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: One for All Shenanigans
the music says it all....
KingAFK (NA)
: PEtition for a ranked Team builder
THank you so much guys. That really is great news! i didnt know the "role #" but ya i actually main 2 roles so that would be really really ideal! i really hope they do this. Even if its a seperate league. for someone like me with 2 kids, full time job and limited time to play it would be absolutly ideal! #goriot
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asamu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=ADC Fr33f4ll ADC,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EATjNJbr,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-29T02:49:42.348+0000) > > So whats the point of ADCing anymore? get roflstomped till late game then, if your lucky, carry your team back with a penta kill and push 4 turrets an inhib and a nexus? I mean WTF? I hit like a wet noodle till 4 items and everyone is 2 -3 levels higher than me till mid game. DO u xpect ADC's to sit in lane till 300 cs so we can actually do something late game? It's always been like that; it's a problem with how much damage comes from items compared to base stats, and how abilities are ranked up; once an ability is rank 5, it stops scaling as the game goes on, meaning that for much of the game, the majority of any champion's damage is coming from 1 ability, and if they only have 1 or 2 damage abilities, they often fall off hard if the game goes late (See Darius and Pantheon). IMO, they should tone back ALL of the items and put a lot more into the base stats on champions to push more moderate differences in strengths; right now it's too extreme. Tanks deal 0 damage late game, but are absurdly hard to kill relative to a squishy, while squishies deal obscene amounts of damage, but die instantly to each-other. ADCs kill each-other in 3 autos late game; burst mages can 2 shot said ADCs instantly. If you play without items, auto-attacks are pretty worthless.
Actually, well said. So my question is, what is an ADC (plat3 experienced) players supposed to do? Right now I pretty much farm lane till i feel im strong enough MID game to do anything. BUt after all these last changes i feel like im still very weak no matter the ADC champ to do anything against these tanky champs. They just engage then 2-3 shot me. Is there another strat that ADC are suppose to implement? Like building a SASH first to get out of all this CC or start useing cleanse....i mean anything? example...lvl 6 - 11mins in or so...I have BF on sivir...standing near my turret full Creep wave..Zed jumps me and kills me. same game IE built with Static shiv...Gragas flash body slams me, then ultis dead. Same Game - darius speeds up flash grips me, dead.... team fights @3-4 items are useless....i dont do any damage at all.. I know what they are going to do, my positioning is solid...there just isn't anything i can do Did something change im not aware of in the builds of ADC's? I mean this game changes every week...its hard for a working guy to keep up. 1 more example of how upsurd everthing is right now... Lux, EZ, Azir, Nautilus, Fiora...I was 6-0 from bot lane....doesnt u see how much i have to dodge from the back line? its just not fun anymore to me. idk. If I go into help i get gipped down, if i stay outside and wait it out i cant do any damage, team rages and atleast 1 of them quits because the ADC doesnt do any damage. now its 4v5 and GG sur@20
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