Zeanix (OCE)
: Will the League of Legends lore ever conclude?
they need to retcon all lores first, establish a real time story of the present runeterra, have a massive conflict with something unusual and resolve all the conflicts. that's when they're be ready for a closure.
: @Lore team, Vlad's new lore makes him identical to Elise. I would greatly appreciate justification
i kinda like t though. it seems all black rose members have cults/clans/armies with them. they are being worship too. its like the Illuminati of league of legends
Ez dePaz (EUW)
: You don't have weekly champion rotations?
we have, but it takes 3-6 months for them to make new champs free to play and its great that you can play them a week or two prior release.
: I’m on mobile, sort the board by recent and look for MM’s post with the Rioter comment
: champs are usually free to play a week or two after they are released
what?? we don't have that in garena ph :(
: There’s a rioter comment on one of the Varus threads.
: To be fair I was kinda worried about tho whole Varus change too. Because I thought he was going to ship with the rest of Ionia cast during Irellia VGU which ships probably around March. But it seems that the lore is dropping Nov 30th, so I'm kinda excited too.
Zer0Tex (EUW)
: You said you are sure that she is an real aspect. Why you was so sure?? I mean I thought it too but you said she IS an real one. In the end she is an host like all the other ones. Just want to know because u first thought it and then was sure.
well, its because of her small bio in her reveal page. it clearly states that she may be (100%) a real aspect. specially the addressing for her is being a millennial years old. Her bio/story makes me hate(?) targon now. idk why though.
: Lux and Zoe's physical body are the same age, apparently
looks like lux is in her late teens though. 18-19
Ralanr (NA)
: Please no. I’d rather his helmet keep covering his face. And for him to not be so naked.
that's why i said "But instead of that helmet, change it into a spartan helmet." meaning the helmet pantheon wears
KoKoboto (NA)
: Nah that looks stupid. Pantheon is one body not two bodies.
what? i only mean the dude lmao!
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: I just want a snowy Wukong skin so please let it be wukong or jax!!
: I'd pay riot for making a Lollipoppy Draven Lmao!!
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BrieBaby (NA)
: Punishment for reconnecting? Do you hate me Riot?
And yeah... i experienced that in my 2 games... because of a stupid black out. and when i retcon and won the game, it rewarded me a nice -lp points. GJ rito!
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: we are in the 7.23 PBE Cycle, which goes live next week last patch of 2017 should be the Snowdown Patch (7.24)
i think patch 7.25 is the last patch this year though. nov. 22(7.13), dec. 6(7.24) and dec 20(7.25)
: Lore Updates And The Impact Of Fanon
My fanon is that, lux and ez should be a couple. But not now though. But as the story progress and adds new stories to their bio's and ingame lines it would be a great thing for lol in the future. Imagine an unrequited love in the past but blossomed in the future by lux returning ez's love for him. I also think that, lux and ez in the is canon in the first place but i think the ones destroying it was the ez x taric meme/shippers, which riot shouldn't take it seriously. There are memes worth killing of and worth just pacifying of though. Hope that the blondie couple could blossom in the future. {{sticker:sg-lux}} x {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
hey meddler! can i know which teams are making the public chat feature, voice chat feature and the wards skins feature? And lastly, do you think an Icon Almanac/Encyclopedia would be a great addition in lol? meaning, you see what kind of icons you have, giving them the info and the date you acquired that icon. (Eg. "Bloodmoon Icon" Icon - date acquired: 02/26/17 - description: something descriptive like a super mini short narrative/creative sentence/paragraph/ The event where you get it. Personal question: Do you think a Sketchbook in LOL should be a great feature? where you can design your own pages, buy sketch pages/background/stickers, place your icons,champion icons,wards,skin icons in the sketch page, input text and many more? That would be a great idea and you show it to your friends too( yep! only your friends can see your sketch book) PS: When will we see the winter rift again? next patch?
I love the title and hope nunu should be VGU'ed next. I hope people would upvote this and Nunu diffidently needs the next VGU. Lucky for you, the next sched for VGU after irelia might be May or June. Assuming my speculations. That is a perfect time for a NUNU VGU and your child's first cosplay experience.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: LMAO, I appreciate the second option. xD
it was dedicated for you lmao. hope you appreciate it {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Why do Braum and Kalista need new stories? They aren't that old, are they? Edit: Kled certainly isn't
that was just mini tid bits!, if you want their flesh out lore, look at the universe page.
Ralanr (NA)
: Why remove the short bios for Kled and Camille? Aren’t they recent enough?
that was just rephrased though and that's just a short mini tid bit of their lore. IF YOU WANT TO READ THEIR STORIES, JUST LOOK AT THEM AT THE UNIVERSE PAGE.
: Can we get a list of the new bios?
you can read them here. this new bio's a just a summary of these champs's lore and there flesh out lore is in the universe page.
GreenLore (EUW)
: 1.When was it ever said that he deserted?In fact I'm pretty sure that Draven would have been killed if he had deserted. 2.Well who says that he didn't start as an executioner?Keep in mind that these short intros cut out a lot of important stuff(for example C isn't mentioned in Caitlyns lore and Pixs origins are never mentioned in Lulus).And tbh,it would make sense that Draven executes victims in the arena as well,I mean thats pretty much like the romans who threw prisoners into the arena to die. 3.Old Draven had the possibility to get an audience across the globe,as the league essentially broadcasted the matches to the other nations,thats not possible in the new lore(in general information about the world is a lot more scarce within the new lore)
and to mention the new darius comic, it was stated by tamara that dravens works was an executioner in the gladiator arena. which means he can be a soldier and an executioner at the same time.
