: > [{quoted}](name=Kirbanator,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9VUTo15k,comment-id=00260000,timestamp=2018-12-08T21:02:08.943+0000) > > I've had a whole 2 years to clean up my act, i got my first chat penalty last year and this year it just got way worse, it was not the games fault that turned me into a depressed giver uper, it's been the roller coaster of a life i live now. You are who you are. I'm sorry that life has given you lemons but you can focus on it getting better. That is the key. GL!
TY, that's my plan
Jav (EUNE)
: Good bye league!
Good to know there are more people like myself willing to take these bans without throwing a fit and being rational about it. I'm sorry to hear you won't make another account, but i do wish you good luck. I main kog and my account had every skin of him ( yes even hextech ) so i was so bummed i lost it all. But to me, they are not the reason i play, it's for the characters and gameplay. I wish you luck on your endeavors. BTW i LOVE Evelynn jungle myself.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kirbanator,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9VUTo15k,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-07T02:47:26.256+0000) > > Well, today, i was permabanned on this account and i don't want any pity. I was fully aware i was on thin ice yet i continued to be negative. I said some awful things on this account, and i hope to those i hurt, i'm sorry. > > I had a lot of memories on this, 6 years of skins, summoners, and skills. But i come to realize that even tho i put a lot of money into this, it's not like it put bread on the table, or my hextech kog'maw skin could get me a new car. > > I've always been told i learn things the hard way, and this is exactly another reason as to why. So with that sappy speech out of the way, i want to thank you guys and say that i'm sorry for being so negative. Nah, it's bullshit that a company steals accounts from people at their whim. I mean, you have 6 years of time and effort in that account ... that means you are a loyal customer. What kind of company would take away a loyal customers account? I mean that account is more yours than it is theirs. Digital rights need to change in favor of the consumer. -viva la revolution
I've had a whole 2 years to clean up my act, i got my first chat penalty last year and this year it just got way worse, it was not the games fault that turned me into a depressed giver uper, it's been the roller coaster of a life i live now.
Ifneth (NA)
: Ever thought about help?
Going to see someone hopefully soon.
: Though I appreciate that you see the fault in what you did, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. This company just bricked 6 years of funds and time for you. Considering I haven't seen a ban happen in over a year to any player on this game I'm surprised you were even hit. I had someone say the N word, and "Fat %%%%%%" to another player and nothing happened to them.
It was justified tho, i've had numerous chances to change and i ignored them, mostly due to the fact that it's more of a deep rooted personal issue rather then something from playing the game. I have very bad negative tendencies as well as self hating emotions, so even outside the game i feel very similar. I am going to try and see someone soon, so wish me luck on that. It's just something that i had to live with WAAAYYY before riot was even a company.
: Self-pity doesn't do anyone any good, just stop being toxic and go on with your life
Sometimes that's harder then it seems, I always look down on myself and feel like i need the pity to justify how horrible of a person my brain thinks i am. I'm going to see someone about this, but i do agree it does not help in any way.
Krynnˉ (NA)
: I was never toxic in a game until I played league, let's just say AFK's, Int feeders, legitimately boosted players in higher elos, brings the worst out in people when we get in a competitive mindset, that just don't effect you in games like CoD, or Overwatch where they just throw another player into the match.
Oh trust me, in my case it isn't relegated to just lol, i get negative in any competitive online game, tf2, overwatch, paladins, hell even mario tennis. I'm just a negative nancy.
: your a kog maw main? advice please? 1. is kiting possible as him or is it better to stand still to aa as much as possible. 2. how do you deal with those hardcore assassins like talon or zed. 3. ap or ad or attack speed priority (theres more but i cant come up with any).
1. Only kite when you are confident you can outrun/chase them, standing still is good if you have your team cc them. 2. ALWAYS WATCH YOUR SURRONDINGS, i can't stress enough how important it is knowing where everyone is. If you know that they are coming, be near allies or turrets early game. And if you are in a situation where you know you will die, get them as low as possible to get some revenge kills from your passive. 3. I say focus on attack speed, he works best as a shredder with on hit items
: > [{quoted}](name=Kirbanator,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9VUTo15k,comment-id=0002000100000000000100000001,timestamp=2018-12-07T21:27:44.623+0000) > > In case you are wondering what i may have said in my report, i said " go die in a fire" in a BOT GAME. It was pathetic Well bot game still has 4 other human beings who you can communicate with, don't think you should really go and say stuff like that. That's more than enough after receiving a 14-day ban.
exactly, i was just asking to be banned at that point =/
Ifneth (NA)
: That looks like something a psychiatrist could help you with, frankly. Regular talk therapy and possible a mood stabilizer could keep you steady.
