signed. I had everything organized to the champs I play. All items organized to the effect they give off such as mr, armor, damage, ap, everything, please bring it back
: Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked
this bug tale is truly worthy of a lore from Runeterra
: Champion and skin sale: 06.21 - 06.24
still no star guardian lux, damn it
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: Esports team icons return
these ones won't show up in game like champion masteries or the worlds ones right?
CLG ear (NA)
: I don't know if this has been suggested, but Lifeguard Sivir
: Champion and skin sale: 05.24 - 05.27
sale 1 without lightdragoon88, must move on, but so damn hard
: League client update Q&A: The Play Loop [Now Complete]
when is the projected date or patch for the full release to the public? cuz it looks awesome!!!!!
: Hey guys. Sorry to have to say this but I am going to have to stop writing stories for the moment. I have gotten a new job and my hours at the moment will have me at work during the time the sales appear. Thus I will not be here to post my stories when it goes live. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Best Case: I can write and post a story late Monday and Thursday NIGHT when I get home. Worst Case: No more stories. So for now I wish to take you all for reading and all the thanks, upvotes, etc. So goodbye for now, See you guys on Summoner Rift (or Abyss most likely as I play ARAM a lot) and if you like, let me know which of the stories you liked the most. I am interesting to hear what everyone favorite were.
congrats on the new job, i understand with priorities first, take ur time with this, who knows perhaps, the new job might help with stories
: {{champion:45}} Ok let see. Hat: Check, Staff: Check, Cape: Check, Power Glove: Check. My Final Boss outfit is set. Now all that is missing is the hero. {{champion:67}} VEIGAR!!!! {{champion:45}} Right on time Hero. {{champion:67}} _Fires shots_ {{champion:45}} Woah careful there you almost hit me. {{champion:67}} That's the point. You wanted me to fight you well now I am going to fight and kill you. {{champion:45}} Don't you want to hear my evil monologue? {{champion:67}} No. {{champion:45}} Oh fine then. Dark Matter! {{champion:67}} What the! _Tumble_ What the hell was that!!? {{champion:45}} Oh I just called a great mass of dark matter to fall from the sky with my magic. {{champion:67}} You had dark magic this whole time and never used it until now on me? Are you insane? {{champion:45}} Me? Nah I am not insane. She is though. {{champion:117}} Hi! _eats popcorn_ {{champion:67}} Who is that? And does she use dark magic too? {{champion:45}} That's Lulu. As for what kind of magic she uses...HEY LULU WHAT MAGIC YOU USE? {{champion:117}} CUPCAKE!!! {{champion:45}} Seems she uses cupcake magic- Where did you go Vayne? What is this cupcake doing here? _pop_ {{champion:67}} WHAT THE **** WAS THAT!!!? {{champion:45}} Oh. Welcome back.
for some reason, i am imagining vayne as a babysitter and lulu and veigar are twins and they are out of control
: Champion and skin sale: 04.29 - 05.02
damn it, no dragoon{{item:3070}}
: League client update alpha sign-ups now open
what is your projected date or time period for the client release? I know u don't have a definitive timeline with things like this but if you were to ballpark a time period, what it would be?
: 2016 Mid-Season Invitational On-Air Team
would have been better with Monty, DoA and Papa, I'm mean seriously, u guys couldn't really dish out some extra cash for them, would have gotten even more viewers and crazier commentaries
: Yo Yousosmart! Star Guardian is absolutely a line that we want to explore further, skins team itself is comprised of a ton of Magical Girl super fans! We definitely want to make more SG skins in the future (TBD), so keep your eyes peeled for cuteness! :3 As far as our data goes players lovvvvveddddd her, like off the charts positive player response. lol **Question for the thread: **What other champions, aside from Lux, would make great Star Guardians?
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: Client is Crashing/Freezing
I'm getting the same thing. First it was custom games when it happened, then bots. Im not even going to try and play for this patch.
