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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 30
>Buffs to Pantheon (post minion agro changes), Spellbinder Orb (underperforming compared to comparable AP options), Nautilus (needs larger work too, but is also just weak), _**Vi**_ Vi Oh my god yes <3 I definitely feel like those buffs are needed.
: Saved so many lives with Face of Mountain
This is hurting me more than losing Deathfire Grasp {{item:3070}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3070}}
: But darkin are supposed to be living weapons. Sure you can use armor as knights inn medieval Europe did as a weapon but it just don't feel right to read "darkin" and "armor"
Yeah, that was something I was concerned about.... but I figured I could get away with bending the concept a bit. But you caught me! Run away! *trips and falls*
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: oh sorry i was wondering if Durgaan had another cd for his ult or if he could recast it as long as he's outside the 100 sec area.
I failed to specify cooldowns for any of the abilities, but the 100 second thing would be affected by cooldown reduction, and Emilia's passive would count as a death for that purpose...
: honestly i have never played yorick so i have no idea what your talking about
Yorick summons a scary monster with his ult. The Maiden pushes lanes for him but I don't think he can control her.
: I'd say remove the knockup and knockback immunity as those are the only ones unaffected by tenacity but it's a real unique idea. Does durgaan activating ult count as a death for the purpose of resets? Honestly this concept is really fun and has a reverse gnar feel to me.
You're probably right. The original idea had a sort of "focused" idea to be immune to mental cc, but I added knockback and knockup immunity due to the armor being very heavy.... though I guess with champs like Malphite around, that doesn't really count for much. The purpose of resets? Not sure what you mean, but I don't think so. Emilia wouldn't have a fresh healthbar, she'd have the same %current health Durgaan did at the end of the ult. And thanks ^.^
: cool concept but how would they implement the two different people mechanic?
Well, they've done sort of similar things before, but... probably the armor would be something like Yorick's Maiden of the Mist. Unless I'm completely missing your point, which is entirely possible.
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: I actually think ARURF is best. You get all the fun of URF without having to play against or with the same combos over and over and over. And it's super awesome when you land a sweet champion.
Funnily enough, when I was trying it out, I got matched against a Wukong 4 games in a row. That's when I gave up. That was 4/5 games. None of them had a Wukong on my team.
: But what about ahri! and ninetales ...and tails... and those foxes from breath of the wild that I always keep alive and can never kill. (except for that one time where is scared the crap out of me and i reacted by fast drawing an arrow to its face)
All very nice but I just love Fennekin more. (you monster :O) (just realized how BotW is similar to Skyrim in this way)
Sciela (NA)
: Well see, that's why I ban Ahri if my team isn't firstpick. :3 SO I ALWAYS GET THE ADORBS.
: Our Ahri: Theirs: O.o
I probably shouldn't be surprised you have these :P
: wow hating on an awesome pokemon. Lame
Also, for the record Best fox
: I dont mind...
It is done! For anyone wondering, this is the one I originally had
Sciela (NA)
: I'd rather have an adorable fox than one that looks like it's goinna eat me. Just saying.
That's good, cause that's the one you get. The one that looks like it's gonna eat you is always gonna be on the enemy team and probably will eat you.
: this is the best i could do
OK, I love this. Mind if I edit it in?
: wow hating on an awesome pokemon. Lame
I spent an hour looking for something and this was the best I could find.
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: Fight with Honor on PBE!
>- - Keys no longer drop at end-of-game, but periodically while outside of queue. Could you expand on this?
: How i feel after i started to play Riven
Evil isn't all that it's cracked up to be but at least you're rid of that pesky remorse
: How I felt after seeing the new Riven skin
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: The Counselling Center for Overpowered and Overloaded Champions Subject # : 164978 Subject Name: Sejuani Status: Preliminary session before Tank Update Preliminary Notes: Violent tendencies and behaviors noted. (Sejuani walks into Orianna's office) {{champion:61}} : Welcome Sejuani, Counsellor Morgana will- {{champion:113}} : She better be ready, cause I'm going in to see her whether she is or isn't. (Bursts through the door to Morgana's office. Right into a dark binding) {{champion:25}} : Yes, I figured you'd be raising a ruckus. Now calm down and take a seat, or I'll have you and your pig outside thrown from the premise. {{champion:113}} : Fine. (Binding wears off, Sejuani takes a seat) {{champion:25}} : Now, you were chosen as one of the three to be updated in the mid year tank update. Do you have any concerns or feelings about this? {{champion:113}} : Yeah, they need to make Bristle more like the rampaging boar he is. {{champion:25}} : Okay... (starts scribbling) {{champion:113}} : I want him to be my new passive. After every auto attack Bristle gores nearby enemies with his tusks for extra damage. {{champion:25}} : Sejuani, the point of this rework is to remove free passive damages. {{champion:113}} : And what do you think Bristle does while I wallop enemies with my flail?! Do you think he's just sitting there nibbling the grass? {{champion:25}} : (facepalms, takes a deep breath, and shakes her head) {{champion:113}} : I saw the notes where Riot wants to make me some cavalier leader, inspiring my allies and charging head first. Well, to hell with that, make Bristle the best boar on the Rift! {{champion:25}} : Isn't Bristle the only boar on the Rift? {{champion:113}} : Don't you sass me. Oh, and one of my skills needs to be a trample for Bristle. Something where he lunges on top of an enemy and just drives their worthless corpse into the ground. {{champion:25}} : (slams her head on her desk) Out! {{champion:113}} : What do you mean? You can't just- {{champion:25}} : (points to the door, dark magic building around her wrist) OUT! {{champion:113}} : Fine, I look forward to me and Bristle crushing your puny frame on the Rift! (gets up and storms out of the office) {{champion:61}} : (enters the office) Well that went well for first out of three.