I'm planning on that after peak season for work and my root canal surgery
Ah Rekt (NA)
: Try not playing since season 3 and logging in one day to play a game, just to have fun, only to get a premade group of 4 kids trash talking you from champ select to post-game whereby all 4 report you. Boom, perma ban. An account from beta days, victorious skins from s1,2 and 3, over $3k spent, etc etc etc. After 1k+ emails between myself and rito, the permaban stuck. Why? Multiple false reports by similar groups from the past on top of trash report system and members given the power to ban players. Remember those days? yeah. Riot doesn't care. "Riot reviews ALL permabans." - No. They do not. I was not even able to finish reporting ONE of the four in that game before my account was closed INSTANTLY. This is how riot makes money. Removes IP, replaces it with a ridiculous way to get ingame currency, drives up cost of RP and permabans people who get multiple false reports. Enjoy League of Ripoff
I was the one out of line, if anything, those reports were justified because i just gave up
: May I add you on your new account?
sure, Gamecube5500
: The punishment system in this game is pretty fucked. I played a game last night where the enemy trist ran it down because she said her teammates had been toxic the game before. For real... which is a worse problem? You can mute angry teammates, but you sure as hell can't mute inting.
they weren't even angry, i was just a downer who gave up and sat in base
Elipo (NA)
: Are you gonna leave for good or star a fresh account?
Already on that fresh account baby, just saving my BE for kog'maw =)
: The fact this person was bullied into feeling bad about typing negative things is sadly disturbing on a deep level.
It's more deep rooted than just bullies in a game or in school, i have a long history of feeling negative ever since i can remember.
exactly, it's been my mantra since childhood
: Stop buying skins and giving this Riot money...I quited once S9 came out. Waiting for some Legacy server to come in and to play old seasons. The more they fk up the game and ban people...the more people will realise how unfair riot is to them and that only choice is to quit this crap,and start playing when League of legends was in PRIME and golden state.Season 3,4 and maybe 5.
I like this game too much to just give up, even if i don't have the "sunk cost falicy" to hold me down, i just love this game and it's characters so much
Holznick (NA)
: To be frank this thread seems relatively disingenuous and self-loathing. Spending so much time and money on anything, only to have it arbitrarily taken away by Riot's casual ineptitude should fill you with indignation. But then again, maybe I'm wrong.
If anything, it made me see the bigger picture, it really is just a video game, and it's not like i was amazing at the game, i was average.
Ifneth (NA)
: It depends on the person. Permabans target individuals who have repeatedly broken the rules and not reformed, or who do something so bad that they cannot be allowed to remain. These people are often sociopaths, who can indeed pretend to feel guilt when they see the chance for mercy, only to return to their old ways as soon as it’s granted. However, not every person who’s permabanned is a sociopath. They may just not behave well. A sense of helplessness before an outburst, followed by remorse, are common in such people. They may even hope to change but not know how or believe they are too far gone. That doesn’t make things any easier for anyone else, but it does mean that threads like this are sometimes genuine.
In my case, i just have negative mood swings that go a little too far, it's just how i am
: > [{quoted}](name=Ponyfarm,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9VUTo15k,comment-id=00020001000000000001,timestamp=2018-12-07T18:57:03.757+0000) > > Try and imagine what this guy said, i told a guy that i wish torment and agony upon his soul and things worse than this and got a 2 weeks ban, i can`t imagine what this guy said xD {{sticker:sg-kiko}} He didn't need to say anything worse than you said. 14-day ban is considered the last warning and even mild toxicity will result in a perma. I'd stop the negativity altogether after your ban ends.
In case you are wondering what i may have said in my report, i said " go die in a fire" in a BOT GAME. It was pathetic
: The fact that 1 random person can ruin a whole match just bothers me... Idk about the rest of you guys...
I was totally that one person, even the enemy was not having fun
: Well, I hope you can make yourself anew on your new account. Sorry you couldn't keep it under control.
it's ok man, i've always been one to be negative, it's just how i was raised
: Proud to see you move on, and proud to see you stand up and apologize.
thanks, tbh i'm kinda glad this happened, i have a fresh start on this game and a new mindset. Hope i can get better than my main account too.
: Tbh this game facilitates bad behavior and even though the devs are encouraging positivity they aren't really preventing negativity, and it sucks. They give you countless reasons to be negative and really refuse to address those reasons outside of the generic "Well it happens to all of us teehee" as if that changes anything. There's a reason why entrapment is against the law. Sadly, people on boards are generally of the belief that Riot isn't responsible for upholding modern law-based ideals in their game.