: Stuck at loading screen 0% or 100% (mac)
its happening to me as well, first i thought i couldnt load a custom game to try champs out, but then bot games as well
: {{champion:266}} I'm back. Time to do my job. {{champion:78}} HOW COULD YOU!!!!? {{champion:266}} How could I what? {{champion:78}} Here I thought you were a hero, but to shoot Garen like that at a party. You're a monster. {{champion:266}} Ok 3 things. 1) I told you I am not a hero. 2) I'm not a monster either. and 3) What is this about shooting Garen? {{champion:78}} Don't play innocent with me. You said you were going to do something, then a few seconds later Garen was shot and then you come back here. It could only be you. {{champion:266}} I didn't shoot him. I was going to just throw some mud on the ladies dresses and-Why is that hammer glowing? {{champion:78}} Take this!!! {{champion:266}} WHAT THE-_gets hit and goes flying._ {{champion:78}} I did it again. :( {{champion:78}} No. I can't feel sorry for myself right now. I got to go down there and help Garen. _Later in Freljord_ {{champion:266}} _crashes to the ground._ {{champion:266}} .....ow. For a little yordle she is strong. Perhaps she is the battle I am looking for. {{champion:23}} Well look who came for a beating. {{champion:266}} Isn't it supposed to be "came for a visit?" {{champion:23}} _picks up sword._ Nope.
probably my favourite one so far
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NotPrior (NA)
: Infinite Queue
I'm getting the same thing. When i exit it says i exited from champ select, which i never even had a chance to get to. Im playing this for a Mac so Im assuming that this is affecting a lot more people than just me. Plus has anyone else noticed that on their profile page the experience points bar has exceeded the limits of what it actually is? Im Level 28 and have 1600 xp but the limit says 1300 xp?
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _I see a Blood Moon Rising._** {{champion:16}} "Uh oh, looks like another blood moon festival is going on outside." {{champion:150}} **"BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES, CALL EVERY SECURITY PERSON WE KNOW, FIND ME SOME NACHOS!!!!!!"** {{champion:16}} "Wait, this one looks different. People are gathering around and don't seem afraid. It actually looks kind of fun. Maybe we should check it out?" {{champion:150}} **"NO, I DON'T CARE HOW FUN IT LOOKS. THEY MIGHT STILL HOLD A GRUDGE OVER WHAT HAPPENED LAST TIME. I AM HIDING UNDER MY STATUE AND NOT COMING OUT UNTIL IT'S OVER!"** {{champion:16}} "Awwwwwwwwwwwww." {{champion:19}} "Hey Soraka, how about you and me go. It does look like fun. And if it does turn out to still be evil, I can protect you." {{champion:16}} "You would do that? Thanks! Let's go right away then." _"Walks out the door with Guard Dog Warwick."_ {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:150}} "Oh shut up! That isn't a date, he is just replacing me because I am a huge coward. Well, I'll be under here if they come looking for me, keep them away at all costs." _**Down at the festival:**_ {{champion:16}} "Wow, this sure is different than all the other blood moon festivals. There are chili cheese fries everywhere." {{champion:19}} "Is that a chili cheese fry monument?" {{champion:16}} "I think it is, how strange." {{champion:18}} "You know what I heard. Blood Moon Zilean was terrorized by chili cheese fries as a kid, all the time. He became a blood moon, so he could finally have his revenge on them." {{champion:16}} "Oh, hey Tristana. I'm pretty sure almost none of that is true. I thought he wasn't allowed in the chili cheese fry store when he was normal Zilean. On account of all his bombs. So when he accidently became a blood moon, he went and got all the fries he wanted." {{champion:26}} "Can I have your attention everyone. **Welcome to our blood moon festival!**" _"Cheers from the crowd!"_ {{champion:26}} "Glad you are all having fun. I know that we have been a little short on the killing and soul sucking lately. Without us to instill fear in your hearts, your children are misbehaving. Without the killings, your plays are becoming boring." {{champion:39}} **"YEAH, EVER SINCE THAT JHIN GUY GOT CAPTURED, WE HAVE HAD NO GOOD ACTORS!!!"** {{champion:26}} "Well, no more! We are going to inspire some new actors. **MORE KILLINGS, MORE DEATH, MORE FEAR!!!!