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: @riot Morgana's updated profile...
That's gonna be a place holder though
: The next VGUS after irelia are very likely morderkaiser and pantheon, told by @Meddler. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/o7nazGfh-state-of-the-season-mid-season-followup?comment=004c0000 It's pretty much confirmed since they reworked or announced every other champ in the list, Urgot, Evellyn, Swain, Irelia
that was last year though. it can change and may other champs gets to rework before them. meddler didn't even said WW and Galio should be rework but then again they were rework before those champs. But, if you ask me, they are indeed needs a rework but please rework my nunu first.
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: Hey Reav3! I'm a big fan of Certainly. After Zoe when can I expect his next wonderful creation and in the form of a new Champion or a VGU? Furthermore how many projects is he currently working on? T is my favorite designer (directly next to August, thanks for creating my lil time man!) so any answers would be appreciated. Thank you.
reav3 said in another thread that his next work is a VGU. it is the VGU in the pattern above and next to aatrox(GU).
scriptea (NA)
: A (Too Long) Musing on Sona's Origins
it ok. I just don't like the fact that sona is still living in demacia. I don't thnk her retcon will put her in demacia though. She was even being left out in the demacian update with xin but i think riot left out him first because there are no stories yet for ionia and specially ionia vs. noxus invasion
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Did you see the range of Jayce's E-empowered Q? If that is not artillery then I have no idea what is.
hmm. i think that one skill wont take justice for making jayce an artillery mage though. I think he belongs to the unique playstyle class.
: Honestly, I have been asking for this ever since the new client was announced and am rather disappointed that it isn't in the client already.
its disappointing but i think one day, riot will make a universe tab. think they didn't implement it first because universe is in beta mode hehe
: That would be great! One of the best things about league is their world building with tons of different characters with awesome lore. When I started this game way back when I spent a great many hours exploring the lore.
Lyaso (EUW)
: I think candidates for next year are {{champion:82}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:84}} and {{champion:10}} with {{champion:25}} as a VU.
This ^^. This champs should be rework first before any other champs.
Profetul (EUNE)
: This deserves to be in the ingame client. To notify players of LOL's lore :)
: I kinda like this idea. It helps players to know league lore more. I support this and 1 upvote for you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Reav3, can we expect irelia before midseason or after?
i'll answer that for you. I think its before because mid season usually comes in late apr/early may and irelia might come march/early april next year.
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: whens the blitz skin coming out
Maybe next week. next week needs highlights though and release it next week is the best way for riot.
Salson (EUNE)
: So, Swain is December's release? Please don't tell me December is going to be an 'empty month'.
maybe they could pull an evelynn, PBE on December and live release on January :)
: I pray every night to the Holy Trinity for only they can cure my self induced depression
Reav3 (NA)
: There are no individual teams anymore. People move around from project to project and each project generally has a totally new mix of people. Things may change (which happens a lot) but the current order of things is: Swain > New Champ > Irelia > New Champ > Aatrox > VGU
Yay thanks reav3! any chances that we may know who are their champ designers? like CertainlyT for the VGU champ? > Zoe(nov) -> Swain(jan) -> New Champ(feb) -> Irelia(mar) -> New Champ(apr) -> VGU(may/june) > PS: Aatrox is random and may come in any position of this pattern so i left him out for a bit. My prediction was real yay!! and any chances that you could release an updated sub class again like [this](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/taking-another-look-subclasses) ?? This will be my next thread lmao and why is jayce an artillery mage? lastly, are there new sub classes and will you rename the "Unique Playstyle class"?, my suggestion will be the specialist class/pundit class. thanks again reav3!! i'm hoping that we might see the winter rift soon
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I would have picked E, if it had been an option in your poll. :D Best of luck for your boy Nunu to get the next rework, though. You put alot of effort in promoting it and I wouldn't even be mad seeing that rewarded.
huhu thanks for the support. I'll support your rammus too if he's next but i think Mundo(your other favorite) will come first before him though :) And it's hard to promote or even insert nunu in all my post because that will become nuisance too imo. for real, i was crushed when irelia received the next VGU because nunu deserves it before her. But its ok because i moved now. There's stll hope though making nunu's vgu the ice cream of the summer season. Meaning his VGU will be cooling our summer vacations. Thanks for the support again.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: So, which animal will you look like?
: Why not just rework Ezreal and do both? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I don't think that any of these patterns (a-d) is legit. I expect a new champ coming out after Swain, not Irelia's VGU. They stated that they want to do a 50/50 split between new champs and VGUs. The easiest way to do that would be to simply alternate between new champions and VGUs. So I think the pattern is the one you mentioned in your TL,DR: Swain - New Champ (Piltover or Zaun pls) - Irelia - New Champion (if not the one before, Piltover or Zaun here pls) - VGU (let it be Rammus! I read that CertainlyT showed interest in reworking Rammus in the past). All statements above are totally unbiased and the result of serious scientific investigation. OK? OK!
you biased pony!!! i know your schemes and specially your Rammus the God of OKness -_- Jokes aside, you probably pick letter E though and i don't oppose to make another P/Z champ but nunu should be VGU'ed before rammus though. Another thing, i'm losing hope though, because like you said, CertainlyT showed interest in reworking Rammus in the past. But in the name of Nunu, I shall fight with him until the end(spoiler; if nunu will be vgu'ed though i'll support pantheon/mordekaiser next)
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