: GJ Riot you somehow made the Jungle determines games situation worse
I have been having a lot of success with AP Amumu despite being one of the champions that was supposed to be non-viable with the Jungle changes. It's more or less the same only now you want to focus on farming a bit more to stay ahead on XP and get punished for wasting time, losing dragon XP, losing kill/assist XP. While it's possible to control dragon yourself, most the time it depends on whether bot or mid is dominating their lane to assist you. If I gank bot it's usually an easy dragon, and if I get dragon its usually an easy herald. Then another easy dragon and so on. Not much mid or bot can do from behind so it's especially important they don't disadvantage themselves early game so jungle can make their moves.
: What happened to support items?
Everyone seems to be forgetting mage supports were awful before the changes, and are in an even worst position now. Supports strong before the patch (Nautilus, Thresh, Blitzcrank, Pyke, Leona, Moragana) are still the best now. These changes do not effect their itemization.
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: Is it fair that if someone AFKs, everybody that is on the Losing team loses LP?
Would be fairly simple to make LP rewards or losses proportional to in-game performance.
: If Swain ever needed more changes at any point, I had a few ideas that I wanted to share
Swains awful: (P) 100-200 bonus HP by 15-20min (Q) Cool down is too high and does no damage past close range. (W) Good utility and decent damage late game. Useless in lane unless you chain it into (E). (E) Does no damage and moves too slow especially when your trying to stun people in front of you. (R) Does no damage while you charge your burst. Sustain is negligible. There's not a single lane Swain does well in. Almost anyone can out trade you as soon as they get close enough if you have no ultimate.
: Now that the dust has settled, can we talk about the Swain rework? Kayle and ASol while we're here.
I've been playing Swain mid with Electrocute and it's been working out so far. Personally, I don't like RoA even through it's standard on most builds. The 20% CDR from Ludens plus 10% from Transcendence feels a lot better and let's you spam Deaths Hand, much like you could before. I rush ZHG right after for max CDR than build Rabadons for even more damage. IMO the higher damage output / ultimate scaling makes up for it. Luden's also makes it much easier to farm since you can pop Deaths Hand twice to clear waves. My main issue is dealing with mobile assassins (Fizz, Zed, Katarina, Talon) even if you're playing right, they shoehorn you into building crap like stopwatch, arm guard or RoA to survive early game, while they keep stacking damage. Why doesn't E give you vision on enemies you hit in the fog?
: Aftershock, Tanking and Resolve tree in general
I don't think there's a problem with Aftershock. How many of those champions can use any of the Precision keystones reliably? It scales no where near as good as any of the Precision keystones. Fiddlesticks and Lissandra only take it, because of how inadequate other keystones are and how vulnerable they are. They don't even build enough armor or magic resist to make it relevant past early game. I only take Aftershock when I know I'll be getting beat by the enemy team the whole game and it makes it just slightly more bearable while losing out on the damage oriented keystones.
: Can we finally buff vision?
Vision is in a good state, just hardly anybody prioritizes it as much as they should. Every Jungle taking Domination keystones should be taking Ghost Poro or Zombie Ward. Players should be buying a lot more control wards and using their trinkets more. Maybe add a feature where control wards generate a small amount of gold based on how many times enemies step into vision?
: Guess im quitting SoloQueue this season
Minimize loss runs, maximize win runs. Usually means you stop playing after losing 2-3 games in a row then try again tomorrow or in a couple days. Stick with champs your familiar with (50%> WR) and you will climb. Depending on how lucky and how good you are this can take a short or long amount of time.
: I. hate. Jhin
Jhin is garbage, I cannot count how many games I've lost supporting them bot lane. Even when you win lane they get out scaled by basically any other ADC.
GankLord (NA)
: Question for Swain Mains
They tried unsuccessfully to make him more like he was before the rework. Let's see what old Swain had: - Toggle ultimate with better healing - One DoT zoning ability - One DoT damage buff - One ranged snare Now it's: - Ultimate gated by CD with less healing - Cone skillshot with no damage, poor range and prohibitive CD - A slow ranged skillshot that roots champions for a short duration ON THE WAY BACK + soul fragment - A long ranged, high cool down, poor damage utility skillshot + soul fragment I expected the changes to Q to make farming easier, but it made it harder. It's longer CD prevents you from using it again to clean up low health creeps. Range isn't even good enough to trade with most melee matchups now, LOL. W is still garbage outside of the odd times it's useful, Long CD and delay make it difficult to include in your E+Q combo. E is still unreliable and since your Q is on higher CD you have to use this spell more often just to CS properly. Removing healing with passive now means I get punished for pulling in people after E. Health scaling is useless and I burn through my mana CSing even with RoA. Unless the enemy team is running from you healing buffs are useless.
