: Hextech Too Strong. Will Be Broken for 4 Weeks.
Yeah it's complete garbage. Makes sense, though, garbage mechanic for a garbage game for a garbage company.
: Whelp, no more TFT for me this patch....
Yeah, same. It has to go completely. Keep hextech but change their mechanic. Riot is easily the worst at balancing game modes. They've effectively lost all trust with this one. What could they have possibly been thinking? PLUS it auto targets??? Riot, come on..
: Junglers who don't know how to jungle
LOL true but this can be said about any role. You can't really blame them. Someone gets autofilled mid and gets destroyed by the 1.5 mil mastery Yasuo one trick. It happens and it's just a testament to the flaw of Riot's ranked system.
: losing lp 2nd place
4th and up should be guaranteed lp, even if just a small amount. I've experienced this as well having lost 20 ish LP with a 4th finish on one occasion.
Luzarius (NA)
: How do you overcome a stubborn RNG?
I was able to top 3 from bronze to gold. It got harder then as everyone was familiar with the strats. I haven't played ranked in about a week so I don't know if Voli/brawler and cursed blade/gunslinger is still good. I assume it probably is. Basically, get a tier 2 champ (preferably with recurve bow) from the first carousel. Recurve may not always be possible but try to get a tier 2 unit regardless (should always be able to). If you have a chance to get a tier 1 with a recurve instead, then take that. 9/10 you will sell your 2-cost champ as soon as the first store spawns and buy everything (assuming you got 1 gold from first minions). If you got an item, then buy the 4 best things you can. Exceptions are if you have a trist as first champion and first store offers a lucian. Buy lucian and something else and try to force gunslinger. Lose the early rounds on purpose. I always lose until the second carousel. You take a whimsical amount of damage since early damage is low and this also sets you up with decent econ (from lose streak) and also gives you priority on carousel (to get more recurve). Typically, I lose until the round before Kruggs. I'll do a comp check to see if I can win a round and continue as such. Level to 5 and beat Kruggs. You have to get a feel for units as they come and be sure to check what other people are buying by looking at their boards. See someone with two tier 2 tristanas? Don't keep refreshing to try to level your own up. Sell it and move on to something else. Try to reinforce your current strat, whatever it is, and make an educated guess about what would be easiest to transition into. If you are gunslinger, then yordle could be a good choice if you needed to transition. So start purchasing yordles when you see them as well. Don't spend too much refreshing, ever. Try to econ and push levels. Later in the game, utility items like Hush, Cursed Blade, and Sword Breaker are must haves on the appropriate champions if you have a comp with adc carries. If you are brawler with voli, you need Rapidfire Cannon and Red buff then a third item (can be tank or damage). If you are getting shit on early and can't find any synergy with champions, then get pirates. They are always open. It's bad, sure, but they give you econ to transition later plus you can also get gunslinger if you find an early Miss Fortune. Don't underestimate the power of late game force of nature (double spatula). Be sure you are econ for late game as well to try and get a unit advantage. Buy tier 5 units when you see them if you know someone has a comp that can use it. By that stage of the game, hate drafting high tier champions can really save you some headaches. Learn to position correctly. These days it seems just building a locket and making a line at the back of the map is the best way to go. Use your best judgement. You won't be able to get 4th or up every time but I easily gain LP in 80% of my games. 15% of the time I get 5th and only lose 10 or so LP. I've only gotten last 2-3 times overall and only once in ranked (-35 ish for me). These principles are pretty basic and should help you get 4th and up the vast majority of the time. Also, keep in mind that comps and the best strats will change with patches. The voli and cursed blade nerf might be too much (probably not) and something else may rule. Demons are fairly decent right now too and most people aren't building it in my opinion. I can almost always get a tier 2 of every champ with ease. Otherwise, just message me if you want more advice. I played probably 100 or so normals before ranked was released and I've played maybe 10 or so ranked for Gold 3 atm. Not high by any means but if you're struggling to hit that rank then I can definitely help.
Barkley (NA)
: 1st Carousel Exploit -- PLEASE FIX
I've posted in this forum about the issue once (the week of release) and Riot refuses to fix it. I've been told that the exploit takes place when somebody alt+tabs without window mode on certain frames during the beginning of the game right before the carousel. I have two monitors and play in windowed mode so I've never had it happen to me, but I've certainly seen many players in my game do it including someone I got qued with twice in a row that was obviously able to replicate the glitch back to back with ease (the person who told me how it worked). I was expecting this to be among the things that were fixed in 9.14 but Riot decided to nerf pirates instead. I HIGHLY doubt they even look at this forum at all.
