: I can totally see this being used as you've just ulted someone and are waiting for it to tick to their death. :P
Started in season 3. Morde was my first main. Brand was my second. Malz was my third. I like to watch people die long after I've continued to pursue them. That being said, I need this.
: Do you know why they would hit me with a 2 week instead of like perma chat restriction or something?
A perma chat restriction is not a punishment that Riot gives. The punishment tiers are: 10-Game Chat Restriction 25-Game Chat Restriction 14-Day Ban Permanent Ban Using hate speech will skip the first two tiers and slingshot you directly to a 14-day ban. Any further punishment will result in a permanent ban regardless of the severity. That is the next and final tier of punishment. You can reduce your punishment tier over a very large number of games played without valid reports, but in Riot's eyes you are going to be on thin ice for some time.
: I'm scared I'm going to get permanent ban.. I'm trying to be reformed and nice to people but they just call me toxic instead :( I had Kled who obviously was new to top lane, I looked up his op.gg and all his games through season 4-8 were ADC / Jungle. He wasn't autofilled because his last 3 games were Kled. He was building wrong and playing like he had no idea what he was doing. I came top to help and he turret dives a full HP enemy. So this guy is obviously trolling or just completely new to the role... So instead of being rude and flaming him. I say "Kled, you should check out solorenektononly, a challenger toplaner. Might help you out a little. He explains everything he does and why he does it.". and his response was "Stop being so toxic". Like wtf is toxic about that. He proceeds to feed and over extend..Going 3-9. Never grouping for team fights. Would push his lane to second turret and just get collapsed on. Then proceeds to be toxic and flame me..
A comment like that sounds like it was meant as a genuine suggestion, and this alone would not be worthy of a punishment. It was likely either something else that was said that he was upset about, either by you or a teammate, but in this case it appears Kled was probably just frustrated and was likely just having a bad game. It would've probably be fine just to remain silent. Text like that wouldn't cause any kind of punishment unless you were spamming it or you intended it as an insult.
: Actually it was just a 10-game, again, hundreds of games and 4 reports. so there's a LONG stretch between times I respond to flamers and trolls. So don't be so self-righteous since I'm sure you aren't 100% non-toxic in chat all the time, no one is, especially when chat-logs are only seen one-sided and out of context.
Context does not matter. You are responsible for you own behavior or chat and that's it. I'd like to think I am pretty close to 100% non-toxic. I don't respond to insults in game and if I type its usually for a purpose of leading the team or some competitive banter, but it's all meant in good taste. Have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How do you appeal a chat/honor restriction
You should be aware, if you are not already, that if this is your second chat restriction (probably a 25-game chat restriction) and you do not change your behavior even from being occasionally toxic, you punishment will be escalated to a 14-day ban next and a permanent ban as the next punishment after that. Fill out a support ticket to appeal this, but learn what Riot expects of your behavior, or you will find yourself without an account.
Nomiyu (NA)
: "spreading apart" doesn't help. I'm pretty sure they increased the range of the bounce because it will literally bounce from one side of mid-lane to the other. Same goes for river and any other lane except maybe top. And whether or not he's fed shouldn't gurantee a game. Barnd's W and Q size, in my opinion, need to be nerfed in size. His E is a simple burn and the start of any combo, but it makes it extremely easy for him to hit his others because he's already in range. Brand is one of the most hated supports and mid laners because of his poke/harass. With the new runes and item builds, brand not only gets easy poke with his skillshot sizes, but free burst as well.
Former Brand main here: They did increase the range of his bounce not that long ago after they fixed a bug with his ult that made him feel rather weak. The bounce is not the size of mid lane, but because people have tendencies to run towards teammates, and the bounce radius is determined upon hitting the target it can feel very, very large. The E is his shortest range ability and if you are unlucky enough to walk within that range its safe to assume a Q will follow shortly behind it's avoidable if you predict its coming (good brands will throw them almost simultaneously). His primary weakness is that he is slow and has no real escape unless flash is available. Most coordinated ganks are successful. Timing ganks to the cooldowns of his abilities is important, or at least your jungler knowing not to run directly at him. His burn will proc his keystone twice. Overall, he's just like most burst mages in LoL he tries to destroy you with one combo then he has to just sit and wait for CDs, and if you think he's bad now you should've seen how much you could spam his abilities when his mana costs were half of what they are now. Oh and he deals percent max health damage with his passive over time so shields are not overly effective. Mobility and poke are the key to whittle him down I guess is the point of this. Oh and you can nullify his ult with a stopwatch or zhonya's and it goes on full cooldown.
