Vartius (EUNE)
: Something Is Coming. [Speculations]
are they still making surprise VGU's??
: you mean like this bitch
: Are we discounting the possibility that this champion could be male too? Like I love characters who use their hair as weapons but most of them are usually female, I'd prefer to see a male if League ever got one. Although if a female champion is anything like Flare, I'm down, love that character so much.
male is ok too. and btw i like flare too. plz rito!!!
Shahamut (NA)
Horidas (NA)
: Still waiting for the next piece of void lore.
now that reav3 announced the pattern: new champ( alot of hints that it will be a freljord champ)->mini xin GU->Eve VGU -> new champ -> swain VGU i know there is an aatrox GU specially its in the support page but reav3 didn't particularly said him in the pattern so my proposal will be that the new champ after EVe might be a Void champ/bandle city champ considering those 2 are the left outs of the whole lore revamp.
SSJTribe (NA)
: >sight cite
i edited that now. thanks for the correction and btw english is not my native tongue
: I'd be down for a Millia style character in League
i like the design tbh. gonna watch that anime
3ngin33r (NA)
: Chest hair-mancer who is gangplank's bald cousin
: So you want the Playerbase to have PTSD -Uzumaki Flashbacks?
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I actually like the idea of a hairmancer as a champion (Flare Corona!) and I love Zaun champions. But I think in this case it would be kinda odd, I wouldn't picture someone like her being a Zaunite. I think making her a magician or witch would seem more natural. Ionia would be a possible origin.
yeah that works too lol anything is possible. i just hope riot can implement hairmancers in lol
: {{champion:498}} :-?
no. xayah uses her feathers not hair
kasfas (NA)
: No, I don't want another cop out trope from another franchise. What we need is a strong muscular man with thick hairy legs instead. Part zangeef, part bayonetta, full awesome. And with the loss of urgot, it would be nice to see another noxian champ take his place. Perhaps he was a soldier who was experimented on by the black rose so that he could become more of a terror on the battlefield. He should also be bald, or at least have very short hair that encourages him to use his leg hairs.
: you mean like sindel?
: Never said head hair ;)
GreenLore (EUW)
: Overall I think a hairmancer would better fit as a natural mage. Maybe something based on the fukatuchi onna? The woman whose hair is alive and tries to feed a mouth on the back of her head?(maybe someone with a void parasite sitting in his/her head who only managed to take control over the hair?)
Brascus (NA)
: A New Zed God Has Risen
wtf this has no connections to **_Story, Art, & Sound_**
: Plot twist: This girl stole {{champion:27}}'s hair.
: I think Riot hit their animu quota for several years just from Kayn. I like anime. I like League. I dont want them to be the same thing.
but this is not an animu quota bruh. Hair attack power has been in many genrations not just anime. look for medusa in inhumans(marvel)
: well if you have the power of friendship in fairy tail not even death can stop you
: does jiraiya from naruto count?
zaire90 (NA)
: Honestly I would love anything as similar to Bayonetta as I can get in this game I love that series and this would be a good start
sweet. a bayonetta champion seems great in lol
: I like this idea! i hope riot see's this and upvoted
Danjeng (NA)
: IDK what hairmancers even are. Google search brings up _did you mean: hair cancer? _ Your post is top of the page btw. GJ. You could be the start of this new phrase! Killaburn putting the Pussy on the Chainwax!
HAHAHAHAHAHA i can't stop laughing because of this > did you mean: hair cancer? well i just add Hair(because its the user's power) and Mancer(because it is a manipulator of a certain element) together making it a hair manipulator character. examples are: Sedusa(PPG) Flare Corona(Fairytail) Bayonetta(Bayonetta)
Danjeng (NA)
: Let's not rule out the possibility of a handsome man dazzling the rift with his gorgeous, flowing locks.
Quort (NA)
: You're completely wrong. There are plenty of male characters that use their hair as a weapon. Don't be so ignorant!
sorry for being sexist lmfao. can you please sight examples of male hairmancers?
Escheton (EUW)
: Old school white witch style. I like it, But yes, there have been male examples in pop culture as well. Though less.
thank you haha can you cite examples of male hairmancers cause i never saw one before.