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Barkley (NA)
: There's really only two viable routes right now.
I would add Voli + anything as well. But yep that's it. OH WAIT. AT LEAST THEY NERFED PIRATES THIS PATCH ECKS FUCKING DEE
Ahy0523 (NA)
: No LP gain from a top 3 placement in ranked play
Had a 4th finish and lost 20 lp. FBM. Seems to be issues gaining LP. I assume that ranked will be reset when an actual season starts so shouldn't be a big deal if they fix it by then.
: Lets buy a Cho'gath, nah we dont want you to win, have a Rengar??
This has happened to me as well. It's giving you the unit to the right. If you had sold and purchased the GP, you would have gotten the Cho. Happens to me all the time. You also effectively lose 1 unit from your store.
: Lost lp with top 4 finish
Bruh I lost 20 LP with a 4th finish just a little while ago and came here to report.
: are you sure its not the enemy using dissarm? (armor+mr)
The disarm doesn't make the items disappear. If you haven't seen what they are referring to then it is hard to imagine. It's happened to me twice. It looks like your item shoots across the screen in a wide arc like a shooting star actually leaving your champion.
: Items falling off in combat
This has happened to me a few times. When they fall off during the match, the shit looks like a shooting start of shitty league items.
: Cursed Blade is running too rampant - *Please Nerf!*
As far as I know it is getting nerfed as well as voli. I read an article somewhere.
Kuponya (NA)
: People place way too much faith in tier 1, 3 star units
It's just situational. I've won tons of games with Trist and gunslinger. I've also won tons of games with Vayne. She's pretty decent with attack speed items since she doesn't have to take time to ult. With that being said, I've also won some games without tier 1 units in my comp at all come late game, and without them being tier 3. It just depends on the game as each one is different. The other day I was getting spam pinged going into the first round of stage 3 for already having a tier 3 trist and a tier 3 warwick. I got asked how I got those and I said refresh ecks dee. Sometimes it's fine and sometimes it isn't. With that being said, I've also seen people put way too much faith in economy. They sandbag early and invest late only to lose some rng rounds and, since they were low from losing early on purpose, they didn't have any safety net and get eliminated with 50+ gold. The skill in this game is just knowing how to adapt to each specific scenario. Sometimes that calls for early game with rolls for more tier 1's and sometimes it calls for a wait and see econ approach.
: Disucssing how disappointed I am with Riot Games development of TFT from Beta to live...
The game is still in Beta and they are going to be making a lot of changes during the coming patches. Yeah those strategies are insane, I just came off a free win myself (surprise, assassins with Akali). I've also been getting wins with demons and also gunslinger with utility items (usually 3 item trist with Rageblade, Cursed Blade, and Sword breaker). I think there are viable strategies but balancing definitely needs to happen and it will. What baffled me the most was the pirate nerf and the assassin buff coming into the recent patch. Pirates were already complete shit and assassins were already overpowered. It is what it is. Riot games is insanely bad at balancing a game they've been working on for 10 years, so expect something thats been out for only a few months to be extremely bad. It will get better with time, hopefully.
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: What TFT needs...
A lot of those are quality of life fixes that I would fully expect Riot to implement (match history, post game, etc.) Longer carousel by a few seconds is probably fine. I wouldn't mind adding another ~minute to my games. Stacking items I am ok with, however, with the current item sets. If they implement a fair amount of more items, then perhaps unique passives could apply. That's my opinion.
Rioter Comments
: Shared draft game changing bug that everyone is abusing
You can't buy or position or swap with your bench. I'm fairly certain it was designed that way. It never felt like a bug to me.
: For anyone who still thinks TFT is heavily Stratedgy
RNG keeps skilled players from winning 90% of their games but it doesn't keep you from top 4 most of the time. 9/10 of my games I will be in the top 4, I guarantee.
: Scarra finds most broken akali build
Literally ran into this today. Guy had a tier 2 Akali with those same items. It was also his only Assassin (and only Ninja). I've been backlining Gnar as a strategy to counter assassins and it's been working. The Akali literally one shot him immediately (he also had a Zephyr). Fortunately for me, the Akali walked up to my frontline and didn't focus my Tristana carry and I took the game. It was really frightening, though.
