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Harkum (NA)
: Permanent Load Screen Bug
You're not alone. Myself and many friends have had this happen to the point we actually message each other out of game to make sure we're not stuck... I can't play alone anymore out of fear of this happening. Riot needs to at least respond and acknowledge that this is an issue instead of ignoring it completely
: i dont receive any tokens ? (3 games straight)
I'm having the same issues! My missions disappeared when yesterday they said they still had a day left to complete them, I'm very confused.
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: I wonder if riot foresaw the possible divide this would create in the comments. on a serious note, I'm cool with this, except for trans... let me explain. I don't care if your trans, thats fine, but sometimes you don't actually want to be trans and are just gay but don't know it. At that point most of them are like "well, I have no money from the surgery, my body is messed up, time to end this". In short, if your gonna be trans then just wait to be completely sure first.
wh... transgender has NOTHING to do with sexuality. Why do people always put those two things together?? My sexuality didn't change because I transitioned, lol I went from being a straight female to a gay male XD So yeah I was gay :B It's not a flick of the wrist type of change. I've been transitioning for 4 years now and just started being able to get letters for surgeries and stuff. Most trans people are required to go to psychologists and therapists. People save up for surgeries.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''yeah but the problem is that gay people arent being "beaten up, disowned, harassed, discriminated, murdered, etc" anywhere else than in third world countries specifically with a majority of the muslim religion.'' Uhhhhh Except that that still happens in america, every day Just 'cause you don't hear about it/see it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen I honestly feel bad for you if you're actually this ignorant and hateful towards lgbt people
I live in Canada, a few weeks ago my friend and his bf got beaten up by construction workers and called f*ggots and other homophobic slurs. It does still happen. I've has people say gross things to me just walking while holding my bfs hand. I've had people cross the street to avoid me, etc. The argument of 'it doesn't happen anymore' is just shoving your head in the sand and pretending it doesn't exist.
: Can't we keep political issues out of our video games? I don't care what someone else is. They are free to be who they want. But don't shove it in our faces. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Being LGBTQ is not political. Many people are still having their rights stripped from them, bullied, beaten, and murdered. A company showing their support for us feels good. It has 0 affect on the gameplay. There might be some kid out there who is in the closet because of unaccepting parents and maybe, JUST MAYBE this makes them smile and feel accepted... It made me smile.
: Item sets edited in the last few days appear to not be saving correctly when systems are forced to switch launchers.
Yep. Same issue. Made the effort to make all my item sets before new launch and none of them are there :D
: Why do many hate the new client?
Most people have mentioned the reason they don't like it, but honestly what I miss is being able to click the champions to see additional stats and the full splash art. I play aram a lot and being able to see what moves do quickly or a champions primary stat was quite important. :( I have no idea why they removed it. it was fun to look at random champions splash art too while waiting for the game to start.


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