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: There should really be a there-is-a-ward ping
Yes, as a support player who are busy zoning, harassing or defending, having to type there is a ward when our jungler comes every time is...annoying.
epicchef (NA)
: LMAO! People think that Diana is too strong right now...
With Ekko exists? Not in a million years.
: Yes plz.
uh yeah but, what happen if you got ddos by your own teammate just because your team seems to be losing? And the one that has to go to do their business would be like, oh don't worry, you will get mercy vote I'll just leave. etc
Nidoking (NA)
: Does Azir require really good ping to play as or something?
yap. Your ping better not be more than a 100. The high it is, the more your soldier just attack minion in range randomly. lol
TheSlogs (NA)
: Define: Overpowered
1) When there is absolutely no way to out trade even with a better play and better positioning and their champ is literally tanking your tower and still come out ahead. 2) 1 core item no boots in after 20 min into the game and then, TRIPPLE KILL, QUADRA KILL, PENTA KILL because champ ability numbers are too high.
: I want to upvote this, because the "x champ is OP" people are one of the more annoying things I see on these boards, and yet I just can't. Why are you making a thread just to yell at them?
No, I'm just making fun of the people who defending Ekko not being overpowered by using that his winrate was low on release.
Rasv (NA)
: Dear soloqueue ADCs,
I picked braum and I have this tristana going ham on nami with ignite and Ashe at lvl 2. Then she get bubble when I'm already try to wall of ashe projectile with my wall. I tried to zone nami off the entire time and I was like...Trist, wtf are you doing?? Trist was like, I hate your fuckin support. It pisses me off. so I was like, can you pls not go ham and just farm? You are late game and there is no reason for you to get bubble and die every time. Then I realize, trist took ignite....she wants only kills.
The CDC (NA)
: Renekton craps on Darius, but it's unfortunate this happened. Some people are just poor planners. You aren't any better for "screaming" at him, though.
> [{quoted}](name=The CDC,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=VuEHf71v,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-06-05T16:07:44.119+0000) > > Renekton craps on Darius, but it's unfortunate this happened. Some people are just poor planners. You aren't any better for "screaming" at him, though. I haven't said anything all game. Literally dead silent. I didn't even criticize his play or how he feeds. But yah, telling other people that they ruin my game for their irresponsible behavior makes me a bad person. So tell me, why then he played 2 normal games on that day and then rank game at the last moment when he had to go? If anything, he came in to troll.
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: rofl, the shit league players do
> [{quoted}](name=Sandalpho,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=VuEHf71v,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-04T22:17:29.989+0000) > > rofl, the shit league players do And he wants people to report me for screaming at him.
Grogba (EUW)
: Bard's Tempered Fate - My beef with the casting delay
maybe make his ult cast delay works like zigg? the closer it is cast to him the shorter the cast delay and feel like instant? The long range can have the same cast delay like what we have now.
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: Kayle cannot be buffed....not without a rework. Her kit is just too damn powerful to be number buffed in its current state.
She can be especially in tank meta. Before it was assasin meta, full of squishy and she's the perfect anti-assassin. That's why she's played every game. But now, she does no dmg to front line or enough dmg to squish in time before get cc'd to death.
: omg 48% winrate, he must be nerfed. a balanced champ is 45% winrate.
Just released! 48% That's when people don't know how to play him yet. 90% popularity. Freaking Ekko kids. oooo I can be challenger with this hero, I'm so good.
: Ekko is a well designed and balanced champ. Im not trolling.
: How to completely eliminate any form of player DDOS (riot implement required)
This is an interesting idea. I don't know much about computing, but I'd like Riot's discussion on this.
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darkhub (EUNE)
: Azir is high ranged and he zones greater. thats why. ekko is meele
You can say that to talon. Just because you are melee, that doesn't mean you are countered to every single champ having much great range than you.
Frius (EUNE)
: one year ago ,KAYLE`s dmg literally died -REDEMPTION OF KAYLE
I just want her E ap ratio and AS per lvl to go back the way it was. QQ
DropFill (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=haaaaaaaalp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YgcMFd8A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-31T23:32:15.077+0000) > > His combination of damage, stun, and zone control is a bit too much when all put onto a single kit. He has one stun, that has 3 second delay. And I used to think that Sion Q that had a high delay.
: {{champion:432}} Then you suck {{champion:268}} Then you suck {{champion:150}} Then you suck i could carry with any of those champion as they were on release
and yet you are still in Bronze 4. How is that carrying?
: {{champion:432}} Carried every game on realease {{champion:268}} Even being bugged he was so op since no one knew how to fight him. {{champion:150}} Top tier top laner...
{{champion:432}} Lowest winrate ever. Pick him insta lose. Never carried. {{champion:268}} No ult, if you are winning, your team already wins for you. {{champion:150}} He wasn't top tier top laner on release. He was so shit until they buff him 2 times so much he's ban worthy out of nowhere.
