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: Dear low elo "innovator", You're not going to find a new meta by building attack speed conqueror shyv, dark harvest support ez, or klepto leona. New metas aren't made by trying random things, they're discovered by players that know what they're doing theorycrafting something and knowing why it could work. Things like garen yuumi bot, viktor top, or taric mid funnelling for yi weren't random picks that happened to work out, they were well thought out strategies with logic and understanding of the game behind them. For the sake of your future teams, please stop. This suggestion alone shows you don't have that much understanding of the game, as it means you're not building around your team or the enemy team's builds.
Pretty sure I am NOT "LOW elo" Back when gold was the highest rank I was gold 2. And when my team isn't gripping about one of my runes we do just fine. And the Dark harvest ez thing was just because someone banned the sup I was going to use... and then stole the next sup I picked to play it mid.... so clearly he was just going to troll all game and the match was a loss.... so I just picked a hero I hadn't played in a while for funzies. Sadly our jungle was ALSO trolling and would pretend like he was going to gank and would just back out once the fighting started.... and my adc kept falling for it. >.> It is a team game.... It would be a lot better to build around an unknown team build then to have someone fucking off in jungle or top all game instead of HELPING THE TEAM. When I play with my diamond friends they don't question my builds at all.... it is when I play with these boosted people that like to over extend and whine about how the team isn't helping them... or NEVER WARD... that I start having problems. Maybe just hide it in normals and show it in ranked
: its not just there for your teammates to see, its there for the enemy. that is so the enemy can see what you are building so they can build properly against it
That is why I said hide from team mates... not just hidden. Most the time it is just one or two people..... but last game it was my WHOLE TEAM. I was a tank and would start a fight at our turret..... and my team would wander off in to the jungle spam pinging my runes. And were constantly typing in all chat about my runes away from dying minions so they were all under leveled.
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KiaKun (NA)
: Server changes maybe?
I have found out that the problem is a connection between me and the server.... but it seems you can't even look up the AREA that the IP is from on any site I visit. I also find 2 things strange: 1: I use to only be about 15 "hops" from the server... now I am over 30 hops.... but I can't even get the tracert to finish. (starts timing out when it gets to LA) 2: One of the hops goes out of my city and then the next connection is BACK to my city.... or a different part of the city? I can see why our internet is getting worse even though we have faster speeds......... damn ISP monopolies lol, I just realized.... California internet has the same problem its roads do. XD They don't have any long runs to get traffic around the cluster in the middle.
KiaKun (NA)
: Server changes maybe?
Damn Was hoping something would get fixed.... hard to play with the lag. Just almost killed a Trist before she jumped away... I ignited her but it lagged and didn't actually cast. :'( (she said she had 10hp left)
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: Wait, you can't move it anymore? Also adding an auto-cast NO is a dumb idea. As if people in low elo didn't refuse to FF enough, even when the match is over.
> [{quoted}](name=Epicebixia,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A6j2XAjx,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-04T05:16:52.250+0000) > > Wait, you can't move it anymore? > Also adding an auto-cast NO is a dumb idea. As if people in low elo didn't refuse to FF enough, even when the match is over. Low elo people are the ones that need to not surrender the most..... you are never going to get better if you are a quitter. And most the games like that people say is over are still winnable..... just use wards and stop going in 1 or 2 at a time when they are 4 or 5.... wait for the rest of the team. OH, and don't focus the tank. oh yah and if you can't push a lane quickly.... don't over extend. (If you aren't doing any damage to an objective then you are better off just staying with the team)
KiaKun (NA)
: Surrender vote
Is there a file or something I can delete to make the surrender vote not pop up??
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Sęraph (NA)
: I think it is great. no toxic all chat.
> [{quoted}](name=Sęraph,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=znZiiYzr,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2019-04-01T17:02:38.494+0000) > > I think it is great. no toxic all chat. There is an option to disable all chat.....
