: > [{quoted}](name=KillerKing48,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ZzlERFjN,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-07T17:57:05.491+0000)like cmon i did nothing wrong Let's test that theory. > KillerKing48: ur so pathetic jhin u know that? Insults are not allowed. > KillerKing48: 0 /7 rengar Score-shaming isn't allowed. > KillerKing48: thresh are u black or white?/ > KillerKing48: yellow? Racism isn't allowed. "Yellow" is not a race. > KillerKing48: how are u this bad? Insults are not allowed. > KillerKing48: my god what a discovery > KillerKing48: tahm ur so smart Passive-aggressive insults are not allowed. > KillerKing48: 8 deaths > KillerKing48: 10/10 engage heca > KillerKing48: nice throw as always Gameplay shaming is not allowed.
So your system judges me by just saying a random color? And score sharing really?That is not even hidden you can just press TAB to view everyone's score and what if i was praising someone's score would that have gotten me banned? "Gameplay Shaming" I thought that "BM'ing was ok racism not so much" or something like that? Also how would an ai know what's passive agressive behaviour like when it doesn't even realise when a player intentionally fed?
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: 118 lines of chat in your first game. Here's the thing - were you incredibly, terribly toxic? No. Were you belligerent, argumentative, and negative? Yes. You were distracted from the game for 118 lines of chat. Why? To argue with idiots?
Not distracted i did everything i could. I took every drake I could, I helped every lane. I literally had trolls EVERY game and they didn't get banned but if I talk i get banned WTF is this shit. I wasn't even toxic.
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: I never get chat restricted. Why can't you be like me?
Because i dont know u. And i would never want to be like a iron IV player.
: ***
Im going to ask u the same thing i asked the other person. If a person has 100 cs in 10 can i get banned just because i said a nice thing and the ai thinks its passive aggression?
: > [{quoted}](name=KillerKing48,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IhHgMkc1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-08T22:00:11.698+0000) > > Some times i need to insult my teammates... Yeah, don't do that. >And i try to rally other people to report her because someone else told me here that at least 4 people need to report her for her to get banned. And they would be wrong. > And i dont think a AI can notice passive aggression. But here you are. >EDIT: so can u tell me again how this is my fault? Because you're responsible for your own behavior.
So you are telling me that if i tell someone that the have 100 cs in 10 min i can get banned? Are u even reading these before u post them? And i said how is this my fault because i didnt swear.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >because someone else told me here that at least 4 people need to report her for her to get banned. and instead of checking wether it's actually true, you just went with it, right? cool >And i dont think a AI can notice passive aggression. you'd be surprised
Why shouldnt i just go with it i doubt they banned me because i said lets report him.
xFresko (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=KillerKing48,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=IhHgMkc1,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-08T22:00:11.698+0000) > > Some times i need to insult my teammates I stopped reading after this. This is why you were chat restricted. I have no idea how you dont understand that. Consistently insulting teammates is the whole reason people get chat restricted. It doesnt matter what they do, nothing ever justifies it.
Okay, imagine this ur in ur promos and the 1st game of promos u win the second u lose because of a troll and u dont care because u have 1 more chance and when u see that u have another troll in the last game of your promos what do u do?? would u honestly say nothing to him?
: >Tell me what i said wrong. >KillerKing48: love the feeding bot >KillerKing48: nice cs ez >KillerKing48: nice lane top >KillerKing48: and cs >KillerKing48: life of a jg get blamed because people suck >KillerKing48: ff 15 >KillerKing48: we lost >KillerKing48: GO IN CANT DEPEND ON ADC AT ALL >KillerKing48: dont forget to rep supp >KillerKing48: look at her cs >KillerKing48: she is griefing Do you need more information? I know you're going to come back with reasons why it's Not Your Fault™ and that you were Only Defending Yourself™ and that we're Missing Context™, but please try to remember that flaming and berating your team for an entire game puts you in the wrong even if they were being jerks to you too.
i was jg that game and i had flash in 15-20 sec and i told my adc dont fight wait for my flash the sec i said that he went in and blamed me for staying the bush doing nothing... while he kept pushing whole game and feeding enemy lee. and about the top lane i had riven top i was going to all she had to do to kill the enemy top laner was walk to me but she kept walking in circles. even tho i tried helping team countless times they always blamed and so i just gave up and started farming and the adc had less then 40 cs in 15 min...
