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: > [{quoted}](name=Get Ogre Here,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=XXJ1UVzx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-23T04:36:24.089+0000) > > C9 Kai'sa > > Idk the rest I just know it'd be Kai'Sa lmao It might be C9 Luician This is what I think it could be Top C9 Hecarim or Aatrox 1st Jungle C9 Nocturne 2nd Jungle C9 Xin Zhao Mid C9 Zillian or Leblanc Bot C9 Lucian Support C9 Alistar
You just picking their most recent meta champ picks? Or ones they like to main more. I think they'd lean more towards their favorite champs
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: Why is Jax Jungle so popular right now?
Auto attack based bruiser junglers are strong right now because of runes. {{champion:5}} {{champion:102}} top tier and {{champion:24}} is similar to them
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: So I just left a game at 6 minutes for the first time in ages
1. Pretty sure you dont have a Viet**na**mese buddy when you dont even know how to say or spell their ethnicity properly 2. Amumu died at 2:30ish to draven when red buff spawns at 1:29 so he basically cleared an entire quadrant first before coming to "gank" 3. You assumed people were flaming you when you had no idea what they were saying... k 4. Sona died as well with Amumu which looks a lot more like a failed gank and looking at your damage dealt looks like you were oblivious to what was happening while watching them die play victim much?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: I really wish Kleptomancy didn't Drop gold bags.
Klepto is something that should just be in the rotating game modes
: Lol its a fucking product you don't go whine when Walmart charges you for something. People need to stop bitching they cant get some uselss cosmetic for free.
You cant even comprehend that it's like wanting to buy groceries, but in order to be allowed to buy the groceries you need to buy some home appliances with it You just think it's bitching about paying for something. Think a little
: Okay. And that's absolutely no fun at all for any marksman. "Oh, I'm here for the first 40 minutes as literally nothing but a walking bag of gold. How *fun*". That's not balance. Gutting a class is not balance. Gutting a champion is not balance. Making an entire class feel like absolute and total shit is not balance. Giving junglers a lane they can just run to over and over for free, nearly effortless gold is not balance.
which is why you'd still need a support to babysit the ADC. if a team opts for a solo lane ADC to rush their level then theyre taking a huge risk to be an ATM for ganks
: Whelp... Tracker's Knife and Skirmisher's Sabre are gone on the PBE.
indirect super buff to {{champion:64}} who can now ward hop endlessly and never have to go back to recharge... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Zoe damage is insane
All her abilities need to have their mana increased by about 20% so she cant just free spam everything nonstop. Alternatively, make it even MORE expensive than that but have some mana refund when she hits a champ so poke spam and missing is actually punishing
: How can someone be level 117 I checked the ones on my region and their levels check out per that site. ppl at 200+... just insane then there's the two who are over 350 {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Has to be botting though, all they do is run TT vs AI with the same champ 24h/day
: anyone have that one friend that is kind of annoying and always wanting to play?
block them then. if you cant then only play w them on an alt account to not tank your main
: "orange essence is free you entitled snowflakes" implying that people don't pay money to play this game. I've probably given like 200 USD to riot.
was their choice to buy the RP to buy shitty boxes after the nerfs
: You want us to shut up about Orange essence??
I hate the OE DE values as much as anyone, but they gave plenty of warning before the IP went to BE that the OE value was going to tank and to DE everything beforehand. It was YOUR choice to keep buying the boxes with real $ afterwards. With shitty emotes coming in boxes now too I'll never buy anything ever again
: Play a significant amount of games. Hundreds. The amount of time you have honor 0 is irrelevant. Keep spamming games.
> [{quoted}](name=Pandemic Punch,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ByRhVAzZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-20T23:58:34.047+0000) > > Play a significant amount of games. Hundreds. The amount of time you have honor 0 is irrelevant. Keep spamming games. number of games is irrelevant. Its about consistency. having a ragefest game 1 in 10 instead of 1 in 5 still means they have issues and wont move up anytime soon. Made a new acct and got honored every game and hit level 3 after 12 games. On another acct was stuck H3 the entire season while a lesser played one was H5
: What has LCS day one taught us so far?
A lot of NA new teams playing super slow and no idea what theyre doing most of the time and will again get rick rolled by other regions. A lot of the games look like they're still running all 3 lanes at 25+ minutes without ever hard pushing as a group to finish when ahead
Phat Pat (NA)
: I really wish this new loot system did not punish me for being a long standing player.
feels like at least half of my boxes give shitty emotes I couldnt care less about with another quarter on icons. skin shards are so rare now on top of horrendous OE DE value I'm thinking people will get maybe 1 actual skin per year if they unlock free boxes consistently
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: Orange essence is a fucking joke.
Got 3 boxes since season reset and got an emote, a 750 karthus skin shard and an icon + 150 OE. At this rate I'll literally need to DE like 8 skins now to unlock a single one, or something like 12+ boxes
: Sounds cool on the surface but is only going to lead to bm. People *will* bm you for not picking your "best" champions or role. Oh you're a great Akali? How dare you pick anything else!?
dont think that'll happen. it's not like people are getting flamed now for not picking their M7 champs
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: Tahm Top is pretty much trash now... Perhaps it is time to Unbench the Kench top?
AKA you want to be able to eat rift herald and dragons, transport people you've kidnapped without them having any say and giving him an attack steroid to quickspam his stacks WTF are you on
Sujiren (EUW)
: {{champion:122}} Doesn't really scale with attack speed, but definetely enjoys having atleast a bit of attack speed. I can't stand building {{item:3071}}without any as. With old runes Darius used to get 20% at level 1. A lot of {{champion:122}} mains switched to {{item:3078}} +{{item:3053}} to compensate for lost attack speed and ad.
