: Clash NA launch canceled due to technical issues
I honestly thought this was an April fool's joke or something, that's how incredibly unbelievable this is... It amazes me how this company fails to deliver on their promises, time and time again.
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
What about diminishing LP gains based on premade size? This would help with the issue that Gbay was focusing on, where it feels like 5-man teams gain elo too easily, because they would need to win more games than a solo player to get the same LP gains.
: Come chat with Riot Interns! [COMPLETED]
Did you go into the internship process feeling confident that you would have a good shot at being selected? Because compared to what you guys have accomplished, I feel like I would have no chance at all.......gotta go build up my resume!!
: Come chat with Riot Interns! [COMPLETED]
To any and all intern Rioters: What kind of future do you see Riot Games having as a company? In your opinion, do you feel that Rito will be around long enough for you to make a substantial career out of being a Rioter? ALSO: How amazing is Riot's new HQ? Do you feel like you work on the Rift?

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