: Exceedingly rarely, maybe once a month. When it happens, trying to get right back into the game doesn't work either. Every time myself or someone on my team has had this problem, closing the client entirely and logging back in usually fixes it.
For me it's rebooting entirely, but fortunately this is done in about 30 seconds
: The Good, The Bad, and the League: 4/4 - 4/10
I have a problem once or twice a year so i guess its the connection/computer of the people. Edit : i thought it was a complaint and not a survey, sry. Also, most times theres a dc it's about somebody taking ages to connect,if that can be of any help
: Why is Bjergsen listed at all under "Players of the Playoffs"? He wasn't in the playoffs at all!
Tsm got beated by clutch in quarterfinals, short presence. Just like sneaky and jensen in the kda section
: True, C9 hasn't beaten TSM since 2014 Spring and RNG hasn't won an LPL Finals since Spring of 2016. But talking about NA/TSM and while TSM doesn't represent NA 100% they do in fact count as a large part of the region, I mean create a poll between " C9 success at Worlds" Upvote over downvote for "TSM's failure" and I'm pretty sure people will talk more about TSM than say C9's success, why, because TSM is NA really at this point.
I get what you're saying, you're poll would only show TSM has the biggest fanbase, i'm just not sure to say it has over 50% of the fanbase of the entire NA. On a side note i've watch LCS since 2014-15 and TSM rarely showed any kind of surprise strategies or anything similar, i just don't get the big disappointment of people when the expectation is quite low in my case. You ain't gonna beat a better team playing the same game they do.
: 10 straight NA Finals, winning 5 of them. That's like saying the AFC East isn't just the Patriots, when in reality it really is for what 51 out of 52 weeks each year, with C9 being better for 1 week before getting dunked.
You forgot SKT hasn't won that much in a row in their own region. Winning locally doesn't make you the best team of the region.
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: 1/10 of people a game isn't too bad but yes I agree 0/10 would be nice. This is a huge game. 60+ million people a month or what is the stat? Frustrated kids come online and vent.
Well some times the one guy drags other into it and its just a bashing fest, i agree this game the numbers are kind of low and it's a big game but still, always improving (behaviour here) would give what games are for, FUN
: Getting reported for well.... Playing.
But seriously, one comes out every game, where is the punishment by riot to that? Wait rules are too soft lol.....


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