiamat since that item is so easy to rush.
: This is how Bad Rageblade is Designed and why is needs just removed from the game
Jax level 15 with items wins vs almost anyone. It doesn't matter if he's been behind for the whole game. You can't straight up fight him without kiting him out somehow. Urgot is an early game bully who rightfully falls off later. The whole situation you described is working as intended.
: he has 3 skins including his release while some like cam still only have their release skin and stop bumping your old posts nobody cares about you begging for skins on a champ that doesnt need more at the moment, its just annoying and floods recent
> [{quoted}](name=UnboundHades,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=omBQfOdU,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-10T02:33:52.914+0000) > > he has 3 skins including his release while some like cam still only have their release skin > > and stop bumping your old posts nobody cares about you begging for skins on a champ that doesnt need more at the moment, its just annoying and floods recent He does need more. He only has 3.
: Why is Yasuo allowed to have such a strong early game?
Because Riot wants all mage mains to quit the game REEEEE
Håppy (NA)
: Ezreal's Kit Held Up Well Over The Years
The most popular champion in the game for 8 years straight. The crystallized essence of perfect MOBA character design. The legacy of Colt Hallam. His _magnum opus_.
: Mp5 / Hp5 scaling
They are weak stats that you can't really build for in a meaningful way. Riot probably doesn't want regen stats to be strong because they are afraid of metas where teams passively siege and stall in uninteractive ways.
alfa6 (EUW)
: I think that is very good when you are jungle 'cause combined with your Q deals lots of damage but i'm going to try it better this afternoon. {{champion:62}}
this thread is 4 months old
: Kaisa, Alistar, Graves
League of Legends has always been heavy on strategy. The idea that you should be able to clutch outplay everything is not how it was originally intended to be. You can outplay a lot more stuff than you could in old seasons though.
: How to make Galio a less competitive pick and make him better in solo Q in 2 steps!
I think the DR on his ult is amazing and it should not be so hard for solo queue players to understand how good it is. Like I just need a decent Jax or something like that to ult and he just needs to know I'm gonna ult on him if he goes in. It's as simple as telling your team how you are planning to use the ult. I mean, that shouldn't be so hard right? :|
CIayman (NA)
: Never thought we'd reach a point where Glacial Augment would be considered OP, especially after the GLP gut
GLP is better on a lot of mages now that it has 20% CDR. It's not a worse item than before, it's just worse on its previous users.
: Will Fleet Footwork ever get the same treatment as other similar runes?
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: mastery lvl7 doesnt mean anything tbh. Im a brand main too, 98k till 1M mastery points. sure with Brand you cant really make those flashy plays like with zed. BUT what you need to have in order to survive and dont die in every single teamfight is to have a perfect positioning. You need to know who has blaze on them, you need to think very fast which spells to use to maximase your dmg, and get your 3 stacks on as many enemy as possible. You make one mistake one misstep, and you died. Those who say that brand is just a press R champ clearly never played brand to his fullest potential. The more time passes the harder it becomes for a Brand to be successful, that is shown in his winrate. You also have to rely on the enemy screwing things up a bit. On the other hand i do agree that there could be a lot to changed in brands kit to make it more fun...
What I'm saying is I've played him enough to not really have any room to improve. The only possible improvement to my Brand is just getting better at League of Legends itself. It's just positioning and skillshots. There's no reason I should practice Brand specifically. I can practice champions with more skill expression and go back to Brand and be better with him than I was before because 100% of his skillcap is just the fundamentals of the game itself. Basically I'm saying that players hit Brand's skill cap before they get to mastery 7 and that's way too shallow.
rewt127 (NA)
: The item is built for spellblade. Thats why 90% of people who build it build it. Gp doesnt really give a flying fuck about the stats, but Spellblade is nice. Hecarim doesnt really give a flying fuck about the stats, but the Spellblade is what his entire identity is built around, Trundle................... you've got the idea.
Those champs all benefit from the AD, Attack Speed, CDR, Movement Speed, and Health. If they didn't, they wouldn't use it.
Ætheist (NA)
: Can Trinity Force actually be a DPS item and not basically just Spellblade burst?
It's supposed to be good on champions with low CD abilities. That's why the spellblade is strong. If the burst has to be reduced then it should be done by reducing the CD of the spellblade and reducing the damage. So like 150% on a 1s cooldown. That would be a theoretical DPS increase but it depends on actual ability CDs and best rotations of the champions that use it.
