NeekOwU (NA)
: You simply have to keep playing, I'd say. You're already playing norms, so there's nowhere else you can really go. I don't know if it's true, but people have said you can get your ranked placements done in order to be matched with people your level in norms. You can try that if you're comfortable. I can see ranks being an issue, but level doesn't mean much so don't get intimidated by that (I'm level 80 and I have no issue fighting people who are level 200 or something, we all suck if we're matched together).
Hmm I thought that Norms had their own set of MMR, or another separated grading scheme to match you with opponents. I could be wrong though since I almost never think about it. But I do agree with you that there's nowhere else to go so all that's left to do is play and have fun! Eventually you'll catch on to playstyles and be able to go toe-to-toe with people at that skill range
intingboy (EUW)
: cant get out of gold
Man I know how frustrating it can be to try so hard but keep losing your matches, especially if they seem like there's nothing you can do. I recently learned that individual skill really is only a part of the game and you're bound to lose a few games that are unrecoverable, but the thing is consistency and that is how you climb. If you consistently make less mistakes than your opponent then you're more likely to win more of your games. I'm NOWHERE as good as gold as yet (climbing up from Iron 3, now I'm silver 3) but what is helping me climb up the ranked ladder is focusing on making less mistakes, rather than trying to "outplay" my opponents. I take much less risks. I try to capitalize on clear opportunities and I focus on objectives more because that's what wins games. You may not value the words of a lowly silver player like me but that's my two cents.
Jamaree (NA)
: Stop playin Ad into him then, or play Ad that doesn’t give a fuck about his semi tankiness like Illaoi
I don't think the problem is with playing any AD champs in the lane against him. The problem is that malphite does too much damage while still maintaining tank stats. You think it's fair only being able to dodge an ability once every 300 seconds? Full AP malphite can 1 shot a Katarina. You'd think that he's the assassin.It's full time they gut the damage on ALL tanks. Tanks should just be damage soakers with crowd control and engage. NOT damage dealers.


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