SatomiKun (EUW)
: Will they tease it at all? I know, he gets new visuals and so on, but he was initially planned as a GU and we didn't get a teaser for any of the former GUs.
Maybe? because he got promoted as a VGU now
: We've already got Pyke coming in next week. Aatrox/Akali, I forget who was coming first but it's typically in the order that they appeared on the latest champion road map, will probably release either next month or the month after. The other likely won't release until September/October, and Nunu, the last one on the list, won't release until December at the earliest, possibly even January if he takes that long.
Not to be mean but are you new to the boards? specially in the story,art and sound page? if so, the estimation of aatrox->akali->nunu(yes, this is the correct order) release date ranges from may-august/september.
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: FIFA worldcup 2018 skins?
my bet is on june and will be release alongside akali and his all star skin lol
Nylisa (EUW)
: I think his weapon is one of my favourites in league of legends arsenal! That thing looks painful!
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: It's a well-placed line.
: I always liked the idea of Zyra being more primal-focused. Essentially, emphasize on the fact that she is a CREATURE seeking only to survive. I don't exactly know where Riot wants to go with Zyra right now, but I've always interpreted her old lore as her being the last of her species and seeking only to survive as a vicious collection of carnivorous plants. PLEASE OH PLEASE stray away from a Poison Ivy copy.
yes, i kept telling riot to stay away from a poison ivy copycat and I don't like her staying in valoran because jungles are so far away from that continent. Riot needs to redo that, instead of valoran, just rename it to the shuriman continent.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: The longer {{champion:6}} goes, the more I keep hoping its the Star Guardian meme skin especially after that legit meme killer news article. Sona recieved a chroma for Lunar Revel, hope its not just that.
Lol any urgot skin at this moment is a yes for me though and we have the same opinion as to sona.
: they already debunked the .wad skin release thing
They clearly did not debunk all of that as false. They did just told us that they should secure their files more to prevent something to be leak like the wad checker stating the wad files
GreenLore (EUW)
: Actually Cho'gath is among the Top tier candidates for a VGU,so there is a small chance that this was done because they are working on him as well Though I remember that a few months ago,one rioter talked about working on a female VGU(unrelated to the Akali one) and another one talked about a "minor" VGU,so I think that Kayle&Morgana are more likely to get the next VGU after Nunu.
Same as amumu though... And yep kayle and morgana is old news now, so nothing new..
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Almighty (EUNE)
: The idea of skins skipping PBE testing is stupid for the following reasons:
I like their approach but its also kinda risky. If they would pull another one like this they need to be sure that the community will like it.
: Riven is the one I like less aswell, seems too unrefined when it comes to the weapon. I also would have preferred to have this skinline to be limited and felt somewhat special.
Agree. When ps cait was release i was bitter because this skinline should only be limited to ez because its an ulti skin. Meaning ulti skins should only be exclusive to one champion only. But i forgive riot for that because its a legendary skin and i like that skinlikne for cait. But now, instead of getting angry at the new skins, i grew tiresome to this skinline because they don't even look bad but the skin line should not be expanded anymore.
: {{champion:6}} is the only fully reworked without a new skin
: So... no champ reveal for two weeks?
Dont lose hope. Its still monday bro. Tommorow is the final judgement
: Trying to understand this quote has my head hurting..
their bone(rs) will wet my blade(talons dick) lmao joke
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: That Ionian village _officially_ recognizes her as war criminal. However, the understanding we get from the falcon nosed magistrate is that she sees Riven's shame and torment over her crimes, as well as her desire to start her life anew and make atonements for her past. That is why the magistrate "condemned" Riven to a life of hard labor in the village to atone for her war crimes in the Noxian invasion. What the magistrate did was both a sentencing of a crime and a way to allow Riven to continue to live in the village without the burden of needing to hide herself or live in exile as a war criminal and renegade. It was a brilliant move of the magistrate to give EVERYONE the justice they wanted, and allow Riven to restart her life under the protection of the village's council as a "criminal serving a punishment." Riven definitely is Ionian now, given that she outwardly rejected her Noxian roots.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Totally agree. She will continue living in Ionia. It is even shown that she found a family in that land to take care of. It feels like she should become an officially Ionian champion with that story, just like they changed Ziggs to be a Zaunite instead of Piltovian with his comic. Which would mean the Ionian champion roster would have 19 champions then.... Hell, Riot really should take some years of a break from Ionia.
