: holy shit my ping just went to 84 (6 less than usual) for 10 seconds
I wasn't the only one lagging the last game I played either when I checked my ping to their servers a minute ago it was garbage jumping from as low as 56 all the way up to 2-300. I'm surprised you get 84 anything you must be plugged straight into riots servers via 2ft Ethernet cord.
: holy shit my ping just went to 84 (6 less than usual) for 10 seconds
I played 2 games earlier with get this 75 ping.......should have logged after the second one.... next game 400 couldn't do anything.
: Lag Issues once again
Mine is pinging a constant 244 again....
: The Worlds Preview Show - Quarterfinals
Ugh I get so sick of hearing how GREAT & UNBEATABLE Korean teams are....
IcedTeed (NA)
: Huge Ping spikes lead to dropped fps and Lag spikes makes games near unplayable
Its everyone , not just you. Same here posted originally on a different thread. Still no answers.
: Lets stop pretending the NA servers are ok, please address!
I can 100% agree, I ran a perfect 75 ping for the first 3 seasons of this game. Season 4 has been a freaking nightmare constant lag spikes ping at its best will run in the 115 range with games like today jumping from 80 all the way up 250. I have ran ping tests, changed routers checked firewalls everything. I can play any other game with absolutely no issue at all. I am unfortunately also a person who has actually spent a substantial amount of time and money on this game and until this season has had no complaints whatsoever. Now that I do have an issue I kind of feel like its fallen on deaf ears. With all the time and money spent on making everything "pretty" I'd prefer having a functional game that runs and won't lag out every other day.

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