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: > The biggest problem is, I could play hundreds more games as Brand and it wouldn't really change how good I am with him. Thats not exactly true. A bad brand can be destroyed by virtually anything. A good one? Now thats destroyed virtually anything. On the skill part, yeah i do agree with you. The passive circle basically relies on the enemy being bad, or your team having some insane CC.
Sorry I should clarify. The context is I am a mastery 7 Brand and he's one of my secondary mains. I believe his skill cap is so low that I wouldn't benefit from practicing him at this point. On the other hand, my main is Vel'koz and even though his kit is pretty simple, his mechanics offer a lot more skill expression than Brand and more room for mastery even though he's not crazy high skillcap like some other champs. The only thing I like about Brand's kit is that if you are fundamentally a better player than your opponent you'll destroy them just by landing skillshots and positioning better than them. That aspect of his kit feels extremely rewarding. But it still leaves a lot to be desired in skill expression since a lot of the mechanics are kinda nullified just by the enemy team having good coordination and playing smart.
: You are exaggerating Brand's inherent power and are clearly unaware of Brand's issues as a mage all the while suggesting about possible "solutions" to his damage. This issue has already been discussed in a similar Gameplay post some time ago, so I'll repeat the answer. Brand does NOT NEED his AP ratios increased and base damage nerfed. Doing this will not solve anything. First: Brand has had high base damages ALL ALONG even pre rework. And it might sound obvious to you, but this is what Brand has been all about IN EVERY ITERARION: **DAMAGE**. Does he bring good utility with it? No,hardly. Does he bring mobility? Not at all. Can he peel/save his botlane teammate as reliably as other supports,for instance comparing him with similar damage oriented support, Zyra? No,he can't. All he brings to the table is DAMAGE, BASE DAMAGE that is and this has been his moto for ages,both on mid and support. It's what he is meant to do and what differentiates him from majority of mages who can't do nearly the same. *You are basically trying to kill his identity.* Secondly: him transitioning to botlane support from mid (which is sad btw) all of a sudden is a result of two things: a) Damage abundance in the game and overall bad game state ; b) His lack of decent waveclear when compared to majority of mages(I can copy-paste my own upvoted answer to Riot Maple Nectar if you wish about it). The latter enhances the effect of the first. How is this beaten up solution of increasing his ratios would solve his lackluster waveclear? The ONE MAJOR thing that is holding him from going on mid? Moreover, midlane as of now is infested with assassins. Brand just can't contest with lackluster waveclear and insane vulnerability to mobile BS. Hence,you see him botlane. Thirdly: past a certain elo, somewhere between P1-D4 to be exact, you seldom see Brand. Personally I maybe see him once every 30 games. Maybe. Why does he seem powerful in elos Plat and below? Because people group more often,fight more often, and don't play optimally enough to counter what Brand wants to do in teamfight. Hence he looks powerful. While the truth is,when it comes to optimal play, Brand is WEAK. JUST damage paired with immobility and low utility becomes not nearly enough for consistent good performance. Liandry buff might be unnecessary, but just because an item Brand has built since forever is enhanced, doesn't mean you need to nerf an already underperforming in optimal play champion. Also when did Riot last nerf a champion because item they were using is broken on them? Stormrazor Jhin is being abused since forever yet nothing is being done about it. Same thing here,except Liandry doesn't break Brand as hard as Stormrazor does Jhin. Finally, Brand is not the top problem in the game right now, not even the mid problem this game has. There are way worse issues happening that must be addressed ASAP but Brand is completely not one of those.
Let's talk about this Elo thing you brought up because that's the biggest reason he needs to be changed. His kit isn't good. It thrives on chaos and bad enemy coordination. As a Brand player I want to have skill differentiation and opportunity for mastery. I want my success to primarily result from me making the right decisions. I don't want my success to primarily result from my enemies being bad. The biggest problem is, I could play hundreds more games as Brand and it wouldn't really change how good I am with him.