Rioter Comments
: I have an idea. What if when Talon gets a lore update it would be something like this: Talon figures out that he means nothing for Noxus's ruler but a weapon. The only reason Talon was able to became a Du Couteau is nothing else, but his power. He realized that no one ever loved him and starts to change his ideology about the world. He escapes during a battle and a rumor spreads about he is dead. He escapes to Ionia and meets Yi who wants to kill him, but Instead Talon cuts his neck and runs away. But Yi survives and one day later they meet again... And because of Yi has a quote "Anger gives motivation without purpose." he thinks again and forgives him. And seeing that Talon's look is really pity and pathetic ( he was wandering in Ionia and became homeless again ) he starts to feel sorry for him instead of anger and he offers him to come to his house and at least wash his face and eat something.
to forced. considering talon has a huge respect to gen. du coutou he wouldn't do that and talon has a new purpose now, to find the general but what if, talon goes to ionia to find du coutou then sometime he encounters yi along in his journey.
: Can we have a female yordle that wears a Kimono and uses umbrella as a weapon now?
why is this getting downvoted? idk why people are so crab sometimes. #CrabMentality
: Why is this on the main page with this rating and comments? Lol what the hell
: Marie of Splatoon 2?
OMG. i never heard of her. in opinion that's what i want to convey like that character but i think if riot will make this champ maybe they could give originality for her design and skills. gonna put her image her for recognition lol
: > [{quoted}](name=mkyner,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=248kkeyy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-23T14:52:50.581+0000) > > Maybe she could use the umbrella like a big shield, which would reflect a certain amount of damage right back at whoever targeted her. Is that gonna be windwall #3? I don't think I can handle the blood pressure buildup from thinking about it.
mkyner (NA)
: Maybe she could use the umbrella like a big shield, which would reflect a certain amount of damage right back at whoever targeted her.
lol i like that. That it can projectile enemies damage back and i think that it has not been implemented in lol actually. so its a nice addition.
Rioter Comments
: Sona Theory.
I want it to be the other way around so Ionian with Demacian origin. It is the best for sona and i think the Buvelle family has no ties with sona anymore. Wish riot would be diverse/vast and not tease each champ in anyone's stories unlike some so that it will avoid limitation but i think some has nice points like the connection of eve and vayne. btw, how about this, after the Buvelle family massacre, the family start an orphanage in demacia then an ionian adopt sona in ionia then giving her the ethwal.
Rioter Comments
: In Regards To Malphite
sweet! i didn't thought of that, that malphite could belong to targon too. So how about this, combine the two of your suggestions. you inspire me to write a lore for malphite
: > [{quoted}](name=Killaburn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=xWAdyFlb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-21T15:10:23.658+0000) > > nice points lol and i wish kavyn becomes a champion but what if kavyn didn't die and pursue his life forgetting talon too and replacing his name to Kayn by removing the V hahaha > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} So would Kavyn be like kinda upset or jealous of Talon's success and life he is having while he is dead?
Not jealous but kinda upset but you might never know if kavyn moved on. Not all the time people in fantasies grudge other people you know.
: Big opportunity for Pantheon VGU and Chroma
I bet he will look like a sparta again but with some majestic twists like he has some celestial aspects. for ex. a cape that has stars or constellations(see cosmic rakans cape) because he is now not a normal human being but a celestial being and targon has its own theme, the celestial/space theme and by mixing sparta warrior+celestial aspects is a unique way to introduce pantheon in runeterra and not some generic kinda warrior.
