Bemapon (NA)
: Choose my Main
I very much enjoy Mundo top and Trundle top, so you might like them too.
Herim (NA)
: Name one champion, I will make a build for him fopr you to try out in a normal game.
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Why is he apart of Noxus as apposed to any other nation?
: Can Twitch have a actual skin?
I completely forgot about this issue lol. I'm one of the lucky few that has Medieval Twitch so I never cared, but yes he definetly needs a good skin for EVERYONE to be able to get anytime.
Ningendo (NA)
: What are your favorite sounds in league?
Mordekaiser's Q, more specifically the 3rd hit. Best thing that came out of his rework lol
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: 225RP This is so cheap. That's like 2 skin boosts in aram. Good for you, mate :) edit: RP, not IP
Ikr? It's crazy. Gotta love the v-neck down to the belt. xD
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: Looking good, do you take requests?
I do take requests, but I prefer that whatever it is you ask for it to be preferably non-human.
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: This is an official thank you
D'aww, I hope everyone sees this and understands the bond that you had with us. It's like having a family outside of family :,) Have fun doing other things and having new adventures, see you sometime soon friend {{summoner:6}}
: You should put a signature on your art. It makes it so no one can steal it and call it their own.
: I was told I'm pretty good too. Want to be art buddies?
Not necessarily art buddies, but you can add me on League if you like.
Jeddy017 (NA)
: These are actually pretty good. Though if I could make a suggest, have you ever thought about using ink pens for your lineart?
Not a fan of using ink pen for line drawings, I tried using pen a long time ago by drawing Maokai and it was just too tedious for me.
Hatsuma (NA)
: These are pretty good! One suggestion - do you own a kneaded eraser? If not, you should try one out, they can lift smudges right out and give you whiter whites on a piece you've been working on for a while.
I do not own a kneaded eraser, I smudge all over my drawings usually so I may consider getting one. Thanks for the suggestion.
Old or new Karma? I would probably have to use a reference pic, because I think I've played her like, twice.
: Wow these are neat! Think you can do an Ekko?
I usually draw champions that I play a lot, I haven't played too much of Ekko but I'll see what I can do.
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: Lissandra, Jesus Christ
Based on the title of the thread, I thought you were gonna complain about Lissandra lol. More on the point though, the concept is cool but the skin is a bit too risky to make, what with the extremists and all.
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: Free Boards signatures for anyone who wants one :)
Oh this looks fun, could I get a signature? My only request is to somehow incorporate Blitzcrank or Thresh into the signature, I don't have any requests for a type of font/color, so surprise me :D {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: From just looking at the other comments here, Everyone gets one skin and a ward skin? {{summoner:31}}
Well, you have the chance of getting a Skin Shard, Champion Shard, or a Ward Skin Shard from the free chest. It seems like the free chest has only been released in NA as of now, but will be released elsewhere very soon :D
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: Come one, come all, to Laughing Fish's club: "The Men Who Giggle"
Hey Laughing Fish, still got a spot open for me to join? Sounds like a fun time to me. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kaamos (NA)
: This is a cool idea; I like that it would make you feel as though you really are tampering with dangerous, volatile chemicals. You would constantly have to maintain the pressure accordingly, and would be punished for screwing up. I think that is definitely befitting of a mad scientist, but on the other hand I really like the threat that a max pressure Singed would pose, similar to a max fury Renekton. What you're proposing might be more fitting thematically, but I think it might be a bit too much to constantly maintain just the right amount of pressure. You would really have to be a mad scientist to play Singed :p
Well, you know how Riot is and there "you gotta act like as well as play like the champion" style of making champs recently. That's why I wrote my idea down because I felt it was more thematic, but I do however enjoy your concept more.
: That doesn't work out thematically. The more gas you release, the less pressure there is.
What I mean is, the pressure builds up if he doesn't use his poison gas trail, which would make more sense thematically. I can understand the confusion and I should have clarified that.
Kaamos (NA)
: [SINGED] New Passive Idea: Gas Pressure
Maybe the gas pressure could somehow work like Rumble's heat resource? The pressure hits a certain cap and then the gas explosion occurs, but in the meantime Singed is silenced for a brief period.
: Blitz cause of grab, ult + silence and mana shield. People don't know how to grab thresh's lantern so he's fine. Edit: oops forgot to add about blitz's combo wombo
Lol, I know that feeling with the lantern all to well...
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: so he gets true damage and more speed?
No he has his regular true damage that he's always had, but now he has an added speed bonus if he applies his current passive.
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: I'm sorry, but has the legendary snowball started yet?
It has, and it ends January 7th so you have time to decide on what to buy :D
: No, it's the 1820 tier that are legendary (Ultimates count for the free gift too). Legendary and Ultimate skins cannot be in the Snowdown shop. All applicable skins will have a gold +chest icon on them. Surprise Party Fiddlesticks and Primetime Draven are permanently discounted Legendaries so count, and Alien Invader Heimerdinger (today) and The Magnificent Twisted Fate (tomorrow) will be on sale but still count.
Huh, I never noticed the gold chest, thanks for the info. I was also tempted to get the Heimer skin but I hardly play him.
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Lyte (NA)
: Signups are open for a PBE playtest of a new feature on Nov 3rd!
Well, now's my chance for a PBE account. I think that I've been a good boy in the community, I haven't left games and have been giving constructive criticism to some people in occasional games if I think that something can be fixed. I will hope for the email :D
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: Snag Mystery Icons and Mystery Wards!
Oh nice, I got the Gong Ward <3 {{item:2044}}
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