Poske (EUNE)
: I dont think you can be silver and good at analyzing game tho
Sure you can. Plenty of people have game knowledge, but may lack the mechanical skills to achieve higher elo. Deilor (Fnatic's coach during their undefeated split) never advanced past silver 1, I believe.
: > [{quoted}](name=KingWanahakalugi,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Tucr223t,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-03-20T14:20:30.236+0000) > > It doesn't matter how many people report you. Riot has made it crystal clear over the years since the initial release of the IFS that the number of reports is irrelevant. A report against a player simply flags a game for review by the IFS. 3,4 or even 9 reports only flags the game ONCE, and the IFS reviews the game ONCE. The IFS looks for your behavior only. If you find some of their behavior or chat troubling, by reporting them, you flag their behavior for review. There is no weight to the system. The report you give them counts as much as the one they gave you. If they are receiving notifications that players are getting banned, it is because the other players have earned it by their behavior too. It's not fair that they keep entrapping players, and I don't believe anyone here would agree with their behavior. They will receive justice. It catches up to them eventually. Its just important not to retaliate and put yourself in a position to receive punishment. > > Have a nice day, > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} " "A report against a player simply flags a game for review by the IFS. 3,4 or even 9 reports only flags the game ONCE" is this what riot is claiming? if you im pretty sure they are lying. not sure why they would lie but theyve been caught lying about there system functions in the past. i ONLY get the player ban window only when i get 4-9 reports on a single player, and it shows up after or before my next game. w/e idc anymore
Well I am sorry that you do not care anymore, but Riot is not lying. That's why calling for people to report someone is considered harassment and can be punished (not alone traditionally but with other negative behavior). If ganging up to report someone was how the report system worked, Riot would encourage people to call for reports from their team and the opposition. They don't encourage this behavior though. They want you to mute the source, report the player(s) yourself, and move on. I've played since season 3. I've been on lots of skids with a series of bad games and my team has flamed me. I've seen countless trolls, an army of int'ers and enough toxicity that a nuclear waste site would have an inferiority complex. Doing those 3 things will make the game more pleasant for you, for your team and for the enemy team. It tilts trolls and int'ers off the face of the earth to stay silent and just report and move on afterwords. The IFS does work if you trust it. Over time they are eventually caught. You should also be aware that you won't get the notifications that someone received punishment unless they were on their last straw, and received a perma-ban. I get maybe 3 notifications a year, but that doesn't mean people aren't being punished. Otherwise, try to relax. Take a breather because I can imagine the frustration. And, I sincerely do hope you have a nice day.
: premade troll queues abusing auto feed back report system
It doesn't matter how many people report you. Riot has made it crystal clear over the years since the initial release of the IFS that the number of reports is irrelevant. A report against a player simply flags a game for review by the IFS. 3,4 or even 9 reports only flags the game ONCE, and the IFS reviews the game ONCE. The IFS looks for your behavior only. If you find some of their behavior or chat troubling, by reporting them, you flag their behavior for review. There is no weight to the system. The report you give them counts as much as the one they gave you. If they are receiving notifications that players are getting banned, it is because the other players have earned it by their behavior too. It's not fair that they keep entrapping players, and I don't believe anyone here would agree with their behavior. They will receive justice. It catches up to them eventually. Its just important not to retaliate and put yourself in a position to receive punishment. Have a nice day, {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Screw Riot
Damn I got baited. There's a death bush behind me isn't there? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: I thought you were quitting? Are you just making board post to complain? The link of her saying she's done : https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4np6f4E5-riot-im-done-playing-league
She said she was going to quit 5 months ago. She made a post about it. We'll see her again next week. She, like so many of us, can't resist the allure of LoL.
: I feel this account i shouldn't be banned. The words are out of context by themselves.
Context does not matter. Each player is responsible for his/her chat logs, and Riot does not care what started the disagreement. You participated in it. You were banned for your chat logs after you received your 14-day ban, which was your final warning. The 14-day ban is your final warning before a permaban. It is a scaling escalation punishment system. You can try to send a player support ticket, but any degree of toxicity after your 14-day ban will escalate to a permaban, so it is unlikely to be reversed. Have a nice day.
: When the member berries hit
I member. You remember AP {{champion:11}} ? I member
Barkley (NA)
: If you're the guy who votes "no" on a remake
May be a nerd confession here, but you think legos are bad? Accidentally drop a few d4 dice on the floor in the dark. The pointy side is always up. ALWAYS. Might as well be a set of caltrops.