Roald91 (EUW)
: Makes all sense, yes. Maybe eve comes even late august.
nope because meddler confirmed that eve's reveal will come out post worlds so 7.19/7.20(late sep and early oct) is a good call
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 21
Hey meddler! can you state the release/patch date of the MF splashes or how they are done by now and any plans on updating classic skins splash arts like skarner/mundo/xin/kass even if its just a placeholder. because they are the only one's that are so outdated whilst i know you can do this because you've update eve's splash last year then now she will receive a new one in her upcoming VGU. thanks and i hope for a reply :D
Zerenza (NA)
: The Gade
I think the glade is another dimension like the void whilst lulu came from that or when she was little she got inside the dimension and comeback after several years. Theories, i think the glade is the fairytail dimension/realm in the world of runeterra i think, which fairy tale skins are based from and some hints also that shaco came from that place considering some fairytales are dark and twisted but after some time(possible after lulu escape the dimension) that world begins to be consumed by the void. The only thing that is bothering me is that why are there portals of worlds starting to open in runetera and not only on runeterra but in other worlds aswell like the void being opened in the glade world? my theories is that some champ keeps opening portals to other worlds like bard or an unknown champ yet to come in the rift.
Rioter Comments
: Talon Question
nice points lol and i wish kavyn becomes a champion but what if kavyn didn't die and pursue his life forgetting talon too and replacing his name to Kayn by removing the V hahaha {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Solideus (EUNE)
: What are the known Factions of ANCIENT Runeterra?
I know icathia is not in valoran but in the southern continent :D
Reav3 (NA)
: The tiers aren't really set in stone tbh. In retrospect I wish I never really framed our VGU priorities as tiers. At the time I was just responding to a comment on the boards asking which Champions where high priority and I threw out a list. Internally we don't separate the VGU candidates by Tiers. When I say Tier 1's I'm more referring to the champions that we feel are currently high priorities and are in the discussion to get a VGU when we start ideating on our next VGU. The way it works internally is that we have all the champions in the game on a list. We then assign a number for different categories of the champion. These categories are Art, Design, Theme, Highly Requested & Potential of Theme. For design, art & theme we assign each a number based on where we feel they are currently at. The highly requested is a number based on how highly requested the champion is by players in our surveys we send out. The potential of theme is based on our own internal assessment as well as how popular a champion once was. Warwick, for example, was very high on the "Potential of Theme" category as he was once a very popular champion but became much less popular as time went on, basically the category is for champions that we think have a theme that resonate very strongly with players but it isn't currently being executed well. Evelynn, Irelia or Akali would be other examples of champions with very high "Potential of Theme" scores. Anyways, we then have a column that adds all of these scores up to see what Champion has the overall highest value to update. All the champions with very high scores end up high priority and are on a list we look at when starting on new VGUs. We constantly update these scores though so champions can go up or down in priority over time. So there are many reasons a champion can be on the list. A Champion like Irelia, for example, could have a similar score as Nunu as She would score very high in "Potential of Theme" where as Nunu would score similarly high in other areas, like theme or requested by players.
Reav3, i hope that after the release of the new champ their team should focus creating a VGU( i hope its nunu lol yay february) too because when you look at that, your statement regarding having 5 teams can either do VGU/new champ will be worthless or null. Just at observing you/other rioters statements regarding VGU's its like there are only 2 teams keep on working on VGU's each year(the original teams actually; the teams working on urg and eve) and by that we generate a pattern of vgus like jan,mar,jul and sep or 6 months prior teams. So please consider by making the teams diverse and we not knowing until roadmaps hit this and btw you're not fair on VGU's as to new champs cause there are only 4 vgu's in a year whist new champs recieve 5 or even 6. Not that i'am suggesting that you should prioritize VGU's more often but please make it fair and i hope you could release roadmap each month or after a VGU/New champ is release not because not all the time we want to see who is the next vgu but because we want to see other stuff like whats the next thing this team will do? a VGU or new champ cause its a mystery now and not a pattern by quoting your statement that they can either do both. Another is, what's the next GU like aatrox/xin/azir or your thoughts on them as to why they are going into a phase like that. Then Sneak pics to you know what is the new champ be like and maybe not all the time tease or reveal whats next but just give us insight on champions maybe give us who's the splash art revamp too in the road map. I hope for a reply and please dont ignore this mr.reav3.
: You're definitely not the only one, I don't know why you would think that
Wish riot could give us a little bit of something. specially varus and i hope riot finishes the 2 forgotten champs in the zaun update and may give new lores to them alongside urgot's update.
: I'd love to play as Will Smith in League. What do you think his abilities will be.
its funny if its voiced by will smith lol
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