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: Plat 5 adc main looking for Plat 5+ duo support main
Sure you dont want a G3 Support main? :(
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WarraW (NA)
: LOL Name: WarraW Role: ADC/jungler/top Age: 21 Cruse Or Teamspeak: TS! Timezone: PST Been playing since
I would love to have you on the team. Everyone got off for the night. If you wanna play tomorrow then just add me, and I will add you to the team
: Ign : Bluepandas Rank : plat 3 Role : adc
The adc that I recruited doesnt want to be subbed out. Sorry about that.
its mark (NA)
: Plat Mid ( Looking for serious team)
Do want a certain team rank? Also do you want certain ranks on your team. Like will you play with a Silver if they are on the team?
IGN: Killawack Role: Support main, but I can Jungle Age: 20 Rank: Gold 3 Schedule: On everyday I do have Teamspeak
: LF silver+ support for 5's
IGN Killawack Rank: Gold 3 I play any Support that will go well with Team comp, but I main Leona, Thresh, Sona, and Blitz. Central Time Zone
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: Looking for Top and Jungle for Serious Ranked 5s Team


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