: >KillerKing48: love the feeding bot ... KillerKing48: nice cs ez KillerKing48: nice lane top KillerKing48: and cs Don't really need a decoder here to notice the passive aggressive sarcasm. >KillerKing48: life of a jg get blamed because people suck ... KillerKing48: cant do anything with bad laners thats y we lost No need to insult your own teammates. >KillerKing48: guess troll sup KillerKing48: unlucky KillerKing48: ? KillerKing48: oh aery thouhgt wtf u talking bout LOL KillerKing48: :) KillerKing48: report supp inting KillerKing48: u also tried to steal my red KillerKing48: YES! KillerKing48: take blue KillerKing48: dont forget to rep supp KillerKing48: look at her cs KillerKing48: she is griefing KillerKing48: if u rep morg KillerKing48: deal then If you're going to report someone. **Just report them**. Your one report is all it takes for that game to be flagged for them. Don't wave your report around in chat and don't try to rally other people to report.
Some times i need to insult my teammates because she went dh morg and stole all the cs from our adc, she also tried to steal my red buff lvl 1. And i try to rally other people to report her because someone else told me here that at least 4 people need to report her for her to get banned. U have no idea how many trolls i get ever 2 games and i never get feed back for my reports so thats why i try to rally other people to report her. And i dont think a AI can notice passive aggression. EDIT: so can u tell me again how this is my fault?
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: Why do you post things like this when its super obvious that you said some horrible things? STOP IIT.
: i assume you mean USING* and not suing ? and going forward it would be smart considering coming off a 14 day ban you are on "thin ice' and any legit report will result in a perma ban. take this warning to heart. even if what you do/say isnt worth a 10 day chat restriction on its own after the 14 day ban the next is perma. they see it as a "toxic " player who wont "reform" consider this for about 3 months/100+ games no set # once you get honor unlocked again gaining honor and getting lots of it quickly helps putting you back on stable ground if you do chose to use chat keep is neutral and generic. dont directly speak/call someone out. use things like gank bot plz. lets drag. rotate mid, whatever is related to the actual game. but i suggest dont use chat for a while and dont use it outside these terms. be positive. no negativity , dont ask for others to report ( that is toxic in its self )
When i get my account back im going to mute all chat and mute everyone on my team, until i get a high elo cuz my team rarely listen to me and that's the biggest reason i get toxic. And yes i did mean "using".
: you dont get feedback cuz the only time you would get feedback is if your report is the one that triggered the punishment. lets say someone is being a complete jackass in game and spouting off KYS and all other zero tolerance/hate speech you can think of. you and the 3 other people on your team report him. what ever report actually triggered the punishment gets the feedback. not all 4 . make sense?
Yes it does and im thinking from now on only suing discord.
Hotarµ (NA)
: >KillerKing48: bard kys KillerKing48: kys isnt a word dipsht Yes, definitely deserved. It's not just "three bad words", it's a term that can have severe effects on someone's mental health. People have **actually** died over this before. Edit: Aside from all of that, even if it wasn't for the 'KYS': You flamed all throughout your games with some generic, sarcastic negative attitude. You jump back and forth from flaming your teammates and calling them noobs to trying to joke with them and act like you weren't toxic for 30+ minutes straight. >KillerKing48: best supp ever!!! KillerKing48: awww what did i do boo KillerKing48: :( KillerKing48: y dont u love me boo KillerKing48: tell me what did i do wrong KillerKing48: are u mad at me? #Shape up, because your next punishment will be a permaban.
