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Cåp (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Asiatic,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=O9nEs2iW,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-18T03:00:16.860+0000) > > Hey Voltic! > > While I'm in no way qualified for a team, I've always had aspirations to create and foster the growth of a gaming community. By your topic content I can definitely see you and your group have drive and good foundations and I would love to speak with you further if you're interested in speaking with me. I've added you in game where we can chat about my skills and qualifications. > > Thanks, > Asiatic For sure friend! I will look for your friend request so we can talk together soon as possible!
> [{quoted}](name=Voltic Captain,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=O9nEs2iW,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-05-18T03:28:28.074+0000) > > For sure friend! I will look for your friend request so we can talk together soon as possible! I've added you!
Cåp (NA)
: New Community Recruiting teams!
Hey Voltic! While I'm in no way qualified for a team, I've always had aspirations to create and foster the growth of a gaming community. By your topic content I can definitely see you and your group have drive and good foundations and I would love to speak with you further if you're interested in speaking with me. I've added you in game where we can chat about my skills and qualifications. Thanks, Asiatic
C Sauce (NA)
: Is there a way for me to give you my Skype without posting it here for everyone to see? If you want you can just add me in-game and then I'll give you my Skype name there.
> [{quoted}](name=C Sauce,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=WiERAejF,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-07-01T20:16:49.461+0000) > > > > Is there a way for me to give you my Skype without posting it here for everyone to see? If you want you can just add me in-game and then I'll give you my Skype name there. I've added you on LoL. We are now searching for Administrative Assistants as well, there is no rank requirement for this position. Basically this position will help oversee the health of the organization. More of the job details will be explain as I speak to potential candidates.
Kitto (NA)
: Serpentis eSports LF Top/Support (Diamond3+) and Administrative Assistant
Kitto (NA)
: Serpentis eSports LF Top/Support (Diamond3+) and Administrative Assistant
Looking for a fitting top laner post your information below and I'll get back to you ASAP!
Kitto (NA)
: Serpentis eSports LF Top/Support (Diamond3+) and Administrative Assistant
We have found a support and are now looking for a top laner!
Kitto (NA)
: Serpentis eSports LF Top/Support (Diamond3+) and Administrative Assistant
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Lugg (NA)
: I find that Janna isn't hard to play at all. Her Q has a pretty wide hitbox and you use your ult when you get dove.
It's all personal preference I guess, I don't find her hard to play either, she's one of my main champions but I don't find Blitz hard to play as well. Blitz's Q hitbox is pretty large itself and of course both take the right timing. Janna's ultimate can be used in more than just diving situations but it can be great for making last picks on enemy players that are attempting to get away. Like in a post I wrote earlier, its all about who's playing I guess and I find both of these champions easier to play but Blitz being the more user-friendly, because if you can't land max range hook, you can always run and E your target then hook them.
: How is blitz the easiest support to play? His entire kit is based around one fairly easy to dodge/avoid skillshot. Good blitz players carry games by getting picks with his q bad blitz players litterally do nothing all game. Bad janna players still shield thier adc heal there team, etc.
Good Janna players can change the tide of a game as well, she is able to make viable picks with the right mindset and the right items. The champion is as good as the player is. Yeah sure, you can just heal and shield your teammates but Janna has the power to turn a teamfight as well, not just Blitz. Timing your ult and Q's are a big thing with Janna and using it at the wrong time can really hurt your team. I think we're trying too hard to compare two very different champions and that's my fault I guess. Both champions have their merits and in the hands of the right player both are very good. In my opinion from personal experience playing both Blitz and Janna in MANY games I just find blitz and easier champion to play and that may be because I played him quite a bit for a while.
: jana have no skil shoots and is impossible to kill if she has brain. all she needs to do is point click her e and q if someone get close. she is super mobal and easy self peel.
You're right, she is hard to kill but shouldn't anyone on any champion be hard to kill if they have a brain? In fact, her Q is a skillshot which in my opinion is the bulk of her kit. It's great for peeling as well as using it to disable your enemy long enough to reach you, in a chase for an ace for example.
Lugg (NA)
: Um, Blitz is actually one of the hardest supports to play. You have to land his skillshot and know when and who to pull. Blitz can cost you the game by pulling the wrong person. Sona is probably the easiest.