I feel like i just go way over board in what i say and do, the last game was 100% my fault and even tho i can agree riot needs some kind of way to prevent negativity other than harsh punishment, i still admit it was my own doing.
: Game is designed to make people toxic, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Riot made this game in a way that makes the game toxic, especially since the only people that ever get punished are people that type "KYS" and not the people that literally run it down mid and force you to lose. Good system Riot. Trash punishment system.
Riot didn't force me to be negative for no reason. And the game that got me banned was a game where i refused to even try. If that's not reportable i dunno what is
: I would like to say that obviously, as you know, this is your fault and you deserve it, but is sad. You did lose a lot of money and cool stuff and I hope you use this as a teaching moment :) <3
Ty, it really is a good lesson, of to not take things for granted and what not.
: not a single person remembers what you said to them, you didn't get banned for what you did, you got banned because an algorithm determined you're costing Riot money.
No, i was banned for being toxic and a very negative person
: yikers
yeah, life is a bitch sometimes, but it's good to just move forward.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kirbanator,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=9VUTo15k,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-07T02:47:26.256+0000) > > Well, today, i was permabanned on this account and i don&amp;#039;t want any pity. I was fully aware i was on thin ice yet i continued to be negative. I said some awful things on this account, and i hope to those i hurt, i&amp;#039;m sorry. > > I had a lot of memories on this, 6 years of skins, summoners, and skills. But i come to realize that even tho i put a lot of money into this, it&amp;#039;s not like it put bread on the table, or my hextech kog&amp;#039;maw skin could get me a new car. > > I&amp;#039;ve always been told i learn things the hard way, and this is exactly another reason as to why. So with that sappy speech out of the way, i want to thank you guys and say that i&amp;#039;m sorry for being so negative. Hurry up and get that new account made! Freshmade accounts are pretty great for placements! And feel so bad for skins lost, just be the nicest and most try hard in your games and a sneaky Rioter might gift you something to start your new collection! (Hugs DJ Sona skin) {{sticker:sona-playing}}
if there was any skin i want back, it's hextech kog'maw. maybe one day i can get him again
Ulanopo (NA)
: Good luck either way, regardless of whether or not you make a new account. Change is rarely easy, but it sounds like you've made a good start, for all that it cost you.
my folks always said i learn the hard way
: I can't speak up for those you have hurt, but I'd accept your apology. Maybe in the future if they do that reform program again (assuming it's successful), you might get a 2nd Chance & you'll be a changed individual then. Until that time, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
I wish, tho my actions were all my own, i can be a very negative person in general, always losing hope and blaming myself. Thanks tho
: You should be super happy! or relieved. I'm still addicted and i cant quit its horrible and the community makes it worse. I never feel like i'm making a difference when i report someone and that usually fuels frustration and hopelessness. People already experience this and they start to troll because they feel that the system wont pick them up, and it usually doesn't. riots in for the money so i'm glad to see you saving some for another awesome game or something. EDIT: Its a good thing those trolls are downvoting mee {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I made a new account, i love this game and honestly i think a fresh perspective is what i need.
: How much did Lyte pay you Nobody's actually """remorseful""" for being banned from a fucking video game lmfao
I'm fully aware of what i did was wrong, and no amount of blaming will get my account back.
Rioter Comments
: The Year is 2023
Kog'maw has been re-reworked to make every empowered auto have global range and 8x the attackspeed
: People on the Boards act like they know better than professionals and it's sickening
It's so nice finally seeing a board that actually addresses one of the biggest problems i find in this game. The community. Like it's amazing that the only time i ever see complaining is on these circlejerk boards. I also find it funny that 99% of the people who just play the game, very rarely complain about the balance. Not in champ select, not in game, not after game. They mostly talk about in the moment stuff, OR JUST PLAY THE GAME. I've come to realize that these boards serve nothing but to be a dump of our frustration for those WHO WANT TO HEAR IT. The reason there are so many similar threads is due to the fact that the community encourages on having the same opinions, it's why a well written thread will be ignored just because it differs. People are drawn to what they wanna hear. As a final note, I honestly do see that the preseason has changed in a good direction, i had a jhin game where we were 4 - 13 at 12 mins, the enemy mf was legendary, and they had all the dragon control, we still won due to strategic planning, longer lanes, and the better comeback mechanic. TLDR: I'm convinced these boards are just for the community to agree with one another and all differing opinions are not welcome, as well as the fact i actually think these preseason changes have some needed potential.
