: They pick it sometime in spring and he was performing well around that time.
That's sad considering the quality of the skin is truly truly bad. How can a skin be bad when you get 6+ months to finish it up
: > [{quoted}](name=ShyImagoghnar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=317ZRBHz,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2019-10-23T19:22:25.114+0000) > > isn't lost chapter the most efficient laning item in the game by a wide margin or something Seriously depends. Many mages **must** have mana to have a shot at having any lane pressure but some opponents like various assassins demand their targets have resistances post the first back or said targets die in a single rotation with very minimal poke first. And if you are playing say ADC into a lane that likes to poke then a vamp scepter can easily become extremely efficient as well. And in my own opinion, {{item:3145}} is also very, very efficient in Akali´s case, as is {{item:3077}} for quite a few fighters.
Yes, while lost chapter is a great item for mages, the way it is made, the build paths for it, and the mana nerfs that went through mean that mages HAVE to built it. You may think its powerful for mages but it is literally designed for assassins. Mages have to build it and stopwatch doesn't come online until level ~8, so any assassin that has guaranteed kill potential with their ults (all of them) can do so because the mage does not have stopwatch, must build lost chapter instead of defense items, and has no counter-ad runes to choose unlike the ap-counter ap one they all choose that gives a shield on low health. All of these attributes above, especially the low health shield is translated to: Zed, Akali, Fizz, Ekko, Talon, Leblanc gets to kill mage level 6 - or push them so hard they can roam bot and gets a kill level 6 (since they're level 4 or maybe 5). You can even tower dive since you usually make it out with suspiciously perfect health as your shield blocks a would-be counter kill. If you fail to capitalize on this blatantly obvious free kill section that riot has given assassins before the mage can build hourglass, then you don't deserve to hypercarry on that assassin.
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Bread Pit (EUW)
: Can you make Janna's Shield give Adaptive Power instead of just AD?
Agree. It also just feels right as most increases to stats in today's day and age have been converted to adaptive force. (All runes, Yuumi's buff, etc). It'll change nothing in lane (they would continue to get some amount of AD), but would let her better support/enchanter for a mage ADC too.
: KDA Gragas
Honestly he is a mood. THE mood. My mood, forever and always. Gragas (skin) 2020!
: Characters we hate and why
For a very very long time it was Yasuo. Everything about him from lore, design, abilities and more are just, awful. Samurai were never fast assassins for one. But, even more so now - its Pyke. Holy cow where to begin. I hate his lore, he's a dislikeable champion in every portion of his lore. Then, his kit...? A support that literally cannot be balanced. He takes everything Thresh was and cranks it to 11. He takes everything Katarina was and cranks it to 11. If I told you years ago that Katarina was reworked to be a support with the same killing potential I would be scoffed at. A disgusting idea for a champion that should have never been released. What would I change? I wish I could delete Pyke, but if he has to stay - I would remove his healing entirely. While I understand he might be too weak after, he could possibly receive a buff somewhere else instead. If he was allowed to be poked or punished for a failed pull, he would actually have to base once in a while instead of returning with full hp, killing you, swimming to mid lane, killing them, and buying 2 full items next time you see him. Other option is the ult is slightly stronger but cannot reset anymore. As a support, one execute is good enough imho. I think the former is a better change than the latter but I'd be happy with either. He never feels fun to play against, and unlike Yasuo, who is also universally hated typically - he is a support design, needs very little gold at first to be effective, and gets far too much gold throughout the game. At the very least, a shutdowned Yasuo is virtually a minion until late game.