: I agree. I was just thinking that add this for late game will be interesting, sometimes you don't have that item to counter the last guy because you had to make to other one. So something like, 3 gold to remove and 5 gold to unmake that I think will be cool and not OP
I could see that. If you have a crit item on your carry then last carousel they pick up a Recurve Bow to partner with that Chainvest they've been sitting on to build Phantom Dancer and try to get a solid counter on you. That could be something interesting. It would be overpowered if unlimited, I think. Maybe allow it after a certain stage (maybe stage 4?) and also limit the number of times you can do it. Maybe you can only dismantle items 3 times overall or something a long those lines.
: Remove rapidfire cannon’s “attacks cannot be dodged” and give it to Sword of the Divine
Completely being able to negate crit is absurd and PD most likely needs a nerf. I never build crit items anymore for that very reason. I don't think you could give an item 100% crit (essentially) while also making attacks undodgeable. It seems a little too overpowered in my opinion. I think RFC is fine but its build-path should maybe be different, though. You raise some good points and I'm sure that item balance and abilities is something that Riot is looking into.
: I think Hush needs a rework, it overlaps with Demon and is out-shined by them
It's my opinion that most items are outshined by a few. Rageblade, Spear of Shojin, Phantom Dancer, Rapid-Fire Cannon, and Zephyr are all probably overpowered (maybe not Zephyr). With that being said, I think that other items (mostly tank items) are simply outclassed and not prioritized due to the nature of needing Recurve Bow-based damage on a carry. Either Recurve Bow items need to be nerfed or tank items need to be buffed. I think the simple act would make items like Hush, Cursed Blade (yes I know it's a Recurve item, but slightly under powered), Sword Breaker, etc much more powerful. Great point, however, and I think that item balancing and item addition is something that Riot is probably, and hopefully, working on.
: Beta Feedback
I haven't played with Viegar much so I can't really speak to his kit. The Glacial issue, however, is something that I have also experienced. My mana will stack while being hit, and while still frozen, will disappear as if they cast an ability. It could be the case that the next auto from the Glacial character was timed extremely close to your champion becoming unfrozen and casting but landed at just the right time to waste your mana while also inadvertently cancelling the ability. Definitely something that needs to be looked into.
KCentra (NA)
: 50 Gold in Inventory???
As others have said, you need 50 gold in your inventory as liquid (meaning you actually have 50 to spend). BLACK REALM GOD mentioned a good point that games sometimes do not automatically update right after they are finished. This may be the case with your mission. You should be economizing to 50 gold in most games anyway but I'm assuming your mission has yet to update. You'll get your reward when it does.
Glaciace (NA)
: Question about how champion cycling works
From the little chart Riot released (which is ambiguous) the game starts with 39 of each tier 1 champion and certain numbers of the others that become available as you level up. When you buy a champion, it is removed from the pool. When you sell a champion, it is returned to the pool. When a player is eliminated, their champions are returned to the pool. I bank on this strategy to finish my 1-cost tier 3's if I couldn't find them early.
: As funny as buyselling to deplete the pool would be, that's not the case. I had expected units to return when the player lost, ive heard of another autochess working like it, but not the case as far as i can tell. Otherwise you'd see the popular common units dry up fast (yes) and then hit a resurgence toward the end (no?).
They do return to the pool when a player is eliminated.
: Were Demons buffed too much?
It's my opinion that Demons were not buffed too much. I think they've rightfully been brought into competitiveness. You don't see it much, though (or at least I don't) because players are simply accustomed to the strategy not working well previously. Also, the strategy is somewhat expensive to get into and if you're going to spend that much gold on champions then I'd probably rather build Glacial. I think it's a viable composition currently and able to hold its own with others. Congratulations on the win.
: Gold to unmake itens?
The finality of combining items is something strange to me but I can't help but think it might be necessary towards the strategy and planning nature of the game. It also forces you inadvertently to be good at economizing. I think Riot definitely needs to improve the user interface of the items and also improve item RNG somehow. Personally, however, I think the finalized combining of items adds a bit of pressure to the game that is welcomed to me. I respect your idea, though.
: Suggestion to Riot Regarding Item Combining in TFT
Riot can definitely improve the user interface for items. As far as combining items that aren't currently being used, you can always combine them on a throwaway champion on your bench or buy one. Combine the items on them then sell and you have your completed item on the bench. As far as knowing what certain items make, I agree there needs to be a better system. Some kind of in-game store or reference would be a great solution. Simply hovering items over each other like you mentioned would also be effective as well. I think they'll make improvements in that regard before the game leaves beta.
: is there any counter whatsoever to glacial comps?