Moody P (NA)
: Galio is the weakest antimage concept ever
Passive should do bonus damage if you hit champions in your tornado, ultimate should be moved back to regular cast instead of cast on ally. There are plenty of better tanks, that Galio has no chance of competing with (Rammus, Sejuani, Amumu, Leona, Thresh, Malphite, etc.) providing greater utility and damage, plus most ALREADY aren't popular picks.
: For entire seasons you discouraged "healbot Soraka" and you come up with Yuumi
I always ban Yuumi when I'm playing bot lane. I don't think she performs better or worst than other matchups I encounter, just very obnoxious to play against. If their ADC is bad than you get free gold off both of them. If their ADC is good than your never going to kill either of them since they keep themselves AND Yuumi out of harms way. Yuumi's bank on the latter happening since they never take flash. Support Poppy looks good.
: people call katarina a "low elo stomper"
Point-click crowd control (Nautilus, Skarner, Malzahar, Alistar, etc.) preferably from multiple sources is the best way to counter Katarina. That being said most players wont bother picking Katarina into crowd control heavy teams. If I'm picking after an enemy Katarina I always try to get something that will counter her. If they're good they'll wait for you to use your crowd control or engage with their team. Being melee isn't as much of a disadvantage as people make it out to be since ranged casters get obliterated by Katarina if they miss their crowd control.
: is xin zhao bad in todays meta?
I've had success playing AD Xin Zhao (AD enchantment > Phantom Dancer > IE) at Platinum elo. You deal an absurd amount of damage once you get IE. Scales better late, regardless you have to make the most of your strong early game to effectively snowball.
Revital (NA)
: My runes are switching to another page before games
I frequently encounter this problem. I will change my runes during champion select, giving them enough time to save, only to have them switch to a default rune page.
: The only problem with this approach is that some forms of gameplay aren't accounted for rank. For example, an obnoxious split pushing Trynd or Singed could win a game for their team even if they are feeding.
> [{quoted}](name=Silent Reaper,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hvfWmzph,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-06-28T19:59:17.949+0000) > > The only problem with this approach is that some forms of gameplay aren't accounted for rank. > For example, an obnoxious split pushing Trynd or Singed could win a game for their team even if they are feeding. It's not perfect, but still far better then what we have now. Heavy split pushers usually have average or above average ranks since their farming all game.
: riot's method to trash games
Pre-game stat sites demonstrate that the outcome of most games is determined before they even begin. Individual performance has no impact on how much LP you win or lose after a match, it's ridiculous that someone whose playing poorly on a winning team gets the same amount of LP as someone carrying. Vice-versa players doing well on a losing team shouldn't lose as much LP as someone feeding. The easy fix is to make LP gains and losses scale with performance. For example, getting S rank and losing reduces LP lost by 50% and winning with S rank should increase LP gains and so on. It would also encourage players to stay invested in games they anticipate to lose and for players doing poorly to do better in games they anticipate to win. In my opinion this would make games and the community MUCH healthier.
: Fuck Jungle
I find Jungle more consistent to play then any other role. If you can macro-game you can dominate games from beginning to end.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Sion needs a buff
Tank Sion is the most viable option since you can push hard, but that's about it, Your (Q) doesn't do enough damage and is far too unreliable to warrant playing full AD. In most match ups (Riven, Mordekaiser, Riven, Jax, Tahm, Pantheon, etc.) landing a fully charged (Q) is very tricky unless your hiding in brush, since it's so easy to interrupt or side-step. Maxing (W) is preferable to (E) now since it does more damage and allows you to sustain and farm HP. If you cannot land (Q) or (R) during a skirmish then your essentially useless. Personally, I think his ultimate's cooldown should be reduced at all levels or be given more speed or control. Passive is basically useless outside of attacking towers since the revive animation gives opponents ample time to get away.
Xavanic (NA)
: Why is brand allowed to exist in his current state?
Brand is awful right now even after buffs to Conflagrate. Your an easy target for Jungle, Supports with hooks / hard engage and bring no utility to lane. Takes too much effort to keep yourself and your ADC alive. Too many champs can dance around you or negate your damage before it ramps up. I've ironically had more success playing Brand jungle then I have in lane.
