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: Lag spikes after patch 8.6 (Haste user)
To add: right now, I am basically experiencing what I used to before I had Haste. When I check my ping from the Haste, I get 65ms without jitters, though in-game, I get higher and inconsistent pings. This is one of the reasons why I suspect that it's the issue with the new routes vs Haste routes.
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: Ping Spikes and Input Lag
I have the same issue. Ever since the new patch 8.6, I get too many random lag spikes, even when i turn off the new voice system. Same internet, same haste, same everything, but my ping is inconsistent. I wonder if it has to do with the new client or something, but I need this fixedddd.
: I'm a {{champion:117}} support and I'm a girl. What's wrong with that?
: nah. i dont like the idea that people under punishment are given special interactions. Id rather go the opposite way - take away their ability to use tant/laugh/joke.
That is a good idea as well. there are multiple ways to troll/annoy others. It must be so hard for Riots team with both options.
: Tahm Kench should have a special interaction with Chat Restricted players


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