: Champ Mastery Costs, Masterwork Chests, and Some Loot Buffs
Cactopus, Will the price to combine mastery tokens change if we have the tokens but have not used them currently? Or, will the price to combine them still drop? Just wondering because I'm sitting on my Ahri tokens at the moment while I was waiting to pull a shard.
: If 1% of players are issued a punishment at some point that does not mean that 1% are getting punishments every month. So in practice the numbers would be even lower on the inaccurate report amount. But at the same time there is a difference between inaccurate evidence supplied to to players (which is what this thread was originally about) and inaccurate punishment being delivered. In most cases many times people on the boards complain about being wrongfully banned they are basing the assumption on evidence supplied and in most cases it is shown that while the wrong evidence was provided, the ban was still justified when a rioter goes and takes a look at the person's history.
You're most likely correct that the number is lower. We would have to know approximately how many new players join every month to make a reasonable assumption. I attempted to put it in perspective by using the number of players that play in a months time to illustrate the tiny portion of error in the system, so thank you for correcting me. You're also right. The comment thread originally started as addressing errors in the information given to summoners, but Tantram began to speak on the subject of false positives, and it is to that statement that I am referring and attempting (while somewhat inaccurately) to give perspective to.
Jo0o (NA)
: Very nice. Took me about 91 to get from 2.3 to 3.0, so that looks to be around the range of games required, assuming good behavior of course.
I went from 2.3 to 3.0 in about 35. I don't play more than 10 games a week usually, but when I do, I try to make them count and I'd say out of those ~35 games I received honor in 25-30 games and 10-15 with more than one honor. I think it's more a percentage and when the system thinks there has been a reasonable sample size to upgrade you, but I could be wrong. I have been wrong before, and probably will be again.
: I most sincerely apologize for using the wrong term. I meant penalties. I will update the original post. 0.010% of penalties is much much worse than 0.010% of reports.
And if I may add to Tantram's numbers: I believe that Riot has made a point to say that most players never receive any punishment, and only 1% of the community is issued a punishment at some point playing the game (most of which being minor punishments), so by Tantram's number and the estimated 76,000,000 players per month (last I heard, could be an old number). 760,000 players get punished in a months time, and the number of incorrect reports per month is approx 76 worldwide. I would say that's not half bad, and that's not to say a punishment wasn't deserved in all cases, because some of them are just reduced in severity.
Jo0o (NA)
: Sorry, I see no reason to believe that. You played Ezreal twice in December and a handful of times in November, all with average KDAs, fairly low farm, and Flash on your F key. Then, in the middle of January, you suddenly pop off with KDAs of 16/5/4, 14/2/8, and 14/3/8, all with 8+ CS per minute, all with Flash on your D key. On that same day, you also piloted Twitch to KDAS of 25/2/6 and 16/5/4, as well as similarly good Kog and Trist games. All with Flash on your D key. You expect us to believe that this is the product of your friend "coaching" you? And that his "coaching" would involve swapping the key you use flash on, despite that being a personal comfort choice with no tangible strategic value in changing? And that, despite having a friend who is clearly a GODLIKE coach, you immediately swapped back to flash on F and mostly playing top or jungle after that day, ignoring everything you learned? Nah, dude. You did something against the rules here. Either you tested a script in ranked matches, or you let a friend play on your account to boost you, or you bought a boost, etc. Doesn't really matter what, specifically, you did. It was obvious, you got caught, your account is gonzo.
I looked at the games too and never saw a common friend between any of the games I picked out.
: but according my knowledge there is no way to modify any application on Mac OSX without the master key from the developer
I'm not saying you directly altered the app, but do you have any programs that interact with the program or provide overlays or offer additional information not provided by the league client itself?
: I was Wrongfully Perma-Banned for using third party software!?!?!?!?
In addition to what Jo0o said, you won't get a specific answer from Riot. Riot does not disclose what programs cause these types of bans, or what they specifically caught. They keep these types of bans rather close to their chest so program designers don't know exactly what triggered the ban. Odds are, if you discovered this today, there will be many more today with similar issues as these particular bans are given in waves.
: Too abusable, people will look up Players and kick those with Low winrate, offrole, loosestreak or if someone wants to play offmeta, He will have a hard time.
What if there was a reason box that came with the voting tool, and only showed on the persons' screens that voted yes if the votes were accepted. They would be able to submit their reasoning before they rejoin the queue, and the system would determine if the votes were just cause. Kicking for unjust reasons will lead to an punishment equal to the AFK system. Personally, if they kick the player they don't want and it wasn't justified, I would consider it a dodge for all who voted as such. Riot would also have to make a clear ruleset on what is and isn't "kickable".