: I don't think we should be worrying about new champs being OP/UP when it comes to having them disabled for the first week of release, it's a bit distracting to the main point because then everyone starts arguing over champ balance instead. I think people just should be given time to learn them before going into ranked, rather than *yo first time with this champ this should go well woo*. It would also give time for people to learn how to play against them before playing against them in ranked.
I agree, but OP/UP can be valid point as well because that's the reason why they don't allow new champ to be in LCS immediately either. Why? It breaks balance and both sides have no idea how to deal with them.
: there's a lot of people who think that... at least, that champs shouldn't be allowed in ranked right away.
Sells dude. Think about it, LCS is full of professional and introducing new champs immediately will create full blatant controversy hurting the reputation. But in rank? There is no publicity of the backlash. There are size of consumer in every other divisions outside of rank are full of desperate people looking to abuse the opportunity to use new champ that's potentially OP. It's like P2win but subtle. It sells with the attraction of allowing people that buy it has the advantage of getting it first with RP or IP.
: Agreed. Disable new champions and champions who just underwent a major rework for a full patch. 1) You don't know how to play him, we don't know how to play against him, we don't know how to play with him on our team (especially since Riot's new philosophy is "if it doesn't have a new mechanic IT WON'T SELL!!!!!!!!!!"). 2) No, you did not master him in 3 days. Stop. 3) Nobody wants to deal with "must pick new champ regardless of comp and roles". 4) Possible severe balance issues. 5) Possible game-breaking bugs. A champion is not expected to be released in a perfect state, and for this reason they shouldn't be allowed to jump right into ranked.
: You get 3 bans. There are 125 champions. This board is already pretty united in wanting it expanded to 4-5 bans per team and you want us to sacrifice one of the bans we have just because Riot can't at least implement a feature that prevents you from playing a champ you don't have at least a level 2 mastery with? What about the people who instalock a champ, only to say "first time" in the match itself. No way of avoiding that as is, but tying it to mastery level would help alleviate those problems with new and old champions alike.
^this. However, level 2 masteries can be achieved by winning with A-S rank for 5-6 games. Especially, if there are not that many people play the champ yet. That's likely too because there are people who don't instant buy. I played Azir after release for 40+ games and wait for his ult to be fixed before bringing him into rank when I'm sure I could counter. lvl2 mastery is not enough.
ordomis (EUNE)
: Why does a lot of champions leave beta as "OP"?
: What If Bard is Changed To a Top Lane Champ
If anything, he should be changed to a jungle. Reason 1) He scales out of the little thing all over the map and he needs to roam anyway. 2) magical journey. 3) Pretty good set up gank champ.
: I actually just played against an ekko who carried.. sad thing is, he just spammed his abilities really... but uh... that aoe burst on his ult is a lot bigger than it should be. Thats the only real gripe I can say about him. I was decently far away from his shadow and it actually killed me. its pretty big aoe blast...
yeah like how big? 375 radius like Azir soldier? Or giant 550 radius Amumu's ult?
: stop bitching, seriously. the same people that bitch about ekko are the same lot of fools that bitch about most assassins and get pub stomped by {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:1}}
They have range and radius number shown. How do you expect people to learn about the champion just release if they don't give the number detail of the new champs? then it boils down, you don't have the answer.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >How can some bugs don't appear Because they don't. It's slightly different software between the servers and they don't happen till they hit one an another. There's been several things that happen when they come to the live that didn't occur when they were on the PBE. The programming needs to be perfect between the files and such and if one thing is off then something else will occur when it hits a new server.
Then maybe they should rethink of PBE design to fit more with the actual server better.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Some bugs don't appear on the PBE. They are actually caused on the LIVE.
How can some bugs don't appear when his ult did 0 dmg, no knock back, and everyone can walk through. His passive tower didn't do correct dmg. His soldiers randomly cancelled attack. All of these are obvious bugs that should have been detected. If not, then they should have check their quality of coding before release.
: I'm pretty sure the system does do the shit of jacks. I had friends that said gg ez after a game and immediately he get's a warning for saying it. Maybe it's not working cause your not going on the tribunal enough. Even though it's on maintanence still.
Just a warning, the only one person I know get banned for my report was 2 years ago and I literally have to send the actual replay directly to Riot customer service dropbox. He got banned for a week. I check on match history of trolls and intentional feeder my team report this season. Out of 10 games, 0 of them has been banned for a period.
: it didnt cause the game to crash
It's so buggy they disable him because he could even spawn his passive turret at any places at anytime.
: No, because you provide no real evidence to support your claim.
The champs release in season 5 is the evidence. There is another post similar to this also which has hundreds of people want what I propose. You are in denial, sorry.