: Tanks are too strong
A few issues here and ill go by your examples: {{champion:78}} : Specifically counters hypermobility. Its in her W. She is honestly the only tank that can counter hypermobility. The others have one cc option and when it fails to stop hypermobility, the battle is typically lost. She beats Yasuo if you are looking at it Rock-Paper-Scissor style. Late game however, you should not be losing to a Poppy if gold values are equal due to the egregious amounts of value Yasuo gets from free crit, unlimited resources, and shield. If you extend the duel Poppy will lose. Step on her buckler and hold your e until after W. {{champion:516}} : This ones a lie. Ornn has very little damage. He is a bit burst for a tank but his scaling is awful and he NEEDS defensive items more than other tanks. There isn't a world an Ornn one-shots anyone without assistance from his team, unless he's 20/0, level 16 and you're level 8ish. {{champion:32}} : I can't tell if this is a joke. One of the lowest tier junglers, incapable of going any lane other than jungling. If he does build AP he still does mediocre damage considering, and dies near instantly. If he doesn't build AP, his damage is extremely negligible, as he's a long-range CC bot train thats it. {{champion:113}} : Maybe before? Sejuani also has bad scaling via AP, and would have to proc her stun-break multiple times to kill even a squishy target. After the recent nerfs, she's back to Amumu-level damage, so we'll move on. {{champion:33}} : Extremely niche. Must build armor even if the enemies are AP, because his kit demands it. Very counterable, kiteable, and telegraphed. After his initial taunt that is very counter able by quicksilver or cleanse, he is a punching bag. He doesn't one shot anyone ever. In fact, the majority of damage will come from you hitting him (taunt or otherwise), so you're "one-shotting" yourself (in reality this would take maybe 20-40 shots though) {{champion:54}} : You have this one semi-correct, except for his only real viable build is full-ap. He can be countered by spell shields and invulnerability of any kind, and flash. Once his ult is over - if you aren't dead, then he is. While I also feel this is not the best design, he's very telegraphed and limited in build path. If you ever see a malphite actually build tank they must be new to him - and once again, he wouldn't one-shot a level 4 Nami at that point. {{champion:3}} : He is a mage-tank hybrid that slays mages. He has high damage and riot has been considerably bad at balancing him, that's true - however a lot of his main build isn't true tankiness, albeit lots of health. He is a solid 50% WR in the middle lane, relies heavily on team cohesion - and while he might one-shot you, he's not nearly as tanky as you think he is. {{champion:31}} : If Nasus is Macy's, then Yorick is Walmart and Cho'gath is Target. He's a health scaling champion that really can only one-shot with his melee-range ultimate. While he can one-shot you he is very, very, VERY slow and any hypermobile, infinite potential champion like Yasuo would run circles around him and kill him easily, even in late game. He is hard counters by % health damage and if Vayne is in the game and not 0/9, Chogath probably isn't winning it. Of the above champions only Malphite and Poppy have positive winrates against Yasuo. I suggest if you cannot beat these picks and do not want to learn how, that you ban one of them. Since a total of 42 people in the entire world actually play Poppy, banning Malphite is probably your best bet. TLDR; Those non-malphite tanks are bad right now, and if you're losing to them you need to practice or seek help from a higher ranked Yasuo player, as you should be beating them both in game overall and in nearly every duel. None of them could one-shot a fly if truly building full tank.
: The problem is, why should we farm? I camps suck, give fk all XP, fk all gold and take FOREVER to respawn. Right now, If Some1 power farms and I gank+farm, I will out lvl the power farmer. This XP change, further pushes me away from farming as my camps are even worse and thus I jst spam gank as that's literally my only option
Yeah its very weird... why have jungler camps at all now? Remove everything except for red and blue buffs, and only have a ganker role who ganks after getting the buffs. Thats how its going to be anyway. Fight over the absurdly strong dragons now and take a bath in the salty tears of the used and abused bot laners having to deal with the constant appearance of the jungler+mid assassin combos over and over and over and over again. Whichever side kills the bot lane first will win. Top lane? Oh That's still a lane ... I mean they won't leave now that they get more experience for staying there ... and even if they do extremely well and go 4/0/0 with a huge cs lead it won't be nearly as fast as how much people can get fed in the scenario above ... I mean they exist just i n case the game does get to teamfight stage, then they can play the game for realsies.
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: Every time Riot nerfs jungle XP less junglers are viable/ chain ganking increases.