: https://imgur.com/AV2CZGR Pretty sure the e-mail I received said otherwise.
If you're referring specifically to "hate speech", I can assure you it encompasses more harmful speech than just swearing. Here is a quote from Riot Tantrum (more or less "the Authority of Player Behavior"): > Riot Tantram (NA) Senior software engineer - 2 months ago >The in-client language filter is completely different and not used by the behavior systems. Just wanted to clarify that, as assuming it is could cause confusion. >We do not ban for bad words. We ban for harassing people.
: Fair point, however, it's now how it works, as I've demonstrated previously, regardless of context, they don't consider swear words to be tolerated in any situation.
Quite the contrary, Riot has taken a official stance that they do not care that you swear in game as long as it isn't directly aimed at another player. Riot deems it unacceptable to use your chat to verbally harass another player. There are plenty of chat logs on the boards that contain no curse words, but have resulted in large scale bans because of players directing abusive speech toward another player.
Jo0o (NA)
: Hah! Well played. Well, I suppose it would benefit ranked players... but it also kinda turns norms into a prisoner's island, right? Especially when you consider folks resigned to being stuck Honor 0 would be doubly punished by being indefinitely locked out of ranked. I like where your head is at, but the implementation would be dangerous.
Honestly, I'm not entirely opposed to norms being turned into a prisoner's island. I enjoy playing ranked, but I struggle to find the desire to play more than one consecutive game after watching my team verbally beat each other to the point of typing in chat more than playing the game. I don't know if that experience is as common in mid-to-high elo as it is in low elo, but anymore it just seems more and more frequent. Implementation would surely be dangerous, but I wouldn't be opposed to Riot testing it for some time. Perhaps, now that we have two queues for ranked, restricting one for a period of testing allowing only players who have never been punished or players dedicated to reforming themselves. I don't get mad often, and I don't see myself getting banned for my occasional outbursts (small and rare in comparison to some chats I've read), but even if I did receive a ban, I could see myself working much harder to reform and "escape the island". I think it would at least be worth some experimentation even if it was just for a month or so.
LateBozzz (EUNE)
: Now when i finally got to play i got autofilled 3 times to fuckin support. I dont play suport and never will so again a 15 minute dodge timer
If you keep dodging games, it will eventually result in a ban. While getting auto-filled into a role you didn't select may not be fun, it is expected that you play the role to the best of your ability. As a reward of filling the role, you are granted protection from being auto-filled in your next several games.
Jikker (NA)
: My apartment currently has no heat and no hot water
You should keep water running in one sink at a slow trickle if its getting too cold in the apartment. It will keep your plumbing pipes from freezing and bursting.
PlanDeN (NA)
: Non-stop AFKS
Early AFKs are the reason they originally formed the Remake system. There have been several ideas thrown around by the boards, but in most cases Riot fears abuse by these systems when someone has a bad game, or they don't get the comp they want. There have been ideas thrown around for when people lose power vs. intentionally quit, and they all result in brainstorming a way the playerbase could abuse the system. But I do feel you man, when I started playing ranked in season 4 I was excited because my friends said I would start in mid to low bronze for my first venture in ranked, and I got placed in Silver III or IV cant remember. I won my first two games, and then watched my MMR die as I was subjected to 12 AFK's in a row. 12. A dozen. I understand. Afks hit home for me because it took 2 seasons to climb back out of that basement.
Neamean (NA)
: I'm honestly confuse as to why people are calling the new Nasus skin Super Saiyan
RivetAce (NA)
: League of Pixels
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Attempt 2.
RivetAce (NA)
: League of Pixels
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: > [{quoted}](name=groovylord,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3T2jMVnO,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2016-09-22T03:43:31.033+0000) > > This is an interesting concept. I wonder how we'd sell it in terms of clarity (so you know it's happening). > > Side note: Wouldn't it be cool if Cho'Gath's ult just IGNORED SHIELDS. Like he just EATS YOU and you're in his belly and you die. Kayle ult? NOPE YOU'RE EATEN. (this is probably not a good idea) DO IT! Nerf how much damage it does so it's more balanced that way, BUT PLEASE DO IT! I WANT THAT TRYNDAMERE HARD COUNTER!