"Don't you sass me." I lost it there.
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: Small Community Discord
You've got me there I've been guilty of it on some servers :P
Pouting (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Darkstar,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=9PjszZau,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-18T20:40:00.974+0000) > > You know nicknames are a thing, right? Yeah, that's why I asked players to message me if they didn't have/want to set their discord username to their league username. I do appreciate you trying to be informative, thank you <3
> [{quoted}](name=Pouting,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=9PjszZau,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-18T20:52:50.757+0000) > > Yeah, that&#x27;s why I asked players to message me if they didn&#x27;t have/want to set their discord username to their league username. I do appreciate you trying to be informative, thank you &lt;3 There's also the option of letting them set it themselves.
Pouting (NA)
: Small Community Discord
You know nicknames are a thing, right?
: {{champion:164}} Mmmm...Now where is my next target? {{champion:32}} Hello madam. {{champion:164}} What are you? {{champion:32}} I am a doll created to deliver the love of a secret admired. _a short distance away._ {{champion:236}} I didn't know you were good with machines. {{champion:133}} You never asked. I had to rush this one though. {{champion:236}} Guess that explains why it looks like such a sewn chaos. {{champion:133}} Hey it still cute. {{champion:91}} Shh...I want to see how this goes. {{champion:32}} He loves you _THIS_ much and.... **Slice** {{champion:32}} ..............AHHHHHHHHHH!!! My arms!!!!! IT HURTS!!!!! {{champion:236}} You programed it to feel pain!!!? {{champion:133}} No I didn't. I don't even know how to do that. How is this possible? {{champion:91}} _sighs dreamily_ She is just that good. Look at her so lovely... {{champion:32}} AHHHH Why does it hurt!!? {{champion:91}} ....So perfect. {{champion:32}} ahfwirghtahqrgtodh.................... {{champion:164}} That was actually entertaining. Wonder if this admired has anymore? {{champion:91}} Do we have anymore? {{champion:133}} Well I did make another one....where did it go? _Couple of miles away_ {{champion:53}} I got to get out of here! What is this feeling? Is this fear? I WASN'T PROGRAMED TO FEEL FEAR!!!
This is perfect. Just... perfect.
: The Counselling Center for Overpowered and Overloaded Champions Subject # : 726687 Subject Name: Riven Status: Game-Breaking Bug Detected Preliminary Notes: Appointment made by Morgana to discuss the bug issue. (Riven walks into Orianna's office) {{champion:61}} : Hello Riven, go ahead in and T Fate will talk with you. {{champion:92}} : T Fate? I thought my appointment was with Morgana? (Orianna just points to the door to the office) {{champion:92}} : (enters office) T Fate? (T Fate is sitting in Morgana's chair, feet kicked up on the desk, shuffling a deck of cards) {{champion:4}} : Welcome Riven, come on in. {{champion:92}} : What are you doing here? You work at the counselling center? {{champion:4}} : Part-time. Mostly I deal blackjack at the casino, but Morgana is on administrative leave and Master Yi is on medical leave, so they had to call me in. {{champion:92}} : Yi's on medical leave? {{champion:4}} : Yep, still waiting to be unbound from his chair. (Moves around to sit in the chair properly) But enough about them, let's talk about you. {{champion:92}} : I dunno. I don't wanna spill my issues to a blackjack dealer. {{champion:4}} : Well, then how bout playing some cards. No money, just for funsies. {{champion:92}} : Okay. (T Fate deals Riven 2 cards) {{champion:4}} : So, what's on your mind now? {{champion:92}} : I'm gonna win! (Lays down her cards) A king and a jack! {{champion:4}} : Oh, bummer for you then. (Lays down a queen and an ace) {{champion:92}} : Grr, I don't wanna play anymore. {{champion:4}} : Then let's talk about what's bothering you. (Riven sighs as T Fate gathers the cards and idly shuffles them) {{champion:92}} : Well, it all started with this bug or method thing where I could avoid CC. I was able to cast an ability right before cc-ed and basically ignore it. {{champion:4}} : Sounds irritating. Go ahead. {{champion:92}} : Well, Riot never disabled me for it, so people quickly began calling me names. Riot's favorite, broken champ for broken company. Saying that I was getting special treatment for my battle bunny skin. {{champion:4}} : Well, they do have a point. Champs have been disabled for less. And people are probably still wary about you since you're still recovering from the Shaco Syndrome. {{champion:92}} : But, other champs can do it too! Adrian Riven went and explained everything for people, but they still want me disabled for it. {{champion:4}} : Well Riven, want to know why? (Sets his cards on the desk and leans closer) {{champion:92}} : Why? Why? {{champion:4}} : Cause people hate you. You're too dang mobile and you beat the living daylights out of most everyone you run into. And you took animation cancel-ing and made it a skill instead of a bug. {{champion:92}} : I thought counsellors were supposed to make you feel all nice and fuzzy inside... {{champion:4}} : Most times yes. But there is no way to spin things to make it nice and fuzzy for you. {{champion:92}} : (grabs his deck of cards and throws them in his face) Fine! I'll keep this bug and next time I see you mid lane I'll camp you so hard we'll be able to roast marshmallows over your corpse! {{champion:4}} : (Finds a joker card and starts spinning it in hand) And that's why I'm only paid part-time.