**" {{champion:19}} "I'm not too sure about this actually." {{champion:26}} "Now, would everyone please join me in giving a hand to Blood Moon Shen. Who has gone from lowly blood moon wannabe actor, to full-fledged demon." {{champion:98}} "Thank you, thank you." {{champion:429}} "Unlike someone we know." {{champion:84}} "Hey, I'm trying. It's not that easy to get a rework that makes you more evil looking." {{champion:26}} "And welcome our newest member, Blood Moon Yasuo!!" {{champion:157}} "I look forward to separating your souls with the power of the wind." {{champion:26}} "Now, it has taken me a while to get used to this whole blood moon thing. But I understand more than when I first accidently teleported into the crowning ceremony. It is time, heh, for me to lead the best blood moon force that there ever was!" {{champion:16}} "I don't know why everyone is cheering, they are talking about killing people. Did we accidently join a cult?" {{champion:19}} "Let me check, **HEY, CAN I GET SOME COOL-AID?**" {{champion:412}} "No cool-aid here, just chili cheese fries." {{champion:19}} "Nope, this isn't a cult, everyone knows you can't have a cult without some cool-aid. At least, I think that's how it works." {{champion:26}} "Speaking of which, I have a new change for us. Since I don't like really killing people who haven't done anything. I propose a new system. I require a gift, to please my demon heart." {{champion:59}} "Alright Lux, sorry to have to do this to you. But as our fairest maiden, you will appease them for the longest amount of time." {{champion:99}} "You can't be serious, you want to sacrifice me just because I am a woman. Garen, talk him out of this." {{champion:86}} "Sorry, but we must all do our civic duty to Demacia. If dying to protect it from demons is yours, then so be it. Man am I glad to be a man." {{champion:99}} "I can't believe this. Wait, what if Blood Moon Zilean isn't into me?" {{champion:59}} "You're right, I should find a dashing young man to send along as well, just in case." {{champion:86}} "You know, I think I might have left the oven on at the castle. I had better go check. **DECISIVE STRIKE!!**" _Garen, using his alacrity Swifties and Deadman's plate. Runs away at Mach 2, despite his weakness listed as being slow._ {{champion:10}} "He needs someone huh? **I OFFER MY SISTER AS TRIBUTE!!!!!**" {{champion:25}} "That's not how it works, you are supposed to offer yourself instead of me, not the other way around." {{champion:10}} **"COME ON, SHE IS EASY TO TAKE. SHE CAN'T FLY ON ACCOUNT OF HER BURNING HER WINGS OFF WHEN SHE BETRAYED ME!!"** {{champion:26}} "What? I don't want you to offer someone as tribute. This isn't the hunger games you psychos. I want something far more valuable to prove your worth. **BRING ME YOUR BEST CHILI CHEESE FRIES!**" {{champion:59}} "Awwww man, why couldn't it just be a human sacrifice. Now I have to find someone who can cook, which is much harder than finding a pretty girl." {{champion:26}} "I want all kinds of chili cheese fries. the more unique and tasty your dish is, the less likely we are to kill you. I expect all dishes in by the end of the week. And make sure you don't forget the cheese. One guy thought he could get away with not adding it. We sure taught him not to forget to give cheese to someone who has been to Wisconsin." {{champion:412}} _"Shudders."_ "I still remember what we did to him, makes my lantern look like the Bahamas." {{champion:16}} "I had better get Vi, see if our Banana chili works on a fry. Hehe, that rhymes." {{champion:60}} "Alright, some of you may have noticed that there is a moving cocoon over here on the stage. Time to unveil whats inside." {{champion:131}} "**I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BUT AS SOON AS I GET THIS WEB OUT OF MY EYES I AM GOING TO DELETE YOU FASTER THAN GRAVES! **Oh wait, I can see now. Now who is it that, sigh. The blood moons, you guys took me again. I thought we settled this last time." {{champion:26}} "Just because you aren't going to be our eclipse lord, doesn't mean you can't still be a great demon." {{champion:131}} **"YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME, I WILL NOT BETRAY THE MOON LIKE THIS!!"** {{champion:26}} You aren't going to have a choice, prepare to bath in the red light." {{champion:90}} **"HOLD IT, HOLD IT. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!"