: Teamfight Tactics
These look really cool! Only question I have is: why are the Little Legends visible in ARAM but not Summoner's Rift? As someone who doesn't play ARAM but plays a ton of SR, I'd like these lil guys to be visible in the fountain by the shopkeeper or something.
Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.11
Hey, I’m having fun messing with Pyke! There’s a lot of changes right now: the role of ADC, jungling being slowed down, the importance of crab, and a brand new style of Support in Pyke. Do you feel like the role of Support is going to fundamentally change? To me, this puts a lot of additional pressure on Support players to roam and help on invading/defending invades. Or is this an overreaction and the “adc bodyguard” will forever be the primary function? About Pyke specifically: the itemization in the game seems to really let him down at the moment. All his good items are priced for solo laners, and the hyper-efficient Support items like Locket and Redemption just do not work at all. Do you feel like he’s currently in a position to succeed once he hits solo queue, or does something outside of his kit need to change?
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.11
Hi! I love Rakan, and I've been doing pretty well on him since his release. However, he doesn't seem to be having much success in solo queue: his win rate has been significantly below-average, even as his play rate tanks. Some related questions: 1. How do you feel about Rakan's laning right now? Personally, playing him into a ranged bully like Sona borders on impossible, since Rakan has neither range nor durability. 2. Is it okay that none of the support starting items are perfect fits for him? At least Thresh gets the auto attack damage bonus for last-hitting with Relic Shield. 3. He seems to be one of the weakest supports in the game early (perhaps the weakest), and one of the strongest late (perhaps the strongest). Is this an intentional part of his identity, or something that will be addressed later? 4. Did the shift in power from his E into his W and Q have the intended effect? Thank you!
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I've played a lot of games this season, and I pride myself in working with my team in order to win games. Not being an asshole is the easiest free way to higher rank. I'm mechanically horrible, and I credit this with making Gold this last season. Quote me, please!


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