I agree with you. Giving Cho this power would make him a niche pick against teams with multiple invulnerability spells. I wouldn't suggest allowing him to target untargetable creatures though. Ignoring shields and invulnerability would be a unique and awesome aspect.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: This is an interesting concept. I wonder how we'd sell it in terms of clarity (so you know it's happening). Side note: Wouldn't it be cool if Cho'Gath's ult just IGNORED SHIELDS. Like he just EATS YOU and you're in his belly and you die. Kayle ult? NOPE YOU'RE EATEN. (this is probably not a good idea)
: Your main and their favorite Pokemon.
{{champion:31}} http://img09.deviantart.net/7c53/i/2011/319/0/2/mister_snorlax_by_mekapanda-d4g9kcj.jpg
: {{champion:35}}: that's not true... THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! YOU'RE NOT CRAZY ENOUGH TO BE MY FATHER!!! {{champion:202}}: Search your feel- wait, really? I'm a serial killer who has an obsession with the number 4, art and perfection. How is that not crazy enough? {{champion:35}}: pfft, that's a quiet tuesday night compared to me :p {{champion:202}}: O_o
{{champion:202}} : well that makes sense your mother was {{champion:222}} . {{champion:35}} : !!!
Ningendo (NA)
: What are your favorite sounds in league?
{{champion:31}} OM, NOM, NOM ,NOM
: Game 1 Sadistic Dreams: omfg Sadistic Dreams: support afk :/ Sadistic Dreams: right? Sadistic Dreams: ok good! Sadistic Dreams: fucking teemo noob Sadistic Dreams: lol Sadistic Dreams: gtfo you retarded looking squirrel Sadistic Dreams: fcuk off teemo Sadistic Dreams: look at you tryhards bot Sadistic Dreams: lmao Sadistic Dreams: and you need some water thirsty Sadistic Dreams: youre not thirsty when you drink Sadistic Dreams: thats what i thought, pipe down squirell boy Sadistic Dreams: lol cute leblanc Sadistic Dreams: brb quick Sadistic Dreams: how? Sadistic Dreams: ... Sadistic Dreams: how do you die like that tahm?.. Sadistic Dreams: fuck this tahm kench, takes my kills then leaves like a douchebag.. Sadistic Dreams: Report tahm kench Sadistic Dreams: takes my kills then leaves Sadistic Dreams: fucking douchag teemo noob lol Sadistic Dreams: probably dont know how to play anyone else either Sadistic Dreams: so sick of seeing teemos and yis in this game, ruins the community Sadistic Dreams: i need fucking help[ bot or im about to fucking feed Sadistic Dreams: this is bullshit Sadistic Dreams: you could stop jungling Sadistic Dreams: and help Sadistic Dreams: omg Sadistic Dreams: you stupid... Sadistic Dreams: fucking moron.. Sadistic Dreams: for you feeding? Sadistic Dreams: k Sadistic Dreams: report fid forfeeding Sadistic Dreams: no, just dont like someone who tries to go against two champs when they have less than 100hp.... Sadistic Dreams: its fucking stupid Sadistic Dreams: noob Sadistic Dreams: for what? Sadistic Dreams: ok, ill report you for false reporting lb Sadistic Dreams: ok, well, you fed, thats reporable too Sadistic Dreams: the ten year olds in this community Sadistic Dreams: ruining the game lol Sadistic Dreams: report leblanc Sadistic Dreams: shes trolling Sadistic Dreams: lol Sadistic Dreams: this fid Sadistic Dreams: this fid Sadistic Dreams: so bad Sadistic Dreams: so bad Sadistic Dreams: well fid, youre a troll yourself Sadistic Dreams: so get used to all games with trolls Sadistic Dreams: yeah, a little fucking late for that tahmm... Sadistic Dreams: no, i had a fucking dc and fid kept jungling, when he should have started helping bot Sadistic Dreams: so sick of people who cant play Sadistic Dreams: doesnt matter... games over... Sadistic Dreams: not with a 0/6 adc... Sadistic Dreams: since no one wanted to help my lane and wanted to be fucking trolls instead Sadistic Dreams: then leblanc wants to report me becuse she died from going in at a stupid time Sadistic Dreams: iungles retard Sadistic Dreams: *ingles Sadistic Dreams: report leblanc? Sadistic Dreams: ok Sadistic Dreams: and youre still going in the chat fid, reported Sadistic Dreams: haha Sadistic Dreams: i dont speak spanish Sadistic Dreams: shitty language anyways Sadistic Dreams: sorry, not gay Sadistic Dreams: dont hit on me, not into guys Sadistic Dreams: lol jax beyond dehydrated Sadistic Dreams: kinda sad Sadistic Dreams: to watch someone so thirsty Sadistic Dreams: you need water Sadistic Dreams: is what you need lol Sadistic Dreams: no, to quench that thirst you currently have Sadistic Dreams: sorry, im not 7 like you kiddo'' Sadistic Dreams: get rekt Sadistic Dreams: lol ok kid, keep living in the basement with your parents Sadistic Dreams: unlike you, i live with something