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: Aileus, the High Priest
I like this! Nice job ;D
: So, let me guess this straight: 2 minion waves (not counting cannon) = 12 minions +20% damage PER ENEMY KILLED So, if you get 12 CS perfectly (assuming the timer between Q's is long enough), you get a (1.2)^12 (about 9) multiplier on your next attack? I'd also like to point out that all of his abilities are dashes. It's a cool idea, but I think there are several instances where Dar's kit is seriously overloaded.
Open to suggestions! His q infinite stack has a timer ( so you won't get 2 minion waves and numbers are likely low!) This is just the idea of a champion, a very mobile stack oriented champ! Tweaks and changes are always welcomed ;D
: ***
I am confused :)
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