AhmCha (NA)
: Is it just me, or does fill=jungle moreso than support these days?
Lot less people what to jg now adays just look how toxic it can be jg get blamed for just about anything that gos wrong in a lane lol
: for the love of god delete tryndamere or rework his ultimate to where it actually has counterplay
I dont really see any prob with {{champion:23}} he has small windows of where he can attack before he gets his ult.And he has tons of counerplays.I find {{champion:157}} to be more of a pain in the ass with 2 item 100% crit and and windwall that cant stop a ton of ults from doing anything wile free dashes as long as mins are around. try playing teemo , caitlyn both can hard counter {{champion:23}} or any one with some kind of good cc hell even .Playing vs {{champion:23}} u cant just sit there and let him free farm u have to smack him when ever u can if u let him build up rage easy thin ya u are just leting him have a free lane .{{item:3123}} /{{item:3033}} or {{item:3165}} does wounders but next to no one seems to build it vs champs that can heal a lot its no wounder people find trind so hard to fight. Also after looking at your matchup u quit at lv 4 8 jg creep kills im guessing {{champion:23}} killed u once and u raged quit to make a shit post on how a champ that killed u has no counter play lol
: Why are skin borders more expensive than damn ultimate skins?
because things like lol mobile are not going to pay for there selfs the need to suck all and ant $$ for it why do u think there no real events now all $$ is going to lol mobile
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: #Shocker! https://imgur.com/a/iy2NgWC I didn't even have to tell it what language. Unban this poor guy riot
ib4 every one that says kys is now danish and seeing if they can use this little loophole .{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Shit, OP isn't lying. I actually typed in kys on google translate and it converted into kiss in Danish.
probly more to it but {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: I'm on my lunch break again! Lets chat :D
I dont know if the cellphone vr of lol its true or not that was leaked but if it is true but is that where all the $$ for events went .Is this how things are going to be now lol just used to make $$ for tft and lol mobile. Also with the mobile what was the idea behind it isnt it just going to lower the base even more thin what tft did some what.If normal lol just keeps getting orb events that just u play the games normaly any ways (cant really call it a event tho lol) its allmost seems like there going out of there way to push people away from it, with the lack of real events.
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