Meh, I beg to differ, you're correct in saying that if the wrong person is pulled the game can turn, but the same goes for Janna's ultimate. Janna's Q is a skillshot as well and if not landed it can cause a lot of trouble. There have been multiple times where I have saved people using her Q.
: she is op cause she is the easiest support to play
Janna is definitely not the easiest support to play lol. I can name a few that are much easier than her. {{champion:53}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:89}}
: When discussing this, we should pay attention to the difference between a player who AFKs for whatever reason and a player who is never able to connect to the servers as well.
Yep, there would definitely be a section in the system that should detect that no doubt.
: that duo thing makes no sence. and mostly your duo wont "randomly afk" just so you dont lose promo. Why? becasue they would have to be afk for the 10-15 minutes and AFKs iim sure already loss a lot of LP during that loss. Last i checked im not taking an lp loss of like 25 or more just so my friend gets a loss prevented. LOL (course my lp number was made up because ive never AFKed and lost lp)
I mean you'd be surprise of what people will do for some other people and that's just a preventative measure in case someone thinks to do so.
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DrNova (NA)
: List of Champs who lane well vs Ekko
Lissandra and Malzahar are pretty strong against him, they both have poke from a distance and a way to hold him down long enough to kill him. When playing Lissandra, if Ekko dashes to you simply W-E and walk away. Poke him about halfway down and then E W Q R or Flash W R Q Ignite Q, then E away. With Malzahar, poke him down with some space aid and then just Flash R Ignite, easy as that.
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: Ashe's new kit
It definitely has to do with the fact that Ashe literally had no escape, they had to give her something without changing her kit too much. If we truly think about it, all ADCs are basically spam-champions. Each ADC has their niche and I guess this is Ashe's now. Though I do agree with you in saying that Ashe can outrange and outdamage quite a few of the ADCs, at this current time she scales really well even if she gets behind in the beginning. I suspect they will be debuffing her soon enough.
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Lucky 38 (NA)
: Hello King SaiBott, Thank you for the information and tips. You don't need to apologize for the lengthy post, it was necessary to convey your ideas. I am liking the E more and more with every game. I do use it defensively. The silence has been good. No summoning of Teddy from Annie as we run away. I am trying to use it offensively also. Since it can bind, I try to use it to hold the enemy in place while the ADC is trying to kill the enemy. Warding is something I have not done yet. I have started watching videos with some Soraka players and I have notice them warding. I am sure I can find a video based guide on warding practices.
Yeah, warding in AI games is pretty useless :P. But it is a very important in PvP matches, more in this season than ever, with Dragon buffs being a crucial objective to get to close out, or even come back in a game. I can't stress enough how important it is, so I say, get in the habit of it as soon as possible! On the note of using E offensively, someone in the same situation as getting all-inned by an enemy team, try to save that silence and root for the last few moments of the fight, as it may interrupt their Flash, Heal, or any other ability that may grab them a kill, or even worse, a double :P.
Lucky 38 (NA)
: How do I bottom lane properly as Support?
It's good to see people actively trying to get better the game, and as a support main its great to see someone trying to better themselves as a support, something we all do everyday!. I'll try to highlight a few things as well as give you some general tips on supporting as well; * Not attacking minions - This kind of really depends, like someone stated earlier, you need to know the appropriate times to start taking minions out and when not to. An appropriate time would be: 1. When you and your ADC are trying to push to the enemy turret as fast as possible and 2. When your ADC is out of lane and there are enemy minions at your turret. These are some acceptable times to get or damage minions. Otherwise, you'll need to learn how to freeze the lane so that your ADC misses minimal CS. * Playing as Soraka - As someone stated earlier, playing Soraka early can teach people how to be reckless, and may make it harder for newer players to learn other support champions. But Soraka is a great champion to know and have in your pool, so I'll do my best to explain to you, a good way to play her, I way I find effective at least. While playing Soraka, using your Q is a good way to heal yourself and to poke your lane opponent, Usually the other support is hiding in a bush, away from minions, but if you land your Q on the ADC and it hits a few minions, thats fine. This is where your prediction skills come into play, usually you should throw your Q behind the lane opponent as they tend to run backwards, but eventually they learn and you'll have to think of more clever ways of landing the Q. Your E is