Jµngler (NA)
: I would lIke to add you in game. And give you a tryout. We have a competitive team but have not landed a solid midlaner we like working with. If you are interested add me in game. GLHF
> [{quoted}](name=FiftySixEighty,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=f8XXGTzm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-21T14:08:03.478+0000) > > I would lIke to add you in game. And give you a tryout. We have a competitive team but have not landed a solid midlaner we like working with. > If you are interested add me in game. > GLHF I added you in game, let me know when you want to do the tryout.
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: So because I lost 3 games in a row I should be punished into a role I'm not good at to make it all better?
> [{quoted}](name=Allierium,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rGYH3OG9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-21T07:29:28.674+0000) > > So because I lost 3 games in a row I should be punished into a role I'm not good at to make it all better? If you've lost 3 games in a row odds are you aren't playing your current role properly, auto fill gives you the chance to try out a different role you might be better at. Rather than making someone who is consistently winning play one they aren't good at. So yes, if you want to consider it a punishment, then so be it.
: Long Term Team LF Top Main or Mid Main Gold 3 or Higher
IGN: Minnimaro Rank: Silver 5 (Gold 3 Peak S6) Main Role: Mid Lane Top 3 champs: Syndra, Katarina, Ryze or Twisted Fate Strengths: Mechanically inclined, know how to play my champions very well. I have moderately good communication when playing. I play team orientated. Times available: Anytime after 1pm EST on weekdays and all day weekends. Comments: Looking for a serious team to expand my game knowledge and become a better player overall. Discord: Minnimaro#8993
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PreShot (NA)
: Competitive team looking for Top/Mid/ADC
Role: Mid Champs: Syndra, Katarina, Ryze, TF Age: 18 Time Zone: EST
Xozi (NA)
: Celestial Gaming Welcomes You!
: Day 2: 1 Post a day for a month
: Recruiting for Energized Ice[Silver III + Please]
Name: Minnimaro Role: Mid Rank: Silver 5 atm, Gold 3 peak last season Age: 18 Questions for me: No questions.
: LF for a consistent midlaner that is commited and one who plays a lot
: LF Dedicated Players to join Team XenoGang
Ign: Minnimaro Age: (must be at least 18) 18 Rank S6: Gold 5, Peaked gold 3 Rank in Flex: Unranked currently. Main role: Mid Lane Top 5 champs in your role: Syndra, Katarina, Leblanc, Twisted Fate, Ryze Past team experiences: I've played for one other serious competitive team, which we played a few tournaments, other than that, no other league of legends competitive teams. I have played competitive soccer my entire life at a very high level, so I can handle pressure, and work very well in a team environment. What would you bring to our team: As previously stated, I work very well in a team environment as well as I have really good mechanical skill. List 3 or more Strengths: I am very good mechanically, I often look to improve not only my individual game play but that of others together, I love the game, meaning I put my 100% into every single game I play. List 3 or more Weaknesses you may have: My map awareness isn't the best, I often become silent when feeling I am not playing well, I often tilt myself rather than get tilted by enemies. Mic?: Yes Discord?: Yes Timezone: (Pref. EST or CST) EST Availability: Any time after 1 on weekdays, and all day weekends. OP.GG Link: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Minnimaro
: LF mid later for competitive team
IGN: Minnimaro S6 end rank: Gold 5, Peaked Gold 3 Top 3 champs: Syndra, Katarina, Leblanc Why you want to be on this team: I'd like to be on a serious team again, I miss the competitive nature, as well as the amount of improvement I had when playing with others seriously. I also would love to be on the team because I am currently lacking people to play with, and would really like to find some people who remain static, which I can play with often.
: Recruiting for Team Energized[Gold+ Please]
Name: Minnimaro Rank:Gold Season 6, Bronze 1 climbing atm Why are you applying for this team: I would like to be apart of a serious team once again. Role/Sub role:(Please have 2 roles that you can play if possible) Mid, Top Availability: (Use EST for your time zone, night availability is preferred) Always available after 11am on weekdays and all day on weekends. Preferred champions: Syndra, Katarina, Leblanc, Twisted Fate and Ryze. Before questioning if I can play them, let me show you. Questions for me? How serious would the team be?