I think that a tenacity mechanic of some kind would be welcomed in TFT. For the time being, I've found that a Rapid-Fire Cannon is extremely good against Glacial compositions. It's important to note, however, that this is really only effective in a top 2 situation. Typically, if a Glacial player has gotten a good foothold with wins, champs, and economy (a little unlikely to happen, though), your best bet is to hopefully dodge them until the later rounds. I was able to overcome a Glacial composition in a top 2 battle by placing my RFC tier 3 Vayne separate from my team in the opposite corner from Glacial. My team tanked and Vayne never walked up close enough to be auto'd. Ashe can still reach but is unlikely to target Vayne at that distance. Glacial is a complicated strategy to get into. It's incredibly expensive, champions are somewhat rare in my opinion, and tier 3's are almost always out of the question. You also really need Elementalist to make the strategy work well. Also, you just may never find the Anivia that you need for full effectiveness or have the gold to level to put her in. If that's the case, you have to hope to get lucky for a Frozen Mallet to make up for your lack of gold or luck finding a 5-cost champion. It's my opinion that Glacial comps will rarely make it to the late game because the strategy is just too expensive. If player has managed to save good capital, get good items, and also get relatively lucky in champion rolls, then it is unlikely that you will be able to beat them without something like full Yordle or Noble. This is the case for any composition, really. I think the strategy needs to somehow be made a little stronger early and a little weaker late to balance the strategy. Also, tenacity should probably be introduced. Combined, I think those can bring Glacial into balance, as all things should be.
: i win a game and then..
In my opinion, you can top 4 60-75% of the time. I don't think I've had more than 2-3 finishes lower than 4th since day 1 of live release beta and I have ~100 games of tft in so far. Yeah item drops are RNG-based but you can manipulate your odds by sandbagging early rounds (I typically lose to the second draft for item priority and maybe third). During this time, I'm saving gold and buying champions as I get them. I then start refreshing my champions before I hit level 5 or 6 pretty hard because the odds of you seeing a 1-2 cost champion begins to drop significantly at those levels. So if you are rolling past level 6 to tier 3 your 1-cost champion then odds are you will not see it by that time until a player gets eliminated. There are a lot of subtleties and the game is pretty complicated but I'm used to manipulating RNG having formerly played competitive MTG for about 6 years. If you aren't accustomed to this type of game and RNG pattern, it can certainly be quite frustrating. As always, people will just roll better than you (commonly referred to draw or "rip" in MTG) a good percentage of the time - arguably 40-50% of the time. It happens and most players agree that it doesn't hinder higher tier players and allows less experienced players to get wins themselves to keep the game fun. Your goal isn't to roll perfectly every time. Your goal is to learn what you can about the game and turn that 50% of "I top 4 or I don't" to 55-60% and over time you will top 4 more than you don't. Eventually, through playing against increasingly experienced players, I bet you can get that top 4 percentage to 75% easily. Also, keep in mind the game is still in beta. It's too early to make judgements until a final product is released. If I payed for this, I would arguably be upset about certain aspects as well. Seeing as the game is free, however, I certainly don't mind slugging through the few issues that need to be ironed out before product release. I respect your opinions wholeheartedly and encourage you to try the game a little more and you may be surprised at how often you can get those wins.
: Again, .. that isn't true. Gunslingers aren't significantly stronger or weaker than any other combination. The strength of Gunslingers is HEAVILY dependent on what items you have, so the strength of an item like Red Buff is extremely relevant.
What is "true" is purely speculative. You stated your point and I clarified mine. The thread is dead and conversation is irrelevant. I respect your opinion but your opinion isn't "truth."
: Tenacity In TFT
I think item(s) that offer tenacity would be a good addition and it's likely something that they'll implement. Keep in mind, the game is still in Beta. New champions are being tested and developed to be added and I'm sure items are too. Just keep making and posting to boards like this so Riot gets the right ideas. I don't know how long it will be before the game leaves Beta, but I imagine some pretty big changes will come as the game matures.
Barkley (NA)
: I'm sure that's a sight to see, lol. Yeah assassins aren't shit if you use your brain a little.
