: What about all the "gaming" features (game bar, game dvr etc.) in the windows settings? Have you tried disabling those?
yup still nothing, even tried running in admin mode
: Are you sure you don't have any apps running in the background that could be causing this? Also, does this happen in other games too? If you are running windows 10 make sure sticky keys are disabled as well.
The only other apps I have running are discord and google chrome, neither of which has presented an issue before. This is also isolated to the actual game, in all other apps, the keyboard functions as normally (even in the launcher it works normally, its just an in game issue.) I also went and disabled sticky keys (worst thing ever besides auto updates) and it still is an issue. I also ran the repair tool, and reinstalled the game again after completely factory resetting my system. Im starting to wonder if its related to a recent windows 10 update cause that is the only thing that has changed for my system in the last month which is when the issue started.
: 1. Try assigning the "Space" key to "Select Self" in the settings instead of "Center Camera on Champion" 2. If that doesn't work open the Practice Tool and after the loading screen minimize the game and delete "PersistedSettings.json" along with "game.cfg". Afterwards, exit the PT and get into another custom/PT game and try assigning your custom keybindings again.
I have already tried both since they have been suggested in the other threads about this issue, sadly, none of that has worked. I really wish they would find a way to fix this that works for everyone rather than like 1/5 people.
: Change The Autofill feature.
Ok, in lower elo, you barely have to know how to play the game to climb, the bigger issue is how toxic players are in low elo. and dont worry timethief, I member it too.
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: I'm glad. I'm tired of wukong one shots from stealth.
like its any different than shaco or twitch one shots. Now he is just a crippled chimp.
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: Buying Runes Between Now and Preseason
But wait, i see all these people talking about their rune pages and their harrowing runes, etc, etc. I want to know what I'm getting for the T1 and older T2 runes that are still in my rune pages. Are they going to be worth less than if I had a lot of T3 runes, Or will the reward be based less on what the runes value was and more on how well you played with them?
Kingdor (NA)
: Can't get above an "s-" as Xayah
Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll try it and see if I can't get higher.
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