: This "woof woof bark" and "meow meow meow" stuff is stupid
> [{quoted}](name=ArtumisPrime,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=znZiiYzr,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-01T10:28:18.652+0000) > > It's not cute. It's not cheeky. It's not funny. > > Just annoying. It would be fine if the april fools option in "video options" turned it off..... but it doesn't seem to. I was trying to tell someone that I was their support yesterday.... but couldn't. :(
: Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now!
Someone should make a video on this.... this is confusing.
: What's broken in league is what's broken with gamers in 2018
There are a couple games that people have fun in.... but the games are made TO BE FUN. Riot has been taking it's self too seriously and that has made the game feel more serious..... the pre-ladder days were great. I most liked that you could go AP or AD on any hero and mix and match items with out people comparing it to "the pros" The other problem is the reworks of heroes.... I don't think they have changed Jannas core skills.... but they redesigned her look. She use to be really sexy... and had no shoes.... why did they add shoes to a FLOATING hero. They seem to have deleted my old posts on this issue....... but I am still salty about this to this day.... she was the first hero I played and bought and holds a special place in my heart. I wish I could see my old post to see all the changes they made to her.... but I know they changed her thong to shorts and added shoes.... I think they nerfed her boob size too but can't remember. any way.... getting all worked up about Janna again. :'( doesn't sound like they are going to undo that any time soon.... sounds like things are getting worse.... and they have hired a diversity company to come in and check up on how they are doing for diversity in their company....................good luck with that riot. LMAO Teemo OP, nerf Irelia
KiaKun (NA)
: @Riot, Why I quit LoL
@XanMrai No idea what that means @Jamaree Yes making EVERY option viable would never happen..... but allowing an AP OR AD option for each hero is doable for a start. from there you would have to buff/nerff things to balance them to other heroes. Having the only option for tryn to be crit build isn't fun @DNA 2nd point is an issue... people see a company cave in to people that don't even play the game and lose trust in the company and quit. A lot of people quit because of that... I was one of those people... and I did come back to try and see how things were going after I discovered custom skins. But then they broke custom skins... so I quit again. Looks like I haven't played in 3 years.. and currently if things stay the same have no interest in playing again There are plenty of other MOBAS that haven't broken my heart... DoTa, Striff, HotS, HoN, LoCo (remake) and so on... Riots best option is to look at what attracted players in the first place.... I loved messing with random builds and seeing how well they worked... and some of them were pretty good and fun... attack speed/crit akali blood razor/attack speed/CDR lux Tanky Soraka I had a build on Irelia that was lifesteal/spell vamp that LOOKED like AD... but was really AP... so people would build armor to stop me and couldn't figure out why I was still wrecking them. "teemo OP, nerf Irelia!!" Part of the fun was the random builds that people looked at and thought you would be an easy target and would try and focus you just to get wrecked..... if you boil the game down to simply pushing down towers to get to the nexus then you lose a LOT of the fun of the game........ I have no idea the current state of the game... but when is the last time you saw a Janna or Ashe mid? I use to love Karma mid (before her rework - RIP Karma)
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: HUD Update
all the stuff is grouped up and in the way... when it is spread out across the edges of the screen it allows you to see more of the battle on the screen and more room to click to move. also easier to quickly see what you want to see if it is the only thing on that part of the screen.... with it all grouped up that is too much info in the same place and it will be harder to glance at what you are looking for and back at the battle on the screen. i do wish you would move buffs back to where they were before... having buffs to the far left and debuffs to the bottom center is dumb.
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Ypherion (NA)
: Preseason 2015 Q&A [Completed]
when are we finally going to get BRIGHTNESS and GAMMA options? and/or being able to MOVE ONLY with left click and ATTACK ONLY with right click. (swapable)
: Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild
I see Riot thinks they are blizzard now... doing what ever the fuck they want with out giving a damn what players think.
