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: No your not. Anyone who uses hate speech and gets reported gets an instant 14 day ban
If something has happened to these players then they need to fix the notification for it. I want to see if they had been actually punished or not. I had over reacted way too bad, we all have bad days and this is just one of those days. I apologize for creating this post and even complaining about it, so completely ignore this post and me.
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: If you didnt know, the notification is very unreliable, so you cant go on whether you got one or not as to whether they got punished or not. And if you called em a %%%%%%for chasing you across the map to kill you, I doubt you were just joking around like youre buddies or something.
I have been called names countless of times, but yet nothing happens to the players that say it. I check that person's match history to see if they have been punished or not. I have been called this word, been told to kill myself, been told i'm worthless, been told my family should die and all this other crap. I just don't get it. I do say I overreacted by saying it, and it was completely my fault, and I should have just left it alone, and If i could apologize I would. Every game has a toxic community with countless of people that insult each other and it will never stop. I over reacted and I'm sorry to the person I had said it to and even for making this stupid post.
Eedat (NA)
: Hate speech. Don't use it. > I get this word is offensive but I meant it as a joke because Quinn had chased me across the map just to kill me This I don't understand because you are clearly using it as an insult and not a joke
If every player was punished for hate speech how many players would be lost? But i'm the unlucky fellow that get's punished.
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: Patch 8.5 notes
Hopefully next patch they fix the glitch with Voli's e. If you start a camp with Voli's e the main monster get's health back and it will keep getting hp back until the fear over.
: Champion and skin sale: 07.19 - 07.22
Put Mecha malphite one sale {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{champion:54}}
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
: Designers weigh in on Leona vs Diana
Um is something wrong with the pbe? Because every time when i click on it and the error screen pops up...
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Is there something wrong with the league servers? Because i keep getting chat problems and disconnecting problems too.
: New free champion rotation: Anivia, Draven, Elise and more!
: Champion and skin sale: 04.19 - 04.22
Why no {{champion:105}} on sale :(
: Champion and skin sale: 04.15 - 04.18
They need to make SandStorm ekko on sale i want it. Sandstorm {{champion:245}}!
: Champion and skin sale: 04.08 - 04.11
{{champion:105}} I am the best fish in the river! {{champion:223}} You mean sea? I am the best king of the river. {{champion:105}} Are you sure? Because i can live in a river. {{champion:223}} If you come in my river i'll devour you. {{champion:105}} O-o Ok Tahm I'll go. But, can i co- *Tahm eat's him* {{champion:223}} That was some tasty fish. Told you im the King of this river.
: When you wait years for Tahm Kench{{champion:223}}
I've been waiting forever for {{champion:223}} to be free i just want him to be free already!! :(


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