: What are your top 5 favorite champions and what do they say about you?
{{champion:96}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:110}} I like poking things at long distances
: Question for all: Why do you love the champions you play?
I like playing {{champion:96}} because he feels like a good reward for playing smart. Most adcs these days are about being aggressive or getting a headstart, but kog rewards careful planning with absolute killer late game power. Yes people say he's immoble, but that's why i think he's unique in a good way. In a meta where champions have to go all in or nothing, it's nice to play a champion that rewards you for smart positioning, good awareness, but most of all, TEAMWORK. He is one of the best peeling adcs and when everyone works together with him, they are unstoppable. After all, lol is a team based game right, not some solo kill deathmatch like cod. TLDR: Kog'maw is one of the best examples of a champion who proves that with proper playing and teamwork, you can feel like the doublelift you always wanted.
: Get a friend who is not toxic and get on vc with them. Everything is better with a friend. I personally enjoy making fun of people on vc with my friends without the risk of them being offended. Also, play some off meta stuff. Whenever I'm tilted I pop into a normal game and play a game of AP nunu or predator Karthus. Or even my main Zoe
Friends always are helpful
: Holy crap, lol yeah that would cover it. I know people who worked for UPS, y'all are unsung heroes. I know it can be very grueling.
just wait for christmas season, 7-8 hours straight, packages covering the floors, trucks coming and going every 30 minutes. happy holidays lol
: I'm the toxic one? Please explain compared to them
Don't ever say to people they should harm themselves, this is a video game and they are people. Don't hate the game for trying to remove people who could potentially make a person act upon said harm. Take a good look at yourself and just don't do that.
: Most of the humans who play this game are little more than apes. I kid you not they're basically gorillas on a computer. There's no point in arguing with them anymore than you'd argue with a dog. Having some monkey troll in your game is no different than a dog who runs in front of your car. The dog isn't going to learn no matter how much you scream at it. Just stop. Go edit the game files and remove your chat box. There's no such thing as an intelligent human being on this game. There's no point in ever conversing with them. Trust me.
I would, but then i get some awesome games where people aren't bastards, it's a mixed bag and sometimes the chat can be fun and supportive, i had a mf game recently where even the enemy was having some fun.
: Kirbanator: fizz and trundle fed Kirbanator: bronze nid Kirbanator: fed fizz and trundle Kirbanator: says the b2 nid who lost top bad Kirbanator: i don't think so Kirbanator: why should i even trust you Kirbanator: for all i know, you madfe her dc to spite her Kirbanator: enjoy the freelo Kirbanator: say thank you ahri and nid Kirbanator: why, she garbo Kirbanator: went nid top and failed Kirbanator: why are you praising her, do you want her losing your next ranked gam Kirbanator: she deserves to die Kirbanator: they needed to see how pointless they are Kirbanator: you can't give praise to someone who f's up on purpose Kirbanator: we had basically brainless apes Kirbanator: get a better comp, and get off ranked Kirbanator: we had that coming, nid was b2 and it clearly showed, ahri was garbo and rage quit, not crashed Kirbanator: only riven me and you were decent Kirbanator: but even then, not much compared to 5 better players vs 3 decent ones Kirbanator: lucian, just know when to quit man 2 options. Stop typing. Or do some math and get over it. You deserve good teammates every game? No. You should have games like this: **~~worst player~~**, bad player, OK player, good player, best player worst player, **~~bad player~~** , OK player, good player, best player worst player, bad player, **~~OK player~~**, good player, best player worst player, bad player, OK player, **~~good player~~**, best player worst player , bad player, OK player, good player, **~~best player~~** That **~~struck, bolded~~** player is your position in your team. As you can see, just from average matchmaking, you are guaranteed to be p***** off at players in almost every game. If you're particularly arrogant, you'll think you're the best player in all your games and see even more people you want to flame. All you need to do--- in order to never flame, is accept people are bad at this game, and that is fine, because YOU can be as good at this game as you want to be. Who cares about these randos?
i know, nobody is perfect, and people make mistakes, i need to not be so hard on people. The nid was being camped alot and the ahri dc'd because of computer issue, those are not really thier faults and i still grilled them like a bastard.