Honestly at this rate only cheesy junglers than have a means of clearing incredibly fast and also ganking immediately at levels 2 and then 3 again will succeed. This limits jungling A LOT. I sense Shaco will have a field day especially with his recent buffs (though a nerf is on the horizon already) The new Ranged Ivern might also see some spotlight - depending on the meta of course since he needs XP and gold a lot less to be effective. Lee Sin, Jarvan, and Elise all comes to mind as champs that need little gold and are carried by base damage. Basically all the picks we see every single game are getting much stronger and the picks we rarely see will become even more rare and their win rates will plummet. If you don't have a strong mobility ability you should never stray past a few hundred units from your tower in levels 2-4 until you spot the jungler, because they will be FORCED to gank then. Lots of anxiety and abuse on players that tunnel vision (which again already existed but now increased tenfold). Zzzz.
: That Midlane is already the strongest role in the game and shouldn't be buffed.
Yeah I think he's trolling you. Mid lane is the most impactful lane by far. Maybe when Viktor/Anivia/Karma/Zilean meta was a thing it wasnt since that was waveclear and afk, but now any (good) mid laner will be roaming at practically level 2 or 3, or get a solo kill on a hypercarry style champ and snowball from there. Most mid laners are assassins and can easily just leave a jungle gank as well, meaning they aren't nearly as shut-downable. Then with the alcoves on the side lanes and dragon buffs, junglers will want to gank bot lane a TON and ignore the other two largely, (and mid laners will roam even more, and roaming mid laners will see a rise in play and wins as a result). The age of Talon, Fizz, Katarina and Akali is upon us. (I mean we're in it now but it'll be even MORE aged, like fine wine).
Potats (EUNE)
: Senna's abilities
It does appear to reflect the hook. This looks theatrical, perhaps its only a spell shield after all. I predict its an ability that you shoot through an ally, spell shielding them, and it gets additional CC effects when doing so - the shot then stunning an enemy it hits if it continues on. I don't know if Lucian standing near Senna to stop her from getting absorbed again is theatrical or real once again. It could be a tenacity passive if she stands near an ally? It's a shot in a dark and admittedly boring passive but its possible. I for one would think itd be really cool if she could attack her allies and heal them when she does so. She's marketed as an ADC/Support, which I mean the only thing that binds ADC together is Crit/Attack speed (depending), so I'd guess her abilities scale with those stats instead of the usual AP, which will be pretty cool. That means she'll have a bit of damage packed into her autos though will never become truly an ADC since she'll lack gold for the item spikes. I'm pumped for her, and I think the Marksman Support tag is a lot better to balance than her predecessor that we all looove {{champion:555}}
: he actually have a point and click silence too... So any champion can be deleted from assasins if lux mess up her skill shots she is dead...syndra same orianna same But if fiddle some how mess up his point and click i dont know use it on a minion or what ever he still have his Silence...
It has a very low duration and is a projectile, able to be shielded, wind walled and more - and the silence doesnt come into effect until the projectile lands, which even though it takes less than a second, in todays day and age is actually enough time for a qiyana or something to destroy you. You will be surprised to know that even though Fiddlesticks has an absurd about of overpowered point and click CC and can delete anyone with his absurd damage and there is no counterplay to him, as naysayers like to say - he is not seen in any solo lane, has the lowest WR of all junglers despite being marketed as a jungler, and only sees success as a support where he does his job well at keeping assassins off his ADC. I can understand the salt of those assassins because they cant mash buttons and kill the marksman in a game with a fiddle - but get quicksilver/edge of night/banshees and you realize you can again.