called roommates Sadistic Dreams: something you know nothign about Sadistic Dreams: leblanc, thinking shes cool, saying i live with my mom lol Sadistic Dreams: lol yeah, just making herself look like a fool Sadistic Dreams: already graduated kid, stop sticking me in the same boat as your dropout ass :p Sadistic Dreams: yeah, well ill report you for unsportsmanlike as well Sadistic Dreams: and profanity for saying ass? Sadistic Dreams: lmao Sadistic Dreams: i know you are kid Sadistic Dreams: i know Sadistic Dreams: -=pat pat- Sadistic Dreams: sorry for your teemo Sadistic Dreams: he spoke in chat first Sadistic Dreams: now, muted, leblanc, your low level of intelligence is disguting Sadistic Dreams: *disgusting Sadistic Dreams: muted Sadistic Dreams: too bad lb Sadistic Dreams: "<3 Sadistic Dreams: who hit no? Sadistic Dreams: <3 Sadistic Dreams: lol how many times you gonna say it broken record? Sadistic Dreams: how about report you for spamming and being toxic yourself? Sadistic Dreams: right he is a shit champ isnt he nasus? Sadistic Dreams: shitmo Sadistic Dreams: lel
I don't type that much in game in a week...wow.
: PSA Silver and Bronze: The little things you're responsible for
Sorin, I don't know if you were trying to start a completely new list when you started back at 1 with the numbers the second time. If you were, that's fine, but if you were not, could you change it because I want to throw my chair out the window. Have a nice day, {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} KingWanahakalugi
: How is this relevant to League?
I feel it is relatively related just because there are many people that say that "no other game uses the same punishment system that Riot incorporates". This is proof that Riot's system of punishment is showing positive results that other companies are beginning to imitate.
: Unfortunate... I let you have your moment of peace now, but be warned, I will not be merciful once the battle begins
Well good luck and Godspeed to you when the fire rains down. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: If sucker is still referring to the pop... Well that's another set of variables we have to look at. For starters, how damage is the tongue already, is it completely healthy unscorn, or is it just almost shredded. Another thing we have to look at is the sugar content of the pop does have an excess of sugar is It lacking sugar or is it just right I mean the more sugar you put on something the more powerful the taste again and it can also cause damage Finally we have to look at how fast the tongue is moving, is it a sonic or is it a stationary robot. Based on all this information, it could be 10 to 1000 licks perhaps
Then would it be considered a statistical anomaly that I always manage to cut mine within the first 5 licks?
: The war has yet to begun... But when it does, it will either end quickly or reshape this board. Who knows what could occur, the only thing we really care about is what side you're on
I'm with the Fish because they may have cookies, but I'm from Colorado and we have cookies, brownies, and gummy bears >:) http://www.activistpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Welcome-to-Colorado-Marijuana-Green-Rush-750x471-1.png
: Well that depends on 2 variables Tongue skill and Want It could take a person with extreme tongue skill and Desire for said center 144 licks Or It could take a poorly trained person with no real care 467 licks Another variable to consider is whether the individual is a human or not A Lickytongue could break the center much quicker than a human In full honesty There are just too many variables to have a concrete 100% of the time answer
Since you seem very factual, may I ask you...How many licks does it take to cut your tongue on the damn sucker?
: Never!! Proceed with the cannons.
http://www.cartoonsonnet.com/wild-about-hurry.jpg Sabotaged twice!
http://www.cartoonsonnet.com/wild-about-hurry.jpg Sabotage complete.
: I hear about some war coming to M&G and I'm like
https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cf7weQ-qiIY/hqdefault.jpg It must stop before this happens.
: A New War Has Begun
Stop the fighting!! Before it comes to this... https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cf7weQ-qiIY/hqdefault.jpg
: My reaction to all this talk of war in M&G
Stop the fighting before it comes to this. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cf7weQ-qiIY/hqdefault.jpg
: I am a proud {{champion:16}} main and i say i am nice haters are just ganna to hate http://memesvault.com/wp-content/uploads/Funny-Haters-Gonna-Hate-Meme-12.jpg
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