Kídá (NA)
: > To summarize, his passive gives all of his abilities 12% max HP damage over 4 seconds, and in a "perfect combo" (each spell landing on the 4th second of the DoT) of 3 basic abilities, it will deal 48-52% max HP, no AP required. each ability landed grants a stack so each ability will deal an additional 4% max HP damage, not 12% for each ability so in a perfect combo he would deal 24-28% max hp damage, not 48-52% max hp damage. Being able to deal 48-52% max hp damage at level 3 would be insane. How this post got approved while containing incorrect information is beyond me. Additionally Lowering his base damage and increasing his ratios is always the "solution" people come up with to "balance" brand when in reality all that will do is make him require more items and therefore more gold which he can't afford as support while still having the same issues in mid making the dumpster the only viable place he can go.
Brand was originally designed to be an AP mid laner. He was just never good at it. Brand as a Support is an emergent phenomenon that was never particularly intended. Riot apparently doesn't mind him being played as a support but at the same time he has never fully delivered his originally intended design as a powerful mid lane carry which a lot of us Brand players want. It doesn't make any sense to claim that he's primarily a support. It was never his intended design and he wasn't even a competitively viable support until relatively recently (like season 7 and 8). Also it's very common to see people complaining about him as a support because his level 6 in a 2v2 lane is really frustrating to deal with. Personally I don't care but I hear this complaint a lot. So of course people are going to suggest power shifting him towards more AP and less %hp damage. Personally I think for mid he also needs to be more durable because he lacks the tools other mid laners have. He has no mobility, no defensive skills, and his only CC requires him to hit another ability first. He needs better AP ratios and some kind of boost to survivability against strong midlaners if he is to fulfill his role as a carry.
: It's just a challenge. Like 0 damage Tryndamere that is there to prove that you can win games without interacting with opponents, but instead focusing on objectives. There are many others I've seen: 10k challenge - not buying any items until 10k gold. 0 damage challenge - not touching any champs for the entire game. 0 kills/0 assists challenge - watered down version of 0 damage challenge. Ultimate Bravery - playing with random items that may not even make sense {{item:3040}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3142}} {{champion:31}} for example. I think there's a build generator or something, I've never tried it out. 0 cs challenge - no cs, only farm champions and probably turrets. Probably many others, limited by your creativity. It's probably detrimental to the team but it's a challenge for a reason.
these "challenges" are stupid and troll af because you have 4 other people on your team who don't want to play the "4v5 challenge"
: With Liandry's getting buffed, Brand really needs to be tuned.
Personally I would like to see a power shift away from %hp towards AP scaling and additional durability so he can be stronger in mid. His mid lane winrate dropped this patch despite the buff to Liandry's.
: My boyfriend thinks I'm wrong about dying in first 3 mins basically decides the game
It _can_ decide the game but it depends on the champions and how the other lanes go.
Schyles (NA)
: It can be funny, but what's the point of just continuing to have broken things in the game? Unlike champions, this is more feasible to at least make functional. You're only looking at it from your point of view.
I think it would be good if they fix it but I don't think you should assume it's an easy fix. It might take some big refactoring of the game code.
Schyles (NA)
: I feel like no one really talks about Death Recap
Personally I never really cared. It was always funny to look at how inaccurate it was ever since they introduced it but its like... do I really need help seeing what killed me? No honestly I don't.
NukeFridge (EUNE)
: Is Ashe trash right now?
She's good if you have an organized team. She's pretty terrible if you're just solo queueing.
: This really sunk in the idea that LoL is so unhealthy right now
I disagree. That is one of the few cool things in the game. We need more chain reactions of effects.
DeusVult (NA)
: Everyone hates on "added burst from Duskblade"
Probably because mid assassins rush a Duskblade in like 10-12 minutes and power spike hard off it because everything on the item is focused on giving them what they want.
: woah there buddy, as a kayle main, i love the idea of an AP style adc, and i mean a TRUE ap ADC, not that horrendous stuff that happens when ADC players cry because riot keeps "balancing" their items, i mean the "i have an auto attack enhancer, and my cooldowns are super important to my playstyle, but i have to build ap items to be relevant (in most cases, as a kayle main, i can assure you, we're never any worse than the ad items are at the time, no matter what happens to our ap items
I enjoy that about Kayle too but everything else about her kit is all over the place and makes no sense. There's also very little skill differentiation available from her kit because it's so simple and statchecky. I definitely think they should keep the AP autoattacker style but other than that she needs a lot of work.