To be honest i wasn't trying to joke with them or act like i wasn't toxic i was tired of my supp leona always blaming me for her loses. And the 1st time i said boo she didnt like it so i went with it.
: Official Riot policy is "any negativity is punishable". Also, KYS is zero tolerance phrase.
Okay i get that but why don't i get a feed back when i report other people that say "kys" i have reported 10+ people and havent gotten a feed back there were people that said "hope you're family get cancer" and i think this is worse then kys.
Jo0o (NA)
: Telling somebody to kill themselves is pretty fucked up, my dude.
Yes, anything else? Edit: a lot of people say it in my games i report them but i don't get instant feed back.
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: You seem toxic here, seems chat restriction worthy to me?
I'm not saying chat restriction was not worth because i know i was toxic af. i posted this because it annoys i become toxic in one game and i get chat restriced but he fed in so many game and he didnt get banned thats and i dont belive that i was the only one to report him for feeding.
: Chat logs or expect downvotes. ~ That is all.
Game 1 KillerKing48: urgot can u not int? KillerKing48: he KillerKing48: qa ki KillerKing48: so? KillerKing48: i dont care KillerKing48: if only we didnt have a baby in our team... KillerKing48: i dont care im saying this would have been a ez win if u werent a troll KillerKing48: how LOL KillerKing48: plz tell me KillerKing48: yea sure it is KillerKing48: feeding is bannable not asking for people to report the trolll thats not bannable KillerKing48: OKAY FEEDER KillerKing48: whatever u say KillerKing48: why did u start? KillerKing48: again KillerKing48: not gonna read just gonna report u KillerKing48: i hope u get banned for life KillerKing48: NOPE and ur not haing a bad day ur clearly feeding KillerKing48: bama mute or stfu KillerKing48: by runing into their tower like u KillerKing48: are u guys gonna report udyr for ffeeding? KillerKing48: who here is gonna report him? KillerKing48: LOL KillerKing48: jo jam tu dek KillerKing48: so that was not inting or feeding? KillerKing48: LOL KillerKing48: no are u new to this game and u cant be a 1st time champ this gamemode picks champ that u own KillerKing48: did u forget that? KillerKing48: OMFG KillerKing48: cant be this stupid or can ya? KillerKing48: plz report urgot for feeding hope ur happy :)
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Asterfix (NA)
: Are you saying you didn't get anything other than those 2 champion shards? because you get a capsule every level up.
Well i also got a emote for lvl 100 and i dont care about that cuz i get one of those every 25 lvl
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Kokua (NA)
: If you're in a game and you got ADC as your role, then pick an ADC. If he got autofilled into support and he picked the champion you wanted, then you can either ask him what support he wants so you can trade him rather than immediately getting upset, or choose a different champion. If he was intentionally ruining the game for you by stealing your champion, stealing your role, or ruining your lane, then report him after the game ends. You shouldn't troll pick because you believe someone else troll picked. You shouldn't intentionally feed under any circumstance.
He said he didnt want to play supp he got autofilled so he told me to play supp and i wasnt going to play supp for that idiot thats when i picked singed because he stoped talking until the game started.
Kokua (NA)
: So basically, he was role stealing, and you troll picked as a result, and you admit that you were feeding? This is my understanding based on your text, "he said its not my fault he was autofilled so he just picked tristana so i picked singed in hope that he would dodge but he didn't then i started feeding" If you were intentionally feeding, then your ban was justified. You are punished for your actions alone, regardless of what others say or do. Other people don't affect your punishment, but it's your actions and behavior in the game and towards others that does. If you were unintentionally feeding and simply having a bad game, then you should dispute your case in a [ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They'll be more equipped to help you there as opposed to here.
Look i didnt said that when i fed it was a good thing. i wanted to know what to do when im in a que with idiots like them
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