Agreed, Don't worry though, In my opinion (and my prediction/theory) soraka will leave the ionian roaster and will transfer to targon. Making the Ioninian Champs still 18. I also wish that annie's faction would be noxus though, yeah, it clearly stated that she roams into some random houses/travelers but she still never left in that **noxian woods** making her still clearly noxus and in its territory. Noxus faction just focusing on the main folks in the noxian prime will clearly lose its essence as a faction because it just focuses on the city not the whole faction and its pips.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: {{champion:6}} Born in Noxus, then send to Zaun as a **prisoner**. He escaped the prison and now continues killing chembarons to drive Zaun into insanity (well... _more_ insanity), chaos and anarchy. So he is pretty much a criminal in Zaun and I don't think you could see him as having allegiance with Zaun. He just is there to show the Zaunites his vision of strength, which he learned in Noxus. He is still listed as a Zaunite champion. ____________________ Most important for the faction a champion belongs in is not where they are born, if they care for that country in any way or stuff like that. I think it is mostly important _where their narrative takes place_. Riven is not a factor in the lands of Noxus anymore. She will live in Ionia, she takes care of these 2 elderly people calling her their daughter. All her stories from this point on will probably be in Ionia, She has actual impact in Ionia. Not Noxus. Was the same for Urgot. Noxus was his past, but his business, impact and general narrative is in Zaun, he counts as a Zaunite champion.
totally agrees with SatomiKun
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Tialilia (EUW)
: Confessions of a Broken Blade: Part 3 - Universe of League of Legends
Wow what a trilogy. that's amazing riot. I commend you for that :) BTW, is it me or riven should be an ionian now?
: Who would be your dream DNA team on a champ/VGU
For Pantheon (because its redundant to include champs that have been mention by other boards people in this thread already) I'll pick: D: CertainlyT N: JohnODyin A: Kindlejack For Mundo D: EndlessPillows N: Interlocutioner A: BravoRay
: I believe that the invisibility thing with Lux was something they tried putting on her W while designing her, but it was too difficult to balance and they settled for the shield instead.
: Just a Small idea for Nunu!
this should be the case but doubt it cause we only have nunu as the name of the champ unless they'll include willump like "Nunu & Willump" in his rework.
Terozu (NA)
: Nunu is still a child right? He's our only boy child mage other than Amumu (who might be a yordle). Don't wanna lose that. :(
that's the biggest question that i want to ask but i disregard it because it might not be answered lmao it will reveal big stuff if that happens.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Pretty sure he will be out sooner than October/November, considering he was teased in the last Roadmap. Swain came in Feb, Irelia in April, a new champ is pretty sure for May, so following a month or two after each other I'd say Nunu could be seen by August.
Probably, that's my canon release date for him lol
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: I'm so glad I was wrong when he got that buff last time, and more glad that they found the direction for him! Killaburn, who will be your new number one champion for rework? Mine is Morde, followed by Mundo, Pantheon, Udyr, Fiddlesticks, Skarner, Cho. But at this point any tier one VGU candidate is perfect.
Just like you've said, any tier 1 VGU candidate for me is perfect to be the next VGU candidate because nunu already got his VGU. Which is the one i'm more excited/into for. However my next number one champion rework candidate is also morde, because he deserves it next after nunu. He is also my second bet after nunu in the past. If I rank them into an order excluding kayle/morg because we guys already know that they're next after nunu (cause of the wad files ofc lol) its: Morde->mundo->pantheon->fiddlesticks->cho->voli->amumu->skarner->malph(needs an identity/real flesh out lore)->udyr->rammus->noc these are good candidates for 2019 & 2020 But if there are light VGU like aatrox inbetween these champs that I've mention, my bets are: Blitz->ez->caitlyn->veigar->quinn->wukong
GreenLore (EUW)
: What I think is interesting is that they call Willump a behemoth and if I'm not mistaken,then Galio did fight a behemoth in his color story. Meaning that Willump himself might be just a small child in the lore,that would eventually grow into a Galio sized monster.
OMG!!! what a nice theory!!! I did not think of that.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Reav3,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=MXOf2j7T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-19T20:11:57.504+0000) > > :) Reav3 I trust that the Lissandra lore update is gonna come with nunu right? A rioter, maybe you mentioned it with the watchers update :)
I like that lol . I want some 3 sisters lore. Might as well an udyr and trundle lore.