{{champion:122}} attack speed has nothing to do with {{item:3071}}. One auto and his bleed effect already applies the stacks per tick. Attack speed is used to build up hemorrhage stacks to max faster
Zezilian (EUNE)
: How fast you can get Honor 3 ?
There's no real count or score for it. One account took me something like 2 months after honor came out, this one took 4 months and I made a new account and got it after hitting level 7. Likely depends on something like honors per game ratio rather than actual honor count overall
: Chat Logs
Name changed to this but am the OP. Can now 100% confirm that the person who said KYS IRL did NOT get banned and still 100% got all of the ranked seasonal rewards
: Mastery Token Upgrades WAY TOO EXPENSIVE
They should just get rid of the BE cost to upgrade it altogether. It's literally just purely cosmetic and not that special anymore with the introduction of emotes and having to choose between a mastery emote flash vs champs is pretty stupid. Being hardstuck capped at Mastery 6 because you dont have the BE to upgrade and to start collecting M7 tokens is also a huge oversight
had a diamond ADC vs a level 30 unranked in my recent flex. ganked bot level 2 to kill both their adc and support to try to even it out, our ADC goes on to build like shit, hard feeds then flames me for not helping even more totally fair..
Hydra (EUW)
: Not getting my end of season rewards after someone inted twice on my account.
2 games of inting doesnt get you banned. 0-5-0 isnt even an inting score OP just lying
: It's last day for play lol
AKA > Waaah I want to build like shit and troll games. Fuck RITO for trying to balance anything
: Gankeroni and Cheese
> [{quoted}](name=TiltoverEnforcer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XnddIQJd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-07T04:25:45.849+0000) > > Gankeroni and Cheese not bad but i think its too long to fit :/
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: > [{quoted}](name=Level 18 Feeder,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=X4Gs0gIt,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-04T19:03:06.797+0000) > > just google lol 2017 vods and go straight to the vods page > > think a little Riot specifically advertised the 3pm EST NA rebroadcast, and then put the spoiler in the same location as the rebroadcast link.
the vods page isnt the same as the fucking rebroadcast page
Quepha (NA)
: How are you supposed to watch esports withot spoilers?
just google lol 2017 vods and go straight to the vods page think a little
: Smurfing really ruins the game for lower level play.
A lot of the times low level scrubs cant even tell the difference between a smurf and someone who is just heavily fed, then cry smurf to make themselves feel as if it wasnt their fault for opening 0-12-0
FâgLord (EUW)
: Kinda a pain in the dick when you own every champ cheaper than 3150ip. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Recently got a raka shard and was happy thinking she was a 1350 champ. I was wrong. 450 again
: Good 4800 champ?
{{champion:50}} Does both mid and top, AP damage which is rare these days, AoE, CC and tanky. Everything any comp wants
: What hasn't been tried to make support more desirable to play?
Most low elo kids bitch and cry about being support because they just want kills and support is the only role who is supposed to mostly assist to the point that scrubs will die for a kill and claim worth to feed their bloodlust
: Feature request: limit smite one per team(trolls useSmite to take camps and destroy my farming/gold)
{{champion:427}} support can legit take {{summoner:11}} to instantly take enemy buff camps and allows your team to have 4 buffs per spawn but that logic is totally trolling to you apparently
JeLLö (NA)
: what I wrote. You get a instant 14 day suspension for first time and then a instant perma ban the second. If you have existing punishments it can instant perma ban you. This is well documented, stop fighting this...
I'm looking at the OP GG profile of a guy I reported 2 weeks ago and he has games played all the way through and last game was 4 hours ago. Another has games through last week If it's 100% then this instance just proves it wrong This was what he said and a punishment pop up came. Names obv changed. Sent a ticket in too bc I wasnt sure if post lobby is captured in the report function and even got a response from a red. These guys are still playing
JeLLö (NA)
: This is well documented. It is a no tolerance phrase. If someone says it AND gets reported they will get punished. Period. You are spouting nonsense now.
Punished is not the same as ban because I know for a fact its not an auto ban which is what I said. They may get a chat restriction but isnt a guaranteed ban
JeLLö (NA)
: You are incorrect. It is a zero tolerance keyword/phrase that will escalate to a 14 day suspension then permaban right after (or directly to if previous punishments are in place). It does not progress as normal.
100% is NOT a guaranteed ban. Ive seen it many times, reported it and check after throughout the week and most are still playing every day
: Player Says KYS and keeps playing...
I can 100% confirm that saying that DOESNT get you auto bans None of these people got banned despite getting a popup saying someone was punished. Can look at all of their match histories and they played everyday up to now
: > [{quoted}](name=Omnem Occido,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9lXplqAw,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-02T12:40:26.777+0000) > >** It just seems unusual to me that AS is the only statistic that has a cap.** I get that the defensive stats have an effectiveness cap, and that at a certain point, armor and magic resist become redundant, but that makes sense. Why have one on AS? CDR
Crit also has a cap IDK what the OP is on
: list of post 6 spike/power farm junglers???
What do you mean "amazing results"? Triforce on Shyv is probably one of the worst things you can build on her. Just go for on hit build w her high attack speed Most junglers that need level 6 to be useful are super weak right now when most ganks and skirmishes are going on at level 2 {{champion:11}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:62}} also get much stronger with their ult but all arent that good right now because of the above
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: they actually explicitly made mist walkers AND voidlings die in one hit to balance their overwhelming nature they arent going to change that
Yet {{champion:50}} Q and R take like 6 hits to kill each walker but 1 to drop a voidling for some reason Stomped a malz mid by healing and killing his voids during each trade, then picked Swain again when facing a Yorick top and the difference in pet tanking power and night and day. I couldn't even kill his mist walkers with my R
: I feel like there's so many options to destroy towers, but there's none to buff/protect towers
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