: Nothing point and click CC is not healthy cause it has 0 counterplay... What the counterplay on a point and click? dodge their cursor? I mean few champions have Point and click but its not that strong CC Pantheon W is point and click but its only one second Rammus Taunt is point and click but he need to get in 125 range to get you taunted and i have see many times rammus falling to taunt someone cause someone enter bush or he was out of 125 range Leona Same 125 range on her Q Jax need to be on his E range which you can easily dodge Lulu has one and that cause her to be problematic all this years among with her Ulti...so she ether too strong or too weak Ryze has one and he have already go through 4000 reworks and still have one come for him... So as you can see the only champion with point and click Range CC has always been a problem and only 2 has left lulu And ryze So yeah Fiddle needs to lose his point and click ryze with the new rework may lose it too as for lulu we would wait and see Cuase you need to have some counterplay to a 2.75seconds CC ....for real
The counterplay is that any Assassin today will delete fiddlesticks the moment they get un-cc'd. So his fear is his only saving grace. He has nothing else.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kiwi Lemonade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=69zlERjR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-17T10:34:33.820+0000) > > You're telling me. He also went from 0.5% PR Support with ~47% winrate to a 2.5% PR Support with a 55% winrate. > > Just an 8% winrate jump don't mind me I'm just an invisible clown able to forgo flash take ignite and exh like a Yuumi and still not get punished because there are 20 boxes in bottom lane ready and piping for enemy jungler so I can get a triple. 2.5% playrate is mostly his mains, and only some Shaco players will take exhaust on him, others like myself will take flash. Also his boxes are being nerfed, he can only place 3 boxes in lane now, so you can stop crying about this so called 20 boxes.
Support Shaco has (had) no "mains". Maybe 1 person. No exaggeration. Works very differently from top or jungle Shaco. Unless a main is less than 50 games on him in a season. That being said, I am being so hard on him because if you're taking flash on him as Support you're wrong so rethink your decision - and Its my personal opinion this guy does not deserve to be in the support role anyway. He should be like "Support MF" pretty trash and maybe in the right comp can work but never be mainstream for the health of the game. Yet here he is. He's a fun jungler champion but get him out of this lane.
GTHeavy (EUNE)
: Shaco invisibility power problem
You're telling me. He also went from 0.5% PR Support with ~47% winrate to a 2.5% PR Support with a 55% winrate. Just an 8% winrate jump don't mind me I'm just an invisible clown able to forgo flash take ignite and exh like a Yuumi and still not get punished because there are 20 boxes in bottom lane ready and piping for enemy jungler so I can get a triple.
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: It has been a long day, I am really excited to play league
The new client has been acting up for me too. It lags for up to 15 seconds to champion select and when I try to change a rune im sitting there watching it get stuck and crossing my fingers it goes through by the game start.
: I always just tell them to pick their main. I love off meta, so I don't mind at all if someone wants to play a bruiser or a mage or an assassin with me. I'd prefer supporting a Zed main over a first time Twitch.
These days its becoming more meta anyway. Kill lanes totally work and many battle mages are good too. So long as it fits the comp well, most combos of champs work down there. We got taric and sona lanes and garen and yuumi lanes so anything is possible!
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: Zed player here huh?
Gross over exaggeration from people about assassins. I hate them too, but its not "whiff every skill shot" its typically fire every ability without consequence for 120 seconds straight but get lucky once and murder their opponent. Especially when the alternative laners hit their full combos but deal drastically reduced damage without stats (typically healed up by 1 health pot), run oom, and have limited defense options. The assassins still have to hit their stuff though, a -normal gold value- assassin will do piss poor damage if not.
DalekZec (EUNE)
: While Yasuo isn't much of an op champion to begin with, he and his kit are pretty damn toxic. Even his windwall doesn't have a correct hitbox.
Agreed. Windwall-esque abilities belong on a support (Braum), pretty toxic on a manaless assassin. That plus millions of dashes, he's toxic to play against even if he doesn't know what he's doing - and toxic to have as an ally too. His kit relies solely on being overloaded (free stats and no mana) and mindless spamming, because eventually you'll land a q-nado and win the game (or straight up be insta gibbed and lose it)
: 100% agreed. (Even though I'm really happy about the fact that almost all my mains have Star Guardian skins now :D!) Actually, I think most of the main skinlines lack skins for tanky top/jg champs. (Blood Moon, Arcade, Star Guardian). Top/JG champs that could work as Star Guardan: Irelia, Riven, Kayn, Ekko, Kayle, Diana, Xin, Fiora, Vi, or even Wukong. Kayn would be cool because Blue Kayn could turn Star Guardian and Red Kayn could turn Fallen/Corrupted Star Guardian like Xay/Rakan.