: Sorry, i made an error in that last reply. What i meant by "i just said that the current variance in gold gained is so low that its ignorable" is that people that get assist gain so small amount of gold that its ignorable.
There is a large variance in gold gained between the player who got the kill compared to the other players. This leads to a larger variance in total gold gained by players over the course of the game so you regularly see differences of a few thousand gold at the end. This means there are opportunities for individual players to break ahead in gold compared to their team. This means that it's important to identify who to play around if you're not the one who is ahead.
: I know what it means. I just said that the current variance in gold gained is so low that its ignorable. A shutdown kill shouldn't give one man 1k gold while his teammates get a regular 50-80 gold for an assist that they worked just as hard to get with the difference of them not last hitting.
It still sounds like you need to look it up. Let's put it this way. There is a large variance in gold gained between players.
: "variance in gold gained by each player" - There is no variance here. Its a 0 to 50 gold ( if getting an assist ) to others while the killer gets 1k gold. Also, you said that it's better than before. Then why is the number of unsatisfied players in this season growing each day? Everything they've done since season 7 is absolute dogshit. This season is the worst so far.
you need to look up the definition of "variance"
Doge2020 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Khristophoros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IJulWu8T,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-14T21:06:05.205+0000) > > It's still a team game. An important (and intended by design) part of the game is knowing how to play around the strongest member of your team. So there is supposed to be variance in gold gained by each player. There are supposed to be opportunities for individual players to get ahead. Right now it's dependent on who gets last hits on kills and I don't think that's a perfect system but it's better than before where there was not as much opportunity for an individual to shine. The part about how it is dependent on who gets last hits on kills is really only true in low elo. In high elo they know how to play and stay alive, so it is more focused on getting objectives than kills. Yes getting kills is important, but to me getting an objective for free or from a kill is much better and outweighs the option of getting a kill and doing nothing with it (which is sadly what happens in a lot of low elo games).
Thanks for telling me how "high elo" works all the way up in silver 3
: If this is a "team" game then give us back the TEAM gold
It's still a team game. An important (and intended by design) part of the game is knowing how to play around the strongest member of your team. So there is supposed to be variance in gold gained by each player. There are supposed to be opportunities for individual players to get ahead. Right now it's dependent on who gets last hits on kills and I don't think that's a perfect system but it's better than before where there was not as much opportunity for an individual to shine.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: balance in pro is a fucking mess
If Urgot proves to be as OP as you claim they will start banning him more.
Verxint (NA)
: Why do some lategame/scaling champions have ridiculous level 1 and 2?
Because the game is more interesting when there are weird power curves.
: (Potentially) Unpopular opinion: Zed would be a much healthier champion if he was ap, not ad
More one shots from hextech items (they hit harder than duskblade)
: I'd say it is in many situations, simply because the enemy might not be ready for an Akali to suddenly pop up right where they thought reinforcements were coming from.
keyword: necessarily It can be better _or worse_ given the situation and you guys aren't acknowledging that there are situations where it's worse. btw why aren't you guys mad about Warwick having both options (follow or interrupt) without being required to spend his ult for one of those options?
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: It's safe to that Akali has a free TP and doesn't even have to time it right. Talk about roaming potential.
How is it "free" if it requires an enemy to TP too? Her "free roam" as you put it always comes with an enemy arriving before she does.
: > [{quoted}](name=Khristophoros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yanEe1Br,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-09T12:40:41.705+0000) > > Well she has no way to interrupt TP so it's a unique, alternate way for her to counter an enemy doing a TP gank where most other champs would be able to interrupt the TP and prevent the TP gank completely. Uhm... I'm just going to go ahead and suggest her ultimate can interupt a TP.
Oh I forgot but still, having to spend your ult to interrupt a TP kinda sucks. Anyway point is following a TP isn't necessarily better than interrupting it.
crossps1 (EUW)
I think lethality Garen is really fun but I've been way more successful with full tank.
: Because the designer felt following a TP for free was a smart idea... just like Tower immunity more or less.
Well she has no way to interrupt TP so it's a unique, alternate way for her to counter an enemy doing a TP gank where most other champs would be able to interrupt the TP and prevent the TP gank completely.
: Absolutely true my old friend.
What was your summoner name in beta?
: when the riot will re-sell to ufo corki?
It's a limited edition skin, not legacy. It will never be released again.
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