Have to disagree. If you are losing to positioning as an assassin, it means that you aren't positioning correctly yourself. By correctly, I mean brainlessly stacking assassins in a straight horizontal line on the back of the map. When you do that, it's impossible to position against them. I have found a few counters, though, and it seems that a backline tier 2 Gnar shuts down the composition reasonably well if you want fit it into your composition but not all can. PD isn't a one-stop-shop answer to assassins. It only blocks crits. Don't crit, and units still take damage. So, don't build crit items on assassins and a PD basically won't do anything. except block an auto every few attacks. The way that assassins wait to leap until frontline units to move is what makes them difficult to deal with. That's why I've moved Gnar to the back. Also, positioning is incredibly difficult because you have no idea who you will be facing. Position right against assassins, get destroyed by Knights Nobles. Position against that, get destroyed by assassins. Try to find something to fit both strats and get destroyed by anything.
Pika Fox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=KingMack,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=9K0PngEB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-05T21:42:38.275+0000) > > I initially assumed that glacial was the strongest composition. It's pretty decent if you transition to it later in the game with good capital and can also match it with elementalist, however, I think that assassins are the true issue. With early rolling being nerfed, and the game favoring 2-3 cost champion strategies, players are now just losing matches and saving gold to prioritize items in carousel and have plenty to invest in assassins when they become available in larger numbers. > > I bring this up because it counters everything including glacial. Also, glacial is a pretty skill-based strategy I believe. The units are highly expensive and it takes quite an investment. I see better players skipping glacial comps early, even if there are plenty of champions available, and waiting to invest in it later in the game where cc triumphs over raw damage. There could probably be some kind of balancing mechanism to make it a little weaker late and a little stronger early. I think that way it would be a little more balanced. I should also mention that I rarely see a glacial comp do well that isn't also coming equipped with elementalist bonus. Assassins dont counter 6 yordles with lulu having 2 shojins Kappa
: ... you make it seem like 4 gunslingers is hard to accomplish or over powered. Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank Not that hard to get, .. and not even all that strong. And you can have the Red Buff before you even fight another player. I've seen people go into their first pvp match with 3 completed items, fairly often.
You miss the point. I was saying that if you build 4 gunslingers then you either die from the weakness of the strategy or you are so far ahead that what you do doesn't matter, making the strategy (and red buff) useless.
: That's not true. The Gunslinger buff gives gunslingers a 50% chance to target an additional enemy, or ALL enemies in range with 4 gunslingers. Red Buff + Rapidfire Cannon + Tristana and 3 other gunslingers, .. Every other auto attack she's applying Red Buff to EVERYONE ON THE BOARD Even Runaan's Hurricane gives a 50% chance to apply the debuff to two additional targets, and that doesn't even need to be on a gunslinger.
If you were able to assemble all 4 Gunslingers (and make it that far in the game) then whether or not you have a Red Buff wouldn't matter. What you are saying probably has less than a 10% chance of happening. Plus you have to be able to even secure the Red Buff. The item is fine. You would either be dead from having no front line (most likely scenario especially with assassins being absurd right now) or you simply had the most perfect rolls known to man, which is possible but not likely, and you would crush with or without Red Buff.
: > [{quoted}](name=KingMack,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=sI5R6Wnl,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-05T21:49:32.732+0000) > > Abilities still go through Shen's ability. Vayne's silver bolts are her ability. Therefore, it lands. Yes, but in normal league of legends play it doesn't therefore it's a huge inconsistency between game modes and invalidates shen as a choice for what little niche he fills in TFT.
Shen only blocks auto attacks even in Summoner's Rift.
: Red Buff needs nerfed
But the items it builds out of are incredibly inefficient with most champions that can effectively apply a red buff. It's only basic attacks so aoe abilities, like Garen, don't combo well with it. The only champion in the game that can effectively utilize a red buff is Graves, which is a fairly weak champion to begin with. He's an adc that's forced to front line and usually just gets instantly killed anyway. I personally think red buff is fine. If anything, Tear of the Goddess and Recurve Bow items need huge nerfs. Tank items need buffs except Zephyr.
: Shen and his ability's interaction with vayne
Abilities still go through Shen's ability. Vayne's silver bolts are her ability. Therefore, it lands.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: The actual time lenght of TFT games is an issue.
I posted this same exact idea two days ago and it didn't get a single comment. Yes, games are going entirely too long and I think it is due mostly to: -Players becoming better at the game as mechanics are figured out. -A highly limited number of champions. Most people in my games are hate-drafting to deny other players which makes compositions worse. Players are now winning by 1-2 champions and health loss is low. Many of my games are going past elder with 3-5 people remaining (40-50% or so). The other half or so are most certainly going bast infernal. Even if you are getting stomped and incredibly unlucky, the priority that you get in carousel is easily enough to keep you in the game until infernal if you can stall appropriately.