Absolutely agree that the current skins out are fantastic, I love them, which Is of course why I want more and the ability to create a core, non-troll team of only star guardians in valid roles with all my friends!
Sukishoo (NA)
: I don't really think any skin line is really made with a champions role/Lane in mind. Most have been chosen to flow with a certain story they want to tell / express.
Not in particular but if you look at skin lines that have 5 or more champions belonging to that skin line, they will typically have 1 champion for every lane, especially ones where theres exactly 5 - so some thought is there at least, and for a skin line as large as Star Guardian I imagined more than 1 champion would be a top/jungle pick - as of right now you have to flex a champion to one of those roles and take poppy for the other, which sucks when you want a full SG team. Just one more would be nice.
: > [{quoted}](name=Clapper of Asses,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eNBUFm5w,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-13T21:54:49.701+0000) > > honestly i will no longer get attached to new support champs riot make, cause they always have some niche thing ends them up getting gutted ):< > Unless they are flashy Playing champions that are popular in pro= High risk of nerfs, unless flashy
Meanwhile Pyke {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Star Guardians lack Top/Jungler picks
Thanks for all the responses! I think my favorites for some champions are (and im only focusing on the two lanes since I feel the others have obvious choices and already have plenty): Top: {{champion:114}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:39}} and for a male i'd go with {{champion:98}} (Nice, positive male figure and kit and his spirit blade can be his power-channel). Jungle: {{champion:60}} (Villain), {{champion:254}} and unpopular opinion i'd say {{champion:203}}, (her theme is already awesome by itself and her power can be in wolf) and for a male {{champion:141}} (Villain) or maybe {{champion:80}} (hero, but he doesn't really fit the star guardian aesthetic, but I think he's hot so would love to see him in costume, lol)
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: i get a strong feeling that "LC$" people have never watched pro play, or haven't watched it since S3
Aatrox I would add to that flashy pool, but their most recent patch was 9.16 when he was playable so might as well ignore him for now. Also remember Fiora was taken in worlds before, and Vayne, and Kog'maw. Its not about safe picks in general its about safe picks because thats meta. Literally because champions like Akali, Aatrox, Sylas, and Irelia exist in proplay is why nothing else can be played because your champion MUST have an out or you risk losing the game be default. When enchanters were strong, assassins were riskier, tanks did damage, and jungling wasn't a meme position (remove your QWE keys from all meta junglers and they are still played...lol) - the meta was very different. As it stands, Top will likely give way to Gnar, Fiora, Sylas, Rumble, and ? Mid will be Corki/Azir (if first pick or needed to counter hypermobility), Renekton (no nerf to Soljin??), Jayce, and ? Jungle will likely be no different ADC will be same, though Im surprised you forgot Kaisa...with the highest playrate in ALL levels of play. You MIGHT see a Vayne but I doubt it even with buffs unless the support champions that she goes well with are buffed. Support will be the same. Overall boring, its evident that they're TRYING to push certain champions but I doubt think they understand the meta they've created. Hoping for an overhaul at the new season.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kiwi Lemonade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vAN8uVNh,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-12T22:09:06.615+0000) > > The correct term is _**overloaded**_ for the OP. > Kaisa is an **ADC** yes, and an **assassin,** a **mage **(artillery and burst type), and a **fighter** (massive shield proc relevant to fighter playstyle) > > Pyke is an **assassin** and a **support**, two classes that should've never combined - leave that to kill lanes. (Arguably somewhere between fighter and tank considering he heals more than either of them once he goes invisible for a second). > > Jax is an** assassin** and a **fighter**. I'm not sure I really agree with the thought this combination doesn't work or is op, he is a hypercarry but I honestly don't see him (currently) being more of a rofltstomper than Master Yi, Tryndamere, or similiar (when they all get fed that is). Additionally I recommend player a non-atuo attack reliant champion against him like Malphite (who is very good right now) to show him up early game. Lol, playing malphite into jax is just asking to lose lmao. You can't punish him at all early (cuz tank) and he outscales as soon as he has the effective hp to survive your ult and oneshots you through your meaningless 400 armor. You have to pick darius or someone that can do something early amd then just hope when he inevitably scales that he is tilted from not winning early (hashinshin) or being played by the brain of a yauo or riven player (also hashinshin)