La Spork (NA)
: Rofl theres no way you can play those champions as a bronze player, i'm sorry but if you are in bronze, you should try some picks such as annie, malzahar, swain, etc. No need to make this game harder on yourself lol.
> [{quoted}](name=La Spork,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=R4lU7itW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-20T03:29:08.621+0000) > > Rofl theres no way you can play those champions as a bronze player, i'm sorry but if you are in bronze, you should try some picks such as annie, malzahar, swain, etc. No need to make this game harder on yourself lol. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Minnimaro I have a 75% win rate on Syndra and 60% on Katarina, please tell me more about how because at the start of the season me being placed in bronze takes away from my mechanical skill. Think before you post please.
HT Helix (NA)
: 5's Team LF Mid
Top 3 champs: Syndra, Katarina, Twisted Fate Rank: Gold Season 6 Currently Bronze 1 and climbing Age: 18 Time Zone: EST Comms: I can use any comms software, I have them all.
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: LF People (Gold V+ Preferably) for Flex / Ranked 5s - 9 - 10 EST tonight or so - Have Support & Top
Hey, I'm 18, and would love to join. I play mid lane, peaked Gold 3 last season. My IGN is Minnimaro. I have team experience, and tournament experience.
: Making a Serious rank team for tournaments and many more (looking for a top ,support, mid)
SUMMONER NAME: Minnimaro AGE: 18 TIME ZONE: EST RANK: Gold Last Season Silver 5 atm ROLE INTERESTED IN: Mid CHAMPION POOL: Syndra, Ryze, Ahri, Katarina, Twisted Fate CAN YOU SHOT CALL?: A little bit STRENGTHS: Mechanically I am extremely good WEAKNESSES: Map awareness lacks and attitude sometimes TEAM EXPERIENCE: Played on a competitive team, played in a few tournaments.
: So, I've listened, and unlike many of the people here, I am sympathetic to your cause. So hear me out. Most players who are slow to reform (and you admitted you are one), only do so under threat of punishment. That is why systems like this exist. It's there as a reminder that there are consequences for your actions. And that is why your account NEEDS to stay banned. If they unbanned it, you would be even more likely to go back to trolling and being toxic, because the consequences of doing so the first time were undone. The best thing, FOR YOU, at this point is to keep the account banned. Many players, even with the best of intentions, NEED a banned account under their belt to improve. They need that reminder. You may or may not be one of those players. But it doesn't matter. Everyone who is toxic enough to get banned gets treated like one of those players. I'll use the analogy of cheating in a classroom. As an instructor at the college level, I don't let my good students sit right next to each other, even though I know they won't cheat. They don't need OR want to. But that doesn't matter. There are people in the class who would, and it is important that I treat all the students equally, even if that has negative ramifications for some of them. Unfair ramifications. The fact is, you were toxic, and now you exist as part of that population. That population contains people who need their account to stay banned. In the interest of fairness, your account will also stay banned. If you didn't want that to happen, you should have reformed faster. And DO NOT TELL ME you "could not have reformed faster." Most of us don't have to reform at all, because we aren't toxic. You are right, this was your fault, and part of getting out of your depression is accepting the consequences that you bring on yourself and learning to live with them. You will make a new account and be fine.
That's where you're wrong, I will not be making a new account. This is my list ditch effort. I have you all my story and hoped for a chance, even the tiniest one.
: Let me tell you of something else to try. I know you love this game, but give heroes of the storm a try. If you play with a friend, you ca get free stuff till next january, and you'll have a friendly community. I know how it feels to lose something that helps during depression. I go through it all the time. But that's why I don't risk losing my league account. If you need anyone to talk to about the depression, I'll listen.
Thanks, it means a lot. It's just extremely hard right now. I usually go to league after a long day. And for the last few weeks I haven't been able to do that. I don't feel like myself. I miss playing with my friends.
: Nooo... if riot pity you who pity me :(? why riot should unban u? how can you be trusted?