** {{champion:26}} "Art Master Malzahar? But you are the guy who runs all the skins." {{champion:90}} "Yes, and this can't possibly happen. You see, players picked Diana to have a fire themed skin soon. So we can't possibly have a Blood Moon Diana, as well." {{champion:26}} "Why not just have two skins in a short time, you did it with Order Of The Banana Soraka and Academy Ekko." {{champion:90}} "You see, those champions can make lots of lcs big plays. Diana requires no skill and isn't impressive at all. So having too many skins for her is bad for Esports." {{champion:131}} "You know, I take offense to that. I have a skill shot that requires all kinds of skill." {{champion:26}} "Well, why don't we make Blood Moon Diana and you just not turn it into a skin?" {{champion:131}} "Nevermind, I take no skill to get kills and can't possibly have a blood moon me." {{champion:90}} "Are you kidding, players already want to kill me for not adding a blood moon Diana. Can you imagine the outrage if they see one running around out here? Let me get you a different person to do." {{champion:26}} "Alright, if I have no choice. Let the Diana go!" {{champion:429}} "But, but, but sir. Ughhh, fine. There you go, but next blood moon, I am doing everything I can to get you." {{champion:90}} "Now let's see, list of champions that need a skin. Blood Moon Zed, hmm. No, too obvious, they would expect it. Lemme see, what are you guys missing in your skin line? Wow, really, no Yordles. You racists are worse than award shows." {{champion:18}} **"YORDLE LIVES MATTER."** {{champion:90}} "Ah, this thing way in the back. It's perfect." {{champion:85}} "Yay!" {{champion:26}} "What is it?" {{champion:90}} "Some sort of Yordle Ninja thing." {{champion:26}} "Is it male or female?" {{champion:90}} "Hmmmm, not really sure. I would still pay it less though, just in case." {{champion:84}} "Oooooooohhhh, its so cute." {{champion:26}} "I guess I can work with this. **LET THE TRANSFORMATION BEGIN!!!!**" **ZAP!!!!** {{champion:85}} _"Stares creepily at everything."_ {{champion:60}} "Ok, it's significantly less cute now." {{champion:85}} _"Takes off mask."_ **"DEATH TO ALL WHO LIVE!!!!!!!"** {{champion:19}} **"EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!"** {{champion:98}} "Jeez, and I thought Cotton Tail Fizz was nightmare fuel." {{champion:26}} "I think I like this thing." _**Over in an office:**_ {{champion:150}} "**HA!** I was right, that will teach them not to listen to me. Now back to hiding."
still waiting on that blood moon diana{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: February Early Sales!
damn i got lucky with arcade riven showing up on my snowdown sale at 50% off
: Download the free League Friends mobile app!
will we eventually see our champs and other stuff as we would do on our league client?
Envaya (NA)
: PROJECT: Fiora has not been on sale yet. I checked every sale this month and have been waiting the whole freaking time but of course she comes last.. So yea she will be on sale on friday I think.
ur comment brings me hope my friend, thank you
: Already happened i think.
: Champion and skin sale: 02.23 - 02.26
did i miss that project fiora early sale or is it coming up soon?
nep2une (NA)
: Since when do Legendary skins go on sale?
it was shown on the early sales on the feb sales link, its not legendary, but it drops down a tier
: Champion and skin sale: 02.16 - 02.19
any news on when that project fiora skin would come on sale?
: Is Jhin using Teemo? Or is Temmo using Jhin?
so is the devil being used or is someone using the devil, that is some deep stuff
: {{champion:51}} Finally you 2 show up. You kept us waiting quite a bit. {{champion:202}} Sorry about that, but we came up with some good ideas and- where are the other 2? {{champion:98}} They left. Got tired of waiting. {{champion:51}} I would of left too if I didn't want to make sure you would leave my city. {{champion:202}} Very well the plan will still work with us 4. {{champion:98}} So what is the plan again? {{champion:202}} Jinx will cause a distraction and call as much of Zed's order out as possible. {{champion:222}} I get the fun part. :D {{champion:202}} Once that happens, Shen will go into the battlefield and help Jinx fight them off. Caitlyn here will provide backup with her sniping. {{champion:51}} These guys are ninjas rights? They are going to be hard to keep in one place for shots. {{champion:202}} Not to worry. I already got someone out on the what is going to be the battlefield planting traps to slow those ninjas down for easy shots. {{champion:51}} What if he got caught? Planting all those traps would of taken a long time and he would of stick out. {{champion:202}} Trust me, they will never spot him or his traps. _Meanwhile near the soon to be battlefield_ {{champion:17}} All traps armed and ready. _laugh_
nice dude, you truly made a monster out of jhin using teemo
: I have the same problem. Every time I log into league since the 6.2 patch, I get that same exact message. My client runs just fine though. I tried doing the repair thing and I still got the message. If anyone finds a solution to this problem, please let us all know ;) I am also on a mac on the latest OS X El Capitan.