: We need tenacity to counter glacial
I initially assumed that glacial was the strongest composition. It's pretty decent if you transition to it later in the game with good capital and can also match it with elementalist, however, I think that assassins are the true issue. With early rolling being nerfed, and the game favoring 2-3 cost champion strategies, players are now just losing matches and saving gold to prioritize items in carousel and have plenty to invest in assassins when they become available in larger numbers. I bring this up because it counters everything including glacial. Also, glacial is a pretty skill-based strategy I believe. The units are highly expensive and it takes quite an investment. I see better players skipping glacial comps early, even if there are plenty of champions available, and waiting to invest in it later in the game where cc triumphs over raw damage. There could probably be some kind of balancing mechanism to make it a little weaker late and a little stronger early. I think that way it would be a little more balanced. I should also mention that I rarely see a glacial comp do well that isn't also coming equipped with elementalist bonus.
: Game duration is fine the way it is. Players need time to make their choices regarding items, champions, purchases, and positioning in between each round. And the game itself seems like it was wholly intended to last about as long as a match on Summoner's Rift on average. I've once had a match where me and two other players lasted all the way past Elder Dragon. When I checked the match duration, it had gone on for about 48 minutes. But that's a rare occurrence in my experience.
It's common for me and at least 2-3 other people to go past Elder. I haven't played a game in a few days that hasn't went past 45 minutes. Catch up mechanics are too strong, first and second are incredibly weak positions to be in, and people are beginning to simply sandbag matches just to get priority in the first couple carousels. It's a really powerful strategy. Time in between rounds is fine. Also, I should note that in my elo a summoner's rift match rarely goes beyond 30 minutes. I find it odd that a computer game with such little action with a very defined pool of champions would be going for so long. Mostly due to limited champion pool and catch up mechanics. I think carousel probably needs to be replaced in favor of more PvE rounds to help with poor item RNG. Maybe they can incorporate a system where monsters also drop champion cards to help.
: tft is fun and all
Get a 2-cost champion from the first carousel. Sell it after the first round. Buy 4 champs from the store. Your odds of finding tier 2's and 3's has now dramatically increased. But yeah there are situations where someone can get insanely lucky. I had a tier 3 Rageblade Nidalee after the second carousel once.
fmwyso (NA)
: Suggestion: Allow players to roll at lower level percentages
I like the thought behind the suggestion but that would probably add too many factors to the game in my opinion. I think this is an issue of balance. Personally, I do not see why an Elise should cost more when compared to something like a Nidalee. It doesn't add up to the spirit of League of legends. I think there should be an alternative strategy in place for leveling. My idea is this. All champions cost 1 gold until you hit tier 2. Then they cost 2 gold each to hit tier 3. With this being said, 5-cost champions should simply be balanced to match the power of any other available champion and have the same strategy applied. I think this could bring less frustrating outcomes, more fun from a larger variety of champions available early (those 5-cost champs), and it would also have a similar performance price to what already exists. Then, chance to find each champion would be equal at all levels rather than a percentage.
Rioter Comments
Lapis (OCE)
: Can someone give me a brief rundown of what I should be trying to do while playing TFT?
Grab a 2-cost champion from the first carousel. Preferably one with Recurve Bow or Needlessly Large Rod. Fight the first round. Sell the 2-cost character and buy 4 tier 1 characters - buy any champs that also have multiples (like if you see 2 Nidalee etc). Rageblade and Shojin are the best items in the game. Build them on champions that make sense. Don't build Shojin on Graves, for example (Graves doesn't use mana making the Tear of the Goddess and the Shojin passive useless). Try your best to find matching factions. Synergy is key. Put items on your carry and build the right items that you have access to. Ex. If your opponents are building assassins, and you can build a Phantom Dancer, then build it. Prioritize items in the carousels unless you have a lot to gain (like a tier-3 champion) from taking a champion over an item. Don't waste tons of gold refreshing for more champions. Save your gold if you can (you gain 1 interest up to 5 for each 10 gold that you have - EX 1 gold if you have 10 or more in the bank. 5 gold if you have 50 or more etc). Position your champions reasonably well. Fights have a lot of RNG but you can manipulate this somewhat with proper positioning. Tanks in the front, carries in the back, and that kind of thing. That's basically the foundational stuff. Become familiar with items. Don't underestimate spatula items. They can combine to give you that last member of a faction (you can Golden Spatula + Giant's Belt to get that last glacial character you need for the max bonus, etc).
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