Løku (NA)
: Zac Revert is bad and so are the people who wanted it.
Just came here to comment that the new ultimate feels like garbage. I ganked bot lane while they were pushing tower, and thought I could ult them behind our tower, but NOPE I just knocked them up briefly and they flashed to safety. Who the hell are these changes supposed to help? No one even plays this champ and you removed the only thing that made a difference.
: So when is galio gonna be a viable mid laner again? no1 is asking for him to be OP just viable.
The wind up on Justice Punch makes for some interesting moves, but tends to get in the way more often then it helps. I wouldn't mind if they made Galio a tank, but right now his base stats are awful and he doesn't provide much utility or damage. Ultimate cool down should be shortened or provide damage reduction on targeted ally again.
: Playing immobile champs in this game feels like shiit.
Yeah, it's pretty annoying and I think Riot should get more creative with their items to allow more counter-play against mechanics like dashing, invulnerability, invisibility, etc. Maybe an active item that prevents/blocks these abilities somehow? Would help against some of the more one-sided match ups and add more depth to how and when champs choose to use their abilities. It's funny people point out here immobile champions are balanced, while champions with high-mobility continue to dominate the game. You mess your stun or whatever your supposed to land and your screwed, no escape!
Beswyn (NA)
: How to help chogath
Cho'gath is pretty underwhelming at the moment. My biggest gripe is with how difficult it is to budget your mana between farming and poking. When Vorpal Spikes was a toggle ability you could continue to farm and poke while utilizing your passive for mana. Now once you run out of mana you cannot utilize your passive efficiently.
Alkaîd (NA)
: Riot, please consider nerfing knock ups/displacements/airborne
Yes, less CC to deal with the plethora of annoying mobile champions. A lot of these champs would move to trash tier, if they're not there already, if tenacity reduced knock up duration. Doesn't feel good to get immobilized, but that's usually your fault for getting caught or not having your team nearby to bail you out or capitalize on the enemy team using their CD.
: Can we talk about how the level of fun has dropped dramatically and the level of toxicity has risen
I stopped playing after failing my fifth Platinum promotions. The new ranking system is awful and introduced more problems then it fixed. Quick rundown: - LP splash is inconsequential - If your in promotions for one role LP gains made using another role don't count towards your promotions, but LP losses count towards all your roles - Provides no incentive to play anything, but your primary role IMO the overarching issue is that LP is awarded only to players who win their games. You can do awful or even try to lose your game, but if your team carries you to victory your still getting more LP then the S/A rank players on the losing team. There's no incentive to do well if you expect to lose, which is why players give up 5 minutes into the game, spam surrender votes, throw the game, argue with their team, etc. If your not going to win it's a waste of time and effort. What's the point of awarding player's points on their individual performance if it has no bearing on climbing the ladder? I would be more enthusiastic to play out difficult games if I knew I could reduce the amount of LP I'd lose.
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Gall (NA)
: Moving Brand from Support to the Midlane.
There's too much power in his passive and not enough in his abilities. Even if miss your abilities or fall behind you can still dish out damage off your passive which is what makes him a strong support. I'm in favor of gutting Brand's passive and giving him better AP ratios so he's not railroaded into support roles and forced to itemize DoT. Being able to use yourself as a conduit for your abilities or increased movement speed off landing spells would do wonders.
Al3K5j3Car (EUNE)
: Is nautilus viable jg in s9?
I've been playing him exclusively in jungle since preseason. I currently have a 45% win rate at 11 games playing at Plat IV, I will probably level off at around 50%-60% if I keep playing. I typically run Aftershock, but I think Conqueror and Press the Attack are viable if not better. I max W and activate it before each camp to reduce it's cool down and cycle my passive between creeps for bonus damage. Your first clear is slow, but you can gank as soon as you get your hook and can clear raptors, wolfs and krugs easily. Biggest drawbacks are speed and damage. Your damage is tied to your shield, so when it's on cool down or gets destroyed your auto attacking and dealing no damage, which is why Conqueror and Press the Attack are great options IMO. You typically want to stack HP and resists, but it doesn't hurt to have one or two attack speed items if you get ahead and your team is doing well. Mobility boots help tons and Knights Vow is a great support/tank item that most meta jungler's cannot utilize. Be sure to ward and don't get too cheeky trying to fight for early scuttle crabs/ buffs against stronger early game champions. I like ganking through lane and try to walk up and stun champions with my passive so I can bait their dashes/flashes into my hook.
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