: ...Riot, I love Soraka to death, but you just got rid of the only reason a lot of people played her. Soraka was the ONLY support, no, only CHAMPION in the game that could give allies mana, which is a huge thing that made her unique. But it's not only just that. Starcall for instance-- I like that you made it so it won't as easily just cs steal or whatever, but *Soraka is not made to do damage.* That's just not her. She is the "support." She doesn't want to hurt people. And especially considering that you now made it so that she cannot heal herself with Astral Blessing-- what's she going to do if there are no champions nearby? She has no way of healing herself now unless champions are nearby, and I doubt that a Kha'zix will let her smack him with a meteor to get back a little heath before he chops off her head. Another thing now is that Soraka's New E (also known as Swain's W+Silence), aside from it being no longer original whatsoever, is COMPLETELY useless against non-caster ADC's. Lucian (mid-late), Vayne, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Teemo, Tristana, and Twitch will not be affected by the silence at all, and all of them except Ashe have the mobility to easily get out of the stun spot. So you pretty much just got rid of Soraka's E in laning phase against most Marksmen/ADC's. The only other thing I have to complain about now is the New version of Astral Blessing. Yes; The lower cooldown is great, even with the range reduction. BUT, Soraka lost her passive that made Wish and Astral Blessing so helpful-- that targets with lower health get healed more. This gets rid of those clutch heal saves, as that tiny bit of health won't help if Kha'zix/Shaco/Rengar/Any Assassin jumps on you. This really gets rid of Soraka's effectiveness against.... ~78% of the champion pool. She has a really weak heal now (except her ult, but that's a really long cd), no mana restore, an easily avoidable by every ADC or mobile champion root, and no way to heal herself without enemy champions nearby. That's another thing; this new rework will get rid of Soraka's entire lane sustain. Considering that Astral Blessing takes both health AND mana, she'll be using her health and mana to heal her teammates. Okay, now she needs to heal? Try hitting the enemy a few times with starcall. Oh look, Soraka's mana pool is now entirely gone and she can't do... anything but throw bananas. I don't want to sound mean Riot, but you always say that you try to keep a champion close to their theme and adapt them to the current meta. This is entirely breaking Soraka's theme, and while it may adapt to the new meta, I honestly feel that you didn't really think this through too much, especially considering how you've been borrowing abilities from other champions for a while now, including Soraka's new Equinox. (Which was taken from Swain's Nevermove. Some other borrowed things lately are such as Gnar Taking Vayne's Silver Bolts and Sivir's Boomerang Blade, Xerath's ENTIRE new kit (Q is Varus's Arrow, W is Leona's Ult, E is shorter range Ashe ult), and Skarner's New Passive. (Which is just a slightly different version of Braum's)) I really wish that you would keep to Soraka's true theme, Riot. And I know that you probably won't read this, unfortunately, as you don't have time to browse every single comment on here. But truly, as a person who loves to play Soraka, please... if you're going to rework her, try to stay closer to her theme. Because Rooting, having a truly damaging Q, etc... is not Soraka. Soraka tells you how she should be when she's walking, "To Heal and Protect." To harm and to hurt is not Soraka. Soraka is the truly purest support there is right now, and you're reworking a lot of these supports to be Zyra/Annie copies who have CC and fair damage. I don't want that for Soraka, and I'm sure many others don't either. Please, please.... Try to think this through more before you release it. Please.
yah they should have just made a new hero.... same shit with karma... they re-did karma and still no one plays her... all they had to do with old karma was increase the damage of her Q and maybe add a little bit of range and she would have been golden. and they keep turning heroes in to ether AP or AD.... when LoL first came out you could do any hero AD or AP. they NEED to stop redoing heroes kits that are not OP.... if they want to redo some ones kit redo yashua or what ever his name is.
KiaKun (NA)
: sooo..... now do we get in contact with them if we see a change that dosn't fit the "Design Values"?
and..... no one knows.....
: Patch 4.9 notes
sooo..... now do we get in contact with them if we see a change that dosn't fit the "Design Values"?


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