SanKakU (NA)
: For one, maybe don't look at third-party websites. For two, don't hate on champion diversity in draft. For three, don't chat about players' ranks in game, there are better things you can chat about. For four, try to confront whoever just fed in a nice way, ask them what they were trying to do or tell them what to do in the future. That way you don't just look at scoreboard with the idea of assigning blame. Think of ways to be diplomatic and get your team to work together instead of tear each other apart.
it can be hard in the heat of the game, and some things can't be explained. The fizz got fed because of ahri, he came down bot a few times and we could kill him sure, but then she dc'd for a remainder of the game. In those situations when things get so bad that the person you want to ask about just leave, what do you do.
: I want to hit on the short breaks suggestion, because it's a really good one. After a really stressful game, it is good to take a 5 minute break and walk around a bit, get some fresh air and try to reset your state of mind before going into the next game. This helps keep you from bringing your stress from one game to the next.
this is very important too, i think my old method of playing til i win will not make anything better.
MadSeer (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kirbanator,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=c6kLjuEV,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-08-01T16:20:19.570+0000) > > sounds interesting, i&#x27;ll look into it Feeling Good by David Burns covers a lot of methods and how to apply them yourself. He's a reference in CBT and the book can be an alternative to paying hundreds of dollars for a therapist, even if that's the best way to do it in my own opinion and experience. I have used a few exercices in the book however and if you take it seriously it will work. It mostly involves recognizing and acknowledging the negative thoughts you have in a day, then understanding their impact on how you feel and how you can change that thought pattern for something positive.
for a second i thought you meant david burn from the talking heads
: Happy to help! Another thing to consider regarding exercise, when we exercise it gets our blood pumping, bringing more oxygen to our brain and helping our organs to sift the blood to fill it with nutrients and remove toxins. The combination of more oxygen in the blood, more nutrients in the blood, and less toxins in the blood combine to help you grow stronger mentally as well as physically. It can do a lot to help you resist tilt and frustration if your brain is receiving blood that has more oxygen and nutrients and less toxins. I didn't explain that perfectly and a doctor would probably call me out on it, but in my experience this has helped me a lot.
i think my job covers the exercise point well, i work as a package handler at ups and it's very physical, basically a 4-6 hour gym session every weekday
: Here's what helps me: * I listen to my own music. Music tends to set a mood in your mind so listening to something you enjoy is pretty nice. * I mute people or their pings if it looks like someone is going to abuse them. Someone spam mia pings on a teammate twice in a row? They're probably not going to ping anything useful and getting tilted will decrease my performance so I might as well mute them. * I tell/remind myself "But that's fine" or "Whatever, it doesn't matter" if I get annoyed by a dumb teammate, unlucky situation, etc. I sometimes get brought down when I hear my friends complaining about something in chat even if they are right to. I don't want to be like that so I sometimes have to consciously forgive the situation. Even if the situation sucks, negativity won't fix anything but it will tilt people (yourself or your team if you're being toxic). Dismiss the negative and try to have fun, it is a game after all. * I take a short break. Sometimes I feel like I'm just too tilted by something so I'll play ARAM, some single-player game, or do something else IRL. Giving yourself a reason to feel good like being productive or helping others is a good way to counteract the negativity. The reason I manage to never flame is because I know it will never help and it can only hurt. Even if I'm mad or annoyed at someone, being toxic won't ever help. If I'm being attacked in chat the best I can do is ignore/mute them as there is not enough downtime in the game to have a logical discussion or argument with someone, especially since so many players try to side-step the logic because they don't want to hear it. Hope that helps a little.
every little bit helps, just happy to see some postivity on the boards for once. all of your tips are really gonna help.
: Hey, I used to be very toxic myself. I still get angry sometimes, mainly internally...there's nothing wrong with getting frustrated in an annoying game, but I think the important thing is trying to act differently in the heat of the moment. I don't know if this is the case with you, but sometimes when I /mute all it actually makes me more anxious about what people are saying...I mute people if they seem tilted in the lobby or start saying something negative after a bad play. I know the knee-jerk reaction is to defend yourself or call out teammates who are playing bad, but it ultimately just ends with everyone feeling more angry and playing worse. You're all strangers in the game, and there's no knowledge of whatever negative things each person is going through. Playing with a buddy or two is required for me to enjoy the game nowadays...if you're playing ranked, maybe playing with a friend you can chat and synergize with would help. I know someone else here mentioned it, but therapy has been one of the most helpful things for dealing with my own past and emotional problems, and it might help you too. It can take a few tries to find the right person, so don't be discouraged if the first few visits are awkward. Play some normals with friends, try new champions, laugh at your mistakes, remember to breathe, and mute spam pings. I hope I wasn't rambling too much...feel free to add my account too if you want a mediocre toplaner in your games. :p
thanks for the advice, i main adc so i'd love to have a top duo.
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