You shouldn't lose lane early as Malphite. Not sure how you're playing him but he's doing very well, particularly in higher elos and he's being taken full AP. After Jax gets a full item you are right, however you still win the tower dives and can safely farm under there - or do what you really should be doing, and thats leave top and win team fights single handedly with a good ult and then push to victory, or allow your team to so and just slow jax down by again farming at turret. He's not the best counter but he can go even, not lose
Snowbrand (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kiwi Lemonade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vAN8uVNh,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-12T22:09:06.615+0000) > > The correct term is _**overloaded**_ for the OP. > Kaisa is an **ADC** yes, and an **assassin,** a **mage **(artillery and burst type), and a **fighter** (massive shield proc relevant to fighter playstyle) > > Pyke is an **assassin** and a **support**, two classes that should've never combined - leave that to kill lanes. (Arguably somewhere between fighter and tank considering he heals more than either of them once he goes invisible for a second). > > Jax is an** assassin** and a **fighter**. I'm not sure I really agree with the thought this combination doesn't work or is op, he is a hypercarry but I honestly don't see him (currently) being more of a rofltstomper than Master Yi, Tryndamere, or similiar (when they all get fed that is). Additionally I recommend player a non-atuo attack reliant champion against him like Malphite (who is very good right now) to show him up early game. No, you are misusing the term overloaded. Kaisa is definitly not overloaded (like comon) nor Jax nor Pyke. An overloaded champ would be something like an Irelia on VGU release maybe. There are few overloaded champs in league tho. They could be combined and Pyke is a good example that it works. Jax isn't an assassin.
Pyke is a bad example of how two classes can be combined. And if I was harsher on myself defining overloaded, then of the three, Pyke at least is overloaded, I won't write out how many mechanics he has in his kit but every ability has 2 if not 3 different parts to it, and the gold scaling on the ult could count as much more. Jax is an Assassin-Fighter. You can argue the semantics of what an assassin is supposed to be, but Riot has classified him as such. Their game, their classification system. If I had to come up with what an assassin does based on the champions in that pool - they do high burst damage and have multiple so as to get easy multi-kills or escape after getting a kill, this defines Jax. And yes, I was exaggerating Kai'sas roles as she's just an ADC by standards. She is hwoever classified as an Assassin and Marksman in TFT, so it does go to show at least Riot knows the reality, even if they fail to classify her in regular league.
: Kai’Sa isn’t a mage. She has one ability that is any kind of mage-like, and she has to build AP in order for it to become any kind of actually good as anything other than scouting FoW every 15ish seconds. Also, shields do not a fighter make. Or is Neeko a fighter, or Rakan, or Oriana? All those champions have self applied shields, and none of them are close to a fighter.
Disagree. Mages are classes who deal majority of damage at a range (usually far range) and use abilities and combos rather than Auto-attacks to deal damage. Count the number of auto-attacks Kai'sa makes on you versus a Caitlyn, Tristana, Lucian, Sivir. I'm not saying its bad, Jhin and Ezreal also have mage-like playstyles, though they aren't nearly as bursty and Ezreal is very item-reliant. They do when the shield is so strong and meant for combat. Orianna shield amount and method of application makes her a support-mage (see class distinction), same for Rakan. Even Neeko's shield is not as strong nor lasts as long and due to the nature of the ultimate it is attached to, enemies are looking to flee the area rather than fight her making the shield less useful. Kaisa, on the flip side, has an absolutely massive shield (I haven't done the research but will argue its one of the largest potential shields to date, maybe AP shen can beat it lol), and is attached to an ultimate to brings her directly to an enemy champion, and designed to win her the fight. Due to her extreme bursty nature, most enemies won't even break the shield in retaliation.