VERY, VERY, crucial in both saving your ADC, and your team in mid/late game fights. I usually reserve my E for fights that are initiated by the enemy. For example, if your lane opponents are trying to all-in you and your ADC, throw your E onto the enemy ADC and run away if your ADC does, this applies in teamfights as well, if you see a good cluster of enemies, use your E for a great silence. One last great way to use your E: this takes some prediction skills as well and you will learn over time when people do it, but if your are chasing someone that hasn't used Flash and your team is hot on their tail, try to land your E so they cannot Flash and so your team can secure the kill. Her ult is pretty self explanatory and is very clutch in many situations. * Frost Queen's Claim vs Talisman - I too like the FQC, early game that is. I usually buy the FQC tier 1 item and then sell it back for the Ancient Coin a bit later. Personally I feel that the Talisman provide better team benefit. You can get out of sticky situations with it as well as chase people down. It has a low CD as well! * Be Aware! - Part of being a support is being the eyes and ears of the team, while each person should be holding their own when it comes to avoiding ganks and what not. If you keep your eyes peeled around the map you can save a lot of people from mistakes, this obviously applies more when your get into PvP matches. * Warding - Keeping vision for your team is half of the support job, you need to have good warding habits, you can easily find guides on this! Its not hard to explain but I'd rather show someone than explain it :P. If you want some help in game just add me and I can give you a few pointers, I'd be glad to! -KingSaiBott P.S - Sorry for the lengthy post :P
Xyloh (NA)
: Newly formed team looking for top to round out roster. 18+
IGN: KingSaiBott Age: 19 Top 5 champs: {{champion:62}} {{champion:127}}{{champion:57}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:120}} Curse voice?: Yes Strengths: Warding, map awareness, focusing/peeling, staying in the game (I think to keep up with farm even if my lane opponent can win in trades, aka I tend not to get behind), shot-calling, and overall teamwork. Weaknesses: Sometimes my warding falls off and my CS can be somewhat inconsistent. At times I also get tunnel vision but being on voice comms should fix that problem
TopDadNA (NA)
: Need 2 for ranked team
IGN: KingSaiBott Age: 19 Role: Top Top 3 champs: Wukong, Maokai, Lissandra Strengths: Warding, map awareness, shot-calling, and staying in the game! Weaknesses: My CSing is a little on the weaker side, I haven't been playing for as many years as others, so I dont know game mechanics as well as others. Skype/Curse Voice: I have both! Time Zone/Availability: GMT -5, I'm usually available midday to around 11PM. I get out of classes at 1PM roughly everyday, and I have a job at late nights. I'll have my permanent work schedule soon! If you have more questions for me just add me or ask me here.
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Wofye (NA)
: How do I play Kayle early game?
I feel rushing a Nashor's is always the route to go, as Kayle you have a pretty good early game in terms of farming. Max your E first to farm easily, be conscious of farming and poking at the same time. If the enemy is a melee, you have a huge advantage. Like Dr Uundor said, building Sorcs is really good for damage, and in my opinion, if you have AS quints and a Nashor's your AS is pretty beastly. Also, just a personal preference, on a lot of champions I play. The flask is a super strong starting item, provides lots of sustain!
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Lathion (NA)
: Bronze lll forming a group to play with and push
Role: - Support/ADC Top 3 main champs: - Support - {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} - ADC - {{champion:15}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:133}} Age: - 19 Do you use Skype?: - Yes, I do and I also have other programs for communication
: Silver/Gold Tournament Team Looking for New Support.
IGN: -KingSaiBott Age: -19 Working Mic (y/n): -Yes Current Solo Que Rank: -S5 Role Applying For: -Support Team Experience: -I don't have too much team experience but in the past week and a half I climbed from B3 to S5 with my buddy who was S3, which is now G5. I main support in all these games and set him up for ganks bot lane. which go him fed enough to carry games, and carry us into new tiers! Ability/willing to shot call: -I have no problem shot calling as well as listening to the shot callers, it's very helpful within a game to call something out even if someone in the team has already noticed it, so that it may be known map wide. Why you are interested in us: -I'm really looking into getting in the competitive scene and with myself being S5 atm it's not happening so I hope that we can work something out. Also please note that this IS my first ranked season :) Thanks, King
YSnipes (NA)
: Looking for Supp Duo Que partner
IGN: KingSaiBott Age: 19 Support Champs: I can run almost anyone, but I do my best with Janna, Thresh, Alistar, and Morgana Secondary lane pref/champ pref: Top/Jung Central Time availability: 2PM - roughly 1AM Skype name (mandatory): kitto951
: ADC LF Duo Support
I've added you on LoL
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