: Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 notes
> Veigar > Damage to lower star champions: 9999 ⇒ 19999 I mean yeah 9999 damage is definitely not enough {{sticker:sg-syndra}} Not complaining though, a 3 star Veigar grant me the first ever TFT win, and that win is so epic because my every other 3 stars champs are being disabled by freaking cancerous full glacial team WITH Kayle. Then suddenly, my Veigar evolved into 3 stars and all of their carries get oneshot boom! Best game of TFT in my entire life.
: Summoner's Rift balance changes coming Patch 9.8
Lulu: Polymorph is now permanent & can be cast on allies
: Gormvorkado, The Wall Walker (Champion Concept)
This is a really interesting concept. The name hook me from the start, and the concept of a "wall" based champ is something really unique. However the mix of technology, born in shadow, trapped in walls of haunted house.... doesn't mix at all. I suggest sticking to just one of the two different archetype. Focus on the haunting wall idea.
: Lulu actually doesn't need AS herself to utilise her passive well. She can shield her ADC, which moves her on-hit damage to the ADC, who usually has alot of attack speed. It synergises really well in that regard. It's the same situation like with Janna, her shield grants additional AD, but if she shields herself then she doesn't get alot of benefit from it. Since all her skills scale with AP, not AD, and her build is really not auto attack based. And personally I don't picture her as an ADC, there is no need for me to push her in that direction. And she could be really annoying if she becomes a meta ADC. She can protect herself extremely well with a shield, her ult for kiting and extra health, slow to kite more and a point and click CC. If she gets additionally a support at her side who also protects her, she could become overbearing as a meta ADC. "Don't fix what isn't broken" would be my motto here.
Well, I can't deny that she's so overloaded, with heck heavy CC and additional movement speed bonus + attack speed bonus of her W... she's kinda OP as ADC but it just doesn't really worked unless if she's fed. Because enemy carry often have better stats in general, so without the polymorph and ulti then Lulu is very easy to kill. Building her as ADC makes every single one of her abilities weak, while building her as AP makes her passive felt like nothing, but not building attack speed makes a waste of her passive.
: Ivern Skin Concept @IvernMains
Now that you mentioned alien... Ivern's body structure really reminds me of that tall guy from Dead Space
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Héraklia (EUW)
: Little Demon Tristana Fanart
Good job, summoner! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Also I'm riding the hype bandwagon for Little Demon Tristana as well because she's so cute there {{sticker:sg-lux}}
CJXander (EUNE)
: Dark Star Hecarim - Fan login screen
Dude this looks pro as hell
: Champion Concept: Wilk - The Glimmer Thief
Hmmm so this is the one that you mentioned before... A raccoon thief? Interesting. I can imagine a little raccoon sneaking around stealing gold. Not sure on what kind of ultimate that this girl would have, though...
: Thoughts on These Champions I Created?
Okay so I couldn't fully read everything yet, but from what I glanced through, you spent a lot of time for this, and I'm amazed by your dedication on how much lore you written there. You should try writing a novel! :)
Terozu (NA)
: I'll have to fish the sketches out, he was a mad scientist with a giant pair of scissors. I hardcore had Star Ocean on the brain since id just replayed 2 and played through 1 for the first time on psp. Fun fact, you can get Phia and Eris on the same team with a little back tracking even though every guide says its impossible. Sadly you can't get Welch though.
Nice sketch! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I think I'll go work on my vastayan boy and put a sketch on that Though... I already got a sketch of a whole different champion, for the Shadow Isles
: I think Rakan is pretty hot, but I still agree that more fluffy bois are welcome.
Agree, we need more fluffy bois
Terozu (NA)
: I want Leon as a character too, and the next champ might be a vastaya. They are implied to have a cat theme, im hoping animesque cat boy. Hell I made a whole Cat Boy champ concept i never posted. The only animesque boy we really have is Ezreal. And he's an awesome anime guy, though the art in his travel journals is lackluster af.
Oh dear god YES! {{sticker:sg-lux}} If Rito actually making a cat boy vastayan I'll main that guy in a blink of an eye. And yeaaaah I totally agree... League really lacks the anime-ish style champion. Sure it recently gradually getting more animesque with the new splash art getting better, but we don't have any champion with a really anime appeal, unless Ezreal, which isn't enough. I would love see your concept! Will read and vote! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: See, I want the opposite: I want a Vastayan female that's really gruff and vulgar, and doesn't care. Xayah is sort of like that attitude-wise, but she still doesn't really capture the true artistic look of being truly put through the wringer by humanity. My thought is a raccoon Vastaya - small, dirty (not in that way, you perverts) but full of ferocity and an attitude taken even further than Xayah's in her hatred of humans. A master cutpurse and knife-wielder. Agile, edgy, not afraid to get right in your face, and more that willing to get her hands dirty. I don't really have a picture, but League needs more women that DON'T look like they could fill in for Disney princesses. Let's name the concept for my idea...Wilk, for some irony. If you know where I got that from, and what it means, bonus points. :P
Sounds pretty cool, but we recently already got the "strong female" archetype, from Xayah to Akali, and people been telling that the League keeps on being edgy ever since the Aatrox rework. Either way, I find your vastayan idea to be something interesting to see.
: [Concept rework]Fiddlesticks,the cursed one.
Hmmmm a pretty interesting rework.... Messy in some part, but nevertheless you did a dedication in making this, so a vote up from me! :)
Psyrix (NA)
: Hold up.. wdym???? Rakan is hot af! I can see your point about Nunu being the only “cute boy” as many of the other male champs are either “hot af” or “rugged attractive”. I’d love a champ like the boy you suggested (and lol, the new champ teased has a book that looks extremely similar to that one’s). I was actually hoping Neeko would’ve been a boy so hopefully the new champion will be a boy.
Sure, okay, Rakan is hot then xD But yeah I was hoping for a cute boy in the game, and he being a vastayan really hit the spot for me. Imagine a smug cat boy trashtalk to Ryze because he was there thousands years ago when the war happened.
Wedx (NA)
: Kitty Cat Zoe
ALL MY YES!! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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Porocles (NA)
: It sucks that this just seems to be getting worse. :( Leaverbuster is going to treat everyone equally because it still causes others a negative experience, so you may want to stop queuing up right now. Submitting a ticket was your best bet, as our tech team has the tools and context specific to your case. Continue reaching out to them to investigate further, and make sure to go over each step they provide to help them out.
Hmmm that's true.... Even though I'm technically never been AFK, and that I do nothing wrong, it still cause trouble for other player. I'll try to continue on sending the ticket whenever any issues happened, thank you.
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: Required internet speed
I'm from Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and I've been playing LoL since many years ago. Even with really good internet, me and my brother still lags. So does any of my other friends. Right now I'm using an internet connection with mediocre speed. Not too slow, but very unstable. Normally it's around 65 mbps, but it sometimes goes down to 50 or even below 10. This happened frequently, and it makes me disconnect-reconnect from the game VERY MUCH, to point that everyone can keep hearing "a summoner has reconnected" at least more than three time during a match. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Sometime, even without the disconnecting, the game still lags and often like... stop moving, people don't move or running on spot, and when it goes online again, either I'm dead or my whole minion wave suddenly died in one single seconds and everyone already somewhere else, along with all the special effect and sound effect that played at the same time and cause quite of noise blast. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} It's not a wonder, since my internet connection is shit tier. However, never I thought that the distance of my nation with America will matters too. And perhaps, I live on the most unfortunate place on the globe, since Indonesia is exactly the polar opposite of America. We even had an exact 12 hours difference. {{sticker:sg-janna}}


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