Zullar (NA)
: Spear of Shojin must be removed. It unbalances many balanced champions.
It's literally just Spear of Shojin... not sure why the item exists its very far outside the realm of what items are supposed to do, and they've removed items for far less. It is what is making Jax and Renekton so absurdly strong right now, and it is unfair to their opponents but also them - as if it continues their champions will be nerfed, not the item. Removing or altering the spear is the best option as its limiting a lot of design space and overpowered champions that were fine (and only a select few)
Rhegatis (EUNE)
: Ehhm... do we live in diffrent universes? In most of the sites his Winrate is from 47%-50% at best, while old one had from 51-54% and was always above 50. His pickrate after patch increased from 0.8 to 1.4(still one of the lowest in game) WOW and went down this week to 1.2 he is obviously going back to his old pickrate or even lower. You call this a success? But i really dont care about his winrate that much, what do i care is his playstyle that was much more fun. Oh and i forget one i Cant do gigantic star anymore until 18 lvl, his most unique move - very funny to play
Agree with the points. His pick rate only went up because of the new champion factor, which is often abused by players because others won't know counters yet or just curiosity, every champion rework causes this. Asol is dumpster now
: Proplay, I believe.
Mostly, though hes picked up now because he is a hard counter to hook champions (Pyke, Nautilus) and counter Rakans small window of opportunity since the shield can be put up before the knock up to negate incoming burst. Outside of those picks, he's only ever picked up if the ADC can also pick up Lucian, which sucks.
: Zyra's potential should be Utilized more.
I think she deserves a new passive or maybe an add-on to her passive. Her mid lane struggles because while she has zoning potential, her range is not all that great and she's all skill-shots that are relatively slow. Assassin will and do destroy her as a result. For the easiest comparison I use Anivia, a zoning and control mage that deals consider damage via a combo - and who does everything better than Zyra (in mid), and has an egg to fall back on if she does get Assassin'd. To make Zyra viable in mid she would need a way to better cope with assassins. She does fine via other mages, but you don't really see those these days. As a side note I never liked the RNG passive she has nor the fact you need to hit ult on plants to empower them. She deserves a more creative passive for both support and mid.
: Kaisa is not an ADC, Pyke is not a support, and Jax is not a fighter
The correct term is _**overloaded**_ for the OP. Kaisa is an **ADC** yes, and an **assassin,** a **mage **(artillery and burst type), and a **fighter** (massive shield proc relevant to fighter playstyle) Pyke is an **assassin** and a **support**, two classes that should've never combined - leave that to kill lanes. (Arguably somewhere between fighter and tank considering he heals more than either of them once he goes invisible for a second). Jax is an** assassin** and a **fighter**. I'm not sure I really agree with the thought this combination doesn't work or is op, he is a hypercarry but I honestly don't see him (currently) being more of a rofltstomper than Master Yi, Tryndamere, or similiar (when they all get fed that is). Additionally I recommend player a non-atuo attack reliant champion against him like Malphite (who is very good right now) to show him up early game.
: Aatrox dropped to 42.75% Winrate this patch
Can't say i'll miss him. He was feeling like a Riven for players too lazy to spend time practicing Riven. Especially when his ult had revive, I'm not sure how that iteration lasted until live, overloaded kit to the max. Do I think they went overboard? Maybe. There's probably some middle ground between his initial iteration and the unplayable status of current Aatrox, but I don't have much faith it'll be found.
: Riot what did u do to Garen on PBE?