It's the patch for some reason, its not for El Capitan but for Yosemite
: This just happened to me now and every time I play a game it keeps pushing my ping above 100. I've tried everything including deleting the application and reinstalling it, but nothing seems to work on my end. I hope riot addresses the problem, or at least acknowledges it and let us know they are working to fix it.
It's probably the patch that is messing it up. I've had El Capitan before the patch and it didn't have any problems until Patch 6.2
Hancor (EUW)
: I'm having this problem for 3 weeks now. After that message my client crashes. I have posted several post here on boards as well I sent a ticket to the support. After applying solutions they gave me, my game still doesn't work. Finally i got the response that they don't fully support the new (El Capitan) os and... that's it! My friend plays on Yosemite and his client is perfectly fine.
but thats weird, I've had El Capitan since it first came out and it was fine until this patch
: {{champion:222}} This should be the place. {{champion:102}} You sure this is the place? {{champion:51}} How do we know this isn't a trap? {{champion:55}} I agree. We should just kill this girl and go look for this Jhin. {{champion:98}} No. This is the place. {{champion:51}} You sense him? {{champion:222}} Or do you "shense" him. :D {{champion:98}} None of those. This place makes the most sense. A theater with 4 roads leading to it, 4 words in it name, and has 4 doors leading in. {{champion:222}} That and whenever I tried to blow this place up, something always seems to stop it from happening. {{champion:98}} That too. {{champion:55}} Less talking, let go in. {{champion:102}} Agreed. _ inside._ {{champion:51}} There is someone on the stage. Is that...? {{champion:98}} JHIN!!! {{champion:202}} Ahh..my Audience is here. You guys are a little early, I wasn't expecting you for another hour. {{champion:102}} You have a lot of nerve to attack a high rank Demacian like that. {{champion:55}} YEAH! If he died then who would I fu- I mean...Fight with? {{champion:222}} I can!! {{champion:55}} No. {{champion:222}} :( {{champion:51}} Jhin, for attacking Garen of Demacia and Vi of Piltover, you are under arrest. {{champion:202}} No I am not. Here read this. _Throws roll up papers_ {{champion:51}} !!? This is... DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!!!! {{champion:102}} {{champion:55}} WHAT!? {{champion:202}} Yep. Ionia's government itself gave me this immunity so I can do what I want as long as I killed what they want me to kill. {{champion:98}} Why would Ionia do this? {{champion:202}} Hello Shen. Long time no see. How has your father been? {{champion:98}} Dead. {{champion:202}} Good to see he still...Wait...what!? {{champion:98}} He was murder a long time ago. {{champion:202}} I....I see. And was his last wish for you to wear Crocs all the time? {{champion:98}} _sigh_ No. I was in a hurry and forgot to take them off. {{champion:202}} Ah. Well who killed Kusho? {{champion:98}} It was Zed. {{champion:202}} Zed? Well...this is interesting. {{champion:98}} What do you mean? {{champion:202}} He is my next target and the one Ionia wants me to get rid of, but I needed some help. {{champion:51}} You mean you attacked Garen and Vi just so... {{champion:202}} Exactly. You, my Audience, will get help make my next masterpiece. Congratulations
well worth the wait and the alluding to katarina and garen's relationship, brilliant
: [CLIENT] Error Message when Logging into Client, Mac Patch 6.2
Thanks. At least there are people facing the same issue. As well as they know it as well.
: I had this message as well when i login but i can still play games normaiiy, thats weird :/
Support told me to check my cookies, administrator privileges, DNS, as well as downloading and running the HTK and it still doesn't work. They told me to post this problem here and see how many are affected. As long as it doesn't affect connection or gameplay, I guess its not too bad. It's just annoying to have it pop up every time I log into the client.
: I have had this message also come up as well. Sadly, whatever the problem with the client is, I can't play any games on league. As soon as I leave champ select, I get a black screen that I'm unable to get out of. I usually have to restart my computer. I tried restarting, repairing, and reinstalling the client to no avail.
Wow. I can still play and connect. This is really weird. It has to be the patch.
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: no story today guys, making some changes to Jhin big moment. {{champion:202}} My entrance must be perfect. You already got 2 strikes. Don't make me get to 4. Y-yes sir Mr. Jhin. Anyway I will see you guys Monday...hopefully.
damn, i was really looking forward to another one, extra long one next time?
: January Early Sales!
ill just wait until they are half off
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