I understand that if unbanned my account would be regularly monitored for any toxic behaviour, and that of excessive toxicity is detected again I be banned for good, I have played for several years, and now my depression is at its worst. This causes me to have extreme anger moments and makes me prone to anger quickly. I'm learning to control it now, but would like the opportunity to prove I can be better. I have no problem with being monitored or even rank restricted. I'd like to have my account back to prove not every toxic person remains toxic. And that people deserve second chances. I've never been banned in the years I've played. Never been toxic before this year. It's been an extremely hard year for me, and it reflected in my attitude and behavior.
: Just make another account and try harder. I know what depression is like, but try to not let it affect your interactions with others in game. If you start another account, I'd be happy to friend you.
Unfortunately, I do not think I have the dedication I used to, to level a new account. To me this account is my pride and joy, League of Legends was the first online game I really got into, and it was with this account. I met some of my now best friends on this account, and have people on here who I talk to only over league. I don't want to lose it, I know I don't deserve it back, but I really hope I get an early Christmas miracle or something. Living with depression sucks enough already, losing something you used to escape that pain, sucks so much more.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: > Before you jump to any conclusions and say this is just another toxic player looking to get un-banned, please read my entire post and let me explain my entire predicament. Okay let's see... > I would like to ask for a second chance, wait a minute.. > I would like a second chance to prove that I will no longer be a toxic player, I will no longer be a person no one wants to be in a game with. This is my cry for help to the community and to Riot Yup, definetly another player looking to get unbanned.
If this is what you believe so be it, it is not however how I am trying to come off, sure I want to be unbanned but I made this post to explain the behavior, and I take all responsibility for it, but I would like to be able to redeem myself, and prove I can be a better person.
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Dukues (NA)
: it makes sense.............................. I want to type without yelling but its really damn hard. Rank resets, new queue, its partially based off your season 6 dynamic queue rank. Add all of those together and you get = starting rank lower than season 6 ending dynamic. So.......... if you take s1 + new league + rank reset you should get a rank lower than silver 1. You dropped 1 tier, perfect! that is like the exact rank you should have gotten. So yes. You should have started bronze 1, not gold5. Because the system was so fucked at the start you got carried from playing higher elo players and got placed higher than you should have. Nothing wrong. You right where you should be.
I have been in gold 1, decayed due to inactivity, I consistently play with 2 Diamonds on my ranked 5s team. If you think I got "carried" every game I played, you're completely daft. Please don't assume I am not good at the game because of my rank. And the system is completely fucked, if you paid attention to the league of legends players out there you would have noticed players in high plat and diamond are also getting Bronze 1. Want to walk me through how that works Mr. Knowitall. I love when Mid tier gold players think they are such big shit. Please get educated before you decide to make a post. Thanks :)
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Shotaro (NA)
: [Team Exploding Goblins] LF Top laner for 5s/Tourny Team
Bump I guess, {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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: Team Summon V [Recruiting]
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: Looking to make a bronze/silver team Hosted By Burgess Computer IND.
Ign: Killerofallgods Rank: Silver 3 Primary Role: Support Secondary Role: Mid Champions: Thresh, Bard, Janna, Taric, Leona, Naut and finally Leblanc (Mid Lane) What can I bring to the team?: I am very experience with League (Playing since season 1), love learning to play better and playing with new people. I am a very good team player and love winning. I love hearing and giving criticism on mistakes.
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: big D adc lookin for single female support to play with and "play" with
What did I read, League doubling as a dating site? Rito pls.
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: LF> ADC Duo @ Gold/Plat (Support Main)
Im usually gold, but decayed due to inactivity. I am an adc main if you'd like to palay. IGN: Killerofallgods
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: LF bronze and silver players for ranked 5's
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: I made an additional mini-update. The short of it is we don't have an ETA right now. We are approaching this carefully to make sure we can bring it back up again ASAP.
Thanks for the updates! Really helps knowing what is going on.
: [RESOLVED] NA 3/23 Games Not Starting
Glad to see immediate response. Great work. Hopefully a full restart won't be necessary.
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