It is a little disappointing, I don't play top often and when I get filled as it I usually play Garen, and do quite well. His weakness is kiting and his strength is tankiness and ease-to-play. But scaling with Attack Speed on his E makes no sense, in how the ability looks, feels, his champion lore, and his bruiser status. He was fine where he was, an easy champion that already received a rework... I'm surprised they spent even a second of time on it instead of the fiddle/voli reworks, or various other reworks needed. The people who liked Garen liked him as is, those people won't play him and I doubt any newcomers will either - why build a slow, attack speed reliant champion when Udyr and Master Yi accomplish the same yet a thousand times better. Not to mention remove on-hits just about killed him. You gutted a fair-and-balanced champion, tore open his tanky elements, and gave him scaling that make no sense for a champion of his nature. Which, in all honesty I do not believe needed any changes at all. His winrate is fine, his player base is fine, and he is (Was) a great champion for newbies to top lane. Oh well, all in the name of keeping the game with a rework every month "fresh" since it wasn't already.
GankLord (NA)
: What game is this like I was a ride or die Zyra main but I know I'll get shit on by superior mages if I go mid.
Game called Smite. I love the different levels of plants without solely needing to Ulti them like Zyra does. I think they could be a little more creative with Zyra passive honestly, they current one while not horrible is RNG, not fun, not interactive, and while I understand balance-wise why it doesn't work in Brush, logically Brush is literally where Zyra wants to be so why not lol
Bârd (NA)
: Banshee's needs a buff. It's designed for a different game than what we're playing today.
Kind of a double-edge sword item here, Banshees is amazing (if it was good) to stop an assassin's combo, but it doesn't and breaks on most all damage - and all it currently does is buff assassins, who already counter mages well, by blocking a would-be stun and enabling them to walk right into your face- and they have enough mobility to not get hit by Ludens at least. I wish there was a separate Mage defensive item that worked similiar to Sterak's gage and blocked frontloaded damage. Until then I still with Ahri and Lissandra's kits that are the only thing that let me survive League of Assassins (arguably Ahri is one too)
Rioter Comments
: I don't think comparing galio to Sylas or syndra makes much sense since they're different classes I still like galio as a support at least, just maxing Q last since it does junk damage but your E with super short CD passive does good damage But yea, he still absolutely needs help solo/jg
I think the comparison is okay to the extent that Galio, in his voicelines, lore, and supposed gameplay is meant to be the Anti-Mage class. Yet, he cannot fight mages at all - and loses to them in duels when he's very clearly ahead of them. It's kind of a joke and makes it feel like Galio has no identity. It definitely shows as no one even wants to play him anymore. If his Ult makes Riot so angry when it's in pro play then remove it and make something easier then. It feels bad to have an unplayable champion. And I didn't mind Galio support either, but he lacks damage reduction on his ult for his teammate, and can no longer taunt flash - and dies before the taunt can charge up.
: This season feels so exhausting and boring to play in
You can only really play control based champions with comms or a full team, and maybe in higher elo, from what I've gathered. Assassins are just insane these days and playing a control character delays your power spikes to teamfights and unfortunately the game may be over before that time has come.
GankLord (NA)
: Zyra revert?
Another game just announced a very similar champion named Persephone, I encourage you to look her up she's everything I wish Zyra was, lol.
: I get your point but at least they're having _fun_ playing their _video game_.
I only made it to plat, but I watch many streamers - a lot less Iron/Bronze/Silver games end in surrenders honestly. And I more often have games that go 30-40 minutes when we're brutally losing and then win (although yes, this has some to do with these level players inability to end games), but people have to realize an early lead is always doom. A nice gank or a slipup when you're getting ganked could be 2 kills in your pocket.
: Diamond players usually just assume that the enemies definitely know how to win if they get a slight lead. Thing is, that's unreasonable to assume. Yeah, _professional_ players might have that level of consistency, but not your slightly above average Joe.
Possible, but even pros don't surrender Pro-level games, and i've seen many a pro game actually be won be a massive teamfight win when they're some 5k gold behind. Most average joes don't have this kind of patience or drive however, and its easier for them to end and look for a different game where they make the enemy team surrender at 15 by getting the first kill.
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