: If people insta lock in rank freaking report them then. Cause they are still instalocking trolls, that are refusing to communicate to the team. Nothing we can do about stupid people.
Your logic is just so bad. So instead of solving the problem before 9 people get affected. 9 people need to put up with idiots who insta pick new champ, have bad games and then report using the system which has been known to do jackshit.
: Champion's on probation sounds really....REALLY stupid. People can use what they get as much as they please. Why bother restricting it for a set time? Even if it's prohibited to do pvp with the new champ, do you know how annoying it would be to try to pull of a pve with just that champ when someone IMMEDIATELY autolocks it? Happened to me with {{champion:245}} this week and yesterday.
So it's not dumb to instalock new champ no one knows about, buggy and imbalance. But new champ probation in rank is dumb because people are gonna waste their ban slot out 150+ champs out there anyway. What?
: Any Possible Counter TO EKKKOOOO ?!?!?!?{{champion:245}}
not even Morello can counter his ult.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kilane,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bpas4xVH,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-30T19:23:43.013+0000) > > But that wouldn't sell well....right? > > There is no denying at this point that your marketing scheme is affecting the health of gameplay and balance issues. > > You just release super OP champs when you need sells to go up after every underpowered champs. > > Very subtle Rito. > > What's the purpose of PBE? Hyping? Baseless assumptions, like the world being flat because you can see across a plains, then it turns into sky at the horizon. Or the sun revolving around the earth, because it rises on one side and sets on the other. I hate lines like these soooooooooooo much! AAAAGH
Why? Because you can't come to term with your beloved company has a flaw, but all godly perfect.
: because pbe isnt for that dummy pbe is for finding the game breaking bugs, ballance team has barely anything to look for there
Really? Azir ult didn't work. Still released from PBE.
: People are complaining about Ekko
On the contrary, people like you in PBE is the reason why champions come out OP as fuck.
Skyrush (NA)
: Can we get more champions like Vel'koz & Braum?
Braum was op on released actually. {{champion:161}} I wish, but it doesn't sell.
: or you know just don't play ranked
I play rank because people in the mode are more serious at trying to win the game on both sides. The other modes are tad boring. Quesiton, people have to wait every month new champ comes up for those kids to instantly buy new champ into rank mode? How often new champs are released?
: Oddly enough, he's only faced an Ekko four times, three of those games he won, and in the two games where there was an Ekko on his team that Ekko was by no means carrying that much.
3 of those were normals blind, 1 of them is rank. The reason why I won that 1 rank game against Ekko because I went Xerath against him and knew Ekko overloaded kits. That's why I chose Xerath instead of risking Azir and keep my distance to the point Ekko never had a perfect engage. However, that Ekko in rank is still shit.
Fauxfire (NA)
: I would agree with this but you just said {{champion:245}} was over-powered and {{champion:268}} is useless so no. Fuck you.
Azir wasn't useless in release? that 28 bugs in 3 months are not useless? The ult that does nothing was useful?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kilane,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bpas4xVH,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-30T19:23:43.013+0000) > > I don't want to deal with this p2win OP champs on release in rank games like {{champion:201}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:157}} and Ekko > > I don't want to deal with p2lose useless UP champs on release in rank games like {{champion:432}},{{champion:268}}, {{champion:150}} > > Rito, please block them out of rank mode for a week. You can do it when champs are bugged. You can do it for rank games too. Let nubs use new champs to play in other non-rank games > > > But that wouldn't sell well....right? > > There is no denying at this point that your marketing scheme is affecting the health of gameplay and balance issues. > > You just release super OP champs when you need sells to go up after every underpowered champs. > > Very subtle Rito. > > What's the purpose of PBE? Hyping? Instead of saying shit like "this champ on realease is so op/garbage omg, rito it's all your fault" use your brain. Ekko now have a 46.76% win rate and a 44.73% from plat to challenger. If he's so op to detemine the winlose of your games, why the numbers doesn't show it? And i laugh so much at Yasuo being op in the first 2 weeks. He had like a 36% winrate. People still have to learn how to play with/vs him. If you still walk side by side with his ghost... well it's not properly a rito fault... Probably he needs some nerf to the passive and in some scaling but not so much to give all the fault of your lost games to him.
Yasuo was op since release from the get go. No one knew how to abuse his inifinite dash and wind wall at the time. They barely touch him and literally his win rate goes up to 50% until Riot has to keep nerfing him.
jama655 (NA)
: Gnar was op on release idk what your talking about also you can simply have the champ banned or just not play ranked at all i play mainly ranked but im not gonna play it for awhile now because i know the new champ is going to shift things around, instead of everyone crying just ban the damn champ or dont play ranked it really is that simple
Gnar was buffed so many times before being used in LCS. The first time he comes out he was trash. Go look at the change log.
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