Reav3 (NA)
: :)
lmao what does that smile even mean. BTW, thank you very much. {{sticker:sg-kiko}} I just hope that you could invite tara strong as the voice of nunu if you didn't recorded any voice lines of new nunu yet. If you could not hire her please make nunu's voice more diverse and have an accent like irish, scottish or nordic country accents. I prefer Irish lol. And what are the chances that nunu may come sooner after akali considering that there are no new champs in between the 2. lastly, did you already started the post production for nunu before the april roadmap( I mean the production process minus the pre production)? Advance thanks for the reply. Reav3 awesome rioter ever lol. Once again, I sincerely thank the whole rioters <3
: Nunu needs it. I'm looking forwards to it{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} I'm getting Calvin and Hobbes vibes from this new power of friendship
I kinda like it too lol
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: Heyo! From the [PBE post](, for full context - *EDIT: Based on your feedback across many channels and our own reviews, we've decided to ship Dragon Master Swain Chromas at a later date--we plan to spend a bit more time on him to improve, and to make sure they meet yours and our expectations for really great Chromas* *Badlands Baron Rumble Chromas will still go out this patch!* We haven't set an official release patch at the moment, but tweaks are in progress. :)
OMG! this is splendid katey. I hope that this should be continued to skins aswell. Specially to those skins doesn't meet anyones expectation. I also hope that BM eve be tweak. Make her sleeves longer like a kimono, make her hair white/bluish white like elise/bluish red/pink, make her mask bigger unless its just a upper half mask, give her many tattoos, make an animation of her hair be release from her bun after she transforms in her passive so that who wont give her another hair style/longer hair style because I know making a skin is hard so just small tweaks like this. Lastly her black outfit should be change to red completely because its bloodmoon and its colors are red,white and gold. The red/black resembles her tango outfit so please change it to red or red/white. Another improvement, the things in her back is lackluster and random, i hope it can be change to this( ropes that goes through her front dress) so that it will look like a rope that hasn't been tied that she's controlling. Horns should leave her human form, preserve it to her demon one. On her animations, blue can be tone down with 80% red and 20% blue and more blood particles and bubbles. This applies to her Q. Her ords should resemble demon heads like in the BM gamemode or just red will-o-wisps. W is out off place, should have been a painted heart like this E should have blood stains and particles. And lastly R, her blink route should resemble a bloodmoon like in her recall anim. And her taunt has a diff heart. Overall I like the skin but it needs improvements, might as well upgrade it to 975 RP if that happens. its awesome that she's getting a skin and its a 975 rp but she needs an epic skin too you know unless we're gonna expect another skin for her this year. I hope this tweaks should be viewed and be considered. Thank you skin team and I hope this shouldnt be ignored EDIT: Sorry for the messy words, I rushed this because I'm busy and i love eve. I'll edit this later because of grammatical errors. PS: English is not my native language.
Elfezen (NA)
: can't you wait a few more days, whats the point in being anxious for that since even if you learn it its just 1 champion name that youre gona have to wait another 3-5 months to be finished and released ingame
I understand the OP because just like him/her, the roadmap keep us hype and excited. It gives us joy and a lot of speculations.
: {{champion:40}} {{item:3142}} {{champion:98}} {{item:3070}}
lol i got the joke. I was badly damaged by that though...
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: So now that Ionia got its showing, where are we going next? Bandle City?
I'm sure the next one is bildgewater and after that is a darkin lore. Don't lose hope though cause we don't know yet the lore stories dedicated in the second half of the year.
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The Iceborn (EUNE)
: New Champion?
My prediction date is patch 8.10 The new champ's teaser is in the roadmap next week The new champ will be revealed at the end of April (Maybe another teaser/trailer) The new champ will be on the PBE at May 1, Tuesday The new Champ will be on live servers at May 16, Wednesday OFF Topic: I predict aatrox will soon come follow after this predicted patch. 8.11 to be exact. While akali will be in June.
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QMighty (NA)
: Akali's Update and the Separate Soccer Skins
yep like the other soccer themed skin splash art (lucian and company). Plus, riot wont update the other skins splash art anymore if that happens. It will also minimizes the ratio of outdated splashes if that happens, lessening the outdated splashes which is a nice score for riot. They will also wont hire any more artist and the updating of splashes would go faster by that. Plus, when blitz and ez would receive a VGU they would just tweek those splashes anymore and wont do another one.
: I'm not sure why they wouldn't make these into skins, they're 80's and 90's asf. The middle "poster" image honestly reminds me a bit of The Goofy Movie. I really love these and would definitely grab some if they came out for a main or two.
: God I hope these become real, especially that Vi skin, after the sham that was PROJECT Vi.
yep project vi was a real bummer. I love retro so i hope these skins would become real.
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Reav3 (NA)
: Aatrox isn't a one off. His model is changing enough that it will require a splash update
Speaking of one offs, when will we see the new haunted maokai splash art that was iced box awhile ago? any info? its an eye sore to maokai's skin splash. Plus, I hope hecarim would receive a splash update for his base.
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