: Maow is more accurate
You mean phonetically? Depends on the cat.
: Autofill was such an amazing idea Riot!
: What the heck are you talking about?
light writes stories in the sales section from time to time. They're pretty good and most people just check the sales to read them.
C4H (NA)
: Darkstar the queen of the void champion idea (aka more broken shit)
Imagine my confusion when I enter the boards and see this
: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Darkstar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ATuEI3QA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-14T09:53:04.594+0000) > > I guess actually enjoying support is pretty uncommon, huh? It really is, I've liked support in the past, but the fact is it's such a gamble. sometimes you just get someone who can't position right. or wont farm right. or goes too hamm against the wrong enemies. The psychological hangup for me is "My entire success is based on this person's plays", yes i know it's my plays that empower my adc through buffs, or my stuns/snares. But i really just can't deal with that risk of getting forced to support someone who's quite frankly worse than even me... and i'm bad.
I'm just gonna put it this way, if the lane depended entirely on how I played then I would have a 0% win rate Being able to help someone else perform well is worth it to me, though I guess I'm weird in that regard.
: Dead riot: If support was worth playing to have a shorter quo time we'd probably play support more
: The 50 rules of League
Yasuo is sexy though
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: WHERE IS ELEMENTALIST LUX??{{champion:99}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3073}} ...
Asking this in the sales section?
: Laughing Fish's 150,000 Lifetime Upvote Spectacular (Come and get your free skins!) Greetings, Laughing Fish! I bring you this gif as tribute!
: That's true, but he was only a main character for a part of one book. Even Neville, while being a minor supporting character, played his part throughout all 7. The only character we get to know personally from Ravenclaw is Luna, and Malfoy for Slytherin. Cedric was the only personal connection we had to Hufflepuff and he was gone within 1 book.
He did appear in Prizoner of Azkaban, I think..... as the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.
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: GD It's Cooking Time! Pendacan' Special Cooking Guide!
I'm starting to think GD has better jokes than M&G
: System 32 is usually a lot of baggage for your CPU. Start there. Deleting System 32 folder liberates so much CPU usage. And you have Windows System folder, so why do you need System 32? You dont .
> [{quoted}](name=Whitney Houston,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=Q3VpV5L5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-16T18:02:41.260+0000) > > System 32 is usually a lot of baggage for your CPU. Start there. > Deleting System 32 folder liberates so much CPU usage. > And you have Windows System folder, so why do you need System 32? You dont . Instructions unclear, computer started producing sliced bread
: Also Hufflepuff as a house was never really expanded upon in-universe. We never got to learn about their common room, the main characters weren't really close friends with anyone in the house, and their thematic was not as cool as the other houses. Cedric Diggory was about all we got.
Cedric was pretty great though. His personality summed up the Hufflepuff spirit pretty well.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: To be honest, I don't remember much about the Harry Potter world, I just remember people always considering Hufflepuff being the crap group out of all them. '>.>
They just get shit because their specialty doesn't sound as cool. "Hardworking" doesn't seem as good as "brave" for some reason.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Boii, da fuck you say?! Don't you down talk the Yordles of Bandle City! Comparing Bandle City to Hufflepuff, that's just disgraceful.
You're taking offense to something that isn't even offensive. Gryffindor has courage. Ravenclaw has intelligence Slytherin has ambition Hufflepuff has everything you'd ever want in a friend or loved one.
: TFW